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Since it's substantially more entertaining to get through two hours of watch the Bachelor drunk, we thought it'd be fun to come up with an easy drinking game to help you get there quickly. Also be sure to check out We the Betches member Fellowbetch's Bachelor drinking games; she posts them every week - so thanks!

So, get your #31 wine and/or vodka out betches, it's time for the Official Juan Pablo Bachelor Drinking game. And remember the strategy of this game is that rules are very lax so if you sneak in drinks when you are not supposed to, you are probably winning. 


Juan Pablo mispronounces a word, literally ANY word

Juan Pablo talks about how much he just loooveess Camila

Someone’s “career” is not an actual career

A contestant brings up their extreme emotional baggage and Juan Pablo’s clearly thinking, I never fucking asked.

A contestant tries to speak Spanish and mumbles a different language instead

Someone complains about not getting enough time with Juany

Someone tries to relate to Juan Pablo's Spanish side by bringing up their housekeeper

Chris Harrison checks a girl's boobs

Juan Pablo checks out a girl's boobs

Chris Harrison and Juan Pablo check out each other

Lucy twirls like a fucking maniac

Juan Pablo is jogging down the beach shirtless

Juan Pablo is playing soccer shirtless

Juan Pablo is showering shirtless, obviously

You cross your legs because Juan Pablo is doing anything anywhere shirtless

Someone makes an extreme sports love analogy 

A bachelorette brings up her own status as a single mom to relate to Juan because she's run out of other convo

They inevitably rappel down a fucking building

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  1. hispanic betch says:

    they refer to him as “wand” Pablo vs Juan Pablo

    Posted on Reply
  2. sweatguru betch says:

    Every time Juan Pablo says, she’s gonna freak out!

    Posted on Reply
  3. canadian betch says:

    someone accuses one of the girls of being there for “the wrong reasons” or, alternatively, nothing being there for “the right reasons”

    Posted on Reply
  4. Ammericano says:

    “Will you assept this rose”
    No this is not the same as misprounouncing words, it should be it’s own catigory

    Posted on Reply
  5. datbetchk says:

    Anytime Juan Pablo says his version of “Surprise”...

    Posted on Reply
  6. Natalie says:

    Everytime Claire shoots someone a death glare

    Posted on Reply
  7. Tricia says:

    Any time Wand Pablo kisses / makes out with a girl

    Posted on Reply
  8. Tiffany says:

    Every time you wonder why Chelsie is still on the show

    Posted on Reply
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