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By somebetch on

​I'm gonna sound so fucking stupid writing this, but I really have a problem standing up for myself. I hate confrontation, I hate having to call people out, and if someone says something fucked up to me, I'm more likely to ignore it and walk away rather than stand there, fire back and show them that I take no shit like I want to. I wouldn't consider myself a weak person, and things really don't get to me very easy at all, but I certainly don't wanna be perceived as a weak person and I know the way I let people get away with things makes me out to look like that.

Also, how does one balace out the necessary bitchy tone needed on a day to day basis with being polite when it's necessary? I just got a job (shoot me...) and there's another pretty bitch there who I can tell is already trying to compete with me. Despite that, I figured maybe we would click since we seemed similar in a few respects, but NOPE! She's a bigger, show off-y bitch than I've ever seen before, and she expected me to take on all of her duties for the day because I was new. That shit I WILL NOT take, and she's definitely one of the many people I feel like I need to work on this to be able to deal with.

So, betches, I figured who better to ask for help with all of this than you guys? I know I sound totally lame, but I really need some help.



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  1. Emilayday says:

    What are you, Scheana from Vanderpump Rules?  Just make sure you constantly have a drunk buzz going on that way you can speak your mind without a filter. DUH! Or maybes in case you want to hold on to your job until you find yourself a Pro to take care of you, just backhand that bitch.  Backhand compliments that is, no one wants to ruin their fresh mani on a fellow betch’s Keihl moisturized face.

    And you’re right, you do sound fucking stupid.

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  2. hahah says:

    i like your sass, emilayday

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    • somebetch says:

      Completely seconding that ^

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  3. djjaymerch says:

    Dude there is never an excuse for you to take shit from anyone literally ever and if shit “doesn’t really get to you very easily at all” then you’re just not a bitch.  Everything bothers bitches and they can justify being bothered regardless of any situation.  Like this bitch at work wanting YOU to take on HER shit- if you can’t see the blatant fucking problem with that, then I suggest you sit your ass down in front of some Mr. Rogers because the world is going to eat you alive and you’re not gonna do a damn thing to stop them anyway.  If you have a problem with confrontation then my advice would firstly be to toughen the hell up cause until then you’re just bait for the real bitches. Don’t let ANYONE think that they can fuck with you, regardless if they could actually kick the shit out of you or not.  Attitude is everything- if you’re a bitch make it the fuck known.

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  4. PINKBetch says:

    Just stop caring about what peasants think about you (or act like it)
    If someone says something about you just make the best DILLIGAF face you can make and just walk away.

    Or you can take the better route and shout out the bitchiest thing you can and then proceed to do the above.

    If I didn’t answer your actual question btw, it’s because I only read the title.
    Hope I did though !!

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  5. somebetch says:

    That’s the problem… I literally just do NOT give a fuck. It seems like lately I’ve been around a bunch of bitches who think they can talk to me like they’re better than I am. I don’t let things get to me in the respect that I really and truly don’t care enough to waste my time on a stupid bitch or situation and get myself worked up over nothing, so I’ll walk away, knowing I’m better and feeling like I have nothing to prove to anyone. I’ll be the bigger person because things usually don’t bother me to the point where I freak out, but what I’m dealing with now is people taking my reaction, or lack there of… as weakness, and then they continue coming at me with some passive aggressive shit.
    I just don’t know how to react to this consistent bullshit because I’m used to walking away and letting them pop off and then having them give up from getting no reaction.

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    • PINKBetch says:

      Flick them off, yeah yeah it means giving them the type of reaction they are looking for which could instigate them more, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

      Even better get some friends to cuss them out for you it ALWAYS works better

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    • honestly says:

      you’re fine. it’s much better to NOT retaliate, and if you are the one walking away, ignoring it, not letting it bother you, then you know what? good for you! seriously, no one is gonna think you’re a pushover for not getting involved in drama…those bitches just want a reaction from you anyway. the only thing is if it is affecting your job (i.e. your boss doesn’t notice the other girl being a bitch so she gets promoted after doing something awful) then it’s time to speack up - but NOT to her. to your boss.

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  6. somebetch says:

    Trust me though, I realize this is a problem and I refuse to let people think they can fuck with me just because I don’t consider them worth a reaction… this is why I need you, betches.

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    • lg says:

      I dealt with a similar situation for a while, I hate confrontation too. Don’t ever let them see you upset, then they win. Just go on about your shit like you don’t care, then eventually you really will stop caring.
      And ladies, betches are different than bitches.

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  7. Cherbetches says:

    Next time she tells you to do her shit for her, channel your best Cher and say “As if!” and walk away. Clueless got it right betches.

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  8. Anon says:

    Ignore her and pretend you don’t even realise the way she’s acting towards you…this will piss her off even more. If you try and pick a fight now by standing up to her, you’re just making yourself look pathetic really. Yes you have to always stand up for yourself, but only with people who actually matter not some chick you won’t remember in a few years. You want to deal with her, you up your attitude while acting totally oblivious at the same time-don’t lower your class for her.

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    • xyz says:


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  9. xyz says:

    You need to stand up for yourself and give it back all the time. Some tips- dont answer questions you dont like. Dont help someone if you see intention of asking is unreasonable. Be rude sometimes with these people and point out mistakes with a laugh.

    You need an attitude makeover.

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  10. Anonny says:

    At work?  Be awesomely nice with the customers, even the rude ones, and make sure the boss sees it day in and day out.  Start each day by asking him or her what you should focus on for the day.  Listen, smile and follow through.  Communicate with the boss frequently and cheerfully.  Develop a strong relationship with your boss and your customers and the beyatch you work with will be left floundering.  She’ll accuse you of kissing ass with the boss and 100 other things.  Just smile sweetly and say nothing, knowing that from this day forward you will nourish the relationships that nourish you (be it with affection, cooperation or a paycheck) and starve those that don’t.

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  11. Had enough says:

    walk around with a fuckin me ass look on your face all the time.always make eye contact,don’t blink.someone says something smart to you ,look then straight in the eye and say in a calm way but stare them in the eye a say,would you mind repeating that! But NEVER show weakness!

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