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8 Comments TALK SHIT!
  1. lol says:

    I actually laughed. Good one, Betches

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  2. hitler says:

    this was so guten

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  3. Karen says:

    It’s like he has ESPN :o

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  4. linds says:

    haha evan krumholz is hilarious…loved him since nassau state of mind!

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  5. Queen B says:

    “This week I’m actually using the soundtrack to Schindler’s List”
    OMG I died !

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  6. Queen B says:

    Also, “Well sometimes you want to bike but you don’t wanna pass poor people on the street - so here we are.”

    So spot on

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  7. rachel says:

    spot on ahahaha

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  8. George says:

    This guy is a real Retard..Oh my God…People pay him for Comedy show for sure..
    Someone should tell him to go to a psychiatrist…
    I dont have something with gays but my friend you have a real problem here…take care…
    And Respect Spinning word..You are Grossing….

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