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By stephaniesterlingesq on

​Interested to know what the head betches and we the betches think about fashion bloggers ... any ones that are true betches? why are fashion blogs not on the betch list? is it not betchy to get book deals, appear on TV and get sent free shit?



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  1. han says:

    fashiontoast. enough said. go look at rumi’s blog

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  2. DC-betch says:

    The glamourai, karla’s closet, and Aureta’s blog

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  3. Kate says:

    The sartorialist. It’s really the best.

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  4. PINKBetch says:

    It depends, some of them just make me think whatthefuckareyoudoingwithyourlife or yourtoouglytopullthatoff
    Some of them are pretty good.
    I don’t really follow any though so idk

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  5. FrancyAlexa says:

    NanysKlozet and Steffysprosandcons bloggers from Miami.

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  6. maggieroseregan says:

    - Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast. Chick looks emaciated in the chicest way possible.
    - Elin Kling from Style By Kling. Victoria’s Secret named her “Sexiest Cyber Star.”
    - Cat Khan from Knightt Cat. Randomly goes MIA for long periods of time (rehab?) to keep us readers on our toes.

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  7. Your Name says:

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  8. Blondebetch says:

    Leandra Medine with the man repeller! Favorite fashion blog out there. Medinemixes fashion with intellect and comedy (not to mention she’s an upper east side born JAB)

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