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By The Betches on

So you're at this bar and you met this guy you've been talking to for like, 25 whole minutes. He buys you a few drinks and suddenly your friends are ready to leave. You tell him it was nice to meet him and thanks for the vodka sodas. But before he lets you slip away, he drops the bomb.

"You should take my number, we should meet up sometime."

Red. Fucking. Flag.

If a guy offers you his number without taking yours, the only thing you should even consider doing with that would be a fun prank call with your besties. This is how you show him how much betches love to make the first move.

dawson's creek

Who does he think you are? A fucking nice girl who would actively pursue a guy? If I'm gonna wait two hours just to open your text message, what makes you think that I would ever spend the time unlocking my iPhone to call you?

We're all about the feminist movement, but fucking please. What? Is he expecting you to text him and ask him out? Unless Prince Harry is giving you his number you're not falling for that shit.

The bro's end goal is obviously to have sex with you. Why would you be the one to do the work involved in expediting this process? When you call him first you're a hop, skip, and a jump away from paying for his dinner and doing his fucking laundry. Not betchy.

A guy's job is to impress you, but giving you his number and not taking yours is him giving you an opportunity to impress him. VOM. This is big for #70 delusional daters, who might take this as a sign that he's in love with her. Sorry, if a guy is interested in you he will make sure he has your number.

Truth: Wake the fuck up. He gave you his number so that he could choose to ignore you if he wants.

Same goes for business cards. That's code for "I'm a douchebag with a job." The only seven digits you're interested in taking from this conversation is an estimate of his income.

If you respond to this move, that means you're texting him first. This means you start off losing, which is a pretty bad sign for the rest of the game. This isn't the Special fucking Olympics, there's no reason to start any game when you're at a disadvantage.

It's easy for any cheeseball loser to go around handing out his number like it's a fucking Obama sticker in Times Square, but this just means that this asshole is afraid of rejection. A guy who gives you his number and doesn't take yours means he lacks confidence, therefore he's not a SAB and you also wouldn't want to date him, so basically he's good for nothing.


phonenumberThe only time a guy's name should be on a napkin is his bar mitzvah


Anyone who a betch would date would definitely not have a fear of rejection.

Disclaimer: This is not a go-ahead to become a phone number slut to pre-empt this problem. Your number should only be given if you're into the guy and he's earned it through impressive #47 pick-up lines or getting you fucked up enough that the only thing you can remember is your number.

If a guy only gives you his number he's not that fucking into you. A betch is the ultimate prize and her attention is not something that comes easily. Would you hand a mink a knife and tell it you'll be back for your fur coat tomorrow?



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  1. The Betches says:

    I tell guys that there’s something wrong with my phone… For some bizzaro reason it doesn’t call out to cute guys and texting just doesn’t work. Despite the fact that I have a genius level IQ, I also stare at door and chairs and act confused

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  2. The Betches says:

    im sure there is nothing wrong with your tactics w #s but i disagree. if it’s some dude i KNOW i have in the bag, even when if he asks for my #, i just say “here, put yours in my phone.” i know what i like, i’d prefer to have the power of manipulation in my hands and he eats that shit right up. why be the girl and be called/pursued/have less control? betches should be running the show, like we already do with everything else. after you’re done, he’s gonna be the one crying in bed wondering why he just got fucked and played. now go have fun controlling some PRO’s, they’re the funnest heavy machinery to play with next to sport bikes.

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  3. The Betches says:

    truth. complete truth. now, please have a post about what to say when a fucking loser asks you for your number. i usually give a fake smile, say ‘ohh i don’t know’, throw on my sunglasses and walk away. but there has to be a better way.

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    • Ivy says:

      Tell them you don’t have a phone, if you’re holding it in your hand tell them it belongs to a friend. Fucking duh.

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  4. The Betches says:

    Spot on betches. Thank you.

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  5. The Betches says:


    A guy who is too much of a bitch to ask for your digits isn’t worth it anyways and definitely isn’t “running” anything in their own personal life like his tacky business card or attire might suggest. This, among other things is definitely a deal breaker to watch out for when your out at night …

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  6. The Betches says:

    What the fuck is this garbage? I think you’re full of shit and an idiot. You give unassuming girls horrible advice. Go fuck yourself. And fuck anyone that takes this trash seriously.

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    • Guest says:

      Say hello to this dude. He is a guy who doesn’t take numbers but gives them.

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  7. The Betches says:

    Kevin, I’m guessing you’re one of the ones who is too much of a fucking pussy to ask a betch for her number… what’s it like dealin yours out on the reg? With a few exceptions, this is totally accurate.

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  8. The Betches says:

    if you think its garbage then don’t read it…simple enough
    i think its great and rather entertaining, its not meant to be a legit advice column duhhh

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  9. The Betches says:

    Maybe guys assume girls are smart enough these days not to give their phone numbers out to potential rapists so we spare you the awkward moment of refusing to give out your number because you’re cautious. I dunno if you’ve heard of the internet but if you give it a try you’ll see that you can get a lot of personal information from just a phone number. By the way not all guys are as shallow as you- some dont really give a shit who gives whos number or who is “winning” based on who texts first… your perception reflects worse on you than some hypothetical guy who would only like you for your tits (not because hes a jerk, but strictly because dont have much of a personality to admire).

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  10. The Betches says:

    lol john, you seriously think that us betches are dumb enough to hand out our number to a potential rapist? we can see you dumbasses (yes, YOU) coming from miles and miles away, and then we avoid going to those shitty places. You probably don’t have/never have been at a table at a nice club. fucking duh. sorry i’m not sorry.

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  11. The Betches says:

    Referring to yourself as “betches” really doesn’t help out your argument any…and all club chicks are all whores, cheers.

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  12. The Betches says:

    is generally best to avoid to give your phone number or other details about you to someone who you just met

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  13. The Betches says:

    As a betch who hooked lined and sinkered a true PRO, I made him follow me around like a puppy. I did not initiate one phone call, email or text for one month. He did it all. Guess what, it works betches.

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  14. The Betches says:

    Hey babe, here’s my website address. Call me.

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  15. The Betches says:

    For all the guys complaining, shut the fuck up. This post is very accurate and the only reasons u are complaining is because either one…you just got ur bullshit game called out or two you are too much of a #nice guy to realize this is some of trash betches deal with on a regular basis

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  16. The Betches says:

    …I didn’t think it was possible to make be barf in my mouth so soon, so congratulations?

    This website is so degrading to women lol *golf clap*

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  17. The Betches says:

    The treasure doesn’t do the hunting

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  18. The Betches says:

    Who let all the guys on here? This one really seemed to set them off…. I guess they are the guys we’re talking about here….

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  19. The Betches says:

    Brilliant article. Now that you have eliminated every guy under 6 digits, what is your ideal guy/bro? I have earnestly studied your entire site with an intense zeal I only attribute to my studies of the Harvard Classics. In sincere curiosity, your dedicated applications of philosophical inquests of “Betch Authority” leave me with the question, “If there were in fact an ‘ideal guy/bro/SAB’ -where is the entry/list/or extremely detailed ‘Betch Vernacular’ that lays down the ‘modus operandi’ -or just as the ‘Duncans Rules of Order- the ‘Betches Rules of the Ideal Guy/Bro/SAB?” I highly applaud your efforts to article everything you do not like or disapprove of in the area of men -but, where is the literature that speaks of the “Pro” so-to-speak?

    Once again, I am highly entertained by you entries and find them enticingly delightful.

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    • Yale-ie says:

      no wonder your bitter. with a major in classics you might as well have the same salary as the povo who went to community college.

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  20. The Betches says:

    what in the living fuck?

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  21. The Betches says:

    the comments on this article prove that the only people who may love reading this site more than betches… bros.

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  22. The Betches says:

    Definitely @ toptierbetch. If a Betch is going to put her thoughts out there, why not? -no answer needed on that one. Oh, and someone -a rather nice Betch- pointed out my type o’s.

    Once again, I am highly entertained by “your” <<< entries and find them enticingly delightful.

    Your right. I did leave the “r” out. Very perceptive, and yes, I will be outside the main Harvard hall. My car will be the only white Murciélago in the parking lot. So, it will be the only time as the parking lots there; eh, well I hate to mix my ride with areas that are prone to vehicle damage. And no, I had that Rolex set in Switzerland, not Prague -although Prague does have fine jewelers.

    I’ll be there are 3 P.M. on the dot. Don’t be late.

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  23. The Betches says:

    there “at” <<< hmpt* wow, think it’s time for a drink. Or, maybe it’s to many drinks that have brought me here.

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  24. The Betches says:

    any dude who would even bother comment on this is clearly not a pro or even a bro

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  25. The Betches says:

    This is so true. That is why I take the numbers and use them to put my gum in after I have chewed it and need to get rid of it.

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  26. The Betches says:

    I’m just a musician, that’s it. I came here by way or WordPress. I read as many blogs as I can. This one has good writing, although the content is controversial, I like it none-the-same. That is who I am. Google me, look around, figure it out. Your a smart betch aren’t you? Mu-wah, mu-wah. Besides, there’s a comment box, so why not? As far as pro’s and bro’s, I refuse to comment on that, as I officially respect your opinion, but that’s ok. It’s cool, it’s just an entertainment blog. Read the T.O.S.

    Cool. Anyway. I gotta G4 to book. Luv ya, toodles (lol).

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  27. The Betches says:

    Haha betches, your all dumb sluts who are easily manipulated by us bro’s. You say this shit but once your out at a bar and I sweet talk you up with my proper game( not that I need ANY game whatsoever to pick up girls of your nature) and I give you my number because your worthless to me and its far to easy to meet and fuck girls like you. I only give you my number for the sole reason that its a waste of my time to bother with girls like you that I let you do the work, because I know you will. I do this on a consistent basis and it constantly works. So spare us the bullshit and give us something real. Please.

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  28. The Betches says:

    Yah what the hell are you supposed to do in that situation?!?

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  29. Anonymous says:

    Are you….are you fucking stupid or something?

    #62. Pros.

    There is literally an entire article dedicated to it. As if I needed proof to call bullshit on you.

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  30. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, you’re obviously not fucking betches.

    P.S. About the username- If you have to advertise that you’re a bro, chances are pretty high that you’re not one. Have fun picking up those super cute whores at those classy bars you frequent.

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  31. harvardbetch says:

    Harvard has no main hall, and if it did it would be in Harvard yard, which—as any real pro would tell you—doesn’t have a parking lot. fucking duh. Also you spelled you’re wrong….again. You can leave now.

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  32. Anonymous says:

    this is still the best post yet fucking hilarious

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  33. Laur says:

    Girls take this “game” crap so seriously. I don’t associate myself with “betches” because you and your psycho assumptions gives me a fucking headache. Men are simple creatures, they like head scratches and being fed and fucked. Period. No stupid mind games. You crazy bitches with your sandy vaginas are the last thing a guy wants to deal with. When I meet a sexy dude, I’ll ask for his number. Chances are if a guy gives me his or asks for mine it’s because I wasn’t interested enough to ask first. Everyone is different. Personally, I’m not going to sip on drinks and chat for 25 mins with someone i have no interest in and then be totally shocked when a guys offers his number… Seriously? I would see it as a compliment and think the dude was intimidated. You betches need to relax and stop being so self centered with your crazy mind games that you are oh so confident in… Chances are that’s why you’re fucking single. I’ve never been dumped before, why? Because I’m not a crazy fucking betch like you.

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  34. Anonymous says:

    A betch shouldn’t be an absolute asshole, if you’re never gonna see the guy again, say you don’t give out numbers, and get his…safe to say, you don’t have to dial it…ever.

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  35. ramzy says:

    everybody’s trying to act like their pimps in this fukin room. You guys don’t know shit. To anybody trying to get a girl,do whatever the fun you think is right. be yourself and stop reading these dumb articles. All these people that write these articles try to act like there professionals. get the fun outta here. If a guy feels like giving out his number, than go fukin ahead. And woman shouldn’t be asking themselves, oh why did he give me his number, shuuut up, he gave it to you because he’s interested idiot. At the end, you both will have each others number. Jesus christ. fukin women. they gotta make things so fukin complicated. Ighht fine go fuk yourselfs.

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  36. Christina says:

    Thanks you thank you thank you!!! You put it perfectly! This article is full of shit! I am a woman and I must say the biggest problem I’ve had when it comes to dating is listening to other women!!!! The games…it’s all nonsense! And by the way…every situation is different! Acquire some fucking brain cells please and understand that not everything can be generalized to fit YOUR FUCKING DEFINITION.

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  37. HAZZA says:

    Wow, us guys really aren’t as manipulative as you think, lunatic feminist bitches, I’ve got three days to try and talk to a girl who gets my bus, after that I will probably never see her again. I want to give her my number first, so that she doesn’t feel pressured to give me her number, its entirely her choice. Thats it.

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  38. Sean says:

    Amen thre3

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  39. jnaw says:

    My man offered me his number…I called him 2 MONTHS later, and the rest is history. I did NOT pursue him, in fact I simple responded to his interest. In fact, he pursued me quite nicely after my initial response. smile Don’t get too caught-up in games, I promise you’ll regret it one day.

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  40. laal says:

    lol How did I get here…..

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  41. Average guy says:

    As usual some radical feminist is writing some extreme article.
    If a guy gives you his number he’s saying, “so heres my number, call me maybe”

    Has nothing to do with all the manipulation you dream it to be.

    He’s looking for a hookup.
    Not necessarily.

    Chances are he wouldn’t give his number, that’d waste too much time. Guys that are DTF are not going to beat around the bush, and wait for you to hit them up.

    You should really not blog online, you’re a depressing excuse for a woman. Probably a lesbian anyway.

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  42. anonymous says:

    rotfl! wow this is so far off hahahaha…. there are too many fish in the sea for everyone to have to put up with this radical crap. would it be better if a guy asked you for you’re number then never called you? I think some guy gave you a rejection hotline number as a joke and you got so pissed off that you wrote this article. That makes more sense than anything I’ve read so far. Who cares about who makes the first move anymore… I think most girls would be thrilled to set the tone of a conversation from the start. You seem very worried about the first move… try this:“hi:)”. Most guys don’t care about rejection, why? cause there are a whole bunch of girls out there. Girls should try thinking the same way about guys! You got it backwards: If a guy respects you he’ll give you his number as a way of saying “no pressure” If they just want sex, then they’ll ask you for your number and if u give it, they will try anything to get it. To a certain extent you want this to be both ways, its a femanist power play that doesn’t make sense and is a huge turn off to most guys.

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  43. gigi says:

    That’s all well and good, but what if a guy asked for my number and I turned him down, but accepted his number?  Should I just never text him, or is there a different way of going about this?

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  44. sexy101 says:

    (312)834-1173 call me baby

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  45. John says:

    Given the foul language and lower class attitude that this author gives off, it doesn’t matter who asks for and gives their number. You aren’t desirable, so you’re not getting my number and I won’t be calling yours. Trying acting (and writing) in a civilized, mature way before demanding that you be pursued by men.

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  46. I'm one of these guys says:

    Hey sluts!

    Your bullshit article is lies!!!!!!

    I hand my number to a shit ton of sluts on the regs and get them calling me 10/10 times

    Got a betch I did this shit with blowing me as we speak….. Shit is soooo cash!

    Don’t listen to these skanks bros.  betches love being treated like whores coz news flash bros…... They are!

    Brb, blowey finished.  Gotta go pick one of these girls up from this thread by doing this technique


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  47. Starr says:

    losers give their numbers to women….and there are a lot of them online.

    what I do is lead them on….for days….pretend I’m interested…then BAM….tell them bye bye….that pisses them off more than anything.

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  48. Guy says:

    So.. how many of you betches are even women?  I mean damn is this shit even written by a woman, good read though yo.

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  49. Guy says:

    fucking betch ass moderator

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  50. michael crossley says:

    the thing about this is it lacks any sort of humility…  im just not that impressed with a whole lot of attitude…  being a real betch takes fuckin work…  its not all about getting your asshole played with… try having a little perspective…  first of all… you are not a product of love compassion or anything good…  you stand on the shoulders of giants…  basically… everything you have… was given to you…  by lots of people ...  you wouldnt survive for a moment on this planet if it werent for those people… thats called gratitude… you have no business flaunting anything… and if you did there would be nothing to flaunt… because this is a little rock… near an unremarkable star in the boondocks of the galaxy…  so fuck off.. pretty much everyone here on this page…

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  51. a guy says:

    have to say.. this shit was hilarious to read, especially the comments. Half these bitches, yes, i’m a man and i am not gonna resort to your slang “betches”, cause it’s a fuckin stupid word and i bet the most used word in your vocab is the word “like”.  all you pretentious bitches sound like you’ve been fuck’d over way too many times by assholes. Now you are sour and think your shit don’t stink. yes, keep ignoring those guys who give you their number… i’d say you fuckin saved them from a night of bullshit and the claps.

    a number is just a number, doesn’t matter who gives it. going out is mutual. you both are either having a great time or wasting each others time, but when you act like a pretentious bitch like most of you here… save everyone the grief and stay home watching Kim Kardashian cause she’s your lord, savior and role model.

    to all the guys, don’t listen to this bull shit. give your number, get her number, doesn’t fuck’n matter, it’s the same end result. if you are feeling each other at that moment of time it really doesn’t fuckin matter who gives their damn number. of course it always depends on the situation, there’s no perfect way to court a woman that works 100% of the time. A guy giving their number can be shown just as confident as a guy asking for her number. and in my experience… it works every single time. but maybe cause i’m not giving my number out to bitches, but real women who are actually fuck’n cool and can hold a decent conversation.

    keep it up bitches. keep treating people like they are shit, that’s who you will end up with. shit people end up with other shit people cause their personalities are so alike.

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  52. esor says:

    100% truth

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