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11 Comments TALK SHIT!
  1. KC says:

    Charlotte, obviously. Carrie looks like a horse.

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    • Brock-The Betch's Best Bro says:

      Totally fucking agree! I actually don’t even think she should have been casted as Carrie. Ugh

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  2. Gamzy says:

    Carrie looks scrawny bt watevs she rocks.

    Charlots rocks even more tho

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  3. Luce says:

    Samantha is the ultimate betch.. When she auctions for the flower ring, or does the charity cancer speech.. Or gets with smith - to name a few examples..

    Carrie needs to sort her run out..

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  4. Sam says:

    Charlotte is great and cute, but she`s def NOT betchy. She`s whiney and always puts other before herself. She`s the opposite of betchy.
    Sam is def the betchiest.

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  5. samantha says:

    Samantha is the ultimate betch.  She has an awesome career, and an amazing social life.  Carrie has a good job, but she was a DD throughout the entire series….until she FINALLY landed her pro, Mr. Big….
    Miranda has a pretty betchy job too, she just settled for a lame ass bar tender.  Charlotte was a betch, but then she got married to some lame guy who couldnt get it up, she quit her job, got divorced, got married again…and then had kids.  Totally not betchy.  A real betch doesn’t just quit an awesome job at an art gallery.  A real betch has a life besides her family and husband.

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  6. GatorBetch says:

    Charlotte is the definition of a nicegirl.  Carrie has betchy qualities but Samantha is the ultimate betch.

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  7. belladolcebetch says:

    Are you kidding me.. Charlotte?! Do you people even WATCH the show? She’s the least betchy of them all.. Miranda is betchy in some aspects so you have to respect her for that, but she strikes me just a little too dikey. Carrie I LOVE, definitely agree with gatorbetch, but no one can stand next to Samantha. Everything about her character exudes betchiness, and if you can’t see that then you’re not a true betch yourself. Just like real recognizes real, betch recognizes betch.

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  8. Heather says:

    Calm down, belladolcebetch. It’s a TV show.

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  9. Brock-The Betch's Best Bro says:

    Ok, belladolcebetch, i’m on your team, and Heather…why calm down? Ugh. Why even post that comment. Like, ur totes getting on my WYDEL and only read a few words you’ve written. Ew.

    Samantha is THE betch! Hands down. Case close.

    Thanks Betches…

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  10. Lutzy says:

    Omgosh how can you choose just one? That’s like, treason.

    I mean obvi not talking about Miranda here - I mean the other three ( fab ) betches of SATC.

    Miranda is so gross and cringe worthy I fast fwd through her scenes.

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