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As betches from birth we've obviously gotten used to a life of #192 getting whatever the fuck we want right now. And while that's true 99% of the time, if everything were perfect we wouldn't have anything to #1 talk shit about and then where would we be? Exactly, bored as fuck. This is why all betches must overreact.

Now if we are supposed to be chill and not give a shit about anything, why overreact? Simple answer. It's a nicegirl-proof way to get what you want from anyone. The better your overreaction, the quicker you'll be given what you want in exchange for shutting up. Some may call this spoiled, we prefer 'efficient.' I mean technically you could just call this post 'reacting' since overreacting is the only way to act.

The key elements to conducting a successful overreaction are primarily #80 bitching and extreme exaggeration. For example upon encountering a long bathroom line at a club, you just hold your mouth dramatically and mumble about having to vom and voila, the handicap stall is yours for the peeing.

Some classic examples of betchy overreaction include:

The barista prepares your drink incorrectly: Are you fucking kidding me, skim plus and EQUAL? Where am I, a diner in 1999? Whoever said skim plus is the new skim was seriously disturbed.

The SAB you're hooking up with hasn't texted you back for 25 minutes: Who the fuck does he think he is taking this long to answer?? Check the news, he better be dead.

The waiter at a group dinner informs you they only serve beer and wine: I did not come to your establishment to be treated this way! We want a copy of your liquor license, the long form.

Nothing you want to watch on TV: There's nothing on I'm calling Time Warner right now I'm INCONSOLABLE. And I've already watched everything on the DVR. Twice!

Your annoying roommate asks you, "What's your deal for tonight?" WHAT'S YOUR DEAL FOR LIFE!?!?!

So betches, next time you're up against adversity, just remember there's nothing wrong with staging a massive shit fit. It's a great way to get sympathy and a xanax prescription. Finally, it's a great way to combat the haters who accuse you of being lazy and putting no effort into your life. Any person who doesn't see overreacting as a full time job either has too much botox to get visibly angry or worse, can put things into perspective.

#196 Not Having a Sense of Direction

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  1. Gbetch says:

    buhaha…love this! I was wasted at a party this one time and a bro pissed me off so I threw a half open bottle of chaser at him. The bottle bounced off his shirt and the cap flipped off midair and drenched a friend of mine. Instead of apologizing I yelled at the bro for having provoked me and he in turn apologized to my friend taking full responsibility for having caused the spill on her shirt! overreacting gets ‘em everytime!

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    • mmm says:

      not overreacting, you’re just crazyy

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    • Your Name says:

      that’s just psychotic, maybe don’t tell people that story

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      • calm down says:

        clearly you two losers are the ones overreacting here..

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        • i know says:

          for real

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  2. Queen B says:

    HAHA Thanks Betches, once again you have affirmed my betchy ways that some bring into question. My overreacting isn’t immature its BETCHY STFU.

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    • dilusional says:

      betchy is synonymous with immature.

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      • stupid says:

        you can’t even spell delusional correctly when you’re trying to bitch at a betch… get off this site now

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  3. Ja'mie, weird name I know it says:

    The best Ja’mie overreaction is when she cries to end the mediation with the other girls. Love her!

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    • dis chick says:

      in high school, i smashed my blackberry because my mom sent my stepdad to pick me instead of her. two days later, got the iphone i wanted. overreacting > being civil

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  4. DatBetch says:

    hhaha this is too true…“WHAT’S YOUR DEAL FOR LIFE?!?” is too classic.

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  5. Shit says:

    Ummm over reacting yay- but whomever wrote this is clearly BORED.
    Love you betches but i miss the old sass, like…


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  6. ErikaLuxe says:

    omg have not seen Ja’mie in so long, thank you for this

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  7. Anon says:

    I literally just saw the whole Summer Heights High Series. Ja’mie has seriously made my life!! At like 2am I will look the phone call up Ja’mie makes to her mom on my phone because it is sooo fucking funny. It never gets old

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  8. Anonymous says:

    “I’m a fucking private school girl!!”

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  9. melbetch says:


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  10. A-- says:

    “Why don’t you go fuck yourself public school bitch!”

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  11. lol says:

    the overreacting comments are sometimes the best parts of these articles. rage on, ladies

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  12. Anonymous says:

    This site is fucking stupid. Sluts.

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  13. Your Name says:

    Your “long form” reference for the liquor license is to die for hahaha

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  14. strandedinshitwholerio says:

    OMG i can’t even count how many times I have had that convo with my mom…..

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