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  1. stopcaring says:

    no, it’s not like you’re going to be walking around telling people. i have friends that went to college as virgins and obviously a lot of people do and they were completely fine. don’t force yourself into doing something you aren’t exactly ready for just because you’re going off to college. best of luck.

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  2. Allykat says:

    No, it’s not weird at all! I was self-conscious about that too. I just finished freshman year and am not a virgin anymore, but I went in with my v-card. I lost it to my boyfriend of 7 months and I’m really glad I waited for someone I love. Guys will respect you more. Don’t go to college and get with a ton of guys or you’ll get a bad rep and nobody decent will want to get with you.

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  3. SugarfreeHazelnut says:

    Nope. I rushed to lose my virginity before I went to college (and succeeded in losing it just 2 weeks before I left) because I was embarrassed of the possibility of going there with my v-card, and once I got there I realized how many people there are virgins. It’s ridic. I would have never expected it. Like Allykat said, deffffinitely wait for someone you love. Trust me, random hookups are sooo awkward and cause a lot of mixed emotions.

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  4. hmm says:

    its not the biggest deal but i know tons of people who went to college a virgin and all of them are still virgins

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    • yeahyeah says:

      I agree! i just finished my freshman year of college and im still a virgin but i had SOOO much fun. sometimes guys just expect it when you hook up with them but if you say no then they will remember you as the girl who rejected them and you wont be like everyone else. its special. you have your whole life to not be a virgin so why rush? its kinda special, once you lose it you cant get it back you know?

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  5. Your Name says:

    No it’s not but don’t be surprised if some guys don’t want to “wait” with you. For guys who already have sex often, they probably won’t be down to wait for several months or even weeks

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  6. Your Name says:

    No. i went into my freshman year a virgin and left not a virgin. i think i rushed it a little bit but i don’t necessarily regret it. the guy definitely cared about me more than i cared for him. you think 18 is so old but now (as a recent college graduate- ew.) i realize how young i was. it may freak some guys out but there will be at least one guy who will be cool with it and you may actually end up liking him (a lot).

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  7. worldstarbetch says:

    Throughout high school I hooked up with a decent amount of guys, never had a boyfriend, etc. But I went to college a virgin. I am basically a superstar in my town and every guy I hook up with thinks they are going to be special one night and be the one, def not the case. In college it was the same way. I am in my freshman year right now, and I did lose my virginity because I was ready to get it over with. I lost it to a guy who knew I was a virgin but didn’t know the social importance of my virginity, because I didn’t want to give him any kind of satisfaction. I talk to him occasionally but it’s whatever and now I can have sex with other hot guys, not worrying about who is the first!

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