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Revenge is really throwing us off lately. Sometimes I even feel like I'm watching a real show and not a Spanish soap opera. How are they doing this? Don't they know we have a business of making fun of this show to run? Whatevs, we'll work with what we've got. Namely, Ashley.

With very few irrational plot lines to talk shit about, they threw us a bone by giving us this rando British party planner who apparently woke up yesterday and decided to try her hand at criminal PR. Why does everyone on this show think it's okay to just switch careers whenever they want - remember the divorce lawyer who was also a terrorist prosecutor? Why is everyone going for this? Why did the lawyer tell her the screen loves her? No one loves her, Emanda doesn't even care to use her anymore in the revenge scheme. Remember they were besties? Fall out!!! Simple Life 3!

Let's talk about how in this episode, not only did Emandy's revenge come through, but so did our feelings. Someone please just leave Daniel alone! Even Vic said it, jail is no place for a boy like Daniel. But honestly, where the fuck did this judge come from, and who gave her the right to send a gorgeous face like that to Rikers? The all-powerful Suffolk County Court?

leave brittney aloneLEAVE DANIEL ALONE!

Call outs


Charlotte's drug problem is like, a huge joke. If you're shadily trying to "get high" off pills, as your boyfriend and his chastity belt puts it, you don't keep the pills in your fucking pocket protector, you hide them in your aspirin bottle like our moms do.

In the know the ones where they try to make everyone look younger by giving the screen a bluish hue...the way Connie tells Vic he's responsible for Flight 197 DEFINES casual. Listen Vic, I've been laundering money for the people who are responsible for killing all those innocent people...sooo like now I'm probs going to jail for life while you raise Daniel in a Park Avenue um..alley. Oh and we're out of milk.

Back to the ruse that is the ambiguously-raced assistant with a proclivity toward mentally unstable gingers, who's apparently the perfect candidate to publicly represent the Graysons, Ashley...

Wouldn't you think they'd be able to afford someone who actually does PR and not a sub-par party planner? Pretty sure not even a single one of Ashley's parties hasn't been a complete disaster, and that's her ACTUAL profession. Now go get Vic some iced coff, she's under a lot of pressure. you think Ash is trying fuck Carl Winslow the lawyer? It awl makes sense naow.

Do we think Nole-dog is shadily really upset that Tyler is dead? After all, they had such a connection...bonding over their love of electronics and large erections.

Emandy and Vic have seen lots of bros get arrested on that porch, j saying.

LOL Moments

daniel graysonThe hottest hairstyle since ombre: The Red Sharpie


What does Nolan do all day? Taking up as a professional chiller? Dolphin watcher? Asian-Billionaire fucker?

What was Victoria's engagement present? Juice maker? An original Degas? A sex swing? There's no way Emanda wouldn't open that shit like immediately. She knows she's not dealing with the fucking mom from Leave it To Beaver. There's more likely to be a grenade in there than a bagel cutter from Williams-Sonoma.

The judge at Daniel's hearing is a major j. First of all, denying bail because someone's rich is definitely illegal, but anyway, can't the Graysons just pay her off like COME ON. Perhaps they're saving up for a new PR team.

But really do you know the kind of people who go to Rikers? Some famous alumni include Lil Wayne, Tupac, DMX, and the guy who killed John Lennon. We hope Dannyboy returns from his jail stint with a record label about how redheads ain't nothing but tricks and hoes.

Eulogy to the Red Sharpie: We were depressed to learn that Red Sharpie has been fired for creative differences with the producers; who, in an effort to make a more diversified cast, hired a black lawyer, a black cop, and a black Sharpie. We can only hope to see Red Sharpie again on like, Pretty Little Liars, or maybe making an appearance on Emily Maynard's fantasy suite cards. It's rumored that he's dating one of the LG phones from the Gossip Girl cast but we can neither confirm nor deny. Regardless, we miss you Red Sharpie, but something tells us you're watching the show and thinking "shit this scene with Emanda getting beaten by the Asian freakishly resembles Kill Bill 2." We know Sharpie, we agree. Hope to see you at next year's Emmy's.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Jack, like why wouldn’t you wash your bloody sweatshirt? Instead you stick it in the back of a drawer for safe keeping? seriously clean up that period stained shit, you freak.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    don’t forget the black senator from the beginning of the season

    Posted on Reply
  3. Anonymous says:

    Jacks bloody sweatshirt days later still chilling in his drawers. brilliant work. Chars pill popping getting her “high” and Ash being “loved” by the camera. Yes there definitely were some funny moments in this episode. And notice how we’re seeing victoria become nice and caring? I liked u better as the betch fyi. All in all, still a good episode.

    Posted on Reply
  4. Nautical Betch says:

    deserve their own category.

    I mean, his first line of the ep: “The guy went all Benihana on my arm..”


    and I know that this is bordering on sacrilege, but Nolan’s Whale-Cam is totes encroaching on the part of my heart that previously was reserved for the Red Sharpie. How many times is his Baby Beluga going to record & reveal scandal??? every.single.ep

    Posted on Reply
  5. Anonymous says:

    nolan’s best line on amanda clark:
    “have you ever noticed how, whenever you want her to leave, girlfriend keeps popping up like the homocidal stripper version of whack a mole?”

    fucking hilar

    Posted on Reply
  6. Anonymous says:

    declan seriously needs to leave the show. haven’t the producers figured out that he’s everyone’s most hated character by now? if they gave charlotte a fun bf, she could actually turn into a real druggie. i’d watch that

    Posted on Reply
  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s fucking ridic. She’s popping oxy like in front of everyone. Attention whore much?  Call out: once mommy and daddy find out and take away her stash, she will (finally!) take advantage of her gay bf’s unlimited access to booze and become a raging alcoholic. So hardcore

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  8. Anonymous says:

    his bail was denied because he’s rich—it was because he was likely to peace the fuck out due to extensive wealth (private plane to paris). it’s a capital crime; bail’s always denied if people are likely to scatter. fucking duh.

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  9. gianna says:

    some of this recap KILLS me so funny and sometimes I just roll my eyes, do you guys even watch this show???  Stick to being funny and making fun of the show, not trying to dig in too deep and sound smart.  obvi the lawyer wasnt just randomly changing professions from terrorist defender to divroce lawyer…no that wasn’t just some dumb inconsistency by ABC, if you watch the show you’d see that Emily hired him to pursure Vic as a client, he was paid off by Emily to get Victoria to hire him to represemt her in her divorce to get info/scre Victoria out of money…duh.  but your read sharpie/lg phone from PLL comparison was pretty clever, loves it.

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