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Every betch knows that it’s poor form to be seen wearing the same outfit twice. Given this unwritten rule, it gets tough to come up with enough outfits to fulfill your 5-night-a-week partying schedule. And like we’ve said before, there’s no worse feeling than staring at your filled walk-in closet and feeling like, “Ugh I just have NOTHING to wear.” Fear not, there is a remedy. Borrowing clothes.

Sharing clothes is not done with any feeling of altruism. If you have a poor friend, you might lend her your clothes in an effort to make sure she doesn’t wear that last season fugly top and embarrass you by association.


who wore it bestObv Linds Lo wore it best.


Usually, however, sharing is done in hopes that one day when you’re in need, your sister’s new boots or that hot cut out dress that your bestie just bought will finally be worn right. And when I say right I mean by me. Ugh, those shorts are so cool, too bad you’re tainting them with your fat ass is something a betch has thought or even texted.

Let’s talk about the awkwardness inherent in sharing clothes, like when your friend who is obviously much fatter than you wants to borrow your mini skirt or when fuck it, you just don’t want anyone else wearing your skinny jeans. This can be avoided by the “Ohh I think I might wear that later I’m not sure” or the general avoidance of the question until right up to the pregame. You can also throw in the, “Aw no, I haven’t worn that yet, I’ll let you know when I do, though!”


Jlo worst dressedDon't worry JLo, no one's trying to borrow this frock situation.


Also, let’s not forget about the girl who borrows your clothes and never gives them back. Ever go on vaca and your friend who wears cheaper things than you is always drooling over what you have? When she inevitably asks to borrow something, be hesitant, because what you’re dealing with here is the Klepto. Every betch has encountered the Klepto friend at some point in her life. Honestly, the only thing more frustrating than a text conversation with an SAB is seeing your crop top that you lent your friend six months ago in a Facebook picture tagged this afternoon which she conveniently keeps ‘forgetting’ to return. This is not cool and will have you blacklisted from the sharing clothes network. Stealing is not betchy.

So betches, share you clothes and your wardrobe will be expanded exponentially. However, beware that you and your bestie group should time your outfits accordingly. Nothing is more awkward than the week you and all your friends wore the exact same shirt in rotational form. It’s not cute to be 22 and wearing the same outfit as your twin and it’s certainly not fucking cute to be matching your BFF, no matter how hot her shirt looks on you.



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  1. Betchy Becky says:

    What happened to the old format? No offense betches, but this looks a little tacky (not very betchy)....

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  2. Sara says:

    I HATE it when friends bigger than me ask to borrow my clothes. Do you really think it’s going to fit fatty?

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    • uh says:

      betchy to say about a real, genuine friend…completely fine when it’s a betch who always stretches your clothes whose existence you can’t stand

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  3. mm says:

    honestly I can’t stand to lend my clothes out no matter what. Shoes are worse though…feet are fucking disgusting, luckily mine are the smallest of all my friends so it’s not an issue.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    this post is sooo true. my one friend who is a bit bigger than me asked to borrow my black mini skirt one friday night. me, being a nice person and all, let her wear it even though it looks better on me. she ended up hanging out with her ex boyfriend all night and then the next morning she told me that they had butt sex. UM excuse me but the one night you wear my clothing you get ASS FUCKED? totally uncool, i do NOT want your butt sex germs on my black skirt. like…common courtesy. next time this betch won’t be so nice.

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  5. Ojennail says:

    I have one thought on this: Get your own shit. If i run out of cute outfits, I go buy a new one. I am not okay with people complimenting my clothes on someone else.

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  6. Betchy~ says:

    Completely agree. Perfect excuse to go shopping;)! xo

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  7. Lovely betchh says:

    It always makes me feel good when my betches wear my clothes. I am obvi head betch so obvi have the best wardrobe. When we go out and they get compliments on how good they look they are obligated to give me a shout out for my great fashion sense. Its not like i would wear the same thing twice so why not feel like a personal stylist and help my circle look great smile

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  8. Regina and Jae says:

    Thats what you get. First mistake: “being a nice person and all” does NOT make a True Betch. Puhleez. Get off this site.

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  9. Grace says:

    I hate that I’m a small betch, skinnier than all the rest of my tall betchy friends, because they try to lend me stuff but it’s hard to dress like a slut when everything your friends want you to wear is baggy on you. No sharing for this betch. :/

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    • Jenna says:

      Um.. betches don’t dress like sluts.

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  10. Leslie Blair says:

    my “friend” who i have known since like the 4th grade is such a fucking klepto. she would steal stuff from stores but i never thought she would steal from me, until i had a party and let her borrow my new pushup bra, and the next morning when i asked where it was she said she left it in my closet. me, being the ocd freak i am, looked around my perfectly organized closet and saw no such bra. so i asked her to check her bag, which she did with very little effort. k well that didn’t fly with me so i grabbed her fucking bag, dug through it, and found my new expensive bra folded up inside her sweatshirt pocket. honestly klepto friends are the worst. lesson learned. so betches, watch your shit, and do what i do: make a list of all the things people borrow from you and take names. if/when your items are not returned, it can easily turn into a hit-list. xoxo

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  11. Amy says:

    Borrowing clothes is for poor girls. Sorry about it.

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  12. miami betch says:

    i let my boyfriends sister borrow a few of my dresses that i wear to south beach…. she returned them after me betching her out *3 months later…. shoes ruined, dressed stained, unwashed, and not on hangers. It’s like…. betch you arent even my friend, i let you borrow my sh*t to be nice. AND during those 3 months i saw pics tagged on facebook of her wearing them…... cute dress betch

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    • Jenna says:

      Lesson learned - never let a girl outside of your inner circle touch your things.

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  13. Jamie says:

    i have this one friend whose house smells bad and i hesitate to let her borrow clothes because her house smells bad so when she returns my clothes they smell awfull….i tend to say no to her borrowing them alot now WHY WOULD I WANT MY CLOTHES TO SMELL

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  14. Anonymous says:

    a true betch wouldn’t have cared enough to reply to that comment…

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  15. stillthabaddestbetchofthemall says:

    you shouldn’t have smelly friends in the first place, let alone allow them to touch you or your personal belongings.  heaven forbid they ever get close enough to your closet to BORROW anything out of it!!! hell no!!!!

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  16. miami bitch says:

    thank you- glad im not the only one who thinks this. its like they cant even say “oh its actually ****” they have to accept the compliment. how rude.

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  17. miami betch says:

    i would love to do this. great idea. BUT being the betch i am, i never let people borrow my clothes unless i feel obligated to. this being said, its usually my boyfriends annoying little sister who thinks basically wants to be me…..... SO annoying. wish i could add her to my number 1 on my hit list.

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  18. Sanda Milderberger says:

    Acquiring go through this I assumed it had been really beneficial. I enjoy you taking enough time and work to place this informative article with each other. I when yet again discover myself investing approach to significantly time equally looking at and commenting. But so what, it had been nevertheless worthwhile!

    big chni

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  19. True betch says:

    What ARE you saying? I think I just lost all of my brain cells trying to figure out why you cannot form a coherent sentence. Although we betches like to do things with the least effort possible, we cannot have others thinking we are dumb or totally retarded…you’re clearly not a betch. Go to college and get off of this wesite.

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  20. kat says:

    I personally enjoy letting my fatter friends try on my clothing, I will usually say “oh this will def fit you!” knowing it won’t because I can hardly breath when i put it on. I just like getting pleasure out of watching them try to zipper the side of a dress that is 2 sizes to small. Its not going to zipper, stop making me feel good about how skinny I am and put it back on the hanger.

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  21. Carolina Betch says:

    My friends always want to borrow my clothes, and I’m okay with that (sometimes).  HOWEVER, I would never wear their shit.  Truth is…if I want what you’re wearing I would buy it for myself…because this Betch can.

    Oh, and don’t be the girl who’s always wearing shit you don’t own.  Yuck.

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  22. Kate says:

    ^This is possibly the betchiest comment I’ve ever read. Always winning.

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  23. Scarly says:

    while having the fat betch ask to borrow clothes may be annoying as h, the ultimate betch move is to offer them to her first.  This will end her rummaging through your closet for good.

    “Oh heyy friend I know won’t fit in my size 2 dress, you should try it on it would look great on you ...what do you mean it doesn’t fit, we’re like the same size”

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  24. Annoyed Betch says:

    I can totally relate to this post i love it! One of my fatter friends always asks me to borrow my clothing so i let her, and when she returns them, which is months later, they smell like shit, are stretched out, have stains, and wrinkles all over them, once i let her wear my shirt on vacation and about two months later i saw her little sister wearing the shirt on fb, needless to say, i dont lend her my clothing anymore to her.

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  25. This Betch Doesn't Share Well says:

    I totally agree, I do not share clothes & it makes it super awkward when friends ask. I’m totally honest about it…I spend too much damn money on my things to loan them out. & I would totally be pissed if someone else got complemented for my fabulous taste.

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  26. Anonymous says:

    Mind you my hormones are raging this time in the month…but i just laughed for 5 solid minutes bringing myself to tears trying to read your post.
    Do you speak english or are you just mentally challenged in some way?
    Dont know if that was a joke but you are not clearly not a betch. I dont know what youre even doing on this site in the first place because you likely cant understand what it says

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