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Hollywood is notorious for making nice guys into pros. However, these bros have all taken it a little too far. When they're not cheating on their girlfriends and wives, they're saying douchey shit and generally treating women like shit. If you ever encounter these SABs you should avoid them at all costs as apparently there is such a thing as TOO big of an asshole.

10. Hugh Hefner

Honestly, for someone that openly dates multiple women at one time, Hugh Hefner is not THAT big of an asshole. At the very least, all these girls are fully aware that they're not the only ones dating him. The main reason Hugh is on this list is because he will definitely dump you once you hit menopause (or more likely, 28) and because he invented Playboy, which speaks for itself.

Douchiest Quote: "The interesting thing is how one guy, through living out his own fantasies, is living out the fantasies of so many other people"

9. Alec Baldwin

Let's just say you don't get kicked off a plane for playing Words with Friends if you're an especially nice guy. See also, papparazzi beat up scandal and mean voicemails.

Douchiest Quote: "Tina [Fey] is smart, funny, beautiful... Devoted, tough, respected... Now if she'd only work on her posture."

8. Spencer Pratt

The quotes say it all. That, and the blonde beard.

"I have never been so madly in love as I am with Heidi. She has the world's greatest boyfriend!"

"So do you know when the maid's coming because it's getting a little messy?"

"Please leave. Please leave. I'm not even listening. I'm not even listening LALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALALA Go away I will be gone by the new day."

"I cannot wait to leave and get out of your life cuz the fact that you even talk to LC makes me wanna have nothing to do with your life cuz it just makes me think how pathetic you really are. So whats up? I'll move out. Shoo."

7. Ashton Kutcher

Leave Demi alone! Ashton had us thinking he was a nice guy all throughout our teenage years when he decided it was cool to fuck someone our mom's age. But turns out, deep down he's a huge prick. I mean should we be that surprised? This is the guy who INVENTED Punk'd.

Douchiest Quote: "Modeling is the best because you have to look hot, which comes easy to me, you know. I'm blessed with that."

6. James Franco

When he isn't writing narcissistic poems about his bday for Huff Po, he's celebrating himself with a dildo cake. James has been called out for sleeping in NYU lectures and is so douchey that we're pretty sure he's pursuing 4 different graduate degrees at like three universities. We think he teaches shit too?

Douchiest Quotes: "I'm a big cardigan sweater guy."

5. Tiger Woods

He cheated on his wife with 9 women and just last night got so fucked up at a party that he couldn’t even make it up the stairs to his own apartment. I guess even after your wife beats the crap out of your car with a golf club you can still continue to be huge douchebag.

4. John Mayer

His entire interview with Howard Stern is pretty much enough said. But fuck with Jennifer Aniston's reputation and you fuck with us. Go back to looking like a crack baby, JM.

Douchiest Quote: "I've been trying to prove to people I'm not a douche bag by not dating, by keeping my name out of Us Weekly. That's f--ked up, man. I'm not dating. I'm not even f--king. So now I'm going to experiment with 'f--k you.' In 2010 my goal is to get more mentions in Us Weekly than ever."

3. Kanye West

In addition to dating the douchiest woman of all time, Kanye's douchiest moment of all time will go down in history when it comes to award shows.

Douchiest Quote: "Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you…I’ll let you finish. But Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time! One of the best videos of all time!"

2. Eddie Cibrian

This douchebag left Brandi Glanville for Leann Rimes but not before fucking everything he could. In addition to being the least famous guy on our list, he also had sex with that random waitress from Vanderpump Rules and made her delusionally think he was in love with her. The things untalented people do for fame.

"You cannot imagine how great it is to step out on the stage with thousands of screaming fans loving you."

"I crave attention and adventure."

1. Chris Brown

Chris takes the cake when it comes to douchebags. Not only does he beat the shit out of every man, woman, and probably child that comes his way but he's unapologetic and a serious man whore. We're waiting for the day that someone beats the crap out of him so this asshole can learn that domestic violence isn't chill. Also, as per his quotes below, he's also full of shit.

"My mother taught me to treat a lady respectfully."

"When I was 12, all I wanted for Christmas was a trampoline or a four-wheeler. I ended up getting both presents for Christmas."

"With dates I like to cater a girl. We do whatever she likes. If she was open to what I wanted to do, it probably wouldn't be a dull date, because I am a jock."

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  1. Your Name says:

    Kanye west is a genius

    Posted on Reply
    • Your Name says:

      yeah, it obviously takes genius to wear skirts without a hint of irony or scottish heritage

      Posted on Reply
      • Your Name says:

        No I think this person meant that in the google search bar “Kanye west is a”....and then genius pops up along with all of the other ones they mentioned….

        Posted on Reply
    • KanyeIsaJoke says:

      Genius?  Probably illiterate. Vocabulary stalled in fifth grade. Best remembered as a blip on the cultural radar…or just forgotten.

      Posted on Reply
    • Ragnar says:

      Lol. Of course he is, lololol

      Posted on Reply
  2. wooo says:

    you betches are on a roll.

    Posted on Reply
  3. Just... No. says:

    Are you kidding me? James Franco? Really, betches, come ON.

    Posted on Reply
    • Sorry says:

      You gotta admit, that cardigan sweater quote was killer.

      Posted on Reply
  4. my name says:

    I’m surprised Scott Disick isn’t on the list

    Posted on Reply
  5. Blonde_Sheep says:

    How did Mel Gibson not make this list?

    Posted on Reply
    • YES says:

      James Franco is one of the biggest celebrity douchebags. These degrees he’s “earning”...he’s taking spots in classes and at universities away from qualified students because universities want to be associated with fame. He thinks he’s a genius and that he can do whatever he wants…honestly on my list he’d be probably #3. Just because you think he’s dreamy doesn’t mean he isn’t a giant ass.

      Posted on Reply
      • JF says:

        Did James Franco turn you down during your Columbia math class or something because you are weirdly bitter

        Posted on Reply
  6. Your Name says:

    seriously ray j needs to be on this list after ‘i hit it first’

    Posted on Reply
    • NicNico says:

      Really?  _ _ _ Really? Clearly from someone in the KDash camp. 

      Posted on Reply
    • nah says:

      ....... but he did hit it first

      Posted on Reply
  7. hannah says:

    that was the truth about Taylor
    a pretend nice betch with remedial videos
    glad someone said it

    Posted on Reply
  8. Hannah says:

    Kanye insults one of the most famous Presidents of the United States, George W. Bush, regardless of whether you like him and you said his douchiest comments was putting little miss nice no singing Taylor betch in her place

    someone’s internship is up.

    Posted on Reply
    • cheersbetch says:

      dude everyone hates bush no one gives a fuck

      Posted on Reply
    • cheersbetch says:

      and you used the same name when you tried to back up your own post…embarrassing.

      Posted on Reply
    • URDUMB says:

      Did you just use the phrase “one of the most famous Presidents”..............................

      Posted on Reply
    • Uh says:

      Please elaborate on what makes a particular US president like, omg so totally famous. And regardless of your criteria, I’m going to throw my vote to Kennedy or Washington this time.

      Posted on Reply
  9. lmao says:

    but i do love me some james franco

    Posted on Reply
  10. Your Name says:

    If you have to say you’re not a douche bag, you’re a douche bag.

    Posted on Reply
  11. pntbtrkellytime says:

    James Franco does not deserve to be on this list… what a delusional documentation

    Posted on Reply
  12. cheersbetch says:

    You guys really played it fast and loose with the word “celebrity”
    Eddie Cibrian, really?

    Posted on Reply
  13. Alllie says:

    I’m so sure that Scott Disick should be at the top of this list.

    Posted on Reply
  14. Uh says:

    James Franco is on this list ironically.
    And if you think insulting George Bush is worse than insulting Taylor Swift you’re delusional.

    Posted on Reply
    • Respect says:

      Insulting any President like that is disrespectful and way worse than insulting Taylor Swift. Bush was the face of our nation and Kanye’s comment was stupid and douchie. Kanye should be #1- he is an idiot!

      Posted on Reply
  15. jsa17 says:

    Spencer Pratt is so irrelevant now.

    Posted on Reply
  16. Carolina says:

    Why isn’t Mr. Obama on this list?

    Posted on Reply
  17. Bored says:

    What about Justin Bieber?

    Posted on Reply
  18. ArmyWife7711 says:

    Is anyone else so sick and tired of these little feminine whinning male celebrities? James Franco is a weirdo who is starving. Kanye West is a shmuck who doesn’t care about this country. The rest of them are just little immature men who know they will always be cowards and less than what a real man should be.

    Posted on Reply
  19. Your Name says:

    really? where is jay z? The biggest douche to ever exist.

    Posted on Reply
  20. Your Name says:

    you don’t actually mention any reasons any of these people should be on this list

    Posted on Reply
  21. Summer's Eve says:

    Yeah…. why is’nt obama and justin beiber on the list? unconstitutional government mandated insurance and spitting on fans is pretty douchey.

    Posted on Reply
  22. Mimi says:

    Let’s us not forget the biggest douchbag of all kim kardashian
    When will she ever go away.

    Posted on Reply
  23. Manchester Voice says:

    Sort of agree with this list although I would of placed Kanye 2nd (gayfish haha)... Also I agree where the hell are Mel Gibson, Justin Bieber and the Karashian family?? Hmm think this list needs to be revamped abit…

    Posted on Reply
  24. TheTruth says:

    To be honost Kanye should be 1,2 and 3. Taylor Swift aside, the tool compared what he does to being a soldier or cop… C’mon… You sing and dance jackbag. Not to mention your child naming skills. Somebody should smack some sense into him.

    Posted on Reply
  25. cuntface says:

    ya’ll need some weed

    Posted on Reply
  26. Penis Van Lesbian says:

    I’d like to take Kanye West hunting. Too many “D” listers mentioned here. Truthfully, there is no way that Jeremy Piven misses being named here. Biggest douche bag on the planet.

    Posted on Reply
  27. Vageena Davis says:

    Aren’t most celebrities d-baggin’ themselves these days? Look at the crap they do to their faces. I can’t even recognize half of them anymore.

    Posted on Reply
  28. Wishjs says:

    Suprised Dan Bilzerian isn’t on here..

    Posted on Reply
  29. Tom says:

    What the fuck is a “betch”?

    Posted on Reply
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