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It pains me to say this, but Labor Day Weekend is around the corner. Who would’ve thought we would reach MDW’s fat twin sister so quickly? Better yet, why would I celebrate labor? Why must I retire my white skinny jeans and linen beach cover-ups in its honor? I don’t know shit about labor that doesn't involve the artisans who craft my handmade European leather goods. On the other hand, white jeans are the foundation of my existence.

Let me address the fatass elephant in the room by saying that every chicbetch knows LDW is not the end of white jeans. There is no official rule on white jeans because that’s fucking stupid. White pants are retired when your local climate and social schedule call for it, if it looks like summer, and it feels like summer, it’s fucking summer. No sense hiding your white jeans if the UV index is going strong.

Dress, Phillip Lim 3.1: This dress may not seem like much but the slits on the side add serious sex appeal and belted at the waist, it’s a no-brainer. The crepe fabric is nothing but flattering and the simple style allows for the hot pink without coming off tacky. See it here>>

Shoe, Jimmy Choo: I suggest this shoe because Mr. Choo knows how to handle nude patent leather but you don’t have to go with this exact shoe. Any strappy nude sandal will work with the dress but make sure to steer clear of thick straps or hiding too much of the foot. See it here>>

Belt, J Crew: Perfect option for this dress and if you buy it up a size you can opt for the belt knot to add some flare. See it here>> For those of you who live in a cave… this is the belt knot I’m referring to: the skinny belt shortening trick.

Cuff, Jules Smith: I prefer yellow gold with the hot pink and this cuff is a stunner. Go for some fun earrings while you’re at it. Take advantage of the plain dress with your accessories. See it here>>


Another outfit idea for LDW still includes the Jimmy Choo’s and gold jewelry but this time we’re going for top and jeans if you're looking to be a little more low key.

Jeans, Rag&Bone: Does wonders for the ass. The key to a man’s heart is letting him check your ass out in white. See it here>>

Top, Ramy Brook: This is one of the most versatile tops I’ve ever seen and the stretch Carmeuse is gorgeous. Pick your poison as far as color goes… I’m into the teal and emerald green. Also, pick up a one of those sticky bra situations or some nipple petals, you’ll need them. See it here>>

You get two outfits from me and the third is on you… tweet your hottest LDW ensemble @chicbetch and I’ll RT the chicest fuckers out there. Party on betches.

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  1. gg says:

    That gold cuff is truly fab. So are white jeans, LDW be damned.

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  2. <3 your style! says:

    PLEEAAASE do more Chic Betch! The items she recommends are not only fashionable, they look ridic hot! (this dress I got looks just as sick as she promised).  She’s current, and also addresses the social elements (plus it’s great that she doesn’t want to androgen us up in the name of fashion and hide our betch bodies).  I love you chic betch, more more more!!!!

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  3. OTS says:

    No open toed shoes after LDW either. Sorry Jimmy…

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  4. It's just not okay says:

    So I’ve tried to give up my charm school teacher’s standards as old fashioned, but frankly, wearing white after Labor Day feels just as wrong as wearing pink in winter. In fact, I saw a chick wearing nude open toed shoes a few weeks ago (in October), and the scowl took over my face so quickly and so ferociously that I’m sure nobody in my entourage will ever look that girl in the face again. Something deep inside me hates that bitches guts forever.

    It’s an unfortunate fact that fashion faux-pas can make your stock plummet with the only people who actually matter… and ruin your reputation for the rest of your college career.

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