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Dear Betches and Hoes,

Yesterday Soundcloud fucked our shit up by being down all day, so this is why we're posting on a Thursday. Today's theme is "shit you listen to when you're mad fucked up." Basically, these are the songs you want to listen to when you're sooo blacked out that even an ugly bro would be potentially fuckable. So, take seven shots, imagine the guy friend who's like 30 pounds over weight is suddenly REALLY hot, and press play.


Roger Sanchez - Another Chance (Maison & Dragen Miami 2012 Bootleg Remix): Pretty sick track. Listening to this is what we'd imagine it would be like to be really fucked up at Romy and Michelle's high school reunion. We invented post its...and turn tables.

Felguk - Blow Out: This is mad old but it goes really well with the theme. Listening to this song is what we'd imagine Phantom of the Opera would be like on LSD.

Dirty South and Thomas Gold feat. Kate Elsworth - Eyes Wide Open (Felguk remix): More by Felguk, why do I imagine seagulls when I read this DJs name? Anyway this remix is suuuuuper sick, espesh at around 1:50. Imagine being really fucked up and like, playing laser tag.

Archie feat Anna Yvette - No Apologies (Club Mix): This is pretty dope. This bitch is really adamant about not saying sorry for something she didn't do, for only speaking the truth. Like, what could she have done? Called someone ugly? Told everyone that Amber D'Allesio made out with a hot dog? IT WAS ONE TIME!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Like, love house music as much as the next betch but could we get a little variety.

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  2. EDM Lover says:

    Live sets and playlists to rock your world….

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