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For the majority of the first two millennia (pun intended) following his birth, Jesus was easily the biggest celeb on the planet. That was until 1997 when We’ve Got It Goin’ On hit the airwaves, and we were introduced to the overrated marginal hotness of the Backstreet Boys. The Age of the Boy Band had begun and the millions of people screaming behind us as we sat in front row of these concerts were no longer on a religious mission to end suffering. Instead their mission was simple. Listen to as much contemporary pop as humanely possible or die trying. Lou Pearlman, former impresario of BSB and 'NSync, ended up being like a massive fucking con-artist but we thank him for forever changing the face of pop music.

Every betch-in-training’s first major debate was over the question of the hottest Backstreet Boy. Most girls immediately fell in love with cookie cutter Bryan Litrell or baby faced Nick Carter, even though he was like 12 at the time. Betches who were trying to seem edgy were be all like: OMG I LOVE AJ because he is the leader and has like such hot tattoo/piercing/chin-strap combos! I am just so different from everyone. Nobody really liked Howie, we think. Howie to us seemed more like the compadre of the band rather than a member. From telling us to get gown get down and move it all around to having us chanting that Backstreet was in fact back while asking us if they were heterosexual, these pop tarts taught us that with enough white clothes and blurring effects, even 5 middle class teenagers could make millions of dollars yet still dress like they were from inland Dade County. PS. Kevin who? 

The reign of BSB could only be threatened by another of Pearlman’s creations, 'NSync. I mean yeah for the first few months after hearing them on the radio we may or may not have thought that they were called Extinct, or also that Joey FatONE was the group’s bodyguard but we still fucking loved them. God must have spent a little more time on Justin, JC and Lance because those other two were seriously only there to fill in the creeper demographic. Everybody used to know the Bye Bye Bye dance, which consisted literally of waving goodbye and lightly jumping around. We didn’t quite understand the song about how it's Friday night and that they just got paid because we got allowance on Mondays, but we were totally d to sing along.

As a result, the second most important debate at this point in our young lives would become BSB or N’Sync. I mean like what other conversation could possibly be more divisive than what to play in carpool in the morning. Everyone understood that BSB was Coke, N’Sync was Pepsi and that liking 98 degrees was the equivalent of drinking RC Cola. Omg why the fuck are you listening to Una Noche on your Discman? The only way there was to settle such a heated dispute would be to fantasize about how you would form a super group of the two, consisting of booting the fuglies and keeping Justin, Bryan, Lance, Nick, and JC. Speaking of fantasies, how fucking badly did you want to be one of the girls they would call up during their live performances? It was like an old school One Less Lonely Girl except there was far less crying and emotional breakdowns because tweens these days are way bigger freaks.

So if you were a true betch-in-training circa 1999, you had to have listened to one of these amazing boy bands. No matter how many tantrums you had to pull or people you had to leave bloodied along the way you, you had to make a name for yourself as a lover of American boy bands. And if you didn't like either of these plus Britney Spears, you were a prob a goth freak obsessed with pretending to be beautiful via Christina Aguilera.


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  1. opposite says:

    Nsync was not only coke, they were the diet fucking coke of the 90s. Who really listened to backstreet boys? Its nysnc all the way.

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    • duh says:

      totally agree, the first thing i thought of as well, nsync was definitely not Pepsi

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  2. NSYNC obvs says:

    The fact that Justin and JC alone were way hotter than all the Backstreet Boys combined made NSYNC far superior.  And they had sick dance moves while BSB just stood around the stage looking old, except Nick who looked young but was clearly straight out of a trailer park.  Also, BSB is super delusional and still trying to have careers, whereas NSYNC finally realized no one else matters except Justin fucking Timberlake and let him have the spotlight, as it should be.

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    • BSB betch says:

      sorry but BSB is still having concerts & selling them out sweetie. NSYNC had only one talent & that was justin timberlake. the backstreet boys are a true boy band while NYSNC rested on their one piece of talent. NSYNC will never be more superior than BSB which is why as stated before BSB = coke & NSYNC = pepsi. that’s just the way it is.

      btw. BSB did so much dancing at all of their concerts seeing i went to everyone that came my way… so nice try again but oops you suck at winning this argument.

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  3. HA says:

    love the subtle Zoolander reference at the end. spot on betches

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  4. Gabie says:

    I’m with everyone else here, Nsync was def coke and BSB was pepsi. Further proof needed? Look at them now.

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  5. BSB Betch says:

    “Everyone understood that BSB was Coke, N’Sync was Pepsi and that liking 98 degrees was the equivalent of drinking RC Cola. Omg why the fuck are you listening to Una Noche on your Discman?”

    Spot fucking on. Nice one betches, save for a few spelling/grammatical errors. Betch interns- read over your shit!

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  6. Maris says:

    Proof is in the pudding. The Backstreet Boys are the best selling boyband of all time. Yes, despite 1st week sales, which only shows how many preteens forced their mommies to run out and buy an album, the Backstreet Boys outsold nsync for EVERY album produced, and the Boys just keep producing! Song for song, Backstreet has a song catalog that outshines nsync.  In MTV/RollingStoneMag’s list of Top 100 Pop Songs of all time where was nsync’s top hit Bye Bye Bye? #54.  Where was Backstreet’s I Want It That Way?  NUMBER TEN!!  Yep, they were up there with the Beatles, the Stones, Madonna, Michael Jackson, the Eagles, Nirvana.  Suck on THAT one nsyncers!!!!!!!

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      • wow says:

        First, the Eagles are younger than both the Beatles and the Stones, so if we are going to discriminate based on ‘grandpa’ age, let’s know what the fuck we are saying.

        I’d totally say the Beatles and Stones are better than the Eagles, but Hotel California is one of the most iconic songs in the history of music- not giving a shit is one thing, but being completely musically ignorant is not attractive.

        So to answer your question, every fucking artist ever wants to be included with the Eagles.

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        • BSB Bitch says:

          duhhh. thank you for setting that bitch straight, she was OBV born after 1992.

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  7. Maha says:

    Ok I’m living in another country, I’m from middle east so I know little about those things. But the only group I knew when I was young was Backstreet boys, I haven’t heard of nsync or any group until three years ago.  It’s true maybe Nsync were more popular in America than Backstreet boys but Definitely Backstreet boys were more huge worldwide. I think the whole world knows Backstreet boys but if you ask them about nsync not all of them maybe some know them. And I think the reason for this because BSB toured around the world unlike nsync they just toured in America and Europe. And of course the BSB longevity. Never heard of boy band that they still together for 20 years expect for BSB.

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    • Sara says:

      Not to mention, BSB are a vocal harmony group that’s why they are better vocalist than nsync. Each member of BSB have unique voice that’s why you can recognize each one of them and the way their voices harmonize together it’s just amazing. I think this is the reason why I fell in love with them, they have unique angelic voices and I always listen to their acapellas.  However nsync are better dancers , when I searched about them and watched their performances, they are better dancers than BSB.  But vocals not really that good and I can only hear two the other three never heard them singing. I think that’s why they called a boyband. BSB focused more on their voices that’s they had better songs than nsync. I didn’t really understand why people comparing between them, for me they are totally different!

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  8. that bitcn says:

    I love how everyone is still passionate af about who was better. #teamnsync

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  9. Helena says:

    BSB sold more albums BECAUSE they have more albums, basic math.  If you count only 5 albums of BSB and 5 albums of ‘N Sync, ‘Nsync sold more.

    ;*  kisses

    (bsb has NINE albums)
    Nsync has 3 [plus 2 holiday ones] so 5)

    count the ones only released until ‘nsync was still active ‘nsync wins,
    so ‘nsync =coke
    bsb = pepsi.

    JT and JC = talent

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    • Jood says:

      Backstreet boys all time!! They still here touring & still making good music & still look hot .. all of them are so good looking and they’re in good shape unlike nsync they so washed up and some of them are fat! Even Nick are hotter than JT And yes BSB are the original one without BSB there’s no nsync, Bc BSB came first smile the original always stays
      BSB = Coke
      Nsync = Pepsi

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