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By The Betches on

Hello stoner community, we hope your highs are settling in nicely today. For weeks now we've explored various parts of our own culture, but now we're going to devote a post to those who live outside our cloud of smoke. But more specifically, what happens when our worlds collide, and non-stoners try to engage in weed-related activity with us. Since these people are practically a new species of virgins, they all tend to have the same exact clueless commentary. Here is our chance to say to them what we would never say in person because that'd be like reallll awkward, and also they'd probably refuse to get high with us after...or else they'll just inevitably claim we only said these things because we were high...fucking rookies.

1. “I can’t smoke, I have to [enter activity here] several hours from now" / "I want to go to the gym later and don't want to ruin my diet!" - Just because we’re stoners doesn't mean we're idiots. Obviously there are (very few) times in life when being even a trace of high is not good, such as a court hearing for that little oopsy DUI from freshman year or a one-on-one lunch with your AA sponsor. So if such activities are on your horizon, I guess I can understand holding off on the greens. But if something like “studying” or “the dentist” is on your afternoon/evening to-do list and we are still in the fucking AM, please explain to me why you can’t take one measly little bong rip? Do you honestly think your abilities to cope with normal life will still be so severely impaired hours after smoking? Perhaps if you’re sprinkling your bowls with crystal meth.

2. “I can’t be high around my boyfriend” - Ex-fucking-cuse me? You can’t be high around your boyfriend? Unless he is next in line to be President, this is just incomprehensible. If you hold off on smoking for the sole reason that you think you will be judged by your significant other for being high, dump him immediately. Don't you want him to get to know the real high you?

3. “I hate the way it smells” - This is basically pothead blasphemy. Don’t like the smell? You must also dislike the smell of freshly washed linens and homemade cookies you fucking monster. This is one I truly cannot wrap my head around so I guess I’ll accept it as one of the many things which separates stoners from mere mortals.

4. “It hurts my throat!” - So does sucking dick, but I don’t see that stopping you. Sorry, I really just don’t take well to people’s blatant shit talk of my best friend Marijuana. What I mean to say is, don’t be a little bitch. The only time that there will ever be a painful aftermath from smoking will be following a monstrous and impressive hit, in which case that slight pain in your throat is something to celebrate, for within seconds you will be so high you’ll forget you even have a throat. 

5. “I’ll fall asleep!” - Excuse me, are you a toddler? This is probably the most common go-to for non smokers and it is also one of the most frustrating. How about this: don’t fall the fuck asleep. Or take a fucking Adderall. Assuming you haven’t just chased several bars with pinot (in which case you are excused, Carrie Mathison), then I promise you are capable of physically holding open your eyelids for the remainder of this stoner session. If Mandy Bynes can do it long enough to operate a vehicle all the way down Sunset Boulevard without dying, you can make it through the next 20 minutes.

6. “I just don’t like the feeling” - This one is hard for us weed enthusiasts to even begin to contemplate. What’s not to like? The warm feeling that permeates your entire body? The immediate relaxation? The disappearance of your anxiety? The way it makes Kraft mac-and-cheese taste like Daniel and Call Me Maybe sound like Beethoven's 9th symphony?

7.  “I get so awkward!!” - This is one of the few complaints that actually has some legitimacy, because even serious stoners have experienced the social incapacitation that sometimes comes with getting high. However, this is particularly annoying because what these noobs do not understand is that there is nothing wrong with being QUIET. Just because there is a moment of silence in the group doesn’t mean it’s sooo awk! That’s called a stoned silence which means the entirety of the group is probably too high to even realize no one is speaking.

8. “I feel like getting high today” - For us potheads, getting high is a way of life. To say that one wishes to get high "today" is downright insulting to marijuana culture as a whole.

9. "Can you light it for me?!" - So let’s say you do manage to coax your non-smoking friend into a blaze sesh which obviously consists of 5 shared hits leaving her high as a kite and leaving you sober and annoyed, because after breaking up the weed, packing the bowl, and lighting it for her, you practically just smoked FOR her, minus the inhalation, which is obviously the only fucking part that matters.

10. “Let’s watch something funny! I want to laugh!” After the munchies have begun and the Snuggies procured, it’s time to pick the post blaze entertainment, which as any pothead can tell you, is a terribly daunting task. So many options! A documentary about child drug mules in Malaysia, an episode of Intervention about computer duster addiction, the fucking infomercial channel. But of course, when you ask the non-stoner what their preference is, they will have only one answer: something funny! Ugh. Now don’t get us wrong, obviously we love quality comedy as much as the next pothead. But really there are only so many times I can watch Pineapple Express (I mean I’ll obviously still laugh at “I thought the hurricane season was over”), but regardless, the non-smoker’s entertainment choice is just so amateur. Like no shit, really, you want to laugh? Wow, it must have been that one hit you took that gave you such insight.

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  1. supbetch says:

    i worship the stoner betches. lets blaze someday

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    • fuck says:

      Whoever wrote this article is a fucking idiot

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      • haha says:

        Yes I might even think this is an anti weed persons attempt to make stoners dins even stupider

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      • Jesse says:

        I agree, and I’m a avid smoker, but this d*ck licker makes us all look bad.  Wow, what a fail from the MJ community.

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  2. merrybetchmas says:

    careful with the addy+weed combo if you have a weak heart. collapsing on the dirty street during a munchie run is not a bit betchy.

    for some reason certain strains just ruin me and send me into a feverish nausea hell and shit like that happens. others take me to stoner heaven. it’s a gamble.

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    • CUBlazed says:

      Cool story betch tell it again -__-

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    • KDubSac says:

      You obviously are a rookie/non-stoner. That’s that shit I don’t like!

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    • Unicorn Cannibal says:

      Bull, marijuanna does not affect your blood pressure so it wont affect you if you have a weak heart. Cannabis helps blood flow. adderall affects the brain not the heart.
      Lie about something else.

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      • kMILLIE says:

        not trying to preach to “stoners” here fyi! i love my green too….  BUT
        Actually Adderall is a “central nervous system stimulant” and number one side effect tied to dry mouth is tachycardia which is increased heart rate. It’s not the best idea to do both at once..
        you wouldn’t down a few xanax’s and snort cocaine right? same principle.

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      • Jwilkins says:

        kMILLIE is right, you stupid ignorant pothead loser. Hope you die of a heart attack.

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        • John says:

          Fu*k you not his fault he’s misinformed for you to wish death on him show’s what a shitty person you are

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      • laneyhart says:

        idiot, adderall is a stimulant so yes it does effect your heart. THS is a stimulant, depressant and a hallucinogen though its only classified as the later, They both effect the brain and the heart.

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    • samuel roller says:

      merrybetchmas (nice nik lol) but can you please enlighten me with the strains. I cant seem to get high enough anymore

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    • whoiskc says:

      um, recommending that anyone take another drug to counter act the effects of the first drug is insane. this “article”, if you can call it that,  is what’s wrong with our culture.  How arrogant can you be?

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      • Fuck is right says:

        You are right. The author is a stoner and, it follows, a fucking idiot.

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  3. Your Name says:

    this is literally ridiculous…a true betch doesn’t give two shits if some stoner is pissed at her for not smoking

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    • Poking Smot says:

      Not pissed. Annoyed that we are friends with boring Debbies like yourself.

      Cheers xx

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    • bah says:

      clearly your that annoying little bItch that won’t smoke…

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    • Your Name says:

      shut up, do u hear how stupid you sound
      if you say anything that was listed above then ur a newb and weed doesnt want you to smoke it so leave it alone ha

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      • fuck you. says:

        What the fuck is this newb/noob bullshit smoking requires no skill and you gain no xp. Stfu you failed abortion

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        • guess fucker!? says:

          Weed smoking require skill if you good @ rolling a good blunt if in a group peoviding propper items ie bong pappers vape or pipe what weeds go best with what so yes there is skill cause i a jedi fucken weed master and yes there is an etiquette to smoking with other and if you dont know about pot head etiquette then you are clod or a newb in any event im going now as i meed my a m bong rip good day .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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          • what the fuck says:

            Why the shit is it such a big deal to you people if someone doesn’t want to smoke? Y’all act like a bunch of teenages trying to pressure people into doing an intoxicant that they DON’T want to do. I smoke weed almost daily and I’m not going to be an ass and belittle someone who didn’t want to smoke if I offered. Everyone has their reasons. More weed for me. I’m an adult who can respect other people’s decisions instead of flying into a rage and getting so apparently personally offended someone rejected me. Grow up. Weed isn’t a fucking godly special thing only the most elite and all knowing people do. It’s a plant that gets you high. I think you all need to go hit that bong again you’re very irritable when you’re coming down.

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            • Maverick says:

              @what the fuck

              God Bless brother/sister.

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  4. stonerboner says:

    do more stoner serious there just to good

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  5. Poking Smot says:

    Stoner Series is the best part of this site. Up the dosage!

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  6. over it says:

    It is one thing to spark up a doobie and laced at a party, but it is quite another to be fried all day

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    • I wish.. says:

      If only it lasted all day…

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  7. you forgot says:

    “It makes me paranoid!”

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  8. NYCbetch says:

    Hahaha gotta love you betches! Keep it coming

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  9. canbetch says:

    you literally just listed all of my lame non-stoner friends… like stfu and pass the joint

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    • hahahah says:

      ahhahha amen

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  10. betchybetch says:

    Hilarious. Glad you’re commenting on the stoner-betch way of life. Keep it up

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  11. CUBlazed says:

    this was PERFECT. stoner betches are the top betches

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  12. notevenastoner says:

    this is the betches that i love! have the stoner betch write for all these shitty new people, she’s actually good!

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  13. stonery betch says:

    fucking nailed it betches. fucking nailed it.

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  14. maryjane betch says:

    i live for the “stoner series” - keep it coming betches, this one was completely on par

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  15. HIGHLYFE says:

    eat good, smoke good, fuck good

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    • Faded says:

      Hell yea!

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  16. Mjbetch says:

    Hahaha fuckin right highlyfe

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  17. letsblaze says:

    hhahahhahaah #3 is too good.

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  18. omfg says:

    Seriously I HATE when everyone just wants to watch something funny and I think you may be my twin because rando Netflix documentaries and specifically the Allison intervention episode are perfect for smoking. I die.

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  19. bill says:

    this is a terrible post. can you not understand they have their own reasons to smoke or not? honestly ‘i dont like how it feels’ is so fucking legitimate, people have different brain chemistry, people respond differently to different situations. Some people are gay, some are straight, and others have preferences between the two, the same applies for preferences to pot.
    this post was meant as a joke and i realize that, but that is no reason to preach intolerance. youre dehumanizing non-smokers when you say their complaints are not legitimate, youre saying that you are better than them, which is fucking garbage.

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    • the gay stoner says:

      Sorry “Bill,” who are you? I’m assuming you just got a GED, because even though I just wake and baked, your lack of logic is actually kind of insulting. Trust me when I say you’ll never have to worry about being ‘demonized’ by stoners/stoner betches, because you are one harsh buzzkill.

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    • vanessa says:

      Shut the fuck up you complaining non-stoner. If your not a smoker, COOL! MORE FOR ME. But don’t go googling ans searching for this shit so you can tell us “loosers” off. I smoke weed all day, everyday and its the best life ever. Anyone who tells me to back off or slow down, shut your fucking uptight face and let me live my chill life alone bitches. I’m an alone weed smoker and that’s how I like it. All my other non smoking friends waste all my good shit and tell me not to smoke any more. Fuck that. Imma get ripped and watch cheech and chong ALONE.

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      • lol says:

        You’re an idiot vanessa. Anybody with a normal functioning brain could understand what hes trying to state. He probably doesnt give a flying fuck what you’re going to do, i know i don’t. Hes just saying that it is extremely ignorant to classify people the way the author does, because it is. Listen little girl, you wanna go smoke your life away and get high everyday all day, go for it, i dont give 2 fucks just like everybody else. “Imma get ripped and Watch cheech and chong ALONE”͵ LoL thats the way to do it! Keyword ALONE, thats what you will be. Lazy, ignorant, uneducated, and un-ambitious.

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        • DAMN says:

          “Hes just saying that it is extremely ignorant to classify people the way the author
          does, because it is.”


          “thats the way to do it! Keyword ALONE, thats what you will be. Lazy, ignorant, uneducated, and un-ambitious.”

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  20. Ryan says:

    After being a heavy smoker and weed smoker for about 6 years (quit about 7 years ago), I can safely say that stoners piss me. Just look at this bullshit. They treat cannabis like a “way of life” and try to coax others in to thinking like them. No, I don’t want to smoke with you, or see you, or smell you, or hear you. Go be a fucking stoner somewhere else.

    On a more serious note, almost my entire family have smoked for almost their entire lives, so don’t even think about calling me ignorant of it. Stoners ARE annoying. Fuck stoners. Let’s put them on an island somewhere and let them get baked and starve to death.

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    • Dami says:


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    • D says:

      Stop being an ass because some people have different hobbies than you. Seriously, let them starve to death ?? Because they smoke pot ?? What’s wrong with you ?? Somebody else smoking is doing little to no harm to you &+ is their own life choice. There is no reason whatsoever to be so cruel as to wish them to die. A stoner might be annoying (&+ despite all your experience, you are obviously unaware that different people are different types of stoners &+ have different personalities than others because of that fact that THEY ARE DIFFERENT PEOPLE, considering you seem to be saying all stoners act the same &+ you know how they are already JUST because they are stoners), but you sir. Are mean. Personally, I would take someone that is annoying rather than someone that is mean any day. So let’s do everyone a favour &+ take your negative attitude somewhere it will be praised by others with your ‘I’m better than you because I’m straight-edge’ mindset, because you will find no such praise here. Thank you sir, &+ have a lovely evening.

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    • Ryan is right says:

      I wasted 25 years of my life being a stoner. Stoner advocacy and stoner logic just make me really angry. I’m so relieved I left that life behind. It was a drag. That’s all it was. I don’t want anything more to do with those fucking idiots.

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  21. Your Name says:

    Hahahah this couldn’t be more perf

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  22. John says:

    Your abilities to cope with normal life are clearly so dismal that you need to smoke in order to function.

    “Do you honestly think your abilities to cope with normal life will still be so severely impaired hours after smoking?”

    Hilariously bad article

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  23. Your Name says:

    You were all rookies once. Make sure you make sure you’re perfect before you degrade people.
    I ignore this shit, because everyone’s on their own journey. People can take flights or stay grounded in reality as much as they would like.
    I am lifted to be myself, not apart of whatever stoner commands you all think exist. I would expect no less of other people. It’s called respect. They’re not dissing you, they’re just stating how they feel.
    So treat everyone as if they were sent to you from god. Forgive other people for annoying you bc they don’t know they are doing nor do they mean to.
    Small steps lead to great success when it comes to improving yourself.

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    • Kitten says:


      I smoke weed regularly. Many of my friends do too, but some don’t and that doesn’t make me like them any less. My non-stoner friends don’t whine about my drug use, and I don’t whine about their lack of it - it’s called having respect for the people you give a fuck about and their choices.

      The Stoner Series on here is starting to remind me more and more of what smoking up was like in high school: snobby, immature elitism over something that’s just about having a good fucking time.

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  24. GigiskyGoddess says:

    * Applause* Every fucking thing you just said that you do, I have thought about saying, and have said, and do fucking do. How the fuck did you know I watched pineapple express as a pothead amateur? You naughty weed-smoking psychic, you wink lolz. But preach it man, gotta let these noobs know, shit gets relaxed out here, bro. I can’t tell you how many non-smokers I’ve converted, now they re serious potheads because they listened to me, and they followed the rules, the very rules you just laid down. I mean, this stuff is just smoking etiquette….Catch up, Earthlings.

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  25. TwatJing says:

    This is stupid as fuck.

    I don’t like the feeling is probably the best reason not to smoke weed. I don’t either. It’s fucking horrible.

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    • SugarfreeHazelnut says:

      Honestly, you’re probably smoking the wrong kind, too much, etc. there are tons of reasons you might not like the feeling OR because you just aren’t used to it. the first time i actually got high i freaked and said how much i hated that feeling…and even though i’ve smoked tons and tons of times now there are still those rare moments where i hate how it feels. you just have to smoke the right kind in the right place with the right people and the right amount. it’s def. understandable that some people don’t like the feeling, but these same people might have only smoked, like, 3 times and haven’t had the chance to be able to feel how GOOD it actually feels.

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  26. Some Betch says:

    “Ex-fucking-cuse me?”

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  27. Edward says:

    Dude I was totally watching the infomercial channel as I read this. This vacuum is the shit man

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  28. Rizzleray says:

    This post makes a bad name for stoners.. I don’t think any less of someone if they do not want to smoke. Most of the weed smokers I know would never judge someone because of their choices.. This post is just shameful

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  29. Maddog says:

    At first this made me laugh alot. Newbies can do some lame stuff but you have to cut them some slack. They might not like the feeling because they have always been too high to enjoy it. They might say they want to see something funny because they don’t care about what they watch as long as it isn’t lame. I have converted many fellow stoners in my time but you have to remember what it was like when you first started.

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  30. E.T. says:

    wow! To each his own I guess. But cracking down on people for not smoking is kinda lame.  If they don’t want to, let them be.

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  31. Dope says:

    Fuck the internet.  People write shit about shit.

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  32. Straight A's says:

    All of the above are your (soberingly) nice friend’s way of saying “I don’t want to be like you.” Sober people don’t want to smoke because they have seen how stoners act and think, and it’s not pretty. Your psycho-social pathology is pretty extreme, and the “you should smoke, I smoke, so you should smoke,” retort only shows that you understand how low you are. Also, adderall absolutely affects the heart.

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    • fuck you too says:

      “it’s not pretty.” So is seeing people drink yet you are not talking about that here. Be a troll elsewhere. Too much of anything is bad. And it’s obvious most who’ve tried herb have little to no experience in it’s proper form of use. The so called “potheads” who adovocate for legalization do so because it helps them with either physical pain or mental pain from looking at comments from an ignoramus such as yourself. I pretty much started herb from being tired of being depressed all the time. Some people are beyond help when it comes to mental health so let them do herb if they need it. I’ve never heard someone say alcohol or cigarettes make them better because they don’t. They cause the opposite. SO instead of bitching over something you obviously hate on this site, waste your time drinking and smoke tobacco so you may not infect us with your stupidity. It would be for the greater of all mankind for stupid bitches like yourself to leave others alone and mind your own damn business. God knows how many more sites are out there denouncing herb versus sites that appreciate it.

      Everyone is pretty much like what he describes in this article at first. When I was in high school I told a lazy fuck of a person to stop doing that herb because it’s bad for him. It is bad before your brain develops, just like alcohol for a pregnant women is bad for their baby’s brain development. But honestly, why the fuck did I care whether he was smoking? The person writing the article merely described every single person out there that never smoked in their lives. You cannot possibly like smoking from trying it the first time . It does feel terrible just like an ANTIDEPRESSANT makes you tired from taking a first dose. From my experience, every anti-psychotic I’ve ever taken has led me to feeling like shit. Watch Silver Linings Playbook to see how everyone actually feels being put on crazy pills. People tell you you’re mentally sick because you are not like the rest. Having you without pills is an endangerment to society which is most of the time far from the truth.

      Herb helps these people feel normal yet shitheads like you will consistently downplay all its benefits that people at least perceive to exist.

      Are you too stupid to realize that everything is an illusion made by your brain? When you die that’s it. The illusion is over. Let people decide how they perceive the world. Let individuals figure out their own ways to feel happy while living in this shit infested world. To be fine with it. That is what herb allows you to be. To BE FINE with EVERYTHING.

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      • Think you're a philosopher? says:

        If the world is all just an illusion made by your brain, why expend so much energy telling us about it? After all, aren’t we all just figments of your imagination?

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  33. Chris says:

    Stoners are generally chill people, this guy must be from the violent side ..

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    • Stoners are chill? Ha fucking ha says:

      On Friday, a stoner tried to sell me some weed. I told him that I am an ex-stoner, and that I fucking hate weed, and that the best thing he could do for everyone’s sake was burn the his weed which he was trying to sell to me. This made him so angry that he threatened to come round to my house with a sawn-off shotgun. The stupid stoner twat.

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  34. Melissa says:

    I thought you didn’t put “I’m cutting back until I get a job”. Weed is expensive so I thought money would be the number one excuse.

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    This has got to be one of the gayest posts i have read ever, seriously as a non-stoner, stoners always seem to be so stuck up about their fucking habbit

    1. I got stoner friends who are like “im going to gym this afternoon, if i smoke up this morning then i won’t be too high for the gym” (PS: THEY HAVE BEEN DAILY SMOKERS FOR YEARS) but every time they say that, guess fucking what, THEY DON’T GO TO THE GYM, who the fuck can workout when your just been a lazy fucking stoner??? oh yes.. i use that excuse as a non-stoner because i hold down a fucking job and i study and weed just gets in the way of things

    2. That is an honest reasonable excuse, because i have had stoner friends where their partner doesn’t smoke weed, WILL go off at them once they catch them been high, Honestly it’s a bit controlling if i say myself but only a daily fucking stoner will have a sook when someone WON’T smoke up with them

    3. I love the smell of bud, I FUCKING HATE 2ND HAND SMOKE, seriously, it may taste good when smoked but the second you breath it out, it smells like fucking shit, ESPECIALLY THROUGH A BONG, not only that stoners will not realize how fucking disgusting it actually smells, they will be too doped out to care about anything, Including BLOWING FUCKING SMOKE INTO NON SMOKERS FACES

    4. now this one is fucking stupid, I have never heard any non-smoker say that, the only time i have EVER heard someone say that is the fucking daily weed tokers that have smoked WAAAAAY too much and end up fucking their throats up.

    5. Well some people don’t want to be fucking doped out…. big fucking deal.. I myself would prefer to be awake and in the moment than rather be smacked off my face all day

    6. Once again, some people don’t want to be doped off their faces

    7. As a non-smoker, stoners are so fucking awkward to be around, you ask them questions and they are too high to even answer a basic question, not only that, they will interrupt you without realizing, Oh yes, not only that i once was a stoner, i HATED the quiet part so much, it would always start off fun but then eventually it’s just fucking boring.

    8. And what’s wrong with that??? just because a non-smoker doesn’t want to get high EVERY FUCKING DAY, doesn’t mean he can’t have a bit of fun on that one special occasion like Christmas!

    9. this part… what the fuck?? honestly is it that much of a bother to you to actually flick a lighter?? what are you?? STONED??

    10. Once again out of the 6 years i was smoking, NO ONE, i repeat, NO ONE has ever said that, generally the typical stoner sesh will start off by smoking, chatting, eating, then watching movies/playing games etc..

    Once again, this article is shit, the poster should feel ashamed, and i’m actually feeling mad because stoners are usually chilled out people.. but this guy.. is just a full on idiot.

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  36. k says:

    none of you can call yourself a stoner because you are all so negative… let me just say that all these things are pretty damn true and while we think them we dont flip on the “betch” in the group that is saying them.
    p.s. the girl who took the time to write a whole comment listing how mad she is about this post… obviously shouldn’t be reading stoner posts.

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  37. ganja womaaaan says:

    As an accomplished stoner…. i am insulted by this post. honestly this is just… too much!

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  38. lao says:

    I must be old, I pretty much only put on “something funny.” Intervention while high? No thanks, sounds like the furthest thing from the mood I’m aiming for

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  39. bengt says:

    You sound like a rookie stoner who want others to believe you’re not. Bullshit article.

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  40. Pen says:

    I used to smoke and now I can’t. I’m jealous that I can’t have a joint every now and then to chill out but it doesn’t chill me out anymore, it makes me paranoid, anxious, dark.

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  41. Your Name says:

    forreal you make out stoners to be bigots towards non-smokers. Please stop giving us all a bad name. I invite little pansy girls to smoke so they can put in their five dollars, I only spend 5 dollars, and end up smoking basically the same amount of weed (yes, they will be like “no moar plz” after like 3-5 hits of a blunt. But so what, more for me? I’m not going to get mad or annoyed? that’s childish. The only way I will get mad a someone in regards to pot is if they never have any money, and constantly want to smoke. Like if you don’t have anything to offer, don’t expect the rest of the pothead community to supply your habit. Get a job, do some yardwork, or offer your gramma to clean her house.

    So please stop making us sound like hate ridden droolmongers. Some people have real lives they have to attend to, and if you’ve had a long break from weed, or are just starting smoking, your tolerance isn’t going to be a high and you’re not going to be able to handle a lot of smoke. Why would you bash people for something you obviously had to go through as well…

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  42. Your Name says:

    oh yea and to whoever said stoners won’t go to the gym, I’ve maintained a six pack and toned arms n legs while smoking, so it’s not impossible. It actually makes it very easy if you smoke at the right times and eat the right foods. You’ll get lean and ripped with a little exercise

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  43. Normal says:

    You’re a fucking idiot.

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  44. AtomicBubblegum says:

    I like to browse the internet for threads and blogs likes this lol .. ^-^

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  45. hmmm... says:

    Relax everybody, take a chill pill, puff or whatever. I know its an old post buh jeez yal! Some people can’t handle the herb, some just quit. Others had valuable reasons so stop trying to,dictate each other. Jus be…

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  46. idiots says:

    Stoners are weak, they use drugs to escape to a make believe world so that they can escape the fact that they suck at real life, seriously if it were up to me stoners would be punished with lengthy prison sentences, and dealers would be hung for bringing misery and serious life priblems to millions.

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  47. reality check says:

    Get a fucking life you idiots !! Spend half the time you do pretending to be a hippy or bob fuckin marley !!! Get a job get a life and get a girlfriend you social shy bitches !! I understand smoking improves your sucking power so kodo’s for the dick suckers otherwise get your act together amd write a c.v never mind the im a bum blog above . TWAAAAAAAAAT

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  48. fuck you! says:

    1. taking even one bong rip can affect your performance studying or at the gym hours later
    2. if you need to be high to be real, you’re fucked!
    3. bud normally smells good, smoke does not always smell good especially if you are trying to be secretive & or smelling the last hit consisting of ash or smoking low quality weed in general
    4. stfu, irritated throats can occur momentarily and it is just something that happens because it is SMOKE, no need to call someone a bitch, you bitch
    5. don’t tell someone to take Adderall just because they get tired when they smoke
    6. sometimes it isn’t relaxation and anxiety relief right away, it can CAUSE paranoia and anxiety if you get high too fast
    7. go ahead and be antisocial, due to smoking weed all the time and not in moderation
    8. SOME DAYS it is fine to not get high and SOME DAYS IT IS! Also, tolerance
    9. how does that lead to her taking 5 hits and you zero
    10. just because weed makes things funny doesn’t mean u have to be a lazy fuck and only stay in and watch funny or interesting shit, go out and do something

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  49. Your Name says:

    This is some dumb shit.  Not everyone is a stoner.  Get over yourself.

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  50. Prithvy says:

    Fucking ridiculous senseless…

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  51. potheadbitchesgonewild says:

    The thing is, I’ll ask a person to blaze once… maybe twice if i like the person.  If they choose to decline, I really don’t give two shits.  More weed for me lmao.. like look at #9 & #10.  It just ends badly anyways.

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  52. I Fired the Stoners who Worked for Me says:

    Fuck stoners.  Sooner or later they will show their true colors and bake themselves right out responsibility.  Burn one away from work when you are home.  Don’t come baked and don’t bake on my time.  Bake responsibly.  Yeah, “I’m not an addict”—but you can’t go 6 hours without a hit.  Cry me a river.

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  53. Clara says:

    I smoke occasionally, and this article is really fucking ignorant. Weed effects me for an entire day so no, I wont smoke if I want to go to the gym later because yes pothead, believe it or not, my highs last longer than yours!

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  54. Chill out, it's nbd says:

    Look, I don’t care if you like to smoke, so why get on my case for not smoking? I won’t enjoy it so why waste your stuff on me? Just hand me a beer, enjoy your pot, and just relax. People have different preferences, that shouldn’t be a surprise by now.
    Is it ironic for a non-smoker to tell a pothead to chill out? Seriously dude, I don’t know why you care so much.

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  55. Weed is for pussies says:

    Meh, most stoners grow out of it when the big day comes and they have to move out of mummy’s basement.

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  56. DDgurl69 says:

    who gives a shit?  the Betches are above this garbage.  Betches smoke to have fun, period.  (or not if it’s not their thing, whatever.) Not to be posers or something.

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  57. Adam S says:

    All stoners are paranoid losers. They are not laid back like they believe.

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  58. Drew says:

    Look. If you failed all of your psychology courses in College… Not my fault. People who are predisposed to major mental illnesses cannot smoke pot. It aggravates the major underlying conditions before treatment…. I.E… Fucking Schizophrenia or multiple other psychotic disorders. Moreover, the description of what pot does to you is.. Hilarious! Opiates provide that warm beautiful feeling and allow you to retain the skills gained through college and the superior intellect bestowed upon you at conception. It would behoove you to use critical thinking. Some individuals have different body chemistry. Heroin is a good drug. Very Good. Hitting a vein with some China that’s pleasure. Popping some oxycodone that’s pleasure. Opiates all fucking day.

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