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By betchintraining on

​Basically I am a classic high school betch in training with one small problem - I am a huge lightweight and can't seem to handle my alcohol. Instead of getting blackout and doing crazy but fun shit like everyone else, I seem to literally black out or pass out  every time.

This fall I was hospitalized twice for alc poisoning at concerts after consuming just as much as my friends, and a month or so I got a DUI after consuming even less than my friends. Now that I am going back to school should I just accept this unbetchy trait and stay away from all alcohol and do other shit (but that obviously will not be doable for a long time..)? 

Or do you have any tips on how I can handle myself while remaining betchy at parties etc.?



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  1. duh says:

    drink less..

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  2. umm.. says:

    avoid shots. don’t pretend you can keep up with the rest of them. agreed with above, drink less.

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  3. obviously says:

    Drink less. Alcohol has tons of calories anyway. And DUIs are SO not betchy.

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  4. tbtc says:

    Just drink less. I am the same way and it’s much betchier to nurse one drink all night than be that sloppy loser who winds up in the hospital every weekend.

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  5. omg says:

    Betch, do not drink and drive. Learn your limits, there is nothing more unclassy than a betch who can’t handle her alcohol

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  6. bigjiv says:

    even though we frown upon eating, i’d recommend a meal before drinking. it’s crazy how much less alcohol you need on an empty stomach.

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  7. MapleLattes says:

    My only advice? Drink less. Go to rehab. Avoid parties.

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  8. wow says:

    where are your parents? I’m surprised they let you out of the house.  you were hospitalized TWICE and got a DUI, what the fuck is wrong with you, no offense. its not cool to drink so much.  like you have serious problems, i think you should seek professional help

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  9. i mean.... says:

    eat some food
    and stay away from hard alcahol maybe try a mix drink
    or forget alcahol all together and smoke a joint

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  10. wow says:

    “you should seek professional help” - chill the fuck out
    everyone has been there.. (though I’ve never been hospitalized etc etc) but it takes a while to figure out this kind of shit.. DO NOT drink on an empty stomach, try not mixing alcohol, avoid neat shots/or shots altogether if possible and most importantly - pace yourself..

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  11. PINKBetch says:

    You should probably just dilute the alcohol content in your drinks, that way you’re still drinking pretty much the same amount as everyone else but you aren’t taking in as much alcohol

    But seriously just reduce your intake don’t train your body to deal with more alcohol unless you want to be an Alcoholic In Training

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  12. Brock-The Betch's Best Bro says:

    1. Eat food before you drink. Preferably something bread-y to soak all that shit up.
    2. Mix ur drinks with more chaser, but don’t babysit drinks all night - its lame
    3. Of course, keep a secret bottle of water in your pursue and hammer that shit when you go to the bathroom or in the corner sporadically.
    4. Try to steer clear of shots. And if you take one. Go to the bathroom and chug 1/2 the bottle of water.
    5. Dont see professional help or go to rehab - duh! they’re gonna tell you to stop drinking. That’s lame.

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  13. ConfusedBetch says:

    Is this website now for highschoolers?

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  14. Lutzy says:

    Brock!  I’m so impressed with her great answers. I second all suggestions. What a nice, smart betch.

    Also - if you know you’ve got a big night out start hydrating in a major way, like that morning or even the night before. Which you should already be doing 24/7 anyway for your skin…

    Seriously hydration is key

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