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By The Betches on

When we first saw this picture we were like, this is not unlike any of Rihanna's instas. But then we took a step back and imagined someone like Sophia Grace instagramming this and realized it was not okay. So Ri, did you really just instagram that? Just a straight up picture of your ass? I mean, it's a great ass, but did you really just do that? While wearing a denim thong? Did you cut your shorts a little too short or are you celebrating the premiere of Arrested Development by dressing as a never nude? I'm assuming your PR team asked you to take this down because it's no longer on the infamous instagram of da bad gal but don't worry Ri, I'm sure Chris B (not to be confused with Harrison) took a screenshot. Actually Chris B Harrison probably did too.


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  1. bad girl meme says:

    she apparently can do anything she wants. and she does, and never fails to insta that shit.  like common riri we get it, your a crazy hoe with a jean thong. Personally, I think that would be downright uncomfortable.  Is she trying too hard? maybe…but you guys are posting about it so whatevz. all hail Riahanna and her infamous big bootyed entourage.

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    • Daniellabella08 says:

      lmfao this just made me laugh so hard. Thank you for making my day hahahah

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    • inji says:

      no motherfucker she posted that to show chis what he is missin. she got a nice ass she can show that shit off if she want to

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  2. Garry says:

    All I can say, I would fuck that ass all night. That’s one fine ass

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    • ew says:

      you sound creepy. this site isn’t for you. k bye

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  3. fap says:

    fap fap fap

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  4. denim thong says:

    This is very exsquisit and classy…................ penis:)

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  5. damn! says:

    I would drink her ass sweat.

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