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Dearest loyal minions,

It's hot as fuck out. What do you get when a really sweaty DJ is hyped up on adderall? Dubstep. What do you get when a really hot betch is hyped up on adderall? A fucking party. With this we bring you a collection of songs that just make you want to DANCE. It's almost summer betches, get your crop tops and SPF 4 out, we're going ham.

katy perry betches coachella

Adventure Club - Wait: Despite the fact that this song has a total of 9 words (we counted), it's really effing good. Great beats, great dub, and great vocals....on all 9 words.
Craig David feat Calvin Harris - Good Time: Remember that bro with a chin strap that was all like I met this girl on Monday I took her for a drink on Tuesday we were making love by Wednesday, basically recapping his week even though no one fucking asked? Well he came out with a new single a couple weeks ago with CHarry and we're into it. And don't worry, it's not a day by day recount of what he's been doing since he released '7 Days' eleven years ago.

Roscoe Dash - Good Fucking Night (dubstep remix): I MEANNNN....I meannnn... JUST DOWNLOAD. TRUST US. This shit is SPEED, all it's missing is Keanu Reeves and a flying bus.

Avicii vs. Lenny Kravitz - Superlove: 1. Smoke a blunt 2. Listen to the entire song 3. Repeat.

Katy Perry - Wide Awake (Kaskade mix):'d think the Kardashians were involved in this mix. But fear not, no monotoned Armenians were harmed in the making.

Crookers - Massive (TJR, Anthony Wolf remix): The Crookers are Italian. This song has no words. Your school has no gymnastics team. This is a last resort! No seriously though, this shit has such an interesting mix of sound effects I don't think I've ever enjoyed listening to a song with no words so much while sober.

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  1. betchy says:

    raging already

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  2. canadian betch says:

    this post fucking sucks. all the other previous music posts were great…. that calvin harris song isn’t new at all, it’s just bounce with annoying, awful vocals on top. you betches can do better!

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  3. betch says:

    oh my god bring it on reference perfect

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  4. JAB says:

    I mean like writing this post is taking too much effort already, but this is serious shit.

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  5. Bishhh says:

    Shitty songs & Bounce is 10x better

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  6. paige says:


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  7. steph says:

    bring it on ref <3

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Adderall is a poor man’s coke.

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  9. allie says:


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