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For our next college installment, we bring you the University of Southern California. Found deep in the asshole of Los Angeles, lies an elite private school that continues to piss off the rest of the country as it rises in superiority in academics, athletics, aesthetics, and arrogance -- arrogance being key. We won’t even bother listing the famous alumni of this school, just pick your favorite celeb and guess what, they went here. And at the end of the day, regardless of where in Los Angeles it’s located, it’s still in Los Angeles, which any true betch would take over a ‘college town’ any day.

Due to all of these fine qualities in a school, SC attracts the betchiest of betches from across the country – majority from California, a large amount from Texas, but pretty much all the good states are accounted for (yes, you are excluded New Mexico). Being located in a city of 70-degree year-round weather, USC betches take their bikini bodies, tans, and waxes very seriously, never knowing when she’ll find herself by the pool at some mansion in Malibu being a part of Usher’s new music video.

Greek Life

The Row: Anyone who doesn’t say that The Row is the social center of the school is lying.  From the first week betches cross the street for Rush with the frats camped out in lawn chairs in their yards until you’re ‘shotgun’ pinned by that same asshole sitting in that chair your senior year, The Row is a betch’s runway. If you’ve ever seen a movie or TV show about Greek life and wondered what it was based on, look no further.. it’s based on Frat Row at USC (if you don’t believe it, check credits.. 99% of these movies were made by USC alums). Fratty Fridays on The Row combine everything The Row holds most precious: bikinis, beer, beach volleyball, and drugs if you know where to find them…. If you signed up for a Friday class—nevermind, no need to finish this sentence, no betch would sign up for a Friday class.

Wardrobe: The best part about USC is that whether you are an incoming freshman wanting to rush or are a sophomore/junior/senior in a house, you are guaranteed a whole new wardrobe right off the bat. You are also gifted (kidding, you obviously prepay for these) with about 12 shirts/tanks that in some way have “INSERT SORORITY HERE Love” written on it in 12 different ways. No one ever throws any of these away. I mean what else would you wear to the gym other than a shirt that says “It doesn’t matter that I’m either on an elliptical not sweating or have been sitting here doing ‘crunches’ for 25 minutes…I’m in a top house"?


You’ll find the truest betches rivaling their way into one of the “Top 4” houses. However, the significance and dominance of Greek Life has caused the number of PNMs to double, while the small number of houses remains the same; therefore the number of quality betches that ‘slip through the cracks’ and are forced to become Alpha Betch among the wannabes is increasing, causing the other houses to close the gap in the ranks. Unfortunately, the reverse also holds true, and leaves the top houses with the occasional ‘slider’…. A term from the glory days when hazing still existed.. but yes, it means what you think it does. Don’t worry though, they keep these sliders locked up in the kitchen ‘timing’ during Rush as not to scare off the prospective betches.

DG – Often voted best DG chapter in the country, these girls are almost as obsessed with themselves as they are with winning the photo contest they are contracted into upon joining.  The competition is to take the most photos of yourself and any combination of the following:  anchors, DG Greek letters, sailor-themed anything, fellow DGs in bikinis, beaches, making hand signals of Greek letters, fake-sailor salute, fellow DG’s boyfriends, spelling out Greek letters with their bodies (bonus points if in bikinis, bonus bonus points if you dress like Popeye).

KAPPA – These betches don’t come to USC for their MRS degrees, because they’ll always have their dad's credit cards and their seven-figure trust funds. Be warned, they vet their girls by quality of country club memberships. 

PI PHI – Regardless of any actual evidence, this house can’t quite escape its reputation from early 2000s as being the pretty, fake, alleged cokeheads from Orange County/LA. It’s interesting they can’t escape this as in recent years, it’s become fairly diverse and home to the few JABs that venture out of their northeastern bubble. However don’t be mistaken, Newport still rules this house; and it’s no secret those betches know how to party… some better than others (others being the ones you see being escorted home by DPS or passed out on the lawn).

THETA – These are your closet sluts, who hide behind pearls, fake glasses, and super chic “study wear.” Some are actually smart, most just pretend, but impressively their greatest pride is having the highest GPA on the Row… as is evidenced by the “Study with Theta” shirts to lamely rival the “Party with Pi Phi” tanks (while equally embarrassing, at least the alliteration is aesthetically pleasing, and doesn’t make guys wearing them look like a huge tool.)


Due to the fraternities’ hardcore ability to party (i.e. setting their own house on fire, advertising a 4/20 party, or stupidly letting girls drink communal jungle juice), and therefore the resulting suspensions, the ranking of top houses fluctuates from year to year. Here is a general overview.

SAE – Tries its hardest to live up to nation-wide SAE standards, you’ll find your Texas boys obsessed with America and country music…in jorts…ironically?

SIGMA CHI – Must be either a) from Southern California, b) play beach volleyball, or c) have recently bought out American Apparel’s neon collection.

AEPI – Your go-to house for LA Jewish boys who surprisingly have a hard time meeting their Andy Samberg quota, due to somehow convincing goyim to join their house. Nonetheless, the amount of betches that love a good highlighter party and “just want to dance” keeps this house as one of the Row’s favs.

PHI PSI – Kings of the ultimate comeback… suspension after suspension after suspension... These guys definitely know how to party and tend to attract the football players and now also proudly claim The Hunger Games’ very own Alexander Ludwig.

LAMBDA CHI – Formerly referred to as a "social club," this house of douchey Harvard Westlake, Euros, and volleyball stars are the losers of the ultimate comeback. Sooo..not really sure where this one stands.

Specifically not mentioning Pike, for those of you who are wondering about Rob Kardashian’s fraternity…off the Row, off the radar.

GDIs: They can be divided into 2 categories: actual GDIs, and people who either missed out on rushing or didn’t get into a house, and now, pretend it was by choice and call themselves GDIs.

At Night You Should

Despite popular stereotypes of USC betches, most tend to stick close to home unless it is a special occasion warranting a visit into Hollywood. These occasions include but are not limited to, birthday parties, a USC function at a Hollywood club, or a call from a promoter desperate for hot girls to attend a club opening.

There are two options at night (well, three if you’re old enough/brave enough to venture downtown…)

OPTION 1: The 901 Bar and Grill (affectionately known as: the 90, the 9Hole, and/or literally the only bar within walking distance) is a true college bar in that it’s absolutely intolerable unless you are blacked out. And every good betch knows it doesn’t really close at two.

OPTION 2: Frat Parties… while the larger parties are reserved for Tuesday and Thursday nights, you can pretty much find at least one group of frat bros partying either in upper class off-the-Row housing and/or just hidden inside of the frats (due to USC regulations). The popular betches are also the first to know about any given fraternity’s “Date Dash” – usually held somewhere off campus and almost always involving sake bombing, karaoke, and at some point, a game of Edward 40hands.

OPTION 3:  Downtown is slowly building itself up to have a decent amount of fun dinner restaurants and bars. Some USC favorites include but are not limited to: Standard Rooftop, El Cholo, Bottega Louie, Seven and Grand, Casey’s, Library Bar, Edison (when you feel like putting on your fancy shoes… no really, you can’t get in without nice shoes)...  and also LA Live can provide can provide a few kicks now and then.

Special Events

Game Days: In a school full of people who proudly display their superiority in all areas of life, football game days are their shining moment. Current students and alumni alike, and anyone who happens to have any connections to anyone who likes USC, bring a whole new meaning to tailgating on campus. What other occasion does a betch have to show how good she looks with a USC bow in her hair and stickers all over her face?

Weekender: When everyone travels to San Francisco for either the Stanford or Berkeley vs. USC game (whichever happens to be away that year). This is really just an occasion for a betch to go to a new location that warrants pictures in the few pieces of winter chic clothes she owns and is never able to wear. 

Frat Formals:  Spring. Vegas. Bros. Blow.

Before you graduate, you should:

- Fountain Run

- Jump off the high dive at the pool

- take a picture riding the DPS segways

- drink enough AMFs at the 90 that you wake up to pictures of yourself sticking out your blue tongue


Here’s the thing about food – USC betches don’t eat…in public. Then again, why would you need to when all of the sorority houses each have their own personal chefs serving every meal? Oh, and did we mention those chefs have been employed by actual celebrities. For the occasions that warrant a betch’s dinner out…by the time this post goes up, the coolest restaurants to find a betch at will have already changed. That’s just LA.

And if you do happen to be on campus not eating, make sure to be seen on the steps in front of Tutor with a group of girls and your sorority bag propped up right with letters in plain sight.  

Disclaimer: froyo is acceptable if and only if you didn’t have time to go back to the Row in between your classes.


People go during spring semester junior year, but there are just as many betches diversifying themselves abroad as there are staking out the territory back home. 

Spring Break:

Cabo, Cabo, or you could go to Cabo.


-Shitty neighborhood

-Being so obsessed with your school that you can't come up with any

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  1. umm finally. says:

    YES. the accuracy mainly lies in the fact that we know we’re superior….and so does everybody else.
    I know it sounds douchey but…it’s just true hmmm

    Definitely a spot-on post, with the Greek parts being pretty accurate beyond personal opinion. Should’ve mentioned registereds, which definitely go harder than any other college party I’ve seen anywhere. And don’t sleep on Lambda Chi! Their atrium is a perfect place for a betch to find her place above the sweaty people and stand pretty and visible!

    And love the bit about tailgating with the USC bows smile don’t forget the skirt too once or twice a season! ♥

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    • The Row says:

      There was actually a typo in the lambda description. Not “formerly” - it is STILL referred to as a social club, or a sorority to some

      Posted on Reply
      • The Truth says:

        I noticed that as well. Everyone knows where this house stands. It’s the oldest sorority on the row.

        Posted on Reply
    • USC senior says:

      If you think registered parties “go hard” then you’re on crack

      Registered parties are full of a bunch of random GDIs and people you’ve never seen before in your life

      Posted on Reply
      • agreed with the registered says:

        seriously, after a semester or two you quickly realize that registered parties are when the weirdos come out to play and you have to fight through 1500 randoms to find one ACTUAL person in the greek system that you know.

        i’d rather take a wednesday night at the 90—everyone you want to see, no one you don’t.

        Posted on Reply
    • get with it says:

      As a member of the USC community, and an avid supporter of women fighting over attractiveness (always a fan of girls looking hot), I’m just throwing it out there that Pi Phi had the shittiest pledge classes these past two rushes. Those girls need to get with it if they want to stay where they are because Alpha Phi is taking all the hotter girls.

      Posted on Reply
    • Dee says:

      For future reference:
      Actors of fully Jewish background: -Logan Lerman, Natalie Portman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Mila Kunis, Bar Refaeli, James Wolk, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Julian Morris, Adam Brody, Esti Ginzburg, Kat Dennings, Gabriel Macht, Erin Heatherton, Odeya Rush, Anton Yelchin, Paul Rudd, Scott Mechlowicz, Lisa Kudrow, Lizzy Caplan, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Gal Gadot, Debra Messing, Robert Kazinsky, Melanie Laurent, Shiri Appleby, Justin Bartha, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Margarita Levieva, Elizabeth Berkley, Halston Sage, Seth Gabel, Skylar Astin, Mia Kirshner, Alden Ehrenreich, Eric Balfour, Jason Isaacs, Jon Bernthal.

      Actors with Jewish mothers and non-Jewish fathers -Jake Gyllenhaal, Dave Franco, James Franco, Scarlett Johansson, Daniel Day-Lewis, Daniel Radcliffe, Alison Brie, Eva Green, Emmy Rossum, Rashida Jones, Jennifer Connelly, Nora Arnezeder, Goldie Hawn, Ginnifer Goodwin, Amanda Peet, Eric Dane, Jeremy Jordan, Joel Kinnaman, Ben Barnes, Patricia Arquette, Kyra Sedgwick, Dave Annable.

      Actors with Jewish fathers and non-Jewish mothers, who themselves were either raised as Jews and/or identify as Jews: -Andrew Garfield, Ezra Miller, Gwyneth Paltrow, Alexa Davalos, Nat Wolff, Nicola Peltz, James Maslow, Josh Bowman, Winona Ryder, Ben Foster, Nikki Reed, Zac Efron, Jonathan Keltz.

      Oh, and Ansel Elgort’s father is Jewish, though I don’t know how Ansel was raised.

      Actors with one Jewish-born parent and one parent who converted to Judaism -Dianna Agron, Sara Paxton (whose father converted, not her mother), Alicia Silverstone, Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

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  2. USC betch says:

    Good job betches! Even though Frat Fridays aren’t really the thing…more like Thirsty Thursdays
    ..which is exactly why “no betch would ever schedule class on Friday” haha

    USC is arguably the best school for a smart, yet fun-loving betch that wants prestige without the boring, stick-up-the-ass-ness of Ivys. Not saying SC is Ivy league status, but with equally reputable alumni and student connections, there’s seriously nowhere else I’d rather be smile

    Posted on Reply
    • real usc betch says:

      what do you mean fratty fridays aren’t a thing? who ARE you? fratty fridays are where every friday in the spring, you wake up and cure you’re gnarly thursday night hangover by shotgunning a beer on the front porch of phi psi, SAE, or lambda, and then spend the rest of your day raging in your bikini and inevitably end up doing a slip and slide of some sort whilst blacked out. duhhh. freshman.

      Posted on Reply
      • agreed says:

        lol seriously, who are you if you don’t inevitably spend your Fridays blackout at some house’s day party
        THAT’S “exactly why no betch would ever schedule class on Friday”
        it’s ok freshman. in due time.

        Posted on Reply
      • trojanbeezy says:

        make that fratty fridays AND fraturdays. preferably at lambda chi. no one does day raging quite like usc

        Posted on Reply
  3. yay! says:

    USC is perfect for betches. And filled with them. I love that I’m surrounded almost solely by beautiful, fashion conscious people that actually give a shit about the way they present themselves. No uglies here smile seriously lol. They don’t stand chance.
    Andd, I know I’ll get a job because the Trojan family is worldwide baby! We look out for each other. After grad school, with a USC alma mater I’m couldn’t be less worried about the economy’s effect on employment. how’s that for winning

    Posted on Reply
  4. UofM next :) says:

    Please do one about the University of Michigan!! smile

    Posted on Reply
    • MichGreek says:

      Lets be honest…..UofM’s greek life BLOWS. Parties are pretty damn boring too. If you want to party up with good looking girls in the state of Michigan, go to Michigan State, Western, Central or eastern.

      Posted on Reply
  5. Somewhat Betchy says:

    Pi Phi is not a top house. Those girls are not cool.

    Posted on Reply
    • DGbetch says:

      100% agree with this..

      Posted on Reply
    • SAEbro says:

      jealous much?

      Posted on Reply
      • FellowBetch says:

        obviously jealous.  pi phi has been a top house for years and still is

        Posted on Reply
        • USCBetch says:

          Oh, stop it Pi Phi. You are not a top house and anyone with eyes can see that.

          Posted on Reply
          • USCTopBetch says:

            haters will hate. Love that a DG is willing to openly bash Pi Phi. classless

            Posted on Reply
            • fratman says:

              pi phis are coke sluts, its a joke and or competition how many new members we can sleep with before they are initiated

              Posted on Reply
            • SCBro says:

              DGs are the blonde sluts that, yes are sexy, but you would never treat them more than a sex toy. The only reason why we like DG is because they’ll suck you up after you give them a few shots. No one respects them.
              Theta is my fav

              Posted on Reply
    • rowbetch says:

      pi phi a top house? lol

      Posted on Reply
      • ok.. says:

        I mean, honestly there really isn’t a top 4 at USC…there are 3 top sororities, which are the other ones they listed.
        But if you HAD to pick a fourth, sure, Pi Phi would probably round out the top 4 as fourth.

        Posted on Reply
        • uhhh says:

          Theta if anything- let’s be honest- is below Pi Phi.  Theta has some good members but mainly really weird…

          Posted on Reply
      • USCbetchh says:

        lol is right…they haven’t been for a few years now

        Posted on Reply
    • No says:

      Betches in Michigan are pale.
      Major no no

      Posted on Reply
      • WestCoast Not impressed says:

        Dont beg, no one likes a stage 5 clinger. And for the record the body of water u visit surrounding Michigan is NOT an ocean or a beach, its a lake.

        Posted on Reply
        • west coast, best coast. says:

          last time i checked, michigan wasn’t on this side of the country. hence the pale skin.

          Posted on Reply
  6. Well says:

    I couldn’t agree with this article more, minus the comments about fratty Fridays and Lambda. Not sure where the bit about lambda comes from, but they seriously throw the BEST parties and have some of the hottest guys on the row.

    Posted on Reply
  7. bruin betch says:

    usc = university of sucking cock

    do a post on classy ucla betches….usc is just pathetic

    Posted on Reply
    • Iwasthere says:

      Remember when one of your “classy” FUCLA sorority girls was railed doggy style by a USC frat boy on top of our tallest building for all to see?

      Metaphor for how we feel about your sad state school.

      Posted on Reply
    • Ewww Bruins says:

      Holy shit you must be kidding…

      Posted on Reply
    • is that a joke says:

      you’re funded by the state…and i can’t remember the last time anyone of importance even mentioned ucla.

      Posted on Reply
      • bruin says:

        so..why do you think P. Diddy’s son chose ucla?  Or umm…James Franco?

        Posted on Reply
        • oh idk says:

          maybe the full football scholarship and possibility of play time since the team is so shitty?
          wild guess.

          Posted on Reply
          • football says:

            usc beats ucla in football.  ucla beats usc in everything else.  this is coming from a betch who turned down a usc scholarship to go to ucla.

            Posted on Reply
            • arrogant trojan says:

              I do believe we have more wins from all sports… not to mention we beat yo asses in baseball, track, we’re streaking national championships in tennis and water polo, and just recently spanked you in women’s volleyball

              Posted on Reply
            • you've got to be kidding says:

              sc beats la at everything…academics, sports, parties, money, looks, and most of all people. while you’re hanging out with p. diddy’s baked goods (which btw has NOTHING to do with ucla), we’ll be hanging with pat schwarzneggar, miranda cosgrove and alexander ludwig. not to mention the successful alum like will f and rob kardash. if you started name dropping at p. diddy and stopped at james franco with nothing in between, you clearly have nothing more to say. have fun finding a job after like, six years of college. and you wonder why they haven’t posted about you.

              Posted on Reply
              • ucla has plenty of alumni says:

                mila kunis, jimmy morrison, sara bareilles.

                and usc academics are a joke compared to ucla.

                Posted on Reply
                • and and and! says:

                  don’t forget adria gasol will be walking on ucla basketball team!!!  so excited smile

                  Posted on Reply
                • fucla says:

                  Just saw this in 2014, but ... usc academics are a joke? oh please, you probably just couldn’t afford usc because you’re too poor. Also if you look at usc cinema school and its alums you can’t say shit.

                  Posted on Reply
            • ew says:

              a true betch would never turn down private for PUBLIC. what the hell?

              Posted on Reply
            • wrong says:

              do some research.

              Posted on Reply
          • lol says:

            that comment sure got awkward as soon as ucla beat usc this year

            Posted on Reply
        • Uhh says:

          James Franco realized how shitty UCLA was and left to teach at USC duh

          Posted on Reply
        • SCBetch says:

          James Franco got denied from USC and BTW he dated a USC girl for YEARS.

          Posted on Reply
      • bruin says:

        still ranks the same as USC

        Posted on Reply
      • UCLA SUX says:

        Everyone knows UCLA is filled with FUGLY betches who cannot afford to go to USC. No thanks, but nice try betch.

        Posted on Reply
        • racist says:

          god, you’re such a racist white cunt.  you’re just jealous that asian girls at ucla are stealing your boyfriends.

          Posted on Reply
          • What? says:

            Where did the racism come from? Chip on the shoulder much? We can’t help it that all UCLA asians look like slutty little boys while we have all the classy ones.

            Posted on Reply
  8. . says:

    LOVE. took you long enough

    Posted on Reply
  9. Biking says:

    You forgot to add the part about betches showing off their panties on their beach cruisers.  That’s a USC classic!

    Posted on Reply
  10. DG says:

    lol.. this is OBVIOUSLY a DG… but really funny still!

    Posted on Reply
  11. Ha says:

    Classic lambda to comment all over this about how they don’t think they’re lame. Pathetic, you guys suck.

    Posted on Reply
    • huh says:

      That’s weird. They’re going to homecoming with us.

      Posted on Reply
      • . says:

        Pi phi and lambda = not top houses anymore

        Posted on Reply
  12. Finally says:

    Loved all of this. Super accurate but should have mentioned Monday Night Dinner!

    Desperate betches begging to see your campus next: STOP. Ni hao UCLA! Talking to you!

    Posted on Reply
    • bruin betch says:


      i’m an asian betch dating a usc pro.  usc girls are sluts and trash.

      Posted on Reply
      • Obvious says:

        Asian, really? At UCLA? No….....

        Posted on Reply
      • usc asian says:

        i’ve seen the girls at ucla. even trashier since they have to work harder to make up for what they don’t have.

        Posted on Reply
  13. Lolo says:

    Do one on TCU!

    Posted on Reply
  14. Arizona Betch says:

    How hilarious would University of Arizona betches be?! The only thing they care more about than their weekly spray tans is whose cubby hole their going to wake up in Friday morning.

    Posted on Reply
    • btfd says:

      bear down arizona!!!

      Posted on Reply
      • U of A says:


        Posted on Reply
  15. Bama Belle says:


    Posted on Reply
  16. QueenBetch says:

    I agree with pretty much everything other than the frat rankings.  SAE and AEPI are clearly below Sigma Chi, Lambda and Phi Psi.  Sig Chi guys are the cutest, Lambda parties the hardest and Phi Psi is somewhere in between.  SAE’s are tools and AEPI’s are greeseballs. 


    Posted on Reply
    • To a tee says:

      finally an accurate description, what’s with the lack of knowledge on Lambda?

      Posted on Reply
    • The Row says:

      you sound like a phi psi

      Posted on Reply
  17. USCbetch says:

    I agree with everything but pi phi and lambda. the atrium is the best party set up on the row and pi phi doesn’t rage. when they do, betches get transported. and lambda has the most money, best parties, and hottest guys. betches love lambda.

    Posted on Reply
  18. Wait a second says:

    theta doesn’t have the highest gpa… there’s a legit award for that and it does not belong to their house.

    also what about the AEPi campus center table?!

    Posted on Reply
    • studyy says:

      Theta hasn’t had the highest GPA in many many semesters now. Sucks to suck, theta.

      Posted on Reply
  19. Clearly a Pi Phi wrote this.... says:

    Stop it, even the geeds know you’re slipping. No more top 4 for you (or at all), especially after this year.

    Posted on Reply
  20. Kate says:

    Do one for UCLA!

    Posted on Reply
  21. Wish I went to USC says:

    damnnn…shoudve followed the family legacy and gone to USC. now im stuck at a real school getting a real education…shucks

    Posted on Reply
    • USC betch says:

      I guess you’re getting a real education to be my betch secretary…

      Posted on Reply
  22. Adrienne says:

    wtf betches!? I’M from new mexico!!! all 50 states THANK YOU VERY MUCH (obvi i go to USC. wtf, are you stupid?)

    Posted on Reply
    • Samantha says:

      I’m from New Mexico and go to USC too….........take that!!!

      Posted on Reply
  23. Trust me says:

    They eat. Especially the older DGs, the younger Pi Phis/Thetas, the weird all around mix in Kappa, and then everyone else… Have you seen those fat fucking squirrels?

    Posted on Reply
  24. Well says:

    this is mostly accurate…agree with the comment that many of the older DGs definately eat! Haha really though lots of Pi Phi haters on here but everyone knows they are a top house. always have been. hot betches in this years pledge class

    Posted on Reply
  25. FALSE says:

    Lambda’s have the most money/ best affiliation, great parties, and hot guys

    Posted on Reply
  26. take a deep breath, and relax! says:

    You need to stop focusing on which sororities YOU consider “top” and gear your attention toward something that actually has relevance in this world. When you graduate and enter the workforce, no one will care that you were in a “top” house. The only thing that might get you by is having graduated from USC. Hopefully, when you look back on your priorities later in life you will realize how skewed they really were. Until then, best of luck on trying to figure out what’s actually important!

    Posted on Reply
    • Not true says:

      This is actually not true. The people in top houses are going to have the best job offers because their name carries a lot of weight and most people in power were in a top frat or sorority. So yeah it’s actually super important

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  27. ughhhh says:

    there is NOTHING betchy about living in south central.  a true betch lives in westwood.

    Posted on Reply
    • hahaha poor much? says:

      don’t you go to public school in a broke UC system? betches go to private school. fucking duh.

      Posted on Reply
  28. Miamibetch says:

    Do one for University of Miami!

    Posted on Reply
    • betchy betch says:

      they already did.  stupidity/laziness aren’t hallmarks of a true betch, bitch.

      Posted on Reply
  29. says:

    pi phi is a top house. always will be. if you think otherwise you must be in a bottom house wishing you weren’t. sucks.

    Posted on Reply
  30. d says:

    Theta a top house? Youre kidding right…

    Posted on Reply
    • Truth says:

      Agreed. Thetas are boring as fuck. All they do is eat.

      Posted on Reply
  31. says:

    weekender and gameday? doesn’t usc get sick of losing to Stanford….

    Posted on Reply
  32. why? says:

    usc, where the only thing easier than the girls is the academics.  so not betchy.

    Posted on Reply
  33. Get Real says:

    Umm…Kappa what?? Funny how no one has mentioned the fact that Kappa was 20+ girls below quota this year. They couldn’t even snag the leftovers.

    After this year’s pledge class…

    Top 3:
    Pi Phi

    Posted on Reply
    • ummm says:

      SO INACCURATE clearly a loser theta….. no one has mentioned it because thats not true

      Posted on Reply
  34. SCbetch Alum says:

    You forgot to mention the benefits of being a USC Alumnus. In virtually every circle in SoCal, you are automatically the biggest swinging dick in the room. Specifically in Orange County’s beach communities, you are either part of the USC mafia, or you are everybody else.

    Posted on Reply
    • . says:

      Seriously, has anyone ever been to Balboa Island/Newport? USC flags on every other house.

      Posted on Reply
  35. GW Betch says:


    Posted on Reply
  36. foreverusc says:

    Haha DG’s are just sluts and everyone knows it. Still not clear how they’re a top house seeing as how last years pledge class was just a group of dirty and unattractive girls. fun?

    Posted on Reply
    • SCbetch says:

      A DG was spotted at the weekender this year stumbling through the Hilton lobby with her entire naked boob hanging out…....typical.

      Posted on Reply
  37. uscgal says:

    Its always been the same….

    fuck a dg, date a kappa, party with pi phi, and marry a theta.

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  38. ConcernedTrojan says:

    To all those reading this who do not actually go to USC, please note that USC is fucking huge and while there are those in the Greek system who may or may not feel this is accurate (I can’t speak for it either way), there is also a huge part of the community for whom this bears little to no significance- some of whom party just as hard, just as often, and are just as concerned with similar things but choose to go through college without a Greek affiliation and without ascribing to an archaic, fundamentally sexist system.  I’m saying this not in defense of myself or anyone non-affiliated with the Greek system but because, despite the truths or untruths here, I really really love USC.  While I can have a good laugh at the Betches post, which is sassy, smart, and well-written as always, if I had read this comments section while I was applying to college, there is no way I would have applied to USC.

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    • EP says:

      So. much. truth. to. this. THANK YOUUU

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      • NiceGuy says:

        This is exactly the kind of person I wish was a part of the Greek system. We need more people like this to change the culture.

        More importantly, I want to meet people at Greek social events worth dating and potentially marrying. There are some of us, even us guys, in the Greek system, that reject the norms and stereotypes. But not nearly enough

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    • karen says:

      YES! concerned trojan, thank you. Those other people are pathetic. I went to usc, i am not a betch, I am currently getting my PhD in psychology. Some of us had an amazing time there and opted not to wake up in a pool of vomit saturday morning.

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    • this says:

      Thanks for this.

      I’m an “actual GDI” and can appreciate the appeal of Greek life, but it’s frustrating that USC’s other social options are generally overlooked. Shockingly, there’s social life beyond 28th Street. Tragically, most of us go have lives off the Row don’t take annual pictures on the beach. Heartbreaking.

      Also… if you’re defining your college experience by which houses are “top four” or which frat throws the best parties… please open your eyes and see that USC has a lot more to offer than that. I’m pretty sure no one in the real world is going to give a fuck if you’re in a top house. (Except your “sisters”/“bros”).

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      • NiceGuy says:

        Amen to that. I’m not a GDI, but I totally agree with you.

        And to add to that, I’m in a frat, but I do a ton of socializing/partying off the row. And that’s not really abnormal. House parties and student organization hosted parties can be a blast (sometimes a lot better than a frat party). There are so many options for having a good time at SC. I do think there are advantages to being a part of Greek life, but I also think there are about as many advantages to not doing so.

        In conclusion, preach on.

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  39. ftfo says:

    you forgot to write about coachella! If you are anyone at usc, you go to coachella….brand new super expensive clothes, tons of house music, mary jane, lucy, molly? its betches paradise

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  40. sbbetch says:

    USC partying is a joke compared to UCSB.

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    • ya... says:

      almost all california schools are a joke in the party department compared to ucsb.  AND ucsb betches are smart too.  seriously the whole package…brains, beauty, and sick social life.

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  41. NiceGuy says:

    I like all of the sororities honestly. I think all of them have some really nice, attractive, and smart girls. I wish it wasn’t considered such an admirable thing to be a ‘bitch’, ‘asshole’, or ‘misogynistic prick’.

    I picked a fraternity where there are some douchebags, but I think it’s pretty concentrated.

    The notion that it’s too much to hope for sorority girls to be classy, nice, and, moreover, the kinds of people that you want to spend the rest of your life with is, quite frankly, disappointing.

    But, what can I say? I’m a dreamer.

    Fight on.

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    • hello says:

      be my friend. you sound amazing.

      Posted on Reply
      • NiceGuy says:

        You anonymously made my day. You sound amazing. And I’d like to be your friend, but .. the anonymous part kind of makes that difficult.

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        • hello says:

          i’ll still be hopelessly looking for you in the crowd of cardinal and gold tomorrow

          Posted on Reply
          • NiceGuy says:

            That is oddly romantic. haha If someone I don’t know comes up to me and says ‘hello’ I’ll assume it’s you, and we can take it from there =)

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            • Disgusted says:

              You guys are gross

              Posted on Reply
              • NiceGuy says:

                My bad

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                • hello says:

                  hahaha guess we can’t sit with the popular kids anymore.

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                  • NiceGuy says:

                    Fight on. haha

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    • Nice lady says:

      You are wonderful, niceguy.

      Posted on Reply
      • NiceGuy says:

        aw shucks haha, thanks smile

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        • This is says:

          like so creepy. Go away and find your love on PS betches don’t date niceguys sorry I’m not sorry - get off this site. Also USC is like in a shit hole.

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  42. USCbetch says:

    WHAT about SIGMA NU!?!?!?

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  43. scbetchh says:

    lawlz. clearly this comment section is a sad excuse to replicate college acb.

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  44. ? says:

    what are the real views on each sorority at sc? seems to be all over the place in the comment section. is there a top house? slash do any of them actually have a good sisterhood?

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    • SCororityAlum says:

      Everyone has different views and everyone will disagree and I’m sure this post will garner a good amount of fervor BUT I think it’s generally accepted that it goes like this


      People will argue about how the top 4 are arranged and how the middle/lower houses are ranked as well but generally speaking, I think that’s the general opinion, or at least that’s the gist of it based on the four years I was there (just graduated last May) Perhaps these new PCs rearranged things but I doubt it-this arrangement is fairly ingrained and it takes a LONG time to change. Of course, different frats have different favorite houses and the girls who rush have different favorites too. This is just a general opinion so far as I can tell.

      At the end of the day, it’s USC-an awesome school full of hot, smart, fun people and all the sororities—yes, ALL—have a good amount of those great girls. Each houses has its strengths and weaknesses and there are wonderful people in all of them. And frankly, the pledge classes are up in the 70’s and even 80’s now…. with houses that big, there’s only so much sisterhood you can have but I think you can find it in any house if you want to.

      If the comment I was responding to was posted by a potential PNM, the best advice I can give you is to rush with an open mind and TRY to trust that the girls in the houses know better than you do and you WILL end up in the place that is truly best for you. Don’t get caught up in the hierarchy and politics, because sorority life really can be about so much more than that if you choose it, and that is true of ALL the houses smile

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    • ?! says:

      1. DG
      4. Alpha-Phi
      7.A-Chi O
      Last but absolutely least…PI PHI!!!!——drunken prostitutes


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  45. Fight on says:

    Thetas?? Really? Gross. A bunch of unattractive athletes and their dorky friends. Might as well put ADPi in the “top” list.  Everything else is pretty much dead on. Fight on.

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  46. gah says:

    betches you seriously disappointed me this week.  how could you possibly choose usc when there’s sooooo many betchier schools in california…UCLA, Stanford, Berkeley, UCSB, Chapman, LMU

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    • GAH more says:

      Are you retarded… ?

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      • GAH most says:

        no, if i was, i’d be at the university of stupid cunts.

        Posted on Reply
        • GAH times infinity says:

          I heard your mom smells like cat food.. And your poor

          Posted on Reply
          • from an SC betch says:

            SOME of those schools may be betchy… but it is LAUGHABLE that anyone on here could say UCLA is betchier/ better in any way than SC. fight on.

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  47. fuck this school says:

    why oh why would you do a post on USC (university of second choice)?

    i thought this site was betches love this, not bitches love this…

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  48. FACT: says:

    Kappa gave out bids a week after bid night to girls that didnt even attend any other house’s pref night….. shameful. feel bad for kappa this year.

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    • not true says:

      clearly this is false because you are the only one with this thought on this entire website. get a clue and know what you’re talking about before you post it. moron.

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  49. From NM says:

    I’m from New Mexico and was a Theta at USC.  Please don’t exclude us from the states represented.  Despite what many sorority girls interviewing me thought (other houses), New Mexico is one of our 50 states!  They were amazed that I spoke English so well!

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    • YES says:

      SC is betchiest

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  50. future trojan says:

    As if I needed another reason for USC to be my top choice…fight on betches

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  51. Ella says:

    Do GW. Their sororities are the betchiest and Rachel Zoe, Alec Baldwin, Courtney Cox, Kerry Washington, and Casey Affleck are alumni

    Posted on Reply
    • Kasey says:

      yes yes yes yes

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  52. IvyLeagueDKE says:

    If it’s not an East Coast college, it’s subpar and not a true college experience.

    The truth.

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  53. Wake says:

    Wake Forest University. The smartest, preppy, athletic and best looking.

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  54. Sean says:

    Kappa is struggling at the moment, they were over 20 girls short in their pledge class this last year. They had to call up girls a week later and offer them bids. I know for a fact because I know girls who got a call. Other than that, pretty accurate.

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  55. int stud says:

    do international students get accepted to DG?

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  56. girl says:

    ummm anyone ever met an Alpha Phi? Highly underrated sorority. Girls who are hot, don’t do drugs and are nice too.

    Posted on Reply
  57. USC Betch says:

    No chance pi phi is a top house anymore… so many fugly girls that do drugs and sleep with random guys… not attractive

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  58. girl says:

    I go to USC and there are a lot of great people here that are overlooked because the spotlight is on the 30% in greek life. Most in greek life are just rich betches that don’t actually embody what it means to be a Trojan. It’s ‘work hard play hard’, not ‘arrive to class drunk and expect others to do my work’. Did you guys not drink before college? because you guys can’t handle yourself and it’s sad to watch

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  59. Confused Observer says:

    So I’m not yet in college but I will be soon.
    Maybe I’m just naive on the reality of it all or have been misinformed, but
    At first look, joining a sorority seemed like an awesome idea!
    I was so excited about having sorority sisters, and the social events, and ect.
    But reading all this comments has really but a damper on my excitement.
    Now I’m not sure how a sorority or the sororities here are really like, but I was hoping they all wouldn’t be filled with drama filled and stuck up girls. I’m pretty sure we all get enough of that in middle and high school. I’m sure not every girl is like that, or at least I hope.
    But these comments are extremely confusing, if tons of people are all saying different sororities are this and that based on your opinion then how would any outside view such as myself; who came on here looking for hopeful insist into the Greek life ever know what’s true and what’s not.
    I think if your going to comment on here, at least be as un-biased and accurate as possible.
    Those who post just to be rude and drama filled based on there OPINIONS of there house and school, should just stay off.
    I also had a question if anyone wouldn’t mind answering. So a big thing I hadn’t realized was how many girls can be in a sorority at the same time! It’s a lot and it just seems like they wouldn’t all get to benefit from everything just based on space. So like what is the average amount of girls? and how does that work? Also I hoped to get to stay in the house, but now i’m confused as to whether that’s an option. Who really get’s to live in the sorority home?

    Posted on Reply
    • Current USC Sorority Girl says:

      To start USC is an amazing school with so many different avenues to explore! If you want to be in Greek life that’s great but there are plenty of other organizations you can be involved in. I’m in a sorority and I can honestly say that you are in complete control to make the experience whatever you want. You can go to tons of parties or just do sisterhood events (you can also go to parties as a GDI so you don’t need to be in a sorority if that’s all you want). What I love about being in a sorority is having girls that you can bond with, that understand the experience you are going through. College can be challenging and overwhelming at times and a sorority offers a space to feel at home. People will always have opinions on ranking and will stereotype but with hundreds of girls in a house, there is no one type of person. A pledge class usually has about 80 girls and it’s impossible to make assumptions about all of them or claim they all are/act a certain way. Go into Rush with an open mind and you’ll be end up in the sorority that is right for you. You can live in the house but you can’t until your second semester of whatever year you rush. Usually living in is based off of how involved you are (so if you help out in the house you gain points which enable you to move in).
      Be so happy you are going to USC! It is an amazing school and you will have so much fun! Fight on!

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  60. Bruin says:

    Ok betches you have to do UCLA now.
    Like ASAP.

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  61. current USC sorority girl says:

    First of all a lot of this has changed. The row really changes every year. Although SAE was still a top house at the beginning of this year it has been kicked off for 3 years, RIP. Also many of these sororites have gone down in ranking certainly pi phi and kappa. Adpi and Tridelt are definitely on the rise if not already breached the top 5.

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  62. Virgil says:

    Wow. This comments section has made me lose all faith in humanity. Go take a hard look at your lives, you boobs.

    Posted on Reply
  63. James Perng FIJI says:

    rankings are right, it’s impossible for me to get girls anyways

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  64. Helloooo says:

    Pi Phi fell to Alpha Phi a long time ago this post really needs to be updated

    Posted on Reply
  65. Actually says:

    PI Phi
    would be the more accurate list.

    Posted on Reply
    • alpha phi says:

      trying to make yourself seem relevant lol

      Posted on Reply
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