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There's nothing that inspires a betch more than a heroine she can look up to. While nicegirls look up to lame characters they've watched or read about like Marie Curie or like, Scout Finch, betches have a few key characters in mind when looking for thinspiration or a way to justify being mean to people. Enter: the following famous betches and their betchy quotes throughout cinematic history.

10. Legally Blonde

"Because I'm not a Vanderbilt, suddenly I'm white trash? I grew up in Bel Air, Warner. Across the street from Aaron Spelling. I think most people would agree that's a lot better than some stinky old Vanderbilt." - Elle Woods

9. Knocked up

"I'm not gonna go to the end of the fucking line, who the fuck are you? I have just as much of a right to be here as any of these little skanky girls. What, am I not skanky enough for you, you want me to hike up my fucking skirt? What the fuck is your problem? I'm not going anywhere, you're just some roided out freak with a fucking clipboard. And your stupid little fucking rope! You know what, you may have power now but you are not god. You're a doorman, okay. You're a doorman, doorman, doorman, doorman, doorman, so... Fuck You! You fucking fag with your fucking little faggy gloves." - Leslie Mann's character

8. Clueless

"This is where Dionne lives. She's my friend because we both know what it's like for people to be jealous of us." - Cher Horowitz

7. Ten Things I hate About You

"You're asking me out? That's so cute! What's your name again?" - Bianca

6. The Devil Wears Prada

"Details of your incompetence do not interest me. Tell Simone I'm not going to approve that girl that she sent me for the Brazilian layout. I asked for clean, athletic, smiling. She sent me dirty, tired and paunchy. And R.S.V.P. Yes to Michael Kors' party, I want the driver to drop me off at 9:30 and pick me up at 9:45 sharp. Call Natalie at Glorious Foods and tell her no for the 40th time. No! I don't want dacquoise. I want tortes filled with warm rhubarb compote. Then call my ex-husband and remind him that the parent-teacher conference is at Dalton tonight. Then call my husband, ask him to meet me for dinner at that place I went to with Massimo. Tell Richard I saw the pictures that he sent for that feature on the female paratroopers and they're all so deeply unattractive. Is it impossible to find a lovely, slender, female paratrooper? Am I reaching for the stars here? Not really. Also, I need to see all the things that Nigel has pulled for Gwyneth's second cover try. I wonder if she's lost any of that weight yet." - Miranda Priestly

5. American Beauty

"If people I don't even know look at me and want to fuck me, it means I really have a shot at being a model." - Angela Hayes

4. Mean Girls

"I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me... but I can't help it that I'm so popular." - Gretchen Wieners


Courtney: We just killed our best friend! Do you realize what this means?

Marcie: You're a shoo-in for prom queen?

2. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

"I want the world. I want the whole world. I want to lock it all up in my pocket. It's my bar of chocolate. Give it to me now." - Veruca Salt

1.  Heathers

Veronica Sawyer: I'm on my way to a party at Remington University... No, my life's not perfect. I don't really like my friends.

J.D.: I... I don't really like your friends either.

Veronica Sawyer: Well, it's just like - they're people I work with, and our job is being popular and shit.

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  1. MGH says:

    not very good.

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  2. YESSS says:

    heathers is so fucking good

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  3. Anonymous says:

    This is hilarious. Why is it so cool for everyone to hate on the betches, on every single post?

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  4. samson says:

    this is a sublime list, all the haters can suck my left one…

    Posted on Reply
  5. Anonymous says:

    Ugh YES fucking love The Heathers.. and always thought that line was perfect

    Posted on Reply
  6. Anonymous says:

    What about “So you agree, you think you’re really pretty?” -Regina George
    It’s on every page your site!

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  7. Anonymous says:

    No Cruel Intentions?

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  8. Anonymous says:

    seriously though how does regina george not have a single line here?

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  9. genius says:

    “I’m like the Marsha fucking Brady of the Upper East Side, and sometimes even I want to kill myself.” -Cruel Intentions

    Posted on Reply
    • chicitybetch says:

      “God forbid I exude confidence and enjoy sex.”

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  10. Anonymous says:

    def lacking in true betchyness.  heathers was a good one but wtf is with the monologues from devil wears prada and knocked up. i dont remember asking to hear from old, dried-up betches.

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  11. Pauline says:

    Words to live by! PREACH

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  12. Anonymous says:

    fail. a) willy wonka and knocked up? two movies about two VERY un-betchy things. b) there are a million better/betchier quotes from elle in legally blonde. and c) i agree with everyone else… where is regina george? she is certainly the betchier of the two considering gretchen is constantly TTH. better luck next time betches

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  13. anonymous says:

    heathers is dead on! jawbreakers is the original mean girls

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  14. State the obvious says:

    “So you can go shave your back now.” - Regina George.

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  15. umm says:

    i don’t hate you cause youre fat, you’re fat because i hate you

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  16. MK&AO;_Fan says:

    “Now that we know each other let’s get a few things straight. I get what I want. And this winter break, I want Jordan.” -Brianna Wallace (Megan Fox) from Holiday in the Sun

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