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  1. ok says:

    welll done betches! dyinggg!!! “what the fuck is a dead mouse” hahaha i cant!

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    • overit says:

      3 in 5 american teenagers have become total douchebags #dying

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  2. Nick says:

    That kid Tyler in the video went to my high school

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  3. NGAF says:

    Omg cool story Nick!

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  4. Watevea says:

    What is the name of the closing song in this video?

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  5. whoknows says:


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  6. #1 JAB says:

    “I miss the schvartzers” omg dyinggg

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  7. A. Betch says:

    “shake your ass, but watch yourself.” Wise words from the concerned parents. Classic.

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