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Dear Betch,

I am dating a guy who is gonna inherit the family business. As of right now he is pretty loaded, not like filthy filthy filthy filthy rich but definitely rich enough.So as betch I dont really plan to get a job although I would kill it in the corporate world. So in that sense he sort of is a keeper. I go to a top uni.

However, he hasn't been to university and isnt very intellectual. He doesnt really read any books, is not my intellectual equal and it can be rather embarrassing when we are out socialising with my friends especially since all of them have been to university or are at uni. It's almost as though he cant really sustain a conversation. However, he is devoted to me though and spoils me rotten. I am in such a predicament.

I do feel incredibly loved in so many ways and am constantly showered with gifts, love and affection. However, I need witty banter from a man. I need a man who is smart enough to know about the world of finance-this one doesnt know jack. How is he possibly gonna take the family business to the next level or be able to generate moolah if he isnt very smart?

Help! Should I stay or leave?

Confused Betch

Dear Confused Betch,

I highly doubt you would 'kill it' in the corporate world no matter how apt you are to brag about it. That's because people in the corporate world understand risk, which you seem to be totally lacking in. In addition to making you a bad person, dating someone for their money is inherently risky and doesn't consider many factors. First off, your guy could either a) totally fuck up his family business, b) realize you're a gold digging whore and dump you within the next year or c (and worst of all) he isn't as dumb as you say and actually demands the dreaded prenup. Now considering you don't even like him that much and you're not even married to him yet, I'd say divorce (on the off chance you get him to propose) is inevitable.

So my advice to you is to get a real job or find someone you actually like whose money is just a nice perk and not the whole fucking reason you're dating them. Although it's true that everyone eventually gets boring but rich bros get boring slower, there's nothing worse than dating a guy who's opinion you don't respect and who brings as much to the conversation as Lamar Odom.

Get a job,

The Betches

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  1. cheersbetch says:

    Good on you betches, if you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone they sure as shit better be able to carry out a reasonable conversation.  Fucking, duh.

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  2. Seriously says:

    How did she get into a “top university” with that grammar. Yikes.

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    • Really? says:

      Gotta be her “oral” skills, because it’s definitely not due to her written ones. But, YES. Thank you…couldn’t agree more. The fact that he isn’t at your “intellectual level” might explain why he’s dumb enough to stick with you in the first place. If being showered with gifts is really the only thing keeping you in this relationship, you probably deserve to be confused and/or miserable. I know you’re a betch, but come on, have some self-respect and at least SOME respect for other people. Dipshit.

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  3. Betchlife says:

    Who the fuck says “uni” when referring to a university? Ew.

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    • QueenBetch says:

      I think it’s a British thing to refer to a university as “uni.”  But yeah, with her grasp on grammar and super mature view on relationships, I’m like, so sure she would “kill it in the business world.” Even if she does go to a top uni.

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    • gretchen says:

      its like slang, from england

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      • Hahaha says:

        your comment was so fetch.

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    • tejas yalllll says:

      I think she’s foreign. She also spelled “socializing” with an ‘s’ (socialising) so wherever she learned English was obvi Brit taught.

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  4. Ivy says:

    JFC. If you’re dating someone you don’t like for money, you’re actually working for it. If you’re fucking him it makes you a whore. Go do something you like and then it won’t really be work and the money you make will just be a perk. Doy.

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    • Guest says:

      A whore is someone who fucks around with multiple partners. If she’s banging him, it’d make her a prostitute.

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  5. um says:

    just let her stay with the dude so she can msg you guys a year or so later when an even better letter on her “predicament”—far more interesting tbh

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  6. Krod says:

    Did she major in BITCH at her “so called” prestigious uni!? What a soulless whore. A girl like that doesn’t deserve to be happy.

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