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Dear Betch,
Like many betches I have been using tinder to entertain my friends and I on the occasional chill night when we are relaxing at home. For the most part it was a great just making fun of these random guys in a 100 mile radius and their lame douchey pickup lines, but I have run into the problem of what happens if someone sees that you are on tinder? Occasionally I see the random friend of a friend and skip over it in hopes that no one sees me on it, but today shit really got awkward when I found my cousin (who granted lives in a different state) on it. So I guess my question is what is my next move? I mean I already screenshotted the pic of my cousin on tinder and sent it to multiple family members... So do I explain why I was on it? Do I confront my cousin on being a weird tinder guy? Or do I just sweep this under the rug?


Tinder Family Tree

Dear Tinder Family Tree,

First of all, stop caring so much about what other people think. Being a betch isn't so much about what you do as the fact that you don't give a shit about what people think about what you're doing. So if you want to be on a creepy fucking dating thing like Tinder as a joke or not as a joke, just own it you loser. Most people on Tinder are there to check it out or make fun of people as you say, so what makes you think your cousin isn't doing the same thing? Is your family that annoying and judmental that anyone would care if you told multiple aunts and siblings that your cousin was doing the exact same thing you were doing?

The first thing you should do is get a life if you're even taking the time to write to us asking what to do about your cousin on Tinder. I mean you saw his face on a funny dating app you didn't walk in on him giving a blow job to a priest. Chill out.

The Betches

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  1. lawling says:

    “I mean you saw his face on a funny dating app you didn’t walk in on him giving a blow job to a priest. Chill out.”

    spot on betches

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  2. good says:

    well said bitches. What do you mean what you should do if you see your cousing on tinder? Laugh about it, and go on living your life.

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  3. what? says:

    I don’t even get why the fuck this girl sent this in to them… like what? so confused. jesus there are a lot of people on this site who aren’t fucking betches at ALL. get off trashy ladies.. and great response betches

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  4. Mandy says:

    *sorry on the delay comment but every betch needs a vacation to paradise. Anyways, Are you kidding me? Honestly who the hell are you to throw anyone under the bus like that especially a family member. ESPECIALLY over the most stupidest little tiny fucking thing. He probably did it as a joke and even if he didn’t..who gives a shit, honestly you look like the fool posting this bullshit. Step one…Take a perk. I’m sorry i could say a lot more, but i don’t have time for people who lack common sense. I already wasted way too many minutes of my time on this, soak it up because you just got your 15 minutes of fame.

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