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So we realize we’ve been #1 talking a lot of shit about those whom we’d label “nice girls.” While these people obviously suck, we feel it’s a little unfair to limit our negative feelings to only this one group. Betches are all for equality, so we know that all nice people deserve the same amount of disdain. Namely, nice guys.

Betches don’t love bros so much because of their amazing looks and generous, caring ways. We love bros because they don’t automatically take all of our shit and don’t always respond to our clever #32 winning tactics. Offer me a ride home after I stay the night at your place? You’re done. Fucking desperate loser. Forget to wish me a happy birthday via both BBM and Facebook? +5 right there.

There’s a certain confidence that the nice guy lacks that makes us wanna vomit. (I guess they’re good for something!) Don't be flattered if a nice guy asks you out, he's the kind of tool who's been on the prowl since he broke up with his latest lame girlfriend less than a month ago. If you’re a nice guy, it is virtually impossible to even attain #19 ugly hot status. And sometimes, even if you are hot, being a kind and overly affectionate person will end with you getting fucked over… and we don’t mean the kitchen table.

Granted, guys don't have to be sadistic or mean for betches to like them, although it does help. But there’s a very thin line between being a moderate challenge and someone’s bitch. Sometimes nice guys are hard to spot, and we don’t realize it until we’ve already hooked up with them.


just friendsA cheek kiss will not get you laid.


Here are some signs you’ve encountered a nice guy:

1. He refuses to play mind games 2. He tells you how he feels far too soon 3. He talks to his mom several times a day 4. He’s president of the Academic Integrity Hearing Board at your university 5. He’s the friend who constantly goes on beer runs 6. He continues to contact you after you stood him up four times 7. He says you should take things slow… sexually 8. He listens to what you have to say and actually references it in later conversations. Ew.

So betches, if you find yourself entangled with a nice guy, don’t panic. Depending on how betchy you are, you can either ride this one out for fun to see how long he’ll keep coming back, no matter how many times you tell him his wardrobe is repulsive and that you hate kids and small animals. If you’re a nicer betch, you might tell him you’re just not that into him. Or, you could “wrong BBM” him something explicitly sexual with another bro’s name. Either way, you should wait until after your birthday to end shit just in case he has a cool gift lined up. We wouldn’t want anyone to waste their money, especially not on us.

You might also decide to keep him around on the off chance that he suddenly decides to become an asshole (yay!) and starts to ignore you. Then it’s only a matter of days before you’re in love with him and you can’t figure out why that is. Seeing him hook up with someone else usually does the trick. I don’t want you, but you’re certainly not allowed to fucking want anyone else!

Not to sound like total haters, it’s just that betches are very intriguing and complicated, and nice guys don’t fuck with our heads enough to keep us interested. A true betch won’t be won over with flowers and candy, instead the key to our hearts is to strategically ignore the fact that we’re hot shit and subtly insult us. Every betch knows the only thing hotter than a good actual fuck is a quality mind fuck.


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  1. The Betches says:

    I hate when guys are really nice to me.. It totally creeps me out. Ignore me and I’ll harass you until you give in (which at that point I’m going to be onto my next chase) sorry bro.

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  2. The Betches says:

    I don’t hate nice guys in fact I love nice but it has to be paired with coolness and confidence…if a guy lacks those latter two qualities then nice does not work. But I think it is totally awesome when a cool confident guy remembers something I say from a previous convo. It’s like this…guys that are creepy are usually only creepy because they are ugly.

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  3. The Betches says:

    Nah, not all of these relatively nice, attractive, well-dressed, educated and self-confident guys that aren’t “Bros” are gay… some of us have just grown the fuck up.

    I was that nice guy in high school… and you know what? I never got the girl. College came around and I got hurt so I became a dick (read: the one who fucks the assholes and the pussies… thanks Team America).

    But somewhere after college, it wasn’t always worth it to be that guy. The games just to get with some hot chick gets old. At some point, you actually want someone with goals and similar interests. You can’t fuck a personality, but you sure can try to get along with someone when you’re not boning them.

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  4. The Betches says:

    can’t explain how much my roomates and I lolz at this site, RELATE, then suspect one of us is actually one of the authors.

    last 3 posts. actually these parallel my life. ACTUALLY as in punta cana. do I know you? GOD I HOPE SO

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  5. The Betches says:

    haha love thiss && a good mind fuck

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  6. The Betches says:

    this site is so true, except the problem is that once a bro drops a betch for the next better looking/younger one that comes along, you “betches” are going to end up in your 30s, way over the hill, complaining how there are no good guys around and that they are all assholes. haha

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  7. The Betches says:

    This was written for me.

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  8. The Betches says:

    you are a horrible person

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  9. The Betches says:

    ‘Betches’ need to get laid more…start with fugly jerkoffs…and climb the ladder to ‘nice guys’ LMAO

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  10. The Betches says:

    nothing is a bigger turnoff than a guy who shows how into you he is, especially so soon. icky

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  11. The Betches says:

    See, this is why women will never get anywhere in America. They are too dumb to realize what is good for them and to come to the realization that they need to castigate cunts like the author(s) of this site from their ranks…Don’t want a nice guy? Fine, take a half retarded “bro” who wears douchy graphic tees (or maybe bright neon apparel), has small dick syndrome and will likely cheat on you within 2 months (maybe less if he finds you as shallow and annoying as I do).

    Newsflash “betch”: your looks will only last until you are 25, 30 tops. Then the “bros” will go for a younger piece of ass that has a tighter body, perkier boobs and skin that isn’t already wrinkled from tanning salon abuse. At the same time us “nice guys”, yea, we only get better looking with age since we have the intelligence and long-term planning abilities to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle.

    Then, once you are cast to the curb like the fuck-doll that you are, you will likely realize that you never developed the life skills necessary to land a quality man, one that will treat you with respect (imagine that?) and will actually care what your dumbass has to say.

    With all that said, I plan to give all you “betches” a smile and a wave as I pass you turning tricks on the corner sometime in the near future!

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    • shma says:

      lolz that doesn’t sound like something a nice guy would say

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      • Michael says:

        That’s EXACTLY what a nice guy would say.. Hit the nail dead on the head.  Just because we’re nice doesn’t mean we CAN’T be mean, it means we choose to be nice, considerate, caring, fun, loyal, etc.  All the things modern “women” are too stupid to understand are important in relationships. 

        The douchbags are douchbags because they have noting else to offer. Nice guys are nice because they’ll still f*** you all the same, but actually want more than just sex.. Common interests, etc. Obviously guys should have a backbone and stand up for themselves.

        The only reason I can see “women,” or more accurately, “girls” liking assholes is because they see the lack of “respect” as a turn on.  It makes sense in a warped way. But that’s how women work, warped logic.  That’s why they shouldn’t, in general, be in charge of things.  They ignore the obvious characteristics that lead to good decisions for what they f***ing “FEEL” “in the moment.”  That would be called thinking with your d*** if you were a guy.

        So how is it different? 
        Men get better looking, women top out at 25-30.  We can always get a younger, hotter model.  You will only ever be an older model.  You see, if a guy has a great job, a backbone and takes care of himself, he can pretty much always upgrade, especially if he has some money.  You will be cast aside.  To avoid that, get an education and a good job, stay hot and you wont have to pray that you do everything he wants and he never finds out how stupid you are.  F***ing stupid a** betches.

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        • Your Name says:

          Wow someone is really upset that they’re not yet at that magical age where all the mean betches are going to “top out”.  30 you say?  Well guess what dude, I know plenty of legitimately KIND men (NOT “nice guys” like you) who are already topped out, bald and past their prime utterly in the looks department but heres a NEWSFLASH for you!  LOOKS AREN’T EVERYTHING!  These guys are hot anyway because they have confidence, they don’t fucking nag and bitch about conspiracy theories (ahem…) And following your own logic, if a person takes care of their body they can preserve themselves as long as their genetics will allow.  Anyone knows that a true betch takes top notch care of herself first and foremost, ummmmm DUH!

          Buh bye hon, good luck with your “younger hotter models”.  They’re the only betches who will stay oblivious enough to tolerate someone as intolerant and hateful as yourself.  What self respecting woman would subject herself to the company of someone who clearly hates her gender?

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          • Fuck you is my name says:

            Sorry are you fucking serious. The article just said you fucking idiots think like you do and you come here and start spouting this stupid ass shit, totally ignoring you the fact you just admitted you all fuck up in the first place. Yall some stupid ass pieces of shit, oh well enjoy that single mother well fare life as you raise a prostitute or drug dealer that is oh so despicable like the men you enjoy. Toddles.

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      • Michael says:

        Betches=whores.  Useful, yes. Respected, lmao.

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  12. The Betches says:

    Okay. I’m not going to lie your post, and commentary are probably the most intelligent of all boys on this site. However, at the end of the day YOU ARE JUST WRONG. Everyone knows that 40 is the age where Betches may no longer use their vaginas as weapons. Betches see to it that they never are “kicked to the curb”, becasue they always manage to take a bro up on his offer, sooner or later, wehn he tells her that he wants her Babies ( wheather he was kidding or not). I don’t think the author(s) are saying that they don’t want a nice guy, they just don’t want a pussy. Meaning if a guy is telling you that he thinks you are amazing and that he wants to give you his dead grandmas ring on the second date…..he’s probably crazy becasue those feelings can not possibly be legit , considering he doesn’t even know you. He’s just depserate. Nice is an ambiguous word shithead. While you’re waving at us as we’re “turning tricks”, we’ll be waving right back at you in your lincoln, while you’re fulling your roll as nice guy, being a major CEO’s personal driver.

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  13. The Betches says:

    Also- the biggest players and assholes pose as nice guys. That’s part of their game so to speak.

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  14. The Betches says:

    You’re both kind of wrong… it’s a case-by-case basis. It all depends on how you treat your body. I know hot women in their 50′s and I know ugly women in their late 20′s. Genetics plays a lot into it. As does how much you drink, smoke, party and tan. White chicks from Jersey weren’t meant to have the skin of an Ethiopian broad.

    You are right that “nice” guys haven’t developed the set of social skills they need. They’ve spent too much time trying to plead with girls for attention, and never learned they have to command it. If you don’t find yourself interesting, then you won’t be happy… and if you’re not happy, you’ll never attract someone else that you want.

    Feelings aren’t things that can be ignored (if you “betches” have those… I have no experience there), but you can decide not to talk about them… which comes from TACT as opposed to being an ASSHOLE.

    And while I didn’t make the comment about old “betches” turning tricks because no one wants to marry a football with no personality, I did feel like adding the fact that I’m in my late 20s, I’m damn good looking, and I’m the CEO of my own company.

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  15. The Betches says:

    wait… i’m confused because apparently i’m the only person who thinks that the authors of this website are being 100% sarcastic. correct me if i’m wrong, but i don’t see how anyone could actually write all of the posts on this website with a straight face. i take it lightly and get a good laugh out of it… no need to take things so seriously.

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  16. The Betches says:

    ahgreed one hundred percent. it’s all just for fun.

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  17. The Betches says:

    spoken *almost* like a true gentlemen, but at least its the absolute truth!

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  18. The Betches says:

    Lol word, cudn’t of said it better myself.

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  19. The Betches says:

    Dude, you sound like a misogynist asshole. Why do you think you know a woman’s mind better than she does? You sound preachy. Your opinion is based in your personal morality. Does not make it fact. All you did was paint a woman-hating picture. Seriously. You are exactly the kind of pathetic beta-male loser that repulses women. You are clearly a huge nerd (does anyone else miss the days when nerds were actually smart?). Only a geek would write such a dogmatic piece of drivel. I bet you a white guy too, the kings of ‘entitlement.’ Lots of manly, cool white dudes, but you are CLEARLY not one of them. You sound like a fanatic from the middle east (or the South). Your idiotic opinions and predictions for these alpha-females is dead wrong. German social-scientists have claimed that this will be the “century of female supremacy.” Get used to it boy. Also, monogamous marriage is dead. Marriage is a fools bet. I can tell you feel strongly about it. But why? I doubt you even know. You don’t understand the dynamics on this blog intellectually. Your education and view of the world is limited. Only scientific principles matter in life, because they are the only things that are REAL. You believe that woman have to define themselves by a man. They don’t, not any more. So go cry white boy, feel sorry for yourself and your pathetic sense of ‘loss.’ You don’t own white women. This is why they are considered minorities. Didn’t intend to bring up race, but I know your type. By the way I’m a white man. Funny thing about your comment is that you are NOT a “nice guy.” You are a misogynist loser. Why would an alpha-female want YOU. If you truly loved women then why do you wish to oppress them and put them down when they are still struggling so hard to get out of the unnatural BOX assholes like you have crammed them in for thousands of years? Idiot. You don’t even know how to BEGIN to act like a real man. Best regards….

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  20. The Betches says:

    German “social-scientists” also thought blonde-haired blue eyed white people were the master race, so I’m not entirely sure where you’re going with this.

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  21. The Betches says:

    lol you sound like my ex a loser. its called plastic surgery and mindfucking. it’ll get betches further than you ever will.

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  22. The Betches says:

    As a betch, I must say I’m disappointed in this post. I love a hot sexy bro as much as the next girl, but we can’t completely ignore the nice ones. What is a betch if not a future trophy wife? My best relationships have been with borderline nerds who actually care what I have to say, because I can’t stand guys who think they’re the shit and I should go make them a sandwich or get in their bed. Come on betches, think for a sec! What’s wrong with a guy who is real with you? We can’t be playing these games forever.

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    • Michael. -- pissed nice guy/husband material. says:

      Well at least you’re semi-sane.  But trust me, men will get tired of a stupid trophy wife after a few years.  Don’t let getting married fool you into thinking you have it made.  You don’t, the guy you married does.  He’s the one with the money, we all know “betches” are too dumb to make any.  Seriously though, if a guy likes you because you’re a bitch, then you’re a fuckdoll.  Your purpose in his life is to make his dick happy and make him food.  Then you get access to some of his money, he will obviously hide some from your slutty gold digging ass.  Oh yea, remember your parents? His money, his rules, betch. 

      This is to explain a betch’s role in life, in case they were too stupid to figure it out.  When you’re 30-35 and even more stupid from older age, you better believe you’ll be kicked to the curb for the next.  Then you’ll be old, dumb, with a ragged out pussy and a single mom.  Jokes on you!

      This site pisses me off and makes me respect girls/women less. 

      To all “betches,” not as much to who I’m commenting this under

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      • Your Name says:

        If reading satiric posts on a website for women makes you respect less then I’d say you’re a very impressionable person.  Also, don’t watch tv because there’s a lot of satire out there that will make you respect everyone less.

        More to the point, marriage is a partnership.  And even if you use disparaging language it doesn’t change that fact.  If a pro chooses to marry a betch it’s because he’s getting something out of the deal.  If those things are companionship, affection, and a top notch gorgeous babe who adores his attentions then why shouldn’t he have those things?  You’re just mad because you haven’t made any love with a woman and you don’t even know how.  It’s so much deeper than you can even comprehend.  Clearly.

        Oh and by the way, your posts and obvious hateful views on women make me respect YOU less, NOT men as a whole.  Because I have sense and don’t apply characteristics to a whole group of people when they’ve only been demonstrated in a select few.  Though I will say there are a lot of you resentful douche nuggets out there.  Calm the fuck down and figure your shit out.  It’s no ones fault but your own that you’re so damn unhappy and resentful.

        Sorry your life sucks!  Buh bye!

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  23. The Betches says:

    “I don’t want you, but you’re certainly not allowed to fucking want anyone else!”

    Is this person an idiot, a psycho, or both?

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  24. The Betches says:

    “Not to sound like total haters, it’s just that betches are very intriguing and complicated, and nice guys don’t fuck with our heads enough to keep us interested. A true betch won’t be won over with flowers and candy, instead the key to our hearts is to strategically ignore the fact that we’re hot shit and subtly insult us. Every betch knows the only thing hotter than a good actual fuck is a quality mind fuck.”

    The major flaw of this article assuming that nice guys want betches in the first place.

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  25. The Betches says:

    You’re so right. Movie’s like ” Drive Me Crazy”, ” a Walk to Remember”, ” 10 Things I Hate About You” and “American History X” that include scenarios with a nice person trying to get with somone exhibitting betch like tendancies, are totally out of the blue and never really exist in life. Was there like, only one lunch table in your school cafeteria growing up?

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  26. The Betches says:

    “You’re so right. Movie’s like ” Drive Me Crazy”, ” a Walk to Remember”, ” 10 Things I Hate About You” and “American History X” that include scenarios with a nice person trying to get with somone exhibitting betch like tendancies, are totally out of the blue and never really exist in life. Was there like, only one lunch table in your school cafeteria growing up?”

    Are you like an idiot? I didn’t mean that all nice guys were not interested in betches. Just that many of them are not interested.

    Is that simple enough for you? Sorry it took me so long to reply I just had other better things on my mind.

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  27. The Betches says:

    hahahahahahahah YESSS!!! this last sentence is perfect.

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  28. The Betches says:

    Haha, I love this website. The greatest part about it is that there are girls like this that actually exist, and guys that play into the game of being an asshole.

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  29. The Betches says:

    LOL so much for the Women’s Rights movement. More proof that the majority of American women are useless.

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  30. The Betches says:

    please remember that women aren’t ALL this ridiculous. what i can’t figure out is whether or not the authors of this site are actually just laughing sarcastically at the things these “betches” do or if they actually buy into it (at least a little bit) themselves. if the authors read this, could you give us an explanation? because there are all different levels of agreement on this site, and some of these girls are definitely pretentious enough to think these posts apply to their lives, because they are just SOOO hot and guys will do ANYTHING for them (ps it’s not hotness, it’s pure slutiness).

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  31. The Betches says:

    No Greg, just more proof that American white men are misogynist dicks. I know for a fact that you don’t understand the woman’s rights movements. Go search for “lipstick” feminist on Wikipedia. Why do you feel like you OWN women!? Jesus, do you believe in Hollywood love stories? Mad because when you emulate a nice guy douche from TV or films it does not work and you are left rejected? That is because you refuse to understand the scientific principles. You should look up David DeAngelo. Seriously, this guy could change your life. YouTube him. You just don’t know all the facts about life and love. Best regards.

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    • Your Name says:

      You are retarded. American women are stupid, now.  Yea they should have freedom, but have you even read the f***ing page, you dipshit?  If there is any ounce of truth to this, which I’m sure there is a depressing amount of, how could you open your mouth on this on not read your comments and see that you sound stupid and ignorant of “American culture”

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  32. The Betches says:

    for realz jokes calm your tits this jizz bitch knows whats up

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  33. The Betches says:

    As a disclaimer, this post and some of the proceeding comments ring true for many reasons. But after reading some pro-nice guy comments I couldn’t help but think of Beverly Hills 90210 and Naomi’s steamy and sexually-charged relationship with that nerdy guy. She’s without a doubt the ultimate betch, and he’s the stereotypical nice guy. I mean staying up all night while she writes a 10 page paper only to essentially re-write it for her come morning? Anyway, just a thought. Later betches.

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  34. The Betches says:

    I don’t believe nice guy vs asshole are workable terms here. I prefer “underconfident” (hanging on you like a leech, buying you drinks without even talking to you first) to “overconfident” (insulting girls outright, fuckingnwith people just for the sake of); in any case, like most things in life, neither extreme is a good option. Men should always aim for a median of sorts between being underconfident to overconfident: he should be a sweeter side of cocky, unafraid to call out a betch if shes being a straight bitch, refusing to get the first round, and, most importantly, letting HER earn the chance to be with you. You can definitely be nice to a degree (fuck, who doesnt like a compliment, right?) but SHE has to earn it. Everyone loves a chase. I mean guys, when a girl throws herself at you entirely, without any reason at all while youre out drinking with your buddies, wouldnt you just be a little weirded out? An in the opposite hand, when a girl thinks shes such hot shit and completely insults you just because, wouldn’t you stear clear? Nice vs douchebag. Slut vs bitch. There is no such thing as a good extreme.

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  35. The Betches says:

    Make way, make way! Here comes the lowliest of the low, the scummiest of the scum; here comes the nice girl- the geek girl. As I sit on the bottom of the totem pole, I look upward to see all you oblivious bastards arguing amongst yourselves, never once giving me-or other geek girls-a second glance. Don’t you worry your pretty little heads “betches”, your brilliant little minds “nice guys”, or crane your necks should you stretch a muscle “bros”. In my lifetime, there shall be no hope for redemption, no price to pay for nights spent in the company of good friends or quasi-inebriated romps, no chance for reincarnation. I hope you all are happy…and all the while I will be smiling to myself because I’ll always know something none of you ever will.

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  36. hot betch2 says:

    story of my LIFE. you just described me. i feel you

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  37. The Man With Bro Name says:

    Nice Guys are nothing but closet fags. You gotta be alpha to get laid, and alphas don’t give a shit what slampieces think about them. That’s why we’re able to fuck, within hours, the same bitch that you’ve been trying to “romance” for months without getting so much as a hand job. Grow a pair of balls you fucking pussies. Treat a girl like dirt and she’ll stick to you like mud.

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  38. Trololol says:

    Women are simply vaginas with a pair of fun-bags and a stupid head attached, waiting to be fucked over and over, so do just that. simple, yeah?

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  39. Anonymous says:

    ugh, tangled up with a nice guy as we speak. he didn’t come off as a nice guy at first, but now he’s showing his true colors. the only thing is, he’s filming his second major movie right now, so he’s also kind of a #pro. whatever, i’ll keep him hanging on until a little after his first movie premieres.

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  40. cunts says:

    all of you are cunts.

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  41. Genius says:

    Whoever created this site and continues to writes these posts is GENIUS.  Never met anyone smarter in my life.  Hats off to you.  Do you have a Twitter?  I need to keep updated.

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  42. guest says:

    yep.  keep banging these betches till they can’t walk….then off to the next.  betches are done with by 29.  then they become Lures.  Lures try and get you in the sack with their crazy sexual ways but are stupid and washed up betches…..

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  43. Down South Betch says:

    Just had to reread this after almost considering getting involved with a nice guy, ew! I knew immediately it would be the unbetchy thing to do but I nearly fell into his adorbs ugly hot smile. But I won’t! Cause I deserve a real Pro whose emotions I won’t have to babysit and hand hold. FUCK THAT. And to all you bitches who leave long as comments, shut the fuck up and gtfo cause this site’s real talk

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  44. CJ says:

    If these tips had come 6 months ago I could have made some changes to my game. Missed out on finding this one.

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  45. Dreezy says:

    And who’s gonna pay for your wrinkled, used-up ass to get plastic surgery? (You sure can’t afford it on that $10/hr salary!) What man is gonna bother investing the time to play games with a betch that is lacking the one thing betches have going for them, their smoking looks? It’s much easier and more fun to toss the bitch aside, but not before flaunting that yummy 23 year old piece of ass you replaced her with. 

    You… ahem.. “ladies” don’t seem to realize that you are the ones ultimately degrading and devaluing yourselves in the long run… but then again logical thought and reflection are rarely a betch’s strong suits. If they were, you probably wouldn’t need to be a betch in the first place since you’d have spent some time cultivating yourself as a person and have something more to offer a man than mindgames, your opinion on sugar-free sodas and your twat. It gets old… just like betches do.

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  46. Dreezy says:

    STFU about misogyny already, it’s a fucking stupid argument in a website filled with misandry. These women are not feminists and they certainly don’t love themselves, because at the end of the day all they are doing is chasing a) the money and b) the dick. A woman whose sole purpose in life is to leech off men isn’t a feminist, she’s just worthless. Betches objectify men as much as men objectify them, we’re just a little more upfront about what we want out of it.

    On a side note, what’s with this focus on “American white men?” Are you really so fucking ignorant that you think misogyny is non-existent in black, hispanic or asian cultures? I’m not even going to go into it, but as a hispanic I know you are blowing shit out of your ass. You can take that to your Feminism and Women’s Studies professor. And maybe a razor for her pits.

    Here’s a scientific principle for you: You are an idiot.

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  47. Eirebetch says:

    “1. He refuses to play mind games
    2. He tells you how he feels far too soon…
    ...7. He says you should take things slow… sexually
    8. He listens to what you have to say and actually references it in later conversations. Ew.”
    This is the guy I’m seeing atm, Trying to figure out the best way to end it

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  48. Anonymous says:

    This is depressing. Grow up ladies….

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  49. DrH says:

    They do exist!!!

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  50. Ibrown69 says:

    I had a girl tell me once I was too nice to date. So I dumped my beer over her head, and hooked up with her best friend. That’s how you deal with the fucking friendzone. Bitches.

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  51. Bro says:

    someones mad hes still a virgin. did i fck your girlfriend at prom in hs?

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  52. Attention Everyone says:

    You are attempting to either troll in a sea of trolls or you are actually taking all this trolling seriously. Take everything in the articles and the comments as a joke and it will all make much more sense.

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  53. Anonymous says:

    calm down. I’m pretty sure betches are defined by not just our extreme beauty, but also our perfect family gene pool that gave us intelligence, an amazing personality, and of course money. So no, looks are not the only thing we have going for us, we arethe 1% in every way. Haters gonna hate.

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  54. Anon says:

    No, just a typical female.

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  55. Anonymous says:

    Best comment on this site.

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  56. The Doctor says:

    I love nerdy girls. And I mean legitimate nerdy girls, not betches that “love to play the sims!!!!!”

    If you’re reading this, nerdy women, remain steadfast in your resolve. I will find you, and we will play the shit out of some Super Mario World.

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  57. guestghhddf says:

    Holy Shit, Are you joking right now? You are saying girls like guy who insult an abuse them? And they dont like guy that compliment them and tell them they love them? Wow then most girls are just ignorant sluts who will most likely die of aids before they hit Twenty.

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  58. Michele says:

    robert mccallum will pay any girl to have sex with him and he is very bad in bed i mean like a dead fish in bed and he cares nothing for anyone he will tell you are ugly and he is hateful i am proof that he does not know how to treat a woman and he will live off of his dad because he THINKS hes dad has money FYI his dad will give his money to someone better

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  59. Betches says:

    Some perspective; get a life whores.

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  60. some guy says:

    Who wrote this sorry excuse for an essay targeted for idiots stupid enough to believe in misconceptions because they’re too stupid to figure things out for themselves?

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  61. Sahmir says:

    How are they not the master race? Wasn’t it people who were blonde haired and blue eyed (read: white) that put a man on the moon?

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    • AK says:

      Fucking Nazi #NotBetchy

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  62. Ew says:

    Ngl this article is pretty disgusting, I don’t know why any male would want to date someone who was so passive-aggressively hostile anyway. Run, Nice Guys, run!

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  63. Nice Guy No. 1 says:

    I never usually say this (cause I’m a nice guy) but you’re a worthless whore. Wait until you’re 40 and wrinkled and dried up and your man will leave you with nothing but some shit jewlery (probably originally his ex-wife’s) and an addiction to Ativan to top off your red wine habit. That’s all, ya cunt.

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  64. Nice Guy No. 2 says:

    Gotta agree with nice guy no.1, +5 for using the word cunt. I know “betches” love that. Seriously though, this post is pathetic. Someone has some serious daddy issues in her life or very immature and just wants what she can’t have (like the 5 year kid who only wants his neighbors toy cuz he doesn’t have it). Yah running around hooking up with anyone is awesome for a while, I was once an asshole and played that game. But, no guy is gonna want the “betch” who is constantly on to the next one cuz her kill count will be twice as high as his,(Not attractive). Unless said guy doesn’t care if his dick falls off from her std, and doesn’t mind throwin his hot dog in a hall way. Otherwise, you’re absolutely right (cuz he’ll be a keeper! definitely who you want providing for your family and spending your life with…that was sarcasm).

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  65. Mr. Big says:

    Have fun in your 20’s betches because once you turn 30 you are INVISIBLE to us successful guys in our 30’s.  HAHAHAHAHA!

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  66. a random guy says:

    i have to say that i RESPECT WOMEN and i am COMPLETELY AND GENUINELY NICE TO THEM and guess what? , i have women left and right flirting with me,wanting to be with me, hell even a couple are madly in love with me, and you know why?, THEY ARE WOMEN.
    they are real females that don’t play games, they are not like you little girls stuck in your high school days, you “cunts” as i like to call you act like every day is a episode of gossip girls. you call these guys desperate, yet you are practically starving for attention. you “betch’s” are literally only being this way for attention. it’s pretty obvious. when you talk shit it causes drama right? , and drama gets everywhere…and guess who talks shit? you “betchs”. you are just another girl with daddy issues and massive insecurities trying to validate your own existence by trying to pretend your part of the “mean girls” cast. you are just a disappointment to the whole human race, kill yourself.
    sincerely me, a so called “nice guy” and the whole congregation of women you give a bad name too.

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  67. guest says:

    a lot of “nice guys” aren’t actually really even nice.  they’re just trying to manipulate you.  and it can be fun to be in a relationship where it’s a bit of a manipulation game, but not with “nice guys”

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  68. ballstrangler says:

    y’all can suk a dikk im frm wizcinsin mothrfkrs

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  69. Game God says:

    Nice guys are ew? More like dirty American women love getting shit and pissed on :D
    You’re not the sexy adventurous women you think you are. You’re a rationalizing whore xD

    And here’s what the asshole isn’t gonna tell you. He’s gonna dump your ass and marry the virgin! xD
    “Why is it so important for Roberta to be a virgin, daddy?
    If I told you that you could open up a new soda pop OR drink one that had had seven penises in it, which one would you prefer?”

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