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By The Betches on

If you're one of those last minute betches who doesn't have her summer internship plans yet, you just got very lucky. Betches is seeking two interns for summer, for an 8-week internship, from July 1st to August 31st (we're flexible if you're starting school). So if you fit this description, just follow the instructions and you could soon be employed by the best website to ever exist. 

*These positions will be PART-TIME and UNPAID. 


We are seeking a marketing intern to help us conduct market research, execute PR campaigns, and help manage our social media channels. This job is partly administrative but will also require a great deal of creativity and understanding of the Betches brand.


- At least one experience (full summer, semester, or year) working with a marketing company and/or internet business
- Great communication skills
- Extremely organized and motivated
- Understanding of Excel and statistical analysis
​- Graphic design abilities necessary​


We are also seeking an intern to work with our editorial team primarily as a copywriter. 


- Impeccable grammar and attention to detail
- Extremely organized and motivated
- Familiarity with the Betches writing style and brand
- Prior experience with internet editorial positions a plus


If you can follow these three easy steps, you are well on your way to employment. If you can't, there is no chance in hell you're getting hired.

1. Send an email to with the subject line: "[YOUR NAME - DESIRED POSITION]" (For example, if your name is Beyonce, and you want to be our marketing intern, you would write BEYONCE - MARKETING INTERN. 

2. Write a paragraph, no more than 500 words, that includes the following:

  • Your age, where you're from, and your education
  • Why you are qualified to work for us.
  • What is your prior relevant experience
  • Why you want to work for us

3. Attach your resume in a PDF document.