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By The Betches on

We're bringing these songs back. You're welcome for gifting you the best throwback pregame playlist ever (not in any order, calm down weirdos). 

Wannabe - Spice Girls


I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys


Bye Bye Bye - N Sync


Hit Me Baby One More Time - Britney Spears


I Get Knocked Down - Chumbawumba


The Thong Song - Sisqo


Mambo Number 5 - Lou Bega


The Macarena


Barbie Girl - Aqua


Gettin Jiggy Wit It - Will Smith


Mmm Bop - Hanson


The Real Slim Shady - Eminem


No Scrubs - TLC


Livin La Vida Loca - Ricky Martin


Genie in a Bottle - Christina Aguilera



Fantasy - Mariah Carey


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  1. wrong says:

    bye bye bye was released in 2000. get it right, betches.

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    • OneLoveJenna says:

      True! They should have went with “Tearin’ Up My Heart”

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  2. persian betch says:

    Come on, it’s “Tubthumping,” not “I Get Knocked Down.”

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  3. Blasphemy says:

    No “say my name”????

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    • Lili says:

      That was from like 2000 or 2001, what are you like 12?

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      • bee says:

        1999, moron

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  4. 90s betch says:

    Already have most of these on my pregame playlist. Boring.

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  5. sisqo says:

    best concert i’ve ever been to. you know, thong song’s not his only hit!

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    • HEY AMY! says:

      I think I’ve been shot!

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  6. Mimi says:

    I’m glad Mariah is on this list. She is by far my favorite bat-shit crazy betch

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  7. Your Name says:

    loveee it, spot on, not ashamed i still know every lyric to every song

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  8. Lou Bega says:

    They linked an animated video… not the real music video to that. Just sayin.

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  9. Ellie says:

    so obvi. couldn’t you be a little more creative?

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  10. Pathetic says:

    Most cliche and obvious list I’ve ever seen. Clean it up and stop being fucking lazy. Piss poor effort all around

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    • duh. says:

      they’re the most obvious, because they are the best pregame songs of the 90s. duh… if you want abstract 90’s hits figure it out on your own… you’re trying a bit too hard girl.

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      • No you're trying too hard, girl. says:

        No, I agree with “pathetic”. This was a dumb post. Everyone wants to write a 90s throwback article or list the best songs of the 90s. This isn’t anything original. Yeah, the songs are golden but I’m so over this. Boring!

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  11. ! says:

    This list is desperately lacking Black Streets No Diggity and a little Genuine with My Pony.

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  12. wtf losers says:

    Did you literally not even try?

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  13. whatttt says:

    no semi charmed life? boo

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  14. skrylz says:

    best songs of the late 90s… where is notorious B.I.G. hypnotize?

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  15. naw. says:

    psh amateur hour. pre-98’ 90s is where it’s at. it’s hard to consider any of those artists 90’s throwbacks when they all had the peak of their careers in the millennium.

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  16. Your Name says:

    3 of these are from 2000. And where the FUCK is C’est La Vie?

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  17. fail says:

    laziest. throwback. ever.

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  18. Your Name says:

    ummm Mo Money Mo Problems… This list is sorely missing color coordinated sweat suits and Mase golf commentary.

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  19. maaat says:


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