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By The Betches on

Article by Wael Davis

January 27, 2012

They have taken Twitter, Facebook and the web by storm! has secured it's place in social media culture by being bold, funny and relatable. In an exclusive interview the creators of tell me what is takes to be a betch and what's next. Check out the entire interview after the jump!

For those that don't know. What is exactly is a betch?

Well for those of you too lazy to go to our website and read 'About a Betch' I guess we could do the work for you to copy and paste that here, even though it goes against everything we stand for.

"You may not know the word, but you definitely know the girl. She's the one who has everything figured out. Everything she associates with is trendy, every guy she interacts with wants to date her and every girl she meets is desperate to be her friend. She speaks her mind and commands a room just by being in it. She's never waited on line at a club or bar in her life. She wears the best clothes and can pull off risqué, cool outfits with ease and without looking like a whore or Lady Gaga. Her life is like an episode of The Hills, always involving some sort of drama with her friends or a guy that everyone wants to know about, even if they barely know her.

A betch is often confused with a bitch but make no mistake, they're different. A betch isn't just mean for no reason like a bitch is. She's edgy. Kind of like how poor people have ugly clothes, but you can also be rich and have ugly clothes, bitches are not automatically betches.

A betch is quick and she owns whatever situation she's in. She always gets what she wants; be it guys, school, friendships, or a career. Betchiness is about gaining success in a man's world while still being hot and fun and envied. We're the girls born with the silver spoon in our mouths. But like, fuck silver, we want gold."

How did you come up with the concept?

The concept arose out of a combination of boredom and weed. We originally thought of making a Twitter handle called @NarcissistGirlProblems which was too many characters, TG. Betches was our next idea, but it is really just a counter to the 'bro' culture we've witnessed throughout college. From Tucker Max to Bro Bible, it seemed there was a place for 20-something guys who didn't give a shit, but no voice for the female equivalent. Betches made it okay to embrace our lifestyle.

Your website has gained a lot of social media attention. You have over 80K followers on Twitter and over 14 thousand 'Likes' on Facebook. How important of a role do social media outlets play into the day to day tasks of running your website and brand?

Social media has made the brand what it is. We launched the site by giving it to 1 friend to post on 1 person's Facebook wall and it spread organically from there. See, even nature wants us to be famous.

Is running the website your full time job?

It is. Who knew talking shit could be so lucrative?

What have some of your most popular posts been?

Our most popular posts are probably Winning, Diet Coke, Ugly Hot, and the Token Asian Betch. People like these because they find them the most relatable. People think that we know their inner thoughts so well that we are, in the words of our readers, "stalking them." Like we have time for that.

What is an average day for you like?

Well it's definitely not 9-5. The nice thing about our job is our fans are from all over the world, something we take as a free pass to wake up whenever we want and post whenever we want. A typical day consists of writing, getting iced coffee, making fun of the critics and commenters who take posts way too seriously, the weekly manicure, and the occasional phone call. We find that the more things we've done on the Betch List per day, it's more of an indication of a successful day.

What advice would you give to young people looking to launch their own website or business?

Um, don't be an idiot. Have rich parents. Accept that you're not going to invent the next Facebook and don't try to launch a social network. Say something no one has said before. Oh, and don't give a shit about the comments. There are few people more dumb than those who actively look to comment on websites or blogs. Stupid people comment on posts. Smart people write posts.

We don't know much about the people behind the betch. Tell me about yourself.

We're keeping our identities a secret until we're invited to reveal ourselves on Chelsea Handler, so we're not going to tell you. But if you really must know we're black, male, senior citizens. Oh shit, too much info?

What are three things a betch should always have on hand?

An iced coffee, sunglasses and an attitude that says you don't give a shit. This is the best way to show how much better you are than everyone without speaking.

Who are some of your favorite celebrity betches?

If you could combine the hotness of Kate Moss with the wit of Chelsea Handler, and the fuck-off vibe of Anna Wintour, you would have yourself the ultimate betch.

What are some future plans for the website and brand?

We just signed a book deal with Simon & Schuster, so make sure your dad buys you Nice Is Just a Place in France: How to Win at Basically Everything, which will be in stores next February. As for everything else, we're working on growing the site's content, Betches merchandise, an iPhone App, a TV show, movie, world domination. You name, it, we'll probably do it in the next few years. Stay tuned. Like it or not, The Betches are here to stay.

Want to keep up with the Betches? Follow them on Twitter @betchesluvthis and visit their website!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    A BOOK DEAL!? So thrilled. Only dissapointed I have to wait until NEXT Feb to read…

    Posted on Reply
  2. Anonymous says:

    Give credit where credit is due. This website would not exist if it wasn’t for and we all know it. I enjoy reading both sites because they are both funny and in their own way (obviously the bro site is more vulgar but I still laugh), but if you’re asking an interview question about where you came up with the idea for this site, at least mention the FACT that if it wasn’t for NYB this site never would have been created. The domain name is almost an exact rip off, and the style of writting is exactly the same. Shame on you

    Posted on Reply
  3. jk says:

    I think that it was enough to mention the “bro culture” that has inundated the media and how this site is a response to it from the female perspective.  Broslikethis was a predecessor, but that’s so obvious that it’s almost retarded to mention it specifically.  Besides, I’m sure a lot of the Betches’ readers don’t give a fuck about broslikethissite.  I know I don’t.

    Posted on Reply
  4. Anonymous says:

    If they didn’t plagiarize the website, I wouldn’t have a big problem with it (my mom was English teacher growing up). They stole the domain name, they stole the style of writing, and they stole a number of the topics too. They were asked a very specific question, all they had to do was answer it honestly. It’s so obvious they have an inferiority complex with NYB (Ned’s Younger Brother, the creator of the bro site for those of you who don’t know) since they come out with new articles everyday and now are coming out with a book and an iPhone app. They are just trying to always 1-up him and it’s actually getting annoying now since the quality of posts have gone downhill a lot. By doing all this, the bros are winning

    Posted on Reply
  5. M says:

    too excited for the iPhone app…there have been too many times I’ve tried checking if it exists yet but end up sooo disappointed! Get on that betches

    Posted on Reply
  6. Anonymous says:

    All I just read was blah blah blah I love sucking nyb’s cock

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  7. Anonymous says:

    All I just read was blah blah blah, damn she’s right I have no response so I’ll just call her a slut

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  8. i-calls-it-like-i-sees-it-betch says:

    “Oh, and don’t give a shit about the comments. There are few people more dumb than those who actively look to comment on websites or blogs. Stupid people comment on posts. Smart people write posts.”

    You betches LIVE for the comments. ‘Stupid people’...?

    Below the belt, slay yourselves for that one.

    Posted on Reply
  9. Julie Kristan says:

    luv the site.  hey, my friend said she’s been on it for 5 years.  i think she is full of it.  i have $100 says you are new (i think she’s full of shit).  well…..

    Posted on Reply
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