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Another lesson in betchy linguistics:

Casual is one of those words you hear everyday, be it from parents "How are you so casual about not getting a job?!" or your rush chair, "no Uggs or curly hair tomorrow, attire is Business Casual," everyone says it, but not everyone uses it like a betch. When betches describe something as 'casual,' the situation is usually one that is the exact opposite of casual. Therefore using it this way gives us an outlet to be funny whilst demonstrating our profound appreciation for irony. For instance, showing up on Casual Friday in your jeans and a button down is not casual, however showing up in your prom dress is sooooo casual.


mischa bartonHi I'm Mischa and I'm casually disgusting


If you don't know what we're talking about, you're a fucking idiot. But since we're in the business of tolerating idiots (see comment section and the inventors of Pepsi One), we're here to help.

When to use casual:

When meeting your friend at the Gansevoort: "Just say Melissa's name at the door, her dad owns the building" ...that's casual.

When asking Julie how her night was: "Oh it was really fun until I casually got hit by a car" Being that she's still alive, we can easily drop in 'casual'...

When asking your friend why she's especially angry today, like she's about to punch you: "Oh I missed a lot of days of birth control, so I casually took 4..."

Sidenote: It might be deemed #24 Insensitive to remark that someone, "casually died" or that there's "casually a genocide going on in Nigeria."

The word is also perfect to use while muploading. Like when you're trying to come up with a witty caption but are having writers block, casual is the go-to. Took a pic of a co-worker who showed up to work in high top converses and corduroy overalls? Slap on a "casual', and you've suddenly transformed from a boring captionless muploading loser to a hilarious betch on Chelsea's roundtable.


sjp footCasual Google image search for "casual"


Hold on, we need to take a second to set one thing straight. Have you and your besties ever been in a heated debate as to the proper way to abbreviate the word casual? Well, we're here to give you the answer to this pressing question, after all - it is our language. The abbrev is 'cajjy.' Obvi it looks fucking weird, almost like a spicy Jamaican side dish, but it's really the only way. Otherwise you're describing ironic situations by saying they have a lot of cash, which makes zero sense. I saw Ed Westwick at this club last night. We cashy hung out all night. See, it doesn't work.

Also, never be that "literal girl." As in you say shit like, "Omggg I'm casually wearing that pajama shirt from Victoria's Secret to bed tonight, lollzzz." If your friend texts you a variation of this, tell her to shut the fuck up. Yeah, no shit, why wouldn't you be dressing casually to bed? The only time it's betchy casual to wear pajamas to sleep is on a Saturday night after blacking out. Everyone knows that the normal way to pass out on a Sat is in our outfit from the night while clutching your iPhone and/or your heels.

So for all of you people who use casual as it's supposed to be used in conversation, you're casually a huge weirdo. Any true betch knows that it's not cool to use words by their actual definition. Miriam Webster was a nice girl, fucking duh.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hahahaah!! I casually fucked my boss last night

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  2. anon says:

    dammit! I’ve been using casual for the past year, but after this post everyone will be using it and it won’t be funny anymore. time to find the next go-to word! but props betches, nailed it.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    The abbreviation is stupid…definitely needs some more examples of using the term ‘casual’ but otherwise it’s fine, it’s casual.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    You guys should do a post on casual’s counterpart: Aggressive

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  5. punny betch says:

    another betch phrase: “literally” (but only when it’s to make a situation overly dramatic).  great job my betches

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  6. so rich so pretty says:

    the word is definitely naturally…..
    ” I blacked out last night…naturally”
    ” honestly I look hotter than all of you sluts…naturally”

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  7. yalebetch says:

    YES!!! so true

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  8. Anonymous says:

    i casually just threw up in my mouth because casual is old and and there are plenty other betchy words that are better and new. start researching and im waiting for more on LEGIT betch words and how to use them

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  9. cbizzle says:

    I agree that cajjy is the only way to describe casually.

    Example: I cajjy just fucked my TA after we took shots at the bar….A’s all semester!!

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  10. Allison Carly says:

    People who use “Cashy” or “Cassy” are fucking morons. I am glad we set the record straight that the proper use and ONLY use is “CAJJY”

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  11. Betch2.0 says:

    It’s caz (cah gze). I’ll use it in a sentence in case its still not clear. The abriv is kinda like Chaz minus the H because caz changing your sexual orientation from a pop culture lucky sperm club princess to a fat man who can’t dance is something only a nice girl would approve of.

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  12. An Old Betch says:

    How old are you? Using casual is so 2007.

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  13. An Old Betch says:

    THANK you for bringing up how friggin old casual is. I’m fairly certain the author was in junior high when my roommates and I were casually running into professors downtown while dressed like sexy tellytubbies for a mixer.

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  14. An Old Betch says:

    Betch 1: I casually blacked out last night after pregaming Edward 40hands with four shots of vodka.
    Betch 2: Aggressive. I respect that.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    The brits have been using ‘casual’ on the regs for literally years. Way to be behind the times…

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  16. B says:

    You are actually too dumb for words.

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  17. Anonymous says:

    I abbreviate casual as “caszh”

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  18. Anonymous says:

    lose the y betches, fucking duh. if anyone ever said “cajjy” in my presence, i would cajj dump my iced coffee on their head.

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  19. Anonymous says:

    you should do a linguistics post on “legit” like how i legit threw up in my
    mouth when i saw this lez wearing sneakers at the bar last night. love this post!  also people need to stop hating if you dont like the site your obv ugly and fat so stop reading the posts losers they are not for you anyways. fucking duh.

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  20. yesss!!!! says:

    ahahahah fuckin love that!

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  21. Anonymous says:

    honey, legit is so 90’s and SO a dude thing…

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  22. Anonymous says:

    “cajjy”? really betches, you expect me to actually say that? it’s “cajj” or “caszh”...cajjy has too many syllables thus defeating the purpose of the abbrev. fucking like duh

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  23. Anonymous says:

    Wow you’re so not a betch.

    Naturally is so 2008…if it was ever even in.

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  24. lily says:

    ... they have also had lisps and crooked teeth for years .. as much as i dont think casual is betchy i certainly think the brits are lessssss betchy than that.. ew you prob think the south is betchy too or some joke like that

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  25. Doozyfab says:

    “When meeting your friend at the Gansevoort: “Just say Melissa’s name at the door, her dad owns the building”
    ...that’s casual.”

    A) the Gansevoort is the betchiest place on earth! its amazing
    B) having a friend whose dad owns it is even more betchier
    C) being casual about these things and any things makes you look like a calm and cool person smile

    Love it!


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  26. Anonymous says:

    Agreed. The debate on the abbrev is certainly not over. I’ve never heard a betch say “cajjy,” the “y” has got to go.

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  27. Anonymous says:

    Omg. Please shut the fuck up

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  28. Anonymous says:

    No no, that was over by ‘08.  Now you sound like you’re in 7th grade when you say it. Or you’re fat.

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  29. Anonymous says:

    agreed.  both of those example are natural, and therefore not ironic.  good try.

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  30. Anonymous says:

    you sound like a fucking idiot, and not the kind we can tolerate.  Take the Y off the end and MAYBE it works.

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  31. Anonymous says:

    I guess not everyone can be a betch…

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  32. Anonymous says:

    Really though.  You LEGIT sound fucking stupid.  And fat.

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  33. An Old Betch says:

    Definitely never in.

    Unless you’re a middle-aged British man.

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  34. Anonymous says:

    Absolutely. Casual or Cahj only…but only cahj if you’re speaking, because it looks dumb as fuck.

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  35. Anonymous says:

    If you have to think about being calm and cool your a fucking looser, and you sound cray

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  36. prosnotbros says:

    betches dont drink two 40s .. ew

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  37. annonymous says:

    hahaha this is actually a convo that me and my betches would have. except who actually plays edward 40 hands besides creepy guys that drink malt liquor. #topshelfonlyplease

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  38. anonymous says:

    Uh way to throw in an insult completely unrelated to an argument. As a fellow betch who obvi uses “literally” in overly dramatic situations, I can say it is alive and well. As for being fat while using the word, I would like to say my diet consists of chicken soup or oatmeal, and 1 real meal a day. How about you start learning about what true betchiness means and hop on the treadmill while you’re at it.

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  39. Anonymous says:

    shut up. you are not a betch, literally. like how i used it? but really. having to explain what you eat make us believe you’re not a fat poor bitch (note: not batch) behind a sony laptop doesn’t make us believe you anymore.

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  40. Anonymous says:

    i mean, everyone says literally, including betches, there’s nothing wrong with it… but its definitely not betchy enough to have its own post… it’s too available to the peasants

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  41. Anonymous says:

    to bring out your inner fab?
    cajj just threw up in my mouth

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  42. Anonymous says:

    another form: NBD, no biggie..I just got shitfaced sort of with/  in front of my professor, nbd. (no big deal in case anyone didnt know lol)

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  43. Anonymous says:

    while you’re bringing out your “inner fab”, do us a favor and hide your arm flab

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  44. Anonymous says:

    “But since we’re in the business of tolerating idiots (see comment section and the inventors of Pepsi One)”

    case. in. point.

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  45. CiCee says:

    Just casually narcissistic.

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  46. Anonymous says:

    Abrevs and their popularity vary by region, state, country, etc. Fucking, duh you lunatic betches.

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  47. Seriously? says:

    The true betch bloggers need to fire the temp hired to write shitty thoughtless posts like this one. The only half amusing thing about this was the pic of S.j.Parker au natural. It’s a shame louboutin doesn’t design a stiletto for that heinous face of hers…and while their at it, a couture paper bag for Anne Hathaway’s entire body.

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  48. this betch says:

    cahj is soooo much more betchier than cajjy

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  49. Anonymous says:

    I love when this website just casually describes my life to fucking t.

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  50. Chloe says:

    Agreed. I would never use that abbreviation. Cajj > Cajjy. Obvi.

    Posted on Reply
  51. Chloe says:

    Gretchen, stop trying to make ‘naturally’ happen! It’s not going to happen!

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  52. Anonymous says:

    A true betch would never fuck a lowly TA. Vom.

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  53. Anonymous says:

    “Even more betchier” does not make sense. Whoever this is, I want to punch them in their fat face. Also, “Fab” is such a nice girl word. Vom.

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  54. Anonymous says:

    so… you pretty much just proved my point for me. If the brits have been using it for years, and they’re not betchy, casual is about the opposite of betchy.

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  55. Nope says:

    This was god awful. Not only was it a terrible read but it oozed trying-too-hard mixed with Taylor Swift perfume. “Casual” and it’s midget twin “Cajjy” are annoying, as is it’s ugly stepsister “Standard.” Using these does not make you sound witty, it makes you sound like you have a deficit and that you talk like a Speak and Spell

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  56. casgebetch says:

    actually its casge*******

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  57. BETCH says:

    Next betch words: “Lit-er-ally” and “Honestly…”

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  58. Anonymous says:

    my friends and I have been using the word caj since the beginning of time. so shut up now stupid people who dont actually understand humor or irony will think they know how to use the word. on to the next

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  59. VABetch says:

    If you guys are such betches you wouldn’t care what everyone comments on here. Part of being a betch is doing what you want, and the opposite is getting so worked up because someone said the word “legit” or abbreviated casual wrong. Get over it and go get some sushi.

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  60. TFM says:

    whores drool.  fuck this lame site you sluts.

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  61. HSE says:

    You need to do Range/Land Rovers, boutiques, and skiing.

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  62. Natt says:


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  63. Natt says:


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  64. Leah says:


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  65. Anonymous says:

    We all know you casually added the comments section to see if anybody gave a shit about the site and now that you know we do, it’s time to retire the feature. The retards and wannabes it brings to the yard are hurting the overall betchiness and that just won’t do. I’m sure you’re over it too. Pull the plug.

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  66. And what says:

    Actually, it’s “caj”.....

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  67. Anonymous says:

    Let’s be real betches and stop giving a fuck what everyone else comments. Over it.

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  68. baby g says:

    LMAO ^^^^^^^^^

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  69. River Betches says:

    I live in Prague with NINE female roommates, and we are actually in the “heated debate as to the proper way to abbreviate the word casual?” but we want to know how it is pronounced, as in do you pronunciate the “y” sound??

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  70. lion says:

    i have run into a problem with my fellow betches… how do we abbrev “usual”? As in, I got iced coffee for breakfast, the usual. .. the us? no. help.

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  71. GBF says:

    The comments section is not even nearly new.

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  72. HRH Bitch Puh-lease says:

    Brits aren’t betchy? I don’t have the time to launch into the lengthy rebuttle which that BS comment deserves (have you heard of Kate Moss?) - but I will say this: watching Kate Middleton finally bag the world’s most eligible Prince this year is nuff said.

    Now excuse me while I go drink my fucking tea.

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  73. Whatever says:

    Casually, you betches come up with great shit. fuck the haters, they’re fucking stupid. The abrev works.

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  74. blackberry says:

    i thought blackberries were the official betch phone.

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  75. Anon says:

    agreed. or selena gomez…nice try

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  76. abbrev says:

    hahahaha me and my friends abbreve “casual” as “cazsh”. Seems slightly more polish than jamaican but works for us!

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