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Because betches are the most important people around, it's their duty to keep all their besties and betch followers updated on their every move. Naturally, this is accomplished through a constant stream of BBM status updates, tweets, and Facebook statuses. But for a true betch, nothing matches the statement made with their favorite form of update: the mobile upload (often referred to by its common abbreviation, “mupload").

Since a basic requirement for being a betch is owning a iPhone iPhones (Androids are so manly) the camera feature has become a huge part of The Betch Life. Whenever a betch goes out on the town, it’s absolutely critical that everyone she knows is aware of exactly what she's doing and with whom. Since a real betch is too cool to spend time taking boring pics with a camera and uploading albums with 60 pics of 5-10 girls smiling with their hands on their hips so they look #5 skinny, her muploads show that she's super busy and super popular and "omg so funny!!" A mupload screams "I'm too cool for Facebook albums but my life is just too fabulous to not share this pic of my best betch vomming in her own bag!"

OMG, Ally stole some bro’s hat at the bar!? That’s soooo funny!! Mupload that! ...But wait, what should I caption it!?

After fewer than five minutes, the photo will already be on Facebook, captioned “Cool hat Al!” (good one, right!?) Now all of this betch’s Facebook friends aka followers, who are clearly hugeeee losers since they’re sitting at home on Facebook instead of going out and RAGINGGGGG, can live vicariously and have sooo much fun too!! YAYYY!!

One might argue that some betches actually only engage in activities based on opportunities for muploads. For those of you who live this way, don’t worry, we get you, but it’s time to get a life.



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  1. The Betches says:

    Every group needs one camera betch though to take tons of photos of you and your betches to upload for others to look at, all at once! Because obvs everyone else wants to see as much of your weekend as possible also.

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  2. The Betches says:

    this is the fat betch friend, obvi we don’t really want to be in a photo with her, but she is great to use for pics!

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  3. Queen Betch says:

    Obvi you dnt remember what you write in your previ posts b4 you publish new ones… Diss Iphones in this post but bow dwn to them in Iphone Switch? hmmm very un-betchy..

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  4. Julianna says:

    androids are for weirdos. can’t survive without bbm.

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  5. dankbetch says:

    Shit changes, iPhones are legit now.. So stfu & know what you’re saying.

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  6. Betchhh says:

    BlackBerries suck worse than a gutter whore… If having a phone that has a battery life, no dumb ball that falls off and much sleeker design is more manly, you are a moron.

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