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By The Betches on

As excited as we are about the upcoming release of the new season of Arrested Development, we're also slightly nervous that it's just not going to measure up to the preceding seasons. Everyone's going to look so much older, of course with the exception of Lucille's neck. On Buster's one hand the other hand, I'm fairly certain that I will be yelling MARRY ME! at Jason Bateman and Will Arnett sporadically throughout the season (aka that one day I watch all the episodes at once). Fuck it, I can't wait. 

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  1. fuckoff says:

    I just hope that Ann doesn’t make an appearance

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      • La Betch du Monde says:

        George Michael’s ex-gf, the ultra christian freak girl, also referred to as “egg”

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        • DUH says:

          uhh FlaBetch was making an arrested development reference

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  2. Mayonegg says:

    I think the “who’s Ann” comment was a joke…

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  3. whaaat says:

    how does Michael cera look the exact same as he did like 8 years ago??

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  4. cherry says:

    love this show, but betches, please don’t even act like you watched this when it was first on.

    we all watched this years later on Netflix unless you’re all waaay older than me and TTH when it comes to tv.

    either way, j’adore.

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    • Franklin Delano Bluth says:

      I don’t see where they acted like they watched it when it first aired, but regardless what’s with all the nitpicking and negativity towards the Betches in the comments? I think that’s TTH. And I know I’m no better by nitpicking at a comment too, but this is an Arrested Development post there’s literally zero reason to be anything but happy here

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      • Christine says:

        Taste the happy. TASTE IT.

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  5. BOTW says:

    Lucille Bluth for Betch of the Week!

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    • LucilleBetch says:

      She is the betchiest of all, for sure.  I cannot think of anyone else more deserving.  “That’s how we joke, she doesn’t even have a house.”

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