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By The Betches on

So we know a Friends reunion is never happening but we're literally willing to watch anything that combines Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry, and Courtney Cox into one video...even if it is just an Ellen Show promo. And hey, it's still pretty funny without the other three. Check it out. 

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  1. Your Name says:

    Obsessed with this, why aren’t chandler and monica and ross and rachel on your list of people we wish were together in real life? ball dropped.

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  2. Lily says:

    Like fetch, this shit is just not going to happen. Get over it.

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  3. Blondy says:

    Dear Betch Writers,

    Jen always reminds me of the 2005 love triangle.  I can’t ever hear or look at a picture or even see a movie with Jen, Brad, or Angelina in it without still being reminded of the situation that like, isn’t even a situation anymore.  But this brings me to my point.  As a good betch, I decide which famous people I like on my own and also respect your opinions… often times agreeing.  But I don’t have an opinion on Angelina.  Like, there’s one there, but I can’t form it.  I don’t know if I respect her for landing Brad and keeping him this long and think she’s beautiful, or if I can’t stand how over-exposed she is and that she’s not hot anymore and hate her for stealing Brad.  Please Betches, do a story on Hollywood celebs that are on the fence, the ones people love or hate and settle the debates for us once and for all—.  Also, I just got back from vaca so I haven’t properly caught up on blt yet BUT have you discussed Miley being #1 on Maxim’s hot 100 and the disgustingness of that? 

    I appreciate you being my bible.  Kisses,

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