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Needless to say, betches don't make resolutions. When you're perfect it's pretty much impossible to improve (besides the obvious resolution of losing 3 pounds). In any case, while we don't need to change, some things in society definitely do. With that we give you our list of things that were SO 2012 and things we're into for 2013.

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    • ugh says:

      Stop trying to make your stupid website happen. It’s not going to happen.

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  1. scandal says:

    Do Scandal Recaps PLEASE!

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  2. Lauren says:

    all a betch needs is homeland and chris christie occasionally calling out someone who is a total dumbass. loves it

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  3. TheClique says:

    Inspired by the ultimate Betch-In-Training, Massie Block and her state of the union. Nice going, betches.

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    • duh says:

      old news betch

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  4. YES says:

    Scandal could not be better… please start recapping!!!

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  5. Obvi says:

    You NEED to do a Scandal recap
    Kerry Washington is so betch

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  6. betttch says:

    pLEEeeAAaSEEEe do Scandal recaps Olivia Pope is so 2013

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  7. Dre says:

    KimmieK is always in

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  8. iphone says:

    how the fuck is the iPhone out?  For what, droid? hahah ohmygod just stop.

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