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Aright betches, it's almost America's bday month, we're not fucking around this week. Today's playlist includes a stupid amount of dubstep, some new Lupe, and the next Ellie Goulding song you should be obsessed with, now that the radio is on a mission to overplay 'Lights'. As if it hasn't been around for literally years. I'd worry that they're going to kill 'Starry Eyed' as well but I've already done that for myself, it's not #4 on my iTunes most played. But enough with my verbal shrine to EG... This weekend is the first of the two awkward July 4th weekends so you know what that means? It'll be just like every other except there'll be a lot more of those special edition American flag Svedka bottles for you to instagram pics with, and you might wear some blue accents. 

Ellie Goulding - High For This (Michael Froh’s OG-Mix): It’s like Ellie knew what we’d be doing while we listened to this. Like really? You’re going to name your song “High For This?” We’re obvi going to light up immediately. Plus, I feel like Ellie kind of needs to be constantly fucked up. Being the go-to house music vocal slut is a rough life. I mean if we had to fuck Skrillex every night, we’d be “High for That” constantly.

Adrian Lux Ft. Dante – Burning (Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl Remix): Guess who’s one of the best DJ’s in the world and is also Swedish? Swedish House Mafia? No. Avicii? No. Adrian fucking Lux. He’s also uber hot unlike Tim I-Have-So-Much-Fucking-Acne-And-I’m-Overrated Bergling.

Steve Aoki - Control Freak feat. Blaqstarr & Kay (Dillon Francis Remix): Dillon Francis AND Steve Aoki AND Blaqstarr?! Sensory overload. This is kind of like rolling in an aquarium. Yeah that sounds strange, but fuck off it would be amazing.

Lupe Fiasco - Bitch Bad: Yes. Yes Lupe, this bitch is bad. This song is not.

DJ White Shadow - If You Like It (KDrew Remix): If you like it, you can download it. This shit is the definition of a banger. The dubstep is coming out of it like lava.


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  1. weeknd says:

    high for this is just a cover of The Weeknd’s song and his stuff is wayyy better!

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  2. EG says:

    if ellie goulding was actually good live, then i’d be in love with her

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  3. weeknd says:

    aren’t you a writer for freshnewtracks? you should have known its a cover of the weeknd. shame on you

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  4. weeknd says:

    and he’s from torontooo

    p.s. do the betches have control over the scambled word verifier? Mine was Keepin Clas5y ha

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  5. abel says:

    Love that true fans caught that error <3 ovoxo

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  6. British Betch says:

    You guys are so behind your dubstep. Give it up

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  7. betchiestbetch says:

    British Betch,

    Stop being such a BITCH. RUDE.

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  8. A Real Betch says:

    I’m sorry (well actually, I’m not), but this post made me doubt that this site is run by actual “betches” - mainly because it dubbed Tim Bergling as overrated.  Sure, his beats usually get overplayed to the point of extinction in a month or so, but don’t even pretend like you didn’t go apeshit the first time you ever heard “Seek Bromance” in a club.  That is, if you’ve ever actually been to a real club, and not just some swamp of white trash inside a Vegas resort.  Try raging in a city where there’s real partying going on, like Ibiza or St. Tropez.

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  9. cnderellabetch says:

    “Bitch Bad” is literally just Lupe talking. I wanted to love it because it was going to be my new “i don’t give a fuck” hip-hop power anthem, but it has NO rhythm. If I wanted to listen to annoying feminist drivel, I’d be a women’s studies major.

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