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By chicitybetch on

​It's a curse I guess, or a blessing. I am a size 32D and I just don't know how to dress them. The only thing I look good in is bikinis but that helps jack shit. I'm really just looking for any tips on how to dress my boobs in a way that hides them but people still can tell that they're there (if you know what I mean). Thanks a million xo



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  1. KAC says:

    Herve Leger dresses are the best if you have big boobs. Not if you’re fat though.

    (also almost every single fashion magazine has an article on “how to dress for your shape”- seriously.)

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  2. Your Name says:

    I’m unfortunately very far off from having your dilemma, so I’m just going off what I think would work.. but I would try probably anything with an empire waist, and just layer with a cardigan.. and avoid wearing pullover sweatshirts, big t-shirts, or even flowy sweaters and shirts that don’t have that empire waist. Even though my tits aren’t big, I find that with a bra with almost any padding in it, it makes it look like you’re a fucking tent.

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  3. Dr. Betch says:

    i wear a 34D and i totally know how you feel. empire waist makes you look preggers so i def dont do that. dont wear anything super low cut, but also no crew necks. i like a lot of free people stuff and jcrew for more buisness attire and these seem to fit well and flatter

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    • Your Name says:

      A boatneck or squareneck tends to be flattering,  A crewneck will make your boobs look bigger but a v-neck will ultimately show too much cleavage. A neckline that is low enough to show your collarbone and some of your chest(like the bony part) without cleavage is more flattering on larger breasted girls.
      But seriously just pick up almost any mid-level fashion magazine and there will be advice on dressing your shape. Even magazines that do terrible styling, like Seventeen have decent advice on how to dress your shape, especially if you fall into the standard hard-to-dress body type categories.

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    • Your Name says:

      Why would empire waists make you look pregnant? I’ve heard people say that before but I think those shirts are so cute… especially with a belt!

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      • ew says:

        ew empire waste? gross what is this 2006?

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  4. 32D too says:

    I’m also a 32D, it’s a very unique (natural) size. I’m assuming like me you have a very small frame (hence the 32). Unfortunately for us, not many bras come in this size… Victoria’s Secret makes a few, the very sexy push up is great for going out and showing off the girls however if you wear it for a long period if time the double straps tend to dig into your shoulders, super painful and leaves deep red indents. Unlike girls with fake tits, we need the support. If your looking for a supportive all-day work bra go for the amazing push up it fabulous push up. Stay away from all the full coverage crap, that’s for fat chicks and grandmas. You’ve got natural big tits, own it!

    Bathing suits and even harder to shop for. Don’t waste your time with classic string bikinis, no support here. Your under boob will be out constantly, no matter how tight you tie it. I usually go for the bikinis with the thick under strap that clips in the back (not sure what they’re technically called) but they look great and give you the support you need. Also, sexy monokinis look great.. Just suck for tan lines.

    As far as dressing goes… Outside of in the working environment, again own those big titties!!! Don’t forget how many betches wish they had your “problem”.

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  5. Lutzy says:

    get a reduction. duh.

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