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So couple of weeks ago while we were at drunk brunch with our besties we were introduced to the best app since we discovered that Snapchat could alternatively be used to send pics of yourself hungover vomiting in your pumps to your besties. It all started when someone casually mentioned that they were obsessed with Tinder. What's Tinder, you wondered? Then someone explained that you judge bros based on their hotness and age and at first you were like, gross, online dating is for losers and fuglies. Until your bestie explained that no respectable girl actually dates these guys.

And surprise, everyone was on it and it was a great way to do one of your favorite activities: snap judging people and then rejecting them based on their looks. Six hours later you were still on it and becoming compulsive. Tinder was getting in the way of your daily routine. Your shows were only being half watched, your friends' bitching was being ignored, and the only thing you cared about was clicking that little X or heart button. You were officially an addict and shit started to get weird.

Sure there are the guys that were funny to automatically reject like the seventeen year old surfer named Cameron whose picture was taken at prom. Then there were the old freaks like 52 year old Bob pictured in an old man polo with his four kids on his lawn in Connecticut. And of course the creepy ethnic dude named Alkewe who looked as though he might rape you via Tinder message if possible. Eventually you narrowed down the list and approved of the 2% of moderately acceptable guys within a thirty mile radius of your location. The breakdown could be divided into about five categories and went something like this:

Sex Fiend Simon 

Sex Fiend Simons are most often blocked immediately after their first message and are just generally creepy as fuck. When Simon's not opening with how sexy your smile is, he's getting right down to business and giving you his room number at the W hotel for your sexual pleasure or telling you his name and that he has a small apartment in the city but there's plenty of room if you sit on his face. Dream on Simon, if I wanted to fuck strangers I just met on the internet my face would already be corroded by crystal meth. NEXT.


Desperate Dan 

Desperate Dan seems normal at first. Sure his opener of "hey" was pretty generic but he looked hot enough in his mesh frat tank to warrant consideration. Obviously you were too busy or too overwhelmed by all your matches to respond to this guy but that doesn't stop Danny boy from laying it on thick and hard. He'll then follow up hey unanswered "hey" with a "what's up?" or if he's especially clingy, a "?" You'll then know you dodged a bullet. If you're this desperate via an iPhone app I can already see visuals of me having to pry you out of my bed while you pitifully whimper like an eight year old girl. NEXT.


Comical Corey

Apparently everyone on the internet thinks they're a fucking comedian but rarely is a guy's opener funny enough to warrant an actual LOL. That doesn't stop the heaps of guys who think they're the next fuglier version of Paul Rudd to open with some variation of "So is this how we'll tell our kids how we met?", "Ranch or blue cheese?", "Reverse Cowgirl or doggie style?" While these guys and their bros who they're showing their "hysterical tinder messages" to think they're fucking hysterical, in reality they're usually just not hot enough to get your attention otherwise. If I wanted to have a comical contest where I tried to one up a guy on hilarity I'd be someone's funny fat friend. NEXT.


Already Know You Adam 

Adam is the guy you have like thirty mutual friends with and probably have at least seen around. You already know him – maybe you guys will hit it off. You're trying to be polite so this bro gets a courtesy approval. He will inevitably match you too and then the two of you will say absolutely nothing to each other or he will use your vague acquaintance to hit on you via Tinder because he is far too much of a pussy to do so in real life. Or there's always the time you find your friend's boyfriend. NEXT.

Hard to Get Harry 

The most elusive of the bunch, Harry and you are a match, he's really hot but yet for some unfathomable reason has not messaged you. This is intriguing and obvi makes you want him more. Nine times out of ten Hard to Get Harry has a girlfriend who is unaware of his existence in the Tinder universe, is looking for a quick ego boost by seeing how many girls will match him based on his best-picture-he's-ever-taken-3-years-ago ridiculously hot profile picture, or is actually cool and doesn't use Tinder as an actual dating mechanism. SWOON.


But then there are always these bros, who actually make Tinder more entertaining than Cute Cuddly Kittens:


The guy who doesn't know how to add a picture. He'll either have the same picture of himself 4 times or have 4 pics of something like this:


The Over-Sharer

I asked but I DIDN'T FUCKING ASK. 


The Guy Who Can't Take a Hint


Omg Which one are you!?!?


The morons who think "how many push ups can you do?" is the most brilliant thing they've ever said



The guy who most definitely should not be on Tinder

And Lastly... 


The Sex God

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  1. good says:

    pure gold this one, i dont even know what the fuck tinder is but this shit can basiclaly be summed up for any social media behavior when it comes to guys

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    • not good says:

      Nice sexism there. Definitely showing your maturity.

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  2. Your Name says:

    I died…. You’re forgetting the short guys who accidentally post a group photo where they clearly look like a hobbit. That’s a NOPE

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    • Megan says:

      Fucking duh. Genius.

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  3. Tinderella says:

    whoever invented tinder is a god. so funny.

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  4. Meghan says:

    “how many pushups can you do” is a running joke from barstool sports….

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  5. connie says:

    tinder is just something to look at when you’re bored aka biggest joke

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  6. PC says:


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    • HAAHA says:

      that is incredible

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  7. tindingbetch says:

    THIS IS AMAZINGGGGGG. so. on. point.

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  8. bahahah says:

    I definitely got Kobus last week…

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  9. guyssss..... says:

    “creepy ethnic guy” its a little borderline racist

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    • lmao says:

      low key.. ethnic implies colored to me..

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    • accurate says:

      every persian in LA

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      • Normalgal says:

        Just died from this comment

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    • Anna says:

      What would you suggest one say to describe one of many creepy Indian tech guys from the Silicon Valley? I mean I want to be politically correct here, so please tell me! There just isn’t enough emphasis on “creepy guy” and “creepy tech guy” still is unspecific.

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      • AnnaIsARacist says:

        That would be better than being a racist who judges people on their colour.I mean it’s not like there aren’t any white creepy guys on tinder.
        Good luck keeping yourself racially pure.

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        • No says:


          Referring to race and being racist are two different things. Using the word “ethnic” is hardly racist.

          Just because you’re offended in this overly PC world doesn’t mean anyone should care or that it’s actual discrimination.

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        • RaceCard says:

          Yet another whacko liberal pulling out the race card.

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  10. sarcasticbetch says:

    just got paired with that gem named “Kobus” can you say keeper

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  11. hayley says:

    Finallyyy you guys found out about Tinder so that you could make fun of it!

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    • Well said! says:

      Finally the moaners have found summat new to moan about, summat else to take mock out of cuz they’re jus too cool and full of good ideas! Tho article is pretty much spot on

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    • Big Rob says:

      I got on tinder to meet some cool and chill people in my area but all the guys are gay and want to hook up (not homophobic btw, just want some chill people to…well chill with) and all the girls have a superiority complex, fake or have more than one account(for reasons a guy like me can’t comprehend) or are harlots who want to hook up or do that GFE paid thing.

      Why do people want to have sex so much? Lol

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  12. Tiana says:

    Hold up. This article is golden. It’s right on, a beacon of truth. I love it. It’s relatable, comical and depicts how awesome this phenomenon, called Tinder is. (even when your not bored)

    and let’s be real, person who called yourself.. “guyssss” (with four unnecessary s’), everything and anything is borderline racist. Don’t take it so personal.

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  13. DeltaNuPC says:

    And this, Betches, is exactly why I told you that you NEED to pick Providence College as “Betches Love This College”... Our bros create Tinders that get put into your articles

    Seriously - we’ve got a plethora of eating disorders and expensive handbags - ask about it

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  14. lmao says:

    NEVER tinder whilst rolling

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  15. Your Name says:

    “omg which one are you?”
    Obvi he’s at the wax museum

    For the push-ups one, that second image made me seriously LOL. Knowing that not only did he actually rephrase his text into the question, but that the entire conversation was deleted after that and another screenshot was taken. That picture was the icing.

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    • You're a dipshit says:

      Second image is from Jan 14, first is from Jan 29. These are different bros asking similar questions.

      Be more careful when you’re talking shit. You don’t want to make yourself look like an idiot when yore calling someone else a loser.

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      • Idiot says:

        Fucking well said. These betches are idiots.

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        • Someone says:

          ,said “Idiot”

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  16. Gay betch says:

    About time, this app is so old. Quite a few #mgb lurk on there

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  17. A guy says:

    I literally just beat the game… it says no new people in your area… and I live in midtown.  Range was on 50 miles.

    Thoughts? Opinions?

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  18. Jenna says:

    Hahaha this article is great! How about the guy you used to hook up with.  That is an awkward one smile

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  19. Cindy says:

    The new Lulu app is so much better than Tinder! Every girl should download Lulu—it is so funny!!!

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  20. Looove it! says:

    Spot. Fucking. On! The “Which One Are You” is my main reason for noping guys. Like wtf?! 4 photos and they’re all group shots? Seriously? You’re trying to confuse me on purpose. Also guys who upload the same photo twice or blurry pictures, you’re just stupid. Nope!

    Love it! Great job girls.

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    • wazza says:

      you gotta narrow it down lol chances are they wont have the same peeps in each photo

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    • Shaun says:

      This one applies equally to girls too! Group shots and cut-off photos, or even better, a bunch of photos of cats and memes.

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  21. Omg says:

    Just got matched up with MGK on tinder. What…

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  22. ...... says:

    are you for real with this “creepy ethnic dude”/rape line? come on.

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    • Remington says:

      Seriously. Way to be racist and ignorant!

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    • axela says:

      probaly ignorant racist ass white girls are the betches. that’s funny cuz…i remember most colonizers i learned about are white. huh.

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  23. T says:

    All these are funny but the ethnic. Low key racism.

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  24. lolol says:

    that’s not racism, that’s comedy AND accuracy

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    • Huh says:

      Well if a white dude said that not knowing there were 5 built black guys behind him the f**k do you think’ll happen??...we’re trying to save you from yourselves!

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  25. Cobes says:

    Never mind Tinder, all any guy cares about now is his score on Lulu…

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  26. Lillz says:

    White chix don’t like Asian ethnic dudes just a known fact.. Get over it.

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  27. livili says:

    LOL my friend met her boyf on tinder #fuckingno

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  28. Newport Betch says:

    Do one on Lulu next! Wayyy more exciting than Tinder

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  29. brit betch says:

    fuck this thing needs to be more active in the UK. I ran out of people to rate in like 20 mins.

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  30. God says:

    Another fine method for women to get selected and used like the meatbag whores they are. Tinder is convenient and easily separates the USDA select from the USDA prime, but they’re all still cattle to be consumed and shit out as females are good for nothing else. smile

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    • Disciple says:

      You are so right, God! Many of these comments are pretentious. When they are used up by 40, and no body wants to bang them, they will take it down a notch.

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  31. so says:

    thoughts on liking guys who go to a college where you know a lot of people?

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  32. Ultimate Ryan says:

    when you talk you should try not to sound like uber bitch.  All you girls who read this, your making men’s boners soft across the land.  I would rather make out with a dude than take a chick out that read from this website.

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  33. actuallycooldude says:

    So hope is lost for the actually cool handsome guys that maybe want a casual convo that could lead into a hookup and arent the type that to go to a party and wait for the right drunk girl to leave her friends? You consider guys that wanna talk an yeah maybe hookup while your sober the creeps and not the ones who go out with the gameplan to prowl on the one that took a shot too many? Dear Jesus girls perspectives are skewed.

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  34. anon says:

    Women are something.  Always whining and complaining about “not finding mr. right” or “all the good guys are taken”. But then, you get on these dating vessels and become stuck up cunts, judging and categorizing men, like the article above. (sorry for the derogatory, i’m from a country where people aren’t as easily offended at every turn. Oh Janet Jackson’s tit on the Super Bowl offended you? cunt!). Anyway, heres the bottom line: we win this game. More women, more choices for us. We get laid, you drink your nightly bottle of wine (whine) alone. Even a short, not-so-good-looking dude like myself gets laid by two or three different women every week. True story.

    American women have all but lost all ability to attract and command. you hold no power, no sway. Bikini shots is all you have to get our attention. But you know what? when the time comes and we meet, you’re good enough for a lay and adios to you and poor manners and weak qualities. In this dating game, men wanna fuck more women and women want to hold on to one man. We win this game.

    Tinder, Blendr and OKC: you make me and my cock feel like a champion.

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    • Diezel says:

      Give this man a cookie! smile

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  35. ast says:

    omg the guy in the picture with brad pitt is BOB!! he is the realtor for providence smith hill. he sold me and my sorority our houses hahahahaha just thought i’d share.

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  36. aggiebetch says:

    Omg love the guys who get all bent out of shape by this article. They’re so uncomfortable when we objectify them back! Haha. If you truly were a nice, non-creepy guy then you wouldn’t be scamming on drunk girls at parties OR on some stupid app.

    But we all know men are stupid and it’s hard to find a betch-worthy bro.

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    • Chuck says:

      Lol except you are all insecure psychos who only bang douchebags

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      • Antsy says:

        Word ^

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  37. Dan says:

    Tinder is like any dating website. Everyone acts like they’re too cool for it, yet here we are “matched” and awkward acting like we’re otherwise actually meeting an abundance of people between classes and work. ...Right. So just say what you want to say and be done with it. Most people are too stupid to even give you the benefit of the doubt when you make your edgy differentiating joke, anyways.

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  38. Fellow Betch says:

    Fucking amazing.  We should start submitting our weird ass tinder condos

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    • Homie says:

      No you dumb cunt, you shouldn’t, because no one gives two shits.

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  39. Claire says:

    Ughh the way you write on this stupid fucking site is so annoying. You’re dumb and promoting the worst in girls today. Literally the saddest that pathetic girls (pretty much everyone who posted above this and everyone who didn’t hate this page) are finding merit in this shitshow of an article. Good luck surviving in the real world, betch!

    Posted on Reply
    • Genuine says:

      You’re spot on. It’s so easy to judge, troll and criticize. It’s no wonder why no decent (or very few) person feels comfortable to join when they actually would like to meet someone interesting.

      Welcome to the most cynical generation yet.

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    • notafatgirl says:

      actually, you’re dumb and promoting the worst in girls today.

      keep it up betches!

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  40. Gf gf says:

    Tinder is amazing and this article is right on. I am obsessed hahahah

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  41. mary says:

    God, these are all totally spot on. You find so many creepers on Tinder- that’s why i wish more people knew about acquaintable.

    Because acquaintable only introduces you to friends of friends, you can rest assured that the profiles you are viewing are authentic (or at least have the ability to contact your mutual friend and see if they’re worth contacting if you’re matched). It’s definitely worth checking out-

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  42. The Dude says:

    I got on tinder and within a day I had a video of a woman masterbating….
    I give this shit a thumb’s up.

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  43. Steve says:

    And the most funny part of all is that since none of you use the app to actually meet guys, you all just do it for a self esteem boost. You’ll say stupid shit like “I like, just do it cause I’m boooored” but you all know its true

    I know guys who actually have been laid using this app. Those are real women. You call them sluts because you’re all jealous , but only an insecure little child would use this for self esteem

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    • hot bro says:

      i guess ive just been diagnosed as low-self esteem

      i dont know how to break the news to my parents

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  44. Zingzong says:

    So, im really curious as to the ‘cant take a hint’ part of this. The app is designed for you to MATCH! So the point is that you already both have ‘liked’ each other. So youre just being a betch and just ‘liking’ dudes to be rude to them? I dont get it. Please explain.

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  45. Bestie says:

    Stop saying bestie

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  46. D says:

    I met a great girl on Tinder. We’ve seen each other several times over the course of a month and I can’t wait for our next date. I’m a 29 yr old grad-school educated guy who has a real job and a career ahead of him. I first joined this app for the laughs, but when the matches became real, and not someone trying to get my credit card number, I started viewing it as another way to meet people in an age where we are lucky to have access to such great technology. It seems to me that Tinder is no different than meeting a random person at a bar. Often, attractive, interestig, and successful people are busy and don’t have time to be at a bar every night of the week. Thankfully, there’s always a few minutes to kill at work or at night and Tinder because you never know! It takes two to decide to hook up or start a relationship. You have a the power to make that choice. Thank you for providing a forum to discuss this openly.

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  47. Josh Howard says:

    Okay I stumbled upon this and I’m fucking dying of laughter!!!!! To whoever wrote this you made my week. The joe biden swag is fucking perfect

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  48. Remington says:

    Well, at least there are twelve different kinds of guys to keep you entertained. Tinder has made me realize how homogenous and alike most women can be. Here are the different photos for women (and somehow each girl has all of these photos in their allotted five!) 1. Group shots. Somehow four of five pics are these and we want you to be the hot one, but in the last stand alone pic, you definitely aren’t.
    3. Doing something zany!  This is usually a pic of you with a mustache and a sombrero. So crazy and out there!
    4. You doing something outdoorsy. On the top of a mountain, jumping. So extreme!
    5. Picture of you drinking. ORIGINAL.
    That’s about it, swipe left.

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  49. Marc says:

    I actually think that who wrote this article
    and all the people that are laughing like idiots are the actual losers. Do you think you are or you can do better then the average people on Tinder? If it were so you wouldn’t have been here but on a date.

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  50. Sammy DeRossi says:

    I stopped using tinder a few weeks ago… too many douches for my liking lol. My coworker showed me and I’m a big fan of that over the others in terms of actually meeting people vs. just entertainment. It has a different approach that feels less sketchy cause you and your friends essentially act as “wingmen”. I like that it helps you find things to do too. Skout’s okay too, but still has it’s fair share of creepers

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  51. danifoofoo says:

    tinder combines my two favorite past times: judging people and not paying for my own meals.

    Posted on Reply
  52. Jess says:

    Posted on Reply
  53. johndoe says:

    Yet another article by an entitled cunt with a princesscomplex… get over yourself bitch.

    Posted on Reply
    • paulrs says:

      I was thinking the exact same thing! I’m tired of hearing how terrible guys are, but this group of females (the online dater…yes, I’m generalizing all of you, deservedly so) are WAY more shallow and superficial than any guy I know.

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  54. Young Man says:

    Apparently no guy is good enough for any of these ladies. Im sure you are all gorgeous and have no psychotic female tendencies, which is also why you are still single and looking for “matches” on tinder. I probably swiped all you bitches to the left. Next!

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  55. Chris says:

    Im a guy. I laughed. It is a funny article. Guys stop being so buthurt! Your bringing our side down. And dont swear at the ladieiz!

    Posted on Reply
    • Ben says:


      Posted on Reply
  56. Your Name says:

    Might have been a decent blog but I stopped reading once I saw that you used the word “besties” least 3 times before I bailed.

    Posted on Reply
  57. Maggie says:

    You’re forgetting all of the guys in their lab coats to show they’re pre-med/ all the volunteer firemen haha

    Posted on Reply
  58. Um says:

    What about the like 37% who have obvious gay mouth?

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  59. Maggs says:

    “Are you asking me if I’m hot and popular, what do you think?”

    What kind of bitch gets that offended by a guy trying to make casual convo.  “HOW DARE YOU QUESTION MY HOTNESS AND POPULARITY”  Absolute definition of a cunt.  Hmm, I wonder why she’s single….  She def needs to be asked how many pushup she can do.  LOL That guy is hilarious.  Well played Sir, such disrespectful bitches deserve no respect back.

    Also looking at some of these responses, if you’re on an app like that just to laugh at people that you find odd, and you’re not still in high-school, you’re extremely pathetic and immature.  I mean I’m a guy, and I just feel bad for the ugly weird girls on there, sad even, but I wouldn’t ever laugh at them.  That’s some sort of bizarre self loathing cruelty.  I can’t even imagine having fun by laughing at unattractive people, that is so twisted.  Truly you have no soul if that’s how you entertain yourself in this first world life of yours.

    Posted on Reply
  60. Life says:

    Easy come, easy go, just like a Tinder hoe!

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  61. Anonymous Girl says:

    What about the guy who failed to tell you he got out of a 2 year relationship a month ago and actually “doesn’t know what the hell he wants” after you give it to him?

    Posted on Reply
  62. Anonymous says:

    Racist whore. Grow up.

    Posted on Reply
  63. True Story says:

    This article made me laugh. I don’t think you’re racist, because there ARE creepy ethnic guys (and I consider that to be any ethnicity, including European). Of course there are creepy white guys too, and the rest of the article is about them! I joined Tinder 2 days ago and I now have over 100 matches. I have had convos with about 8 or 9 of them. Most of them are just as described above. I have been asked for dirty pictures more times that I can count by most of these guys. However, the first guy to message me is probably the sweetest guy I have ever talked to. We have talked about everything except the dirty stuff and hopefully we will meet up sometime and see if we really like each other.
    I also agree with a lot of the male comments. We women (including myself) judge men too quickly. Like I said, I met a really nice guy on Tinder that I hope to meet in person. If he turns out to be an asshole, then I’ll get over it because we met on a DATING APP. That certainly isn’t what I want to tell my grandchildren someday, but if it happens, it happens.
    I liked this article because it was funny and very true. I think maybe there could have been a section about the really nice guy you meet, but maybe everyone doesn’t meet a nice one. It IS a dating app, so they are on it for a reason after all.

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  64. G says:

    Yes all ethnic men are “creepy” and would rape you through their phone. Sadly, you wish this were the case. Please post a picture of yourself—not a Tinder conversation—and allow us all to judge it. Then internalize our malicious banter, start believing you really aren’t “hot” and then kill yourself.

    Posted on Reply
  65. Sean says:

    Was finding the post funny until the rapey, ethnic guy line. That’s racist, and I just assume you’re a horrible person.

    Posted on Reply
  66. tinderhell says:

    met up for a drink. got too drunk. he took me home instead of being a gentlemen and taking me home. I said no but was too drunk to help myself…..we were both drunk..he forced it . tinder…never again. be careful if Johnathan Kim comes up, swipe left. (stuytown ny)

    Posted on Reply
  67. Brad says:

    I don’t how I came across this gem but it left me scratching my head. Tinder is supposed to be for adults. You sound like girls who are still in high school. Are you seriously grown ups or teenage girls? I guess being a “betch” is something to be proud of?

    I’m not trying to start anything but that is my honest opinion. Give these Tinder people a break. I just can’t believe it. Are you over 18?

    If you folks really are adults; I can’t wait to see where life takes you in another 15-30 years. It’ll catch up; just wait. I promise. Those looks will fade. The attitudes will only grow more vile.

    I wouldn’t touch you girls with a ten foot pole. I don’t give a damn how hot or fashionable or cool you perceive yourselves to be or actually are. If you’re what cool or in is; then, count me out.

    Posted on Reply
  68. Brad says:

    I still can’t figure out if this site is for real or a joke. Are there really people like this out there? How do you live with yourself?

    I love the first line. Who the hell goes to a “drunk brunch” besides losers and alcoholics? 99% of the time, that’s a little early to start drinking for me and the people I associate with. And it’s not like we aren’t having a blast in life; we just aren’t alcoholics. I get it. You are in college now and just having fun. Well, that might be the case but you are in college and you are having fun.. AND you are an alcoholic! Don’t forget that last part. The coolness and fun of it will wear off when you graduate and nobody wants to hire or marry a drunk haha. I mean you say it like this is a regular event- a social event you are so proud to be a part of; is this an every other day thing?

    I usually have things that I need to do that early (even on weekends) like making money or doing something with my life to benefit others. Jesus.

    I have this incredible urge to reach through my phone onto the Internet, grab you by the your nappy, chemical-laden hair, pull you back through the screen into my world (the real world) and slap some sense into your ignorant asses. If only technology was that advanced… :(

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  69. Brad says:

    I still can’t figure out if this site is for real or a joke. Are there really people like this out there? How do you live with yourselves?

    I love the first line. Who the hell goes to a “drunk brunch” besides losers and alcoholics? 99% of the time, that’s a little early to start drinking for me and the people I associate with. And it’s not like we aren’t having a blast in life; we just aren’t alcoholics.

    I get it. You are in college now and just having fun. Well, that might be the case but you are in college and you are having fun… AND you are an alcoholic! Don’t forget that last part. The coolness and fun of it will wear off when you graduate and nobody wants to hire or marry a drunk haha. I mean you say it like this is a regular event- a social event you are so proud to be a part of; is this an every other day thing?

    I usually have things that I need to do that early (even on weekends) like making money or doing something with my life to benefit others. Jesus.

    It’s so obvious that you are little girls because the way you speak shows that you have no concept of what MEN and women go through. Maybe you are of age now. But you have a lot if work to do. I know it’s cliche to say but good luck in the real world. People probably say that all the time to you so it has no meaning but just make sure to remember how you acted when you actually get out there completely on your own. Maybe you’ll grow up a little bit.

    I have this incredible urge to reach through my phone onto the Internet, grab you by the your nappy, chemical-laden hair, pull you back through the screen into my world (the real world) and slap some sense into your ignorant asses. If only technology was that advanced… :(


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  70. beaches and shores says:

    Lol at all the feminazis on this site.

    At the end of the day, they are all butt hurt because they can’t find a dude who wants then.

    Top hilario mates.

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  71. Kenneth Specter says:

    I wrote this entire paragraph about how shitty a person you are after clicking a link to this out of curiosity, and then I realized what the purpose of this website was and that I was commenting on what was basically an article by the women-exclusive version of The Onion… way to go Ken.

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  72. Josh says:

    What about the extreme social anxiety person who wants to meet people but overthinks everything he writes for an hour and never sends it because he’s terrified of rejection? ( i.e. Me. )

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