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If you're hot, skinny, and love to get fucked up while getting a tan you're a betch who goes to University of Arizona. Now we know you don't have to be a Mensa scholar to attend this school, nor do you really have to get anything higher than a 1200 on your SATs (out of 2400), but this college is a breeding ground for betchiness. It's a place where having too many parties to attend is a valid excuse for an extension on a paper and not having enough Xanax to get through a class is a real reason not to go. And we're fairly certain this school's budget for 'pools and miscellaneous activities' is bigger than for classroom supplies. So if you're not going to an Ivy, a Vanderbilt, or a Wisconsin, or even an Indiana, you'll go to Arizona, and even though it'll take you a little extra time to graduate, you'll at least have had a fucking amazing time doing it.

Greek Life:

Sororities: The majority of the sororities at Zona are made up of girls from Cali/Scottsdale and very few from the East Coast. Each pledge class is made up of a close knit group of about 60-80 betches who come together for chapter meetings to discuss important things like sisterhood and who's the blondest senior this year. Actually, the most productive thing that comes out of a any chapter meeting is a t-shirt design because they will make a shirt for everything. If someone blew their nose during an event there's a good chance that a t-shirt will be made.

We would do a breakdown of the sororities but bascially either your sorority gets really fucked up or they don't go out. Oh and everyone's hair matches the color of their cocaine, except DG they're brunettes.  

Fraternities: Good for drugs and date-dashes. And if you were ever wondering what a meth lab looks like, check out the basement of any fraternity, because it used to be one.

Every frat is basically kicked off ...that said, we're still not doing a frat breakdown because if you can't figure out how to have fun at this school then you're a huge fugly loser. 

During the Day You Should:

Tan until your skin is as leathery as the pleather bags in the only store in the Tucson mall, Forever 21.

Shopping on University is cool too if you want to be in the same unique outfit as everyone else. If you're in the mood to lose all sense of fashion Tucson is the perfect place to go. OMG is that a Donni Charm trunk show at your sorority house? Scarves are SO necessary for Zona students, where the temperature is rarely below 90 degrees.

Bong rips before class are highly encouraged. 

Getting a spot at Frog & Firkin for game-days is key, especially now that they take catcard.

Attend a pool party at Casino de Sol, the Indian Casino.

Purchase weed from any of the 1 in 5 people who sell it.

At Night You Should:

If it's Friday and you're not drowning in a sugary fish bowl at Fuku then you might as well have not starved yourself all week.

Every good night ends at Dirtbags, where the bouncers allegedly accept drugs and money from minors. Their speciality shots include "scooby snacks" and "rubber duckies." The bartenders will never reveal the actual contents of a "rubber duckie" but we know half-n-half is somewhere in the mix. It's really good until you vomit. Dirtbags is an irresistible place to go despite its locker room stench and that it plays the same four songs on repeat. If your name is Caroline you better expect to be pointed at every time Sweet Caroline comes on.

If you want to be taken on a date, don't go to Arizona. If you want to (not) have sex, limit your drunk texts to sexts, there is a lot of competition.

Where to Live:

East Coast betches flock to The Standard. It's like low-income housing for JABS, but the pool is pretty sweet. Just make sure to get tested after going in for a refreshing dip.

If you're a sorority girl and live in a sleeping porch that just sucks.

District apartments are good.

North Point is more like gun point, and The Seasons is not much better, and both are really far. The village is really nice, but that professor who lives across the street will call the cops within minutes of any party.

And if you live in a dorm after freshman year you should keep that to your fucking self.

Special Events:

Date dashes, bar golf, Fuku fridays, Zenrock Thursdays, game-days, homecoming, Fiji Islander, 4th ave street fair (Turkey legs yay, but ew!), 9fest concerts, Vegas or LA for every long weekend especially Halloween or Memorial Day, and last but not least SAE's Jungle Party.  


Barcelona obvi. People who go to Zona don't go anywhere cold. It's not uncommon to not go abroad though, because your school is pretty much in Mexico.

Spring Break:

Cabo, Acapulco, Rocky point


It's cool to be an IceCat groupie because the players throw fun parties and are generous with their drugs. It's the only sports team where the players have money and a house in the foothills, so it will pay off to root for them and pretend like you care.


Guac, guac, and uh guac. "We may not look like Mexicans, but we will sure as hell eat like one," might as well be the Zona motto. However guac all day everyday is not the best way to stay thin for the year-long-season of pool parties so eating it as a side to your adderall will suffice. Also, Pinkberry is on your meal plan. 

Things To Do Before You Graduate:

Photo shoots in the mountains, Dirtbags, and on campus. Get all your besties together and perfect the elbow-out-skinny-arm pose.

Take advantage of Bursars. Load up on Ray Bans, Toms, and Clinique products.

Most Cultural Thing You'll Experience:

Cali weed, the occasional appearance of Border Patrol on campus, the bus signs that say, "Meth: It's Our Problem," and physically dying during tailgates


Tucson is sketchy and a pain in the ass to get to.

You have a 50% chance of graduating on time and a 50% chance of gaining a roxy addiction.

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  1. YES says:

    omg this could not have been more spot-on hahah love it.

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    • funny shit says:

      funniest thing ever… the seasons alum right here couldn’t be more spot on

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    • Kay says:

      Whoever wrote this article Could Not get into University of Arizona or for that matter any
      college.. all the facts are way off! He couldn’t prove a single one of them and there are many
      highly successful people that graduate from U of A! He should check into the Eller School of
      Business, It’s Entreprenuer program, The Retail College and the Nursing school for starters….
      Get a life and Get Your Facts Straight~ Pick on a college that deserves it Not the U of A!!!!!!!

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  2. SunDevil says:

    Oh no - You’re about to spark a war between the (unbetchy) University of Arizona and the betch Mecca, Arizona State University.

    Posted on Reply
    • sin devil says:

      Still waiting for an ASU post… Come on, betches. These pussies are hardly betchy.

      Posted on Reply
  3. brody says:

    you got it dialed.

    Posted on Reply
  4. Unimpressed. says:

    U of A… really? Apparently you haven’t been to Tucson. ASU would have been a much better choice.

    Posted on Reply
    • Yup says:

      UofA campus shits on ASU. Maybe when they are doing top collges for STDs you guys will get noticed.

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  5. get it together betches says:

    does no one proofread this shit? so poorly written when compared to the earlier posts when this website started out

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  6. Hokie says:

    Do VT next, we’re so betchy, Victoria’s Secret came to campus two weeks ago

    Posted on Reply
    • FYI says:

      Victoria’s Secret has been to and has campus reps on most campuses nationwide so I don’t think that counts as criteria for a post. Maybe just a bonus.

      Posted on Reply
      • Betch says:

        Victorias Secret is for poor people. cosabellaaaa

        Posted on Reply
    • truth says:

      VT is not betchy at all… nice try

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  7. ASU says:

    are you serious?? U of A is literally the fugly step sister of ASU i mean come on obviously you have never been to discusting Tuscon which is pretty much Mexico.  ASU parties harder has a much hotter student body and is all around better and more fun. U of A should never even have been written about on this site

    Posted on Reply
    • ZONAZOO says:

      You should be more butt-hurt. Also, you misspelled disgusting… like an idiot.

      Posted on Reply
      • Lumberjack says:

        ya, ya. I grew up in Tucson. I know what its like there. ASU is just too covered in stds and sluts, at U of A its a little different.

        Posted on Reply
        • haha. says:

          Of course U of A is very different than ASU, the only similarity is that they are in the same state. I’ll give U of A a break, where it might stand above ASU on the academic aspect, they lack on the looks of their student body. But hey everyone can’t be smart and beautiful. Bottom line if you are looking for horrible shopping and to live alongside mexicans and people on welfare, then U of A is for you!

          Posted on Reply
          • ? says:

            I’m pretty sure there are mexicans and people on welfare in Phoenix.  Ignorant much?

            Posted on Reply
        • dear lumberjack says:

          I’m a Wildcat, and have to say the amount of STDs here are just the same as at ASU. Both schools are shit. However, more down to earth people are probably at ASU due to the fact that you don’t have to be in a sorority or fraternity to have fun. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND transferring out of both if you actually want to get your life started. Sincerely, Wanting to Transfer Out.

          Posted on Reply
    • nunya says:

      Lived on ASU campus freshman year, been a Cat soph-senior year.. You are sadly mistaken my friend, U of A > ASU, in all aspects. Especially women and parties.

      Posted on Reply
    • Get it together says:

      Must be from ASU… Next time proofread your hate note

      Posted on Reply
    • ZONA says:

      and it should be “ASU party’s harder” no wonder your ignorant ass goes to ASjew

      Posted on Reply
      • DG says:

        top house everywhere okkkkaaaayyyy

        Posted on Reply
      • You're wrong says:

        Wrong. “Party’s” is a contraction, idiot. “Parties” is correct.

        Posted on Reply
      • no says:

        actually, no it shouldn’t be…

        Posted on Reply
      • You both suck says:

        Actually ASU was right. It’s one thing when someone uses incorrect grammar but it’s so much worse when it’s right and someone tries to correct it.

        Posted on Reply
    • um says:

      get over it

      Posted on Reply
    • Asu sucks..? says:

      Hmm…your incompetence doesn’t deserve a response…Mill ave is cool, I will give you that. But that’s all. Also lets hang out I haven’t gotten my dick sucked by an ASU slut yet.

      Posted on Reply
    • Ha says:

      Someone’s clearly jealous ASU didn’t make the cut

      Posted on Reply
  8. wrong says:

    Some of us are actually scholarly, do work, graduate on time, and get amazing jobs after school.

    Posted on Reply
    • chi-no says:

      you were also probably a chi-o ... “STUDY WITH CHI-O”

      Posted on Reply
      • .... says:

        So proud to see chi-o NOT a part of this scene….so….much….pride.

        Posted on Reply
    • HAHA says:

      shut up GDI

      we don’t get jobs geed, we are promoted from college to the executive board

      Posted on Reply
    • But... says:

      ...the majority of you are fucking whores and douchebags.

      Posted on Reply
    • Agreed says:

      I completely agree!!! This entire post is so far off from the truth, for the vast majority of the student body, it’s not even funny. This applies to SOME of the coke whore shacking girls, but definitely not the school as a whole. The fact that the article is littered with grammar and spelling errors throughout should give you some insight to the credibility of the author…

      Posted on Reply
      • Duh says:

        This entire site is for coke whore shacking girls. Context, yo.

        Posted on Reply
        • some betch says:

          So true couldn’t have said it betta maself

          Posted on Reply
  9. zona betch says:

    you fucking nailed it.

    Posted on Reply
  10. Liam says:

    this is so poorly written everything that is said is invalid.

    Posted on Reply
  11. SPOT ON says:

    Love it. Couldn’t be more perfect. UA over everything.

    Posted on Reply
  12. Moving on swiftly says:

    I’m hoping the site got hacked and this is a prank. Obvs, I’ll be sending the hacker a dictionary for Hanukkah

    Posted on Reply
  13. oh please says:

    betches, a 1200 will never get you into UA.  Arizona State, though, definitely.

    Posted on Reply
  14. beardown says:

    Hey ASU.
    Our Greek Life > Your Greek Life
    Our Betches > Your Betches

    Posted on Reply
  15. Haha says:

    ASU only has a rep as a party school because they get caught more and their Greek system sucks. U of A has a perfect balance of school and partying. Go Wildcats!

    Posted on Reply
  16. Are you Kidding says:

    As a UofA betch this is so not true. Frats and sororities are the BIGGEST part of this school. they are not all kicked off. and there is a definitely a top tier grouping of sororities and no dg is NOT included. clearly the person who wrote this is a gdi because this is the worst thing ive ever read. sorry that east coast people arent popular at this school. you should actually fire who wrote this head betches. love your biggest fan, xoxo

    Posted on Reply
    • lol says:

      your clearly not a betch….. GDI only way to be !

      Posted on Reply
    • ... says:

      im from the east coast, and im popular.

      Posted on Reply
      • uh says:

        that’s embarrassing

        Posted on Reply
        • lol says:

          west coast best coast! gdis are losers and everyone knows it BYEEE

          Posted on Reply
  17. spiderbetch says:

    you need to do university of richmond…..just a bunch of greenwich and west chester betches

    Posted on Reply
  18. Proof read says:

    Yeah seriously, does anyone edit these things? The author needs to learn how to spell

    Posted on Reply
  19. chuck says:

    and marry plain sex partners…

    Posted on Reply
  20. ... says:

    next time maybe do your research & use legit humor. this was way off & not even funny. i just lost respect.

    Posted on Reply
  21. ASWHO says:

    I could have wrote this sooooo much better, ASU you are dumb btw sh

    Posted on Reply
  22. stupid girls says:

    the author forgot about living at SAM HUGHES’ PLACE. That’s the dopest. oh yea, you betches can’t afford dat shit.

    Posted on Reply
  23. Islander says:

    Some of us are exactly like this and get amazing jobs after school. Should have partied.

    Posted on Reply
    • UofA says:

      well said. very true

      Posted on Reply
  24. obvi says:

    U of Ye

    Posted on Reply
  25. KK says:

    Also, Kourtney Kardashian went here….betchy

    Posted on Reply
  26. annnddd says:

    ^^ Not have any fun along the way #BTFD

    Posted on Reply
  27. Wildcat says:

    Hahaha DEAD ON. And people talking about ASU have obviously never been to the University of Arizona. It’s way better and an actual college.

    Posted on Reply
  28. SO GODDAMN TRUE says:

    “If you want to be taken on a date, don’t go to Arizona.”

    Posted on Reply
    • Ha right says:

      If you want your dick sucked all the time, go to ASU

      Posted on Reply
  29. truth says:

    this is all very true…just learn how to spell

    Posted on Reply
  30. UVA says:

    do uva! they were just named the top party school by playboy (out of the top 100 schools) and top public school in the country!

    Posted on Reply
  31. j says:

    If you are going to rip on someone’s business at least spell it right. Its Donni Charms, not Donni Dharms

    Posted on Reply
  32. Betchiest Wildcat says:

    First off…Jungle Party has been featured in Playboy, that deserves a shout out. Second, DG? Really? Of all sororities to mention, you mention DG? Third, ASU, there is a reason you weren’t mentioned: it’s called anyone with a pulse gets in and, oh yeah, no Greek life, STD problem, general lack of intelligence…shall I continue? Get over yourselves. To the Betches: good job at recognizing the betchiest Arizona school!

    Posted on Reply
  33. Bahaha says:

    Hilarious and spot on. Even included the frattiest douche of them all Sean Lieb. UA is the best school regardless. Work hard play hard. At least we all can get jobs after unlike ASU

    Posted on Reply
  34. Gran Legacy says:

    Turkey bacon avacodo on wheat. thanks.

    Posted on Reply
  35. CTSUNDEVIL says:

    Agreed - SUN DEVIL PRIDE. Arizona State University far outranks University of Arizona in betchiness. I defend my claim not only as a Walter Cronkite alum, but also as a dagger-eyed, attitude-infused oldest betch of four betches. From our bouncer-controlled pool parties where we arrive dressed to the nines in designer bikinis and sunglasses, to endless nights of stretch Escalade transportation to “lavish” lounges in Scottsdale (I know, it’s no LA scene, but at the time, you couldn’t be seen arriving in a Discount Cab), everything about us sparkles and shines, right down to our glittery Michele watch-accented wrists. The luscious waves of bouncy curls that fall past our sun-kissed shoulder blades, deceitfully volumized sky-high? We invented it.

    On a Saturday fall afternoon, you can see us donned in our skimpiest t-shirt dresses, with Sparky proudly displayed across the front, and our fingers shaped into pitchforks (not to ever be confused for the shocker). “Win or lose, we still booze.”. And we don’t drink PBR, Busch Light or cheap shit, either. Those Arizona Costcos are good for their industrial-sized magnums of Goose and Tanqueray.

    Weekend excursions include Thursday - Sunday benders in Vegas and San Diego. If you don’t have a guy who can get you a table with 6 of your friends and a room at the Wynn, you must have a University of Arizona student ID in your wallet (still).

    Although Daniel Tosh tried to make a mockery of us in his “Tweet & Greet,” he clearly chose ASU and not UofA for his campus invasion. Why? We’re friendlier than that; example: Gronkowski versus Tillman. We love everyone (and aren’t afraid to get roasted or “say something wrong” on the field, on the streets, or on a red carpet).

    The beauty of it all? We make it to class. We balance beauty and books because we have to hit Jamba before PGS 101 with Dr. Robert Short (hell, even our professors resemble A-list celebs. See: Johnny Depp). Maybe it’s because we are so absorbed with the dream of “getting a good job” (aka, make MORE MONEY) to support our betchy habits and addictions (shoes, cars, adderall); maybe it’s the prospecting of potential weekend hookups while sitting at the MU in between classes;or maybe it’s because we just need the satisfaction of knowing our “outfit of the day” is recognized. “No, but seriously….” we not only boast a top Journalism program thanks to the late Walter Cronkite, but also produce a significant percent of business-savvy (particularly international business) young Americans straight out of the W.P. Carey School of Business. Don’t believe me? Go Princeton Review the acceptance rate, GPA of enrolled students in each program, and also their graduate rates..and then go tell me that I submitted my senior picture along with my SAT score. I can admit to countless hours spent in the depths of Hayden Library, studying my tight and toned size 4 butt off, occasionally having the best conversations in life (must have been the orange study buddies…) kept my finals at a 98 average across the board.

    Any parking structure or street around Gammage can be seen littered with Ranges, BMWs and the ever-so-popular $30K Millionaire infiniti coupe.

    We bump the hottest beats and rep the hottest on and off-campus celebrity appearances; we should - collectively, we currently compose a student body of over 70 THOUSAND. More people, more ideas, more exposure. And who doesn’t love a little PR every now and then to fulfill America’s sick addition with reality tv “celebrities.” (Wes doesn’t count.)

    In conclusion, I will always hold a candle in my heart for Arizona. Although never one to rival much with University of Arizona until this post, I must say that my betchiness skyrocketed the day I stepped off that flight from JFK to Sky Harbor airport. Gone are the 80 degree mornings that greeted me with promised sunny skies, and the 79 degree evenings of dusty red-mountain sunsets. And I am just lucky enough to do in CT what every good betch does best…..make the betch next to me juuuuuuuuuuuuuust a smidge jealous. wink

    Posted on Reply
    • Wildcats says:

      No one is jealous of all the time you just wasted thinking up this absurdly long response… And I’m certainly not jealous of you—anyone with a pulse can get a degree from ASU. But hey, congrats!

      Posted on Reply
    • Wilma WildBetch says:

      It’s so incredibly tragic that you reduced your 4-year junior college disguised as a university to a comment on a post about the University of Arizona.  Have some pride and stop trying so hard.  “I will always hold a candle in my heart for Arizona.” This is Betches Love This…not Nice Girls Love This.  Also, ASU had to name most of their colleges after people who didn’t actually attend the school (See Walter Cronkite and Sandra Day O’Connor) because all of their actual alumni are too poor to donate. 

      Posted on Reply
    • omg says:

      That was the lamest f-ing post i’ve ever seen, but then again you did go to asu so that makes sense.  Get a life you crazy ass.

      Posted on Reply
    • wtf says:

      is this comment a joke?ser

      Posted on Reply
      • lmfao says:

        seriously? you must be really winning if you took all that time to write that ridiculously lame ass post. lol- literally

        Posted on Reply
  36. seriously? says:

    like chill asu betches, if your school is good enough you’ll get written about unfortunately the betches decided to write about the uofa first, sucks to suck.. stop being bitches and god stop whining, it’s not cute.

    Posted on Reply
  37. True says:

    I do have to agree with the total lack of fashion sense. Girls look like they’re at the gym 24/7!

    Posted on Reply
    • obvi. says:

      we work out all the time, we’re hot. get over yourself.

      Posted on Reply
  38. UofA <3 says:

    One thing is for sure, uofa’s greek life is a million times better than asu’s… NO ONE can deny that!

    Posted on Reply
  39. SunDevil Betch says:

    HA this post is a joke right? At least ASU have things to do off campus. UA campus is nice I’ll give you that, but besides that you guys live in a shithole.  We can go to the river, Scottsdale is down the street, and MILL AVE. UA bitches get over yourselves.

    Posted on Reply
    • Really? says:

      This article is not about which city is more liveable you dumb shit. ASU is a commuter school, people go there because they want a degree not because they want a college experience. Tucson is a college town and everywhere you go you see people you know and everyone in Tucson is a wildcat fan. Sorry you had such a mediocre college experience. UA>ASU

      Posted on Reply
  40. UVA says:

    alright, we’ve gotten #1 party school from playboy. its fuckin time for you to write about UVA. if our fratty day parties, our 300 dollar minimum for game day dresses, our apartments behind the corner and our houses on U Circle, wild trinity tuesdays to sethwaves saturdays with the the #1 lacrosse team in the country at boylan ALL while still being the #1 public school in the country aren’t enough then you don’t know what it means to be a betch. no one else knows how to not fuck a bro like a girl at a public ivy. we’re the only school to be so elite to have multiple secret societies, nonetheless secret societies that put beer in our library bathrooms. we are westminster, we’re charlotte country day, we’re st. catherines, we’re deerfield and EHS, we’re collegiate and taft, we’re porter-gaud and harpeth hall, we’re metarie park country day and greenwich academy. were hot, were wild, and were betches, so throw us a post.

    Posted on Reply
    • hahaha says:

      300 dollar minimum for game day dresses hahahahah your a fucking retard to pay that much, its game day who gives a f***, your going to get hammered and watch football, not going to prom….

      Posted on Reply
    • 1234 says:

      While I agree that UVa should get a post this betch needs to chill the fuck out ^
      There is no question that UVa is betchier than all of the schools that have been done on this site

      Posted on Reply
  41. BadBlondeGirl says:

    Um 50% chance of graduating? I graduated on time. It’s really not that difficult unless you’re an airhead sorority girl spending all your time drinking and fucking bros. Overall accurate for greek life students, but for everyone else…not really.

    Posted on Reply
  42. name says:

    Pima CC, related to classes and professors is better than ASU, no lie

    Posted on Reply
  43. WTF says:

    Fraternities good for drugs and the basements used to be methlabs? wtf you dumb betches are the reason why greek life at U of A sucks now… That kind of shit gets them under closer watch and in trouble… have some F***ing common sense u stupid hoes… Your probably the fugly betches who always got Frats in trouble either passing out on the front lawn because you don’t know how to handle your alcohol, telling cops you came from a specific fraternity party when you were getting cited for underage drinking, or just plain being a idiot in public… STOP BEING RETARDED! and you girls don’t even know wtf u are talking about anyway… BTW all the ASU people on here, stop being pissed because your school is a commuter campus that doesn’t have any real greek life to speak of and your parties suck! ASU blows overall the only thing i will admit is there are hot girls at both schools just one has a lot less STD’s (U of A).... and bad blonde girl we’d never let you in to the parties which is probably why your fraternity bashing… Stop hatin and go read a book you F’n nerd….
    - The guy who does know wtf he is talking about

    Posted on Reply
  44. natalie says:

    Do University of Maryland! clearly youre missing the worlds betchiest college

    Posted on Reply
  45. Regina George says:

    A true betch would NEVER live in Tucson. Fucking ew.

    Posted on Reply
  46. Ua says:

    Stupid article, half of it wasn’t true at all. I realize your just trying to be funny with exaggerations and made up bullshit, but at least do some research. Btw U of A beats ASU in just about every aspect including Greek life, academics, sports, parties and sooo much more I’m not even going to waste my time explaining. So you ASU kids seriously need to get your head out of your asses and realize the only people that care about your school are the people dumb enough to go there. ASU kids are also some of the trashiest ill mannered people I have ever encountered. Makes me ashamed to even live in the same state as them. U of A all the fucking way.

    Posted on Reply
  47. Bandleader says:

    Sounds like hobo camp training

    Posted on Reply
  48. UofA girl says:

    UofA is amazing! Our school knows how to get down. All these people commenting from A-S-who!? need to get off this page and leave your ignorant comments somewhere else. Sorry that your school sucks. I mean, I’d be pretty mad to if my school had no greek life house, STDs in 4 out of 4 people, and an ugly student body. So, I see why you all are hating down in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or wherever your piece of shit school is located. Yeah, maybe you guys have a nicer town, but we have a nicer campus. Most of us arent really that far from campus, and aren’t going deep in the southside, so we aren’t really in the “ghetto”. You can hate all you want, but your school, nor any other school beats ours. We have the hottest student body, best greek life, funnest parties, and everything your school has… we have better. Oh, and did I mention not STD filled school like yours? UofA parties harder than your school will anyday. They don’t call us the WILDcats for nothing. wink

    Posted on Reply
  49. anon says:

    all of you should stop arguing and have fun in your schools while you can and pray to god your parents don’t go broke.  spoiled brats like WHOA! stop hating on mexicans and poor people too.  just because their parents don’t buy them beamers and nice apartments doesn’t mean your life has any more value.  between your awesome parties and working on your tan PLEASE try to learn something that will contribute positively to this world.  #worthlessbetches

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  50. UA says:

    this entry is SHIT. thanks for taking the time to ACTUALLY know what this schools about. and thanks for putting the effort in to rank a few sororities and fraternities that I guess are ALL kicked off campus.. stupid betch

    Posted on Reply
    • ZONA says:

      if you had ever even been to dirtbags you would know way more about greek life. like do you even go here?? next time you’re doing a post on the betchiest university do some research retards

      Posted on Reply
  51. sorry not sorry says:

    UA is irrelevant, do a real school like Vandy or UVa

    Posted on Reply
    • uhm says:

      it’s UofA idiot not UA. stop being jealous, that’s for nice girls.

      Posted on Reply
  52. SO TRUE says:

    SO TRUE, and for all of theses reasons I hate U of A. Finding a down to earth girl is nonexistent, as well as finding a boy without some sort of STD. Can’t wait to transfer to a school so I can get a better education and find normal people.

    Posted on Reply
  53. Bear Down Betch says:

    What does an ASU grad do after college? Become a server/cocktail waitress in old town….......

    Posted on Reply
  54. ZonaJeah says:

    Pretty much nailed it! Especially the part about SAE Jungle Party - best party of the year by far!

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  55. reply to "shutup GDI" ...she was the epitome of a says:

    Shut up “sorority betch,” you probably have 2 MIPs and will either graduate a year late or get kicked out of U of A before then. I find it quite sad that girls in sororities refer to girls not in sororities as “GDIs.” YOU WERE NOT IN A SORORITY ABOUT A MONTH AGO. These sorority girls need to get over themselves and see the real world. Not everything is based on appearance, who you hookup with, and how drunk you get. Maybe sororities should focus more on helping our environment or making the world a better place. I know the Greek life does some, but it is not their main focus at the U of A. Many of the girls in sororities are very stuck up and everything is handed to them. It’s just sad. These girls need a major reality check. Also, why is it that boys who prefer not to be in a frat are not even allowed into parties. U of A is not only sexist, but the people here ARE NOT DOWN TO EARTH. I have found that the only people who like it are people surrounded in the Greek Life or people from the middle of buttfuck nowhere who didn’t have lives at home. I cannot wait to transfer out, because of girls like you.

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  56. BlueA215 says:

    I suffered both drawbacks and it was the most fun ive ever had… so much fun I came back for grad school to do it again… now somebody find me a roxy from the standard

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  57. UAGradDad says:

    Where does this site get their “information”.  They certainly don’t do any research or conduct any due diligence in getting their facts straight. They mention a few Ivy League schools but fail (perhaps intentionally) to note the the U of A is often referred to as a “Little Ivy”  or “Public Ivy” due to it’s academic excellence and world class research programs. 

    In the book “The Public Ivies: America’s Flagship Public Universities”  by Howard and Matthew Greene of Greene’s Guides,  U of A is included in the list ot 30 schools they consider to be “Public Ivies” (btw, ASU does not make the list).

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    • What says:

      A “little or public ivy”???????????? U of A????? Excuse me???

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  58. UT Betch says:

    Y’all NEED to do one on UT Austin.

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  59. hjeanc says:

    Brilliant. Graduated U of A in 2001….so it sounds like nothing’s changed in the past decade or so. My favorite part was showing up to the clubs half, or oops, basically naked because um the weather is just too hot for clothes right? I also followed up my U of A career at Stanford and got a PhD in Biochemistry. So yeah, best of both worlds!

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  60. B now says:


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  61. ASUbetch says:

    No no, I think you meant to say Arizona State University, not University of Arizona. ASU is the betchiest school in the southwest outside of USC. And I would bet that ASU has more bethcy cali girls than USC because out of state tuition is more expensive, fucking duh. U of A is where all the nerds from Phoenix high schools go to avoid being at the bottom of the social ladder AGAIN, and ASU is where hot people with rich parents from all over the country go. ASU betches have Scottsdale night clubs with expensive tables to dance on and world renowned DJ’s, pool parties, and their pick of over priced sushi restaurants; Tucson has wannabee betches with glorified dive bars and dirty pizza by the slice joints. There really is no comparison. I can’t believe anyone could be so wrong. Do your research, betch. Come to ASU and party with our friend Molly.

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    • kay says:

      No…just no.
      1) ASU is not a rich kid school. Out of state kids go to U of A…not ASU.
      2) U of A greek like is > ASU.
      3) USC and ASU aren’t comprable whatsoever…
      4) ASU is in Tempe, not Scottsdale.
      5) U of A is ranked top 100 schools in the world. ASU barely breaks 150 in the U.S.
      6) U of A # 1 in basketball

      the list could go on, and on and on but the argument is pointless because U of A is much better than ASU. it’s really not a debate haha

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  62. .... says:

    How can you say anything about UA and not include nico’s or starr pass? This person barely did their research.

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  63. sedat says:

    iam boy i really need a girl fireind iam from irak i want live in eruope with girl fireind “sedat güven” my facebook account , and email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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  64. Barry Obummer says:

    Can’t count all the nigger loving whores I fucked at UofA.

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