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In our first installment of "Did She Really Just Instagram (or Tweet) That" we bring you a really disturbing insta of Kim K's exceptionally appetizing feet. Let me put it this way, when I saw this picture my body reacted as if it had just taken a very bad shot of tequila while an alarm rang in my brain (that sounded very much like a parrot) 'NEVER GET PREGNANT..NEVER GET PREGNANT.'  We rarely warn that things are NSFW, but this one is definitely NSFW ....and NSFH. Generally NSFAnywhere. 



Someone needs to tell Kim that according to science, if your body's blood isn't circulating, neither is your baby's. We read it, in a BOOK. But seriously, did she really just instagram that? I've been saying I really wanna lose 3 pounds, and I think I just did. 


If you see a celebrity instagram or tweet something ridiculous, ugly, or seriously WTF, make sure that we see it. Email headbetches@betcheslovethis. 

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  1. Spot on says:

    I have a feeling this is going to be the best new column yet; I have way too many things to submit! Bravo, betches!

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  2. Lost Appetite says:

    I’m sorry but if this girl is going to keep complaining about how orca like she’s getting with this pregnancy, maybe she should keep these photos to herself

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  3. Perfection says:

    LOVE. IT. The post not the pic of course. Ew. Girl needs to stay at home, prop her feet up and quit stomping around town in curtains calling it “maternity fashion”. Sooo no.

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  4. Your Name says:

    i dont understand like WHO does this? who takes a picture of how FAT they are and be like LOOK HEHE because its not cute? and its not funny? its just fucking gross.

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  5. Your Name says:

    Ok…her feet are not “fat.” They are swollen. Because she is pregnant. Like, duh.

    Personally I could not care less what she wears when she’s pregnant (although, great idea for the column in general, betches)...and normally, I am a fan of fabulous, ridiculous shoes (and sometimes, you there is no way to get around “no pain, no gain”). But when it starts to cause bodily harm, especially when you have a bun in the oven… I just want to scream out, from one betch to another, TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, GAWD. Just wear some 4 inch, basic heels instead of some 6 inch ones with a zillion straps, if you must…circulation is indeed important, gahwd.

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  6. Chatty Kathy says:

    We get that you’re pregnant Kim, but pictures like this are just unnecessary. We know you have swollen feet. You probably shouldn’t have worn those shoes. But there’s just no reason for this picture whatsoever. What are you showing your fans that they couldn’t guess was already happening from seeing you walk down the red carpet. This just probably made them want to vomit. Next time, stick to instagramming selfies.

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