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By Brittany on

​I'm glad I am not the only one on here and not studying!

If you were like me semester, then you partied way too much when you should have been paying attention. Tequila and textbooks just don't go well together.

 You might have even taken a bowling class to boost your GPA. Totally not ashamed about it even if I did have flirt with the best bowler in class.... so he would do my take home final.

 Well don't know how I'm going to survive the other ones. Any advice? 

Fellow Betches,this is all I got for you....

Hope you enjoy. But Betches, please shower. Greasy hair isn't cute. Ryan, who you fooling?



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  1. advice? says:

    not being smart is a sign of poor. maybe you should start studying

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    • Brittany says:

      I’m in the honors college babes. I never said I wasn’t smart

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      • Actually says:

        Your school has an honors college? Let’s just say Harvard doesn’t.

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        • Brittany says:

          haha true I wish I could afford harvard

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