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Dear Head Pro,

Up until the very end of my freshman year of college I was especially good at #not fucking bros...ever. Ever as in I was a virgin until the end of my freshman year. Not not to say that I never had my own definition of #sunday morning regrets...actually more like friday, saturday annnnd sunday morning regrets after too many shots of tequila/ vodka/ whatever shit they serve at frats. However, I'll admit that I was THAT girl who would go home with a guy who probably thought we were going to do it...and not do it. Anyways, my good girl streak of not fucking douchey frat bros while getting wasted eventually ended one night. Me and the guy had been talking for a while. He was kinda a fuck up but his, tallness, hotness, and richness made up for it. Anyways not sure why I though sex was such a big deal? It was fun but definitely not some notebook sh*t.

To the main point: ever since then when I get drunk I have been so casual about having sex. BEFORE I lost my V-Card I was able to get close to blackout drunk and always make sex off limits. Now I feel like I am starting to have no limits when I hook up with a guy. I've done it with four different guys in the past four weeks and not to mention I did it with two guys in the same fraternity in one weekend (praying to jesus that they aren't friends). Not sure how I went from being borderline prude to borderline hoe in the making. So...

1) Am I slowly turing into a non classy betch...if so how can I stop myself when I get drunk (getting less drunk isn't much of a option) 2)What's the betchy standard for when it's ok to have random or somewhat random sex? 3) Do you think anything will come out having random sex or am I becoming a delusional dater?


Sex Craving College Girl

Dear Sex Craving College Girl,

Well, you've got quite the impressive slutpage going, don't you? This is why bros love girls who lose the v-card later rather than sooner. When a girl loses it at an earlier age, that's all well and good, and awesome for some teenage future bro who probably ejaculates when sneezes too hard. But when a girl waits longer than normal it means she has years of pent up sexual energy, and she wants to do it all the fucking time. It's the reason bros get up in the morning.

To address your conveniently numbered questions, yes if you keep it up you will soon become “that girl” who’s made eskimo brothers out of the entire campus. I know you like to rage, but the definition of a drinking problem is when it interferes with things you’re trying to accomplish. In this case you’re trying to accomplish not fucking bros, and the drinking is definitely interfering with that. This isn’t something I say often, but if you want to chill out on the slutting, you’ll have to chill out on the drinking too. Sorry, not everyone can be a betch all-star. This is definitely a phase you’ll grow out of, but that won’t happen until after several years and UTI’s unless you take some proactive measures.

As for how and when it’s ok to have random, semi-anonymous sex, in theory the answer is never. In practice, it happens, and how often it’s appropriate is up to you and your sensibilities. I would say from a guy’s perspective, you’re probably good with around one one-night stand per year before anyone starts thinking you’re the campus bicycle. And sure, you can use random sex as a dating strategy the same way you can also use the lottery as an investment strategy. Don’t.

Depraved Kisses,

Head Pro



Dear Head Pro,

This is about my sister.  We attend the same college, and this means that I take on the responsibilities of being the big sister and making sure she doesn't do anything too stupid.

My sister has been hooking up with this guy since the winter.  I thought she would end it after a summer away, but he kept texting her over the summer.  Soon, it wasn't just hooking up; they would do homework and watch movies.  Fast forward to semi a couple weeks ago, when most of her friends got asked to go.  She didn't because he asked some other girl.  Well fucking duh, he didn't have to.  It's not like she's his girlfriend.  Afterwards, my sister confronted him and said she didn't just want to hook up with guys.  To which he replied that he didn't see why things should change since they would only break up when he graduates.  She told me that she wouldn't hook up with him anymore, but nothing has changed.

Like, what the hell?  This entire situation is really frustrating for me.  I know what she wants, and it is not this quasi non-relationship.  He is messing up her relationship prospects with other guys.  She not only hooks up with him but also does shit for him.  So why would he agree to put in work when he's getting it all for free? 

I don't want to see her get hurt and it's already happened once with this guy.  She tells me she's using him for sex, too, but sex buddies don't expect to get asked to semi.  And she needs to get out of this and meet guys she could have a future with.  Help!  She reads this site, too and loves your advice.  What's a betchy sister to do?

Trying To Save Her

Dear Trying to Save Her,

Ok, let’s chill with the melodramatics, can we? “Trying to save her” from what? Death? Disease? I know you want to look out for your sister, but trying to save her from heartache is like trying to convince someone that their LDR is doomed. They won’t know better until they’ve experienced it. You can tell her that she’s being used all you want, but unless he goes full-throttle Chris Brown on her, she’s just going to have to figure that out on her own.

The reason this is frustrating for you is because you don’t, in fact, “know what she wants”. You’re thinking too macro. Have you ever sat down and thought about what kind of relationship you want in abstract terms? Probably not, though anyone concerned enough about their sibling’s personal life to write to an anonymous advice column is probably anal enough to do so. She doesn’t want this quasi-relationship, or any other kind of specific relationship. She wants him. She didn’t want to get asked to formal because she wanted to go, she wanted to be asked by him. She’s not stupid (presumably) and she knows she’s not getting what she wants from him. But in her mind, having something is better than having nothing at all.

Obviously the guy’s no good for her, but she doesn’t like him so much as she likes the idea of him, or the idea of what might have been. You can try to explain that to her, and if you want to help your case understand that she’s in college. She doesn’t “need to meet someone she can have a future with”, she needs to be having fun, and if what they have isn’t fun, that should be your angle. Chill with the tiger mom bullshit if you want her to listen to you at all. I doubt you can talk her out of whatever it is the two of them have going on, but remember, everyone has their threshold for bullshit. She’ll reach hers eventually.

Brotherly Kisses,

Head Pro


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  1. im sorry what says:

    ... one casual hookup per year? so a single girl is supposed to date a bunch of bros if she wants to have sex more than once a year?  for the record ladies, i dont think a guy’s perspective on what’s acceptable is one casual fuck per year.

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  2. Second that says:

    Totally agree with previous comment. Single betches have needs too. One random hook-up per year is nice girl territory.

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  3. Eskimo Bros says:

    love the league reference!

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  4. Better late than never? says:

    I needed to read both of these columns desperately last year, especially letter one. Spot on Head Pro, as always.

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  5. Dear Head Pro says:

    Head Pro:

    Are you selective with whose e-mails you choose to give advice on/ publish?

    Curious Betch

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  6. realistic college bitch says:

    sex craving college girl- I was single for most of freshman year, and i had ALOT of “random” sex. as long as you use condoms and stop acting like a little girl about it, it shouldnt be such a big deal. sex is fun and feels good, no need for any other explanation. anyway, now i have a serious boyfriend (who started with a random hookup) and i think a relationship could be an ideal choice for you. 1. constant sex 2. you can act as slutty (with him) as you want 3. dont have to worry about stds (for the most part) and 4. most guys dont give a shit how much time you spend with them, so if you dont want a relationship its not like youd have to put in that much time…..

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    • Sex Craving College Girl says:

      I agree with you! I think it would be good for me to be in a relationship, but I’m sure you know it can be hard to get party guys in college to commit, especially at a big party school. I should probably try to make it happen though…it’s hard though especially since a lot of guys don’t date traditionally, ha. If they did I think it would make everything for everyone muuuuch easier.

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      • another college betch says:

        don’t force a relationship, but if you’re dec in bed most guys won’t say no to a repeat…

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  7. college life says:

    one hook up a year, really? can’t we make that at least one a semester and one during summer. sex feels good and girls have needs to. i think as long as you’re not sleeping around with people in the same social group, you’re good. 

    also, the girl who wrote the first post is actually pretty fucking funny. snaps on good writing.

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  8. what the hell says:

    Are you kidding me, Head Pro?  Usually I agree with your advice but you could not be more wrong about the first girl.  It is 2012, I think we’re about over this double standard bullshit.  Girls like to have sex just as much as guys do, and it does not make you a slut if you occasionally hook up with randos.  How about you try to stick to a single one night stand per year and report back to us?  And for the meantime, please try to get your dick on straight before you give advice to clearly impressionable college betches.

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  9. mermaidhairr says:

    can I just be the mom in this situation and say I hope for god’s sake you’re using condoms and taking birth control? the only thing worse than being the school bicycle is being the Girl Who Got Pregnant or the Girl With Crabs. You aren’t being a betch, but I will be the first one to admit I’ve done very regrettable things. You need to learn how to handle your alcohol. That alone is non-betchy. I can out-drink any guy (not with beers, ew) and still walk fine in heels and not lose my dignity or keys. Get that together before you even think about slutting it up some more. As for the frat thing, guys ALWAYS talk, even if they aren’t good friends. They love to brag/exaggerate. I know this from personal experience, and I hear my boyfriend’s friends/suitemates talk constantly about hookups/girls. You’re naive if you think word won’t get around.
    As for the “one hookup a year” comment, I have two words: slut shaming.

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    • @above says:

      alright there, taking my letter a little too seriously. Could you really not pick up on my slightly sarcastic tone throughout the post..

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  10. carm says:

    i say the rule with one night stands is don’t have more than one in a given group of friends. example: if u fuck some guy, dont fuck one of his boys on a different night. then to that particular group you will only be known asfucking one guy, and couldnt possibly be a slut. thats not to say you cant still flirt with all of them. and for god sakes, if ur in college dont sleep with the entire campus or frat house. if your a true betch you shouldbe able to take little overnight trips, so take care of your needs there with a guy you will never see again. remember what happens in (insert trashy resort town here) stays in (said std cesspool). and condoms betches!!!

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