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By The Betches on

Sometimes our drug dealers are on vacation too lazy to deliver (to my dealer: this is not how you run a business!) so illegal drugs are just too hard to find and we have to cut our losses and screw the hard stuff. Let's talk prescription pills.

Some of us betches may be lucky enough to have a doctor who hands out prescriptions like he's a fucking candy man (note to self: be friends with this betch). For the rest us, aside from raiding your daddy’s medicine cabinet during Thanksgiving break, finding these candies isn't too hard, so let's give you a run down of a betch’s favorite party favors:

Xanax: Oh my gosh. How am I going to go out tonight when FedEx hasn't delivered my new boots yet?! Massive anxiety attack! Must pop a xany now! Mix it up with a little alcohol and we've got the perfect potion for a night of blackout destruction (less drinking! So good for the #5 diet!).

Klonopin: A little stronger than Xanax, this one takes longer to kick in, but is well worth the wait. Your #7 token crazy friend will probably have a stash.

Adderall: Also know as "Diet Coke," this is by far a betch’s favorite study buddy… aside from that Asian in your Art History class who sends you all his work. From the library during finals week, to your desk at Goldman Sachs, this betch candy is all around us in plentiful amounts. (Are there really people who do any real work without it?) In addition to stopping you from watching Holly's World when your paper is due in three hours, Adderall makes food your worst enemy, and convinces your brain that you'd like to be a real person, at least until the 20 mg XR wears off.


candylandVodka Soda Mountain is just across the Adderall River and through the Vicodin Woods


Valium/Vicodin/Percocets: You don’t see these very often in your day-to-day drug trafficking among your besties, but here’s where to look: find the betch who just had her nose or chin done, the one who just got her wisdom teeth out, or the really hard core drug bro who takes all of the above at one time. Let’s talk about the perks of percs: why take a jello shot when your entire body can feel like jello? Yay percs! When you do come across these candies, if you’re looking to do a trade, each of these pills is worth several Adderall, Xanax, and/or Klonopin. We call this the betch trail mix.

Ambien: Take this to fall asleep after your Adderall, or engage your besties in a competition to see who can stay awake on it the longest without hallucinating.

Most importantly, when you're on spring break in some third world country, make sure to Google where the nearest farmacia is beforehand. A smart betch always makes good use of her Google maps! Just don't get caught smuggling anything across the border at JFK…

*Alternate form of pill intake: crush and snort



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  1. The Betches says:

    I love this. So true! However, I must make the public aware that taking adderall and then a xanax (or any other downer) later in the day, WILL FUCK WITH YOUR BRAIN LIKE NONE OTHER. It’s actually called ” speedballing” in pill form. You will get very depressed if you do this more than a few times. As well, a true betch hides her zoloft, prozac, or any other pharmacutical like she would a pair of PINK sweatpants (that her housekeeper put in her christmas stocking)

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    • you're retarded says:

      nobody steals antidepressants. that shit isn’t worth anything, you can’t abuse it, and it makes you unable to roll or trip (MDMA and LSD don’t work when you take SSRI’s, not to mention that this combination can give you serotonin syndrome because it lowers the seizure threshold too much). fucking duh learn about drugs xxxx

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  2. The Betches says:

    first off zoloft or any prescription anti depressants cant get you high or do anything that makes tyhem worthwhile to take
    second klonoipin is no where near as strong as a xanax is

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  3. The Betches says:

    Bro- A) xanax vs. klonopin is like instant adderall vs. time release ( meaning xanax is faster acting) B) I say that a Betch should hide her anti D’s not so that friends wont steal them, but becasue a Betches abnormal serrortine levels are no ones business but her own. A basket case is hot for like a minute, wouldn’t you say? That is if you like a Betch whose outlashes and emotional breakdowns you couldn’t predict if your life depended on it. Guys want the token crazy friend for a night, certainly not for life. C) Antidepressants actually can work in a day on rare occasions. When doctors say that ” you wont” feel anything for six weeks, they are simply considering ” the outside effect” meaning most amount of time it takes for a med to work. D) I think if you took antidepressants, you’d find they are in fact “worth while to take” becasue they wouldn’t have you knowing false difference between narcotics that your Bro posing ass clearly knows nothing about. p.s to all- i also think xanax should only be taken before plane rides, illnessness, and when you feel like being violent ( not getting your shoes in the mail ect.)

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  4. The Betches says:

    So true… I take zoloft and it doesn’t magically fuck you up and I’ve been on Xanax and Kpins…Xanax fucks me up more

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  5. The Betches says:

    thank you bro girls dont know shit about drugs

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  6. The Betches says:

    Valium is for anxiety, its nothing like a percocet or vicodin its more like a xanax. Xanax are way better than kpins, everyone knows that.

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  7. The Betches says:

    Since when is “fucking with my brain” more important than how fecking hot I look in my True’s and crop top? Nobody has used the word “speedballing” since Kurt Cobain died, well, other than cunty betches that don’t appreciate the benefits of pharmaceuticals. As long as I don’t eat anything but Adderall, a cube of cheese when a fainting spell creeps up, FOLLOWED BY xanax to avoid killing the boyf when March Madness cockblocks going to the bar and covering my bar tab, I’ll save the brain damage for when I give a feck. #insensitivity

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  8. The Betches says:

    Yes Alex. Amazing attitude to have. Love your confidence that you rightfully possess….every betch ( Britney Murphy obvi was one) dodges the heartattack bullet, and doesn’t have their parents experience the worst thing a person can ever go through, which is losing a child! #insensitivity is being insensative to others, not yourself you stupid twat becth! I never said you’d get brain damage, just really depressed. You’re already brain damaged simply becasue you don’t give ” a feck” You obviosuly don’t know how to take your candies with out getting fat, so I’d suggest you save yourself and get out of Candy Land. You’re simply not ready.

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  9. The Betches says:

    CLEARLY you need a xanax, Paige!
    Just don’t take adderall, coffee, red bull or like ANYTHING that is a stimulant before doing so. Because, as Coach Carr would say: you might get pregnant. And die.

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  10. The Betches says:

    Alex, you’re not my sister or bestie so I don’t know why I’m giving you advice when I say STOP REFERENCING MEAN GIRLS. It’s a HUGE insult to your intelligence because you don’t do it at correct times therefor, your making the movie seem unfunny, and are downplaying its genius. PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF YOURSELF ( I KNOW THERE’S NOT MUCH) …….GO READ A FUCKING BOOK!

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  11. The Betches says:

    oh wait sorry, don’t read a book…have your alcholic mother read one to you ( I highly reccomend the Berenstain Bears) I totally forgot that you don’t know how to read considering you made a false reference to # insensitivity, and misquoted TWO THINGS I said ( ex- taking uppers before downers MORE THAN A FEW TIMES, and combinning the two will MAKE YOU DEPRESSED, or FUCK WITH YOUR BRAIN rather than ” give you brain damage” as you said) I would forfit buying textbook from your syllabie for reading comprehension self-help books.

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  12. The Betches says:

    ahh I forgot to also ask if you guys can write about how betches love art.

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  13. The Betches says:

    The last time this betch thought about art was when I watched that movie with BSCB Sienna Miller about living in the 60′s (um, 70′s? … whatevs) and drugs. Betches don’t care about art unless it helps them get into a gallery party or look more cultured than other betches.

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  14. The Betches says:

    EXACTlY you stupid Betch

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  15. The Betches says:

    how are attivan or trazedone not on this list? i have them for “panic attacks” by which i mean “ahh i cant believe i ate all that! attacks” and bam you feel fabbb until you fall

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  16. The Betches says:

    Trazadone is simply not a controlled substances ( aka benzo) , meaning they are not addicting. Good for you for taking the Trazadone ! More and more people die from a xanax overdose every year. (Heathe ledger, Britney Murphey, needless to mention about three people I personally know) However, Ativan is a controlled substance ( it’s not a serotonin modulator as trazadone is, but rather a tranquilizer) You mentioned taking this when you feel bad that you ate too much. Doesn’t it make you want to eat more? That’s what xanax, Klonopan and Ativan are known to be; appetite stimulators. ( They certainly make me eat more than I would ever want to)

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  17. The Betches says:

    I can’t tell if Paige is concerned about America’s pill abuse epidemic or if she’s just bat shit crazy. Either way, it’s giving me a good laugh (and ab workout) picturing some fug know-it-all douchelord sitting behind the comp googling various meds then reporting to a satiric site her finds.

    You can go shave your back now

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  18. The Betches says:

    No, I just am smart, and know my shit which is probably why I’ve fucked more doctors than you’ve gone to in your entire life. ( my guess is you’re husbands going to be a wall street pimp, and not an MD) This site has over two million betch slaps, so I do think it’s important for BetchTwats such as yourself, to know about “America’s pill abuse epidemic”…so yeah I am concerned. I’m looking out for my fellow Betches and you’re not really one of them. ( though I geninuley don’t want you to become paralyzed from a xanax overdose. I know; not very Betch of me given the circumstanes) It’s giving me a big smile to imagine the washed out, stupid, old hag of a mother that raised you.

    p.s I don’t wax, I go to American Lazer, becasue like a true Candy Land citizen, pain is just not a factor in my life.

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  19. The Betches says:

    For the love of God Paige, please go back home to your trailer park dumpster and brag to your AIM buddy list about your doctor humping. I’m just glad you have easy access to the antibiotics you’ll need after. And NO, that’s not an open invite to blab about your vast knowledge of antibiotics. If it compares to your Mormon opinions of other pharms then, well, you really don’t know anything.

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  20. The Betches says:

    Alex I again urge you to master your skills with reading comprehension. THIS WILL BE THE LAST COMMENT I MAKE IN YOUR DIRECTION. I never said I was anti pharmacuticals as I enjoy these candies myself. I’m simply speaking from personal experiences ( which are often many others experiences are well) You are clearly a drug addict or a follower becasue of how offended you are by my comments. I don’t believe in rehab, so I suggest watching the movie “In to the wild” and doing what the main character did. The only person who will miss you will be your drug dealer.

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  21. The Betches says:

    I will also brag about fucking tons of doctors until the day I die. I don’t have to pretend my sex life isn’t thrilling upstairs ( as well as downstairs) just because yours isn’t. last comment. Really, I have to enroll in summer courses so I can spend my senior year partying and doing the blow and run .

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  22. The Betches says:

    I would be pissed too if I were 45 years old with no compatible matches on and had to resort to a website like this that brings laughter to all of us betches and simply makes us feel better about sticking shit up our noses, where in your case you WebMD anything that any celeb OD’d on. Do us a favor and stick to your US weeklys.
    If you are so concerned about xanax overdose then you will do me a personal favor and stop betching about your tragic life that no one cares about so I can stop shaking my maracas (pill bottles).

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  23. The Betches says:

    I hope one day some betch smashes xanax in to your fugly cock recycling bin of a face with one hand, and pull your hair down to the floor with the other. While you’re scrounging around picking them up off the floor after…I hope she walks away with your boyfriend or your dad ( I can SERIOSULY bet money that the latter would sooner happen. Seriously, all jokes aside)

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  24. The Betches says:

    p.s Alex. I’m not 45. I’m 14.

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  25. The Betches says:

    If you’re 14, I highly doubt you have fucked any doctors.

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  26. The Betches says:

    How the fuck would you know what country I’m visiting this site from? HELLO, SADDAM WAS HUNG LIKE 3 YEARS AGO. I can do whatever the fuck I want.

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  27. The Betches says:

    I don’t care if you are a two year old wearing a diaper, you are still awful.

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  28. The Betches says:

    For the love of god please stop posting.

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  29. The Betches says:

    I’m not saying you can’t fuck a doctor, just that a doctor wouldn’t fuck some dumb baby betch like you.

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  30. The Betches says:

    took a shit ton of xanax once.. to get fucked up and forgot 3 days of my life, apparently acted like i was perma-stoned the whole time!
    and my god damn mother finds my percs, and hides them. the audacity!

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  31. The Betches says:

    ik this as an old post but this is like really my doctor gave me ritalin because i told him i think i have add. is it as good as adderal? for weight loss i mean. anyone know the diff?

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  32. The Betches says:

    I have been on Kpins for a couple months and I have to say it actually kills my appetite like none other. If you want to go semi-ano go to a psychiatrist, tell him you have anxiety, and he’ll give you Kpin. I LOVE vicodin to but I’m not slick enough to ask around who has some. I also did a Kpin for Vicodin trade last night but it would have been like 5 to1 and I need my Kpins too.

    You get REALLY tolerant to vico quickly unlike Kpin. Kpin stays in your system longer and just relaxes you. When you mix with alcohol you get super drunk fast. Just my two cents from a post-grad betch.

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  33. The Betches says:

    uhh klonopin just makes u kinda tired u dont know shit about what ur talking about loser

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  34. The Betches says:

    Jesus Christ you really are a betch. Everyone responds to meds differently!

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  35. The Betches says:

    adderall is the perfect thing if ur trying to lose wait! Instead of taking an energy drink in the mourning everyone should take an adderall!!!!

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  36. The Betches says:

    wow your spelling is awful…

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  37. Alex says:

    To all the Albert Einsteins on this BETCH (oops wrong spelling??) site-
    (who had Asberger’s- aka socially inept, yet brilliant. AKA none of you douches)..

    Anyone on this site that strictly critiques the spelling/grammar of other betches’ posts needs to invest more time on that SAT prep course (that clearly is of major importance to you) and less time on a blog where everyone can freely have a laugh at your expense.
    Anyway, I don’t have to brag on here about “fucking doctors” or criticize silly spelling errors. On that note- please spend more time googling your genital rash because your hypocritical loser (most likely over weight) ass is completely missing the point of this site.
    Unless you have anything humorous, sarcastic, betchy, etc. to say then please GO AWAY!

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  39. Paige says:

    RX Vs. Meds- Are you autistic? The format of your comment makes me think you are. I bet you’re monotone and can’t make eye contact with any one. I bet you you’re pacing around your room with a helmet on , very angry about all of our comments. No one can really laugh at my expensive because no one really knows who I am because believe it or not, my picture or full name isn’t disclosed. That being said, I think everyone should def resort to more than this website for medication education. I think YOU should leave the judgement and betch calls to a betch of the week or something as well as not discourage others from commenting.
    To the rest of you- Who ever said everyone reacts to meds differently is correct which is why I will restate that no one should limit their source of knowledge to this website.

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  40. Anonymous says:

    when you go way tooo hard on the adderall to stpend hours studying wednesdays and/or thursdays, and then way tooo hard on the yayo fridays, and you just get that “oh fuck” feeling, valium slows your heart rate back down! and so it indirectly cools your body temp., tooo. basically that shit has a low profile most of thee time, but it saves the invaluable lives of sexy betches and smart bros

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  41. doesntmatter says:

    Valium is a benzo like klonipin and xanax. (for anxiety)
    Percocet and Vicodin are painkillers.
    So Valium does not go into the same group as percs/vicodin
    Also, in my experience, Xanax is the strongest benzo.
    Get your shit right BETCHES

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  42. Paige says:

    I’m a size 2..what size are you? Ask yourself this, why out of all comments on blogs that are not ” humorous, betchy or sarcastic” do the ones made about candy land upset you the most? If a Betch or stupid whore like you were on the TV show intervention, their reactions would be straight from your comments on this site. You are insanely defensive over your habit which makes me think it’s more than just a habbit…’s your air, water and means of living. I’m so sorry that you are living this way. I’m so sorry that the irony of this all is that YOU CAN’T READ ANY COMMENTS THAT AREN’T ” HUMOROUS, SARCASTIC, BETCHY ETC.” BECAUSE YOUR PROBLEM WITH THESE PILLS ARE NOT ” HUMOROUS SARCASTIC, BETCHY ETC.” They’re the real deal. You’re not that Betch who takes a xanax in a fit of rage or once in a blue moon to go out…you take it to go out period. The same applys for other Candies.

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  43. betch in need says:

    Can I get more input of xanax vs. ativan? I’ve been taking ativan for 3 months now and kind of want to switch to xanax. I feel people think xanax is stronger, can anyone confirm? The ativan helped me not eat for awhile and I lost 10 pounds, #thankyou”anxiety” and I feel like I’m getting too immune now and my appetite is starting to come back, ew. Does xanax make you not want to eat more than ativan does too? No judgement, like I said, I just moved to candyland.

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  44. Paige says:

    The number one thing every one knows about Candy Land is that Alex is an alien, will never get her green card and has probably gotten it up the ass more so than any girl that has ever been on this site. Just know this and please do not be scared. That said, I’m pretty sure ativan is less strong ( again not fully sure..just sure) When you say you’re getting immune, you mean to mention that you’re building a tolerance ( which is why they are labled as controlled substances and considered to be addicting; just saying) You can either raise your dosage or switch it up! Xanax makes me eat an entire kitchen full of food. Go to GMC and get the strongest diet pill. ORRRR take like 2 weeks off from the ativan THEN go back on it and it will be like before.

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  45. sarah says:

    this is the only post on this website that i dont like. and then it just gets worse with these comments. very heated after reading this.  okay, if you have anxiety, depression, ocd, add… or any type of illness and you take meds and it helps you thats great. if you think your cool to take perscription drugs and pretending to know every detail about them like you have a PHD when in reality you are a dumb highschool slut, get your act together. if your fat, WORK OUT! if youre planning to blackout and are already questioning what pills to take for that special night you are not a betch, youre pathetic. if you actually took to heart anything of what im saying this is what will really help you out….. DONT TAKE EFFING PILLS YOU DONT NEED WITH ALCOHOL SO THAT YOU FORGET WHAT YOU DID FOR 5 DAYS, WHERE DOES THAT GET YOU.  WELL FORGETTING WHAT YOU DID IS ALOT BETTER THAN TE ALTERNATIVE OF DYING OVER SOME STUPID SHIT! and i know that half of you dont do any of this because you would be dead. worst post ever. but even louis vuitton makes mistakes….

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    • cherry says:

      i felt like your psychic twin until the all caps. shhhhhh.

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  46. K-Le says:

    Xanax is stronger than K-pins
    and taking adderall to suppress your appetite and xanax to calm you down is NOT FUCKING SPEEDBALLING you DUMBSHIT! and kurt cobain didnt die from a speedball it was an overdose from heroine - it was river phoenix who speedballed which was cocaine mixed with heroin and then he tried to take a xanax to calm down and a mix of other stuff which ultimately killed him.
    When you take a combo of adderall and xanax its referred to as “Valley of the Dolls”

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    • cherry says:

      try again. Valley of the Dolls refers directly to Seconal. watch the movie, it’s fucking brilliant. but yeah, Seconal is a barbiturate that does literally everything. take Ativan + Kpin + Valium + Xanax + pot + anesthesia, think about the effects of each on a smaller level and combine them, that’s seconal. it fucks you up on a million levels. big surprise, it’s not really prescribed much anymore.

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  47. Paige says:

    I’ll take it. You both are right and I am wrong. Did you know I just got a new puppy last week?

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  48. Anonymous says:

    This made me happy to read..  there are so many betches across the world that understand/share my love for drugs.
    Got a prescription for percs sitting in my room for a rainy day, and just got diagnosed with ADD. (Adderall just around the corner..sigh)
    Life is good.

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  49. Hairy vagina says:

    Life is so great what the fuck would we do with out pills ? I love adderall.

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  50. ILOVEADDIES says:

    I’m a betch. The rest of you all are bitches. and BITCHES AIN’T SHIT BUT HOES AND TRICKS. I lost 10 pounds on adderall and my ex is dying.


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  51. betch says:

    just got prescribed a ton of vicodin. what’s the going rate so i can sell my leftovers?
    and a question from a friend… can the vicodin that also has acetominophin in is be safely snorted? thanks for helping me with my candy habit, betches!

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  52. the betchiest says:

    This betch is seriously amused by all you pathetic twats Hahha candy land isn’t for children who think high school is harder than the real world. Good luck when reality hits ya betches.

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  53. klp says:

    seriously, my betch mom takes kpin to knock her out at night

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  54. hate you says:

    your not gonna die from taking a xanex and getting drunk, you’ll just have a sloppy amazing night where blacking out is completely acceptable, if you aren’t taking adderall to study your missing out and your kind of psycho for your outrageous post. if you don’t get this post, your just not a true betch, get over it.

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  55. kielce beton says:

    It’s hard to seek out educated people on this topic, however you sound like you understand what you’re speaking about! Thanks
    kielce beton

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  56. Betchinneed says:

    I just moved to nyc after college where candy was everywhere. What offices hands out candy down here!?!

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  57. Anonymous says:

    I fucking love Ativa. I lost 14 lbs in like 3 months. absolutely no appetite ever. My effing dr took me off it after a bit bc its addictive but Its a great/quick weight loss trick. just tell them you got mugged and cant sleep a night & your like tense/afraid all the time wink
    Klonopan suppressed my appetite but at the same time, if I didn’t eat with it I got seriously nauseated. Not exactly conducive to the social life. Everyone reacts differently though.
    Using either with alcohol is a 100% guaranteed blackout. Like ‘fucked a guy and pissed his bed’ blackout, not just brown/grey.

    Adderall is a no-brainer. absolutely necessary for the smart betch who was too busy being awesome to study during the semester. super easy to come by. just show some cleavage to the nerd frat member who wants to fit in. I try to restrict it to finals though.

    Zoloft/Sertraline- not for fun effects, just for depression, or in my case PTSD. duh-> hide that shit. no guy should know you’re unstable.

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  58. Judging You says:

    Talk about an insult to your intelligence. This dumb hoe can’t even spell or use grammar correctly. And since fucking when was “unfunny” a word.

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  59. Jane Fonda says:

    the first comment is from a complete idiot - addys & bars are NOT speedballing…it’s addys & roxies & every good betch knows this, as it’s the best party method in the world, DUH

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  60. ally says:

    Thanks for the reviews, I was just wondering which are the most addictive prescription drugs and you listed them all so clearly here. I only had the chance to meet Adderall but in my experience I wouldn’t advise anyone to be tempted to try any of these, they’re just too messy.

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  61. Brooke says:

    Xanax and all the controlled substance downers are extremely addictive. Oxy Cotin is heroin in a pill. Heroin users prefer the pill to heroin because it’s less sloppy. You’re right, they are messy! I havn’t tried coke or heroin but I still went to rehab for pills. I don’t think head betches are taking these pills a lot or else they wouldn’t be able to make a website and have success like they have. I also don’t think Chelsea Handler drinks around the clock like she says she does because she wouldn’t have the success that she’s had either. I think every betch knows this. If you’ve read all the comments on this post you’d see that some betches take this post the wrong way and/or are very not informed.

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  62. Lauryn says:

    Hey betches- what about wellbutrin? Has anyone tried it? Love/hate?

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  63. You wish. says:

    What dosage of Adderall does everyone take? I’m on 20mg per day, but don’t feel THAT much of a difference.

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  64. cherry says:

    vyvanse was fucking amazing and also sucked. i forgot food even existed but i also forgot everything that happened all day once it wore off. i literally went to starbucks once during finals and ended up just drinking iced water veryyyy slowly and staring at my shoes/phone for like 4 hours. i also broke out like crazy. like these insane zits that never went away. i don’t think that’s common though.

    now i have ativan and if it’s the weight loss drug everyone here says it is then i’m about to look fucking sick

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  65. Kat says:

    Hey Sunshine, Kurt Cobain actually died from a self-inflicted bullet to the head. Fucking Google much? Percs are totes weak. Go the xtra mile & track down some Opanas. Shit’s the real deal,my betches & no, benzos do not kill ur appetite, ever that is 100% wrong bc the more loose/relaxed ur feelin, the more inclined you are to eat 2 bowls of nuke warm Count Chocula @ 3am, Ask me how I know. Bunch of fucking amateurs, you betches are.

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