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By The Betches on

Betches are inherently narcissistic, so it’s no surprise that we believe that whatever country we were born in is the greatest nation in the world. However, if you’re not from the United States of America and you have this feeling then you’re clearly delusional.

America is like that top betch we were friends with in high school. She’s beautiful, rich, and she doesn’t give a shit about poor people or minorities. She did whatever she wanted and everyone hated on her because they were all jealous of her popularity and her ”I will obliterate you if you fuck with me” attitude. She even has a fucking song all about how pretty she is.

On top of that, we’re sooo thankful for the millions of freedoms we get just by being born here. We have the right to dress like a slut, pregame anytime and anywhere we want, and it’s even fucking legal to send someone your own shit (literally) in the mail. How betchy is that? We’re also lucky to live in a nation of 24 hour gyms and one of the highest obesity rates in the world, allowing us to look skinnier next to almost everyone in pics.

When we went #3 abroad, we really got the low down on how the rest of the world lives. While we loved the food and the clubs and shit, we realized that we’re really fucking lucky to live in America, where our fav salad place doesn’t close at noon because they ran out of lettuce. Also, we could teach Europe a thing or two about electronics. It’s called a fucking clothes dryer. Get the memo, Italy! The sheer amount of buildings without elevators in it a testament to America’s superiority. At least when we discriminate against handicapped people, we give them a fucking ramp to get to the bouncer before they’re rejected at the door.


To all those European assholes who screamed at us for being loud American girls. Fuck off and be thankful that we tip you even though it’s not customary.

Finally, like any top betch, America’s birthday is a national holiday and she lets everyone fucking know it. Her birthday is the whole country’s excuse to get drunk, party, and light shit on fire.

So here’s to the red, white, and blue. Let’s take today to thank those hot bros and lesbians who fight for our freedoms everyday. As the song says, crown her good with bro hood and fucking party in the U.S.A.


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  1. The Betches says:

    Hot bros and lesbians… Hahaha love it

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  2. The Betches says:

    military betches are the smart ones who realized there were so many fucking hot bros defending freedom that we had to get in on that shit (we were what, 12 when JAG came out? harm and mac?) just think, there’s like 20% women in the military. and like 19% are either lesbians or DUBs (dumb. ugly. bitches.) leaving all the bros/future pros to us. it takes a true betch to pull off a uniform, and mess with us, we’ll fucking kick your ass. really.

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    • Realist says:

      Don’t know if you know this but female soldiers are more likely to be raped than killed in the line of duty. Just sayin’

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      • yup says:

        quite right. you’re actually more likely to be raped than to get breast cancer.

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  3. The Betches says:

    “…We realized that we’re really fucking lucky to live in America, where our fav salad place doesn’t close at noon because they ran out of lettuce.”

    Seriously. Anyone who’s been to Europe (or any other fucking country on Earth) knows how seriously lucky we are to be from a country where every kid has their own car instead of sharing a miniature Fiat with your whole family and all your closest cousins

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  4. The Betches says:

    I feel sorry for you if you would rather have every individual have their own car than be able to walk to the store, school, restaurants and entertainment. Enjoy your shallow and pathetic life.

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  5. The Betches says:

    Ew, I feel sorry for you. Sharing a car might be the most unbetchy thing a betch could do. Don’t you know betches don’t actually care about #46 The Environment?… you should probably leave now.

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  6. The Betches says:

    @Alexis, if you don’t know how important a high standard of living is then you’re obviously poor. Sorry.

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  7. The Betches says:

    don’t you have better things to do with your time than to read these posts and comment on them, pretending you’re a moral person? you’re clearly not a betch, so get off this site. you’re not welcome. #getalife

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  8. The Betches says:

    irony – pam anderson is canadian.

    representing the Canadian betches.

    I <3 Canada!

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  9. The Betches says:

    The only good things to come from Canada: Justin Bieber, Drake, Pam Anderson, and beaver tails. Yum. (although it is encouraged to throw up right after eating one so you don’t become a fat betch)

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    • ew says:

      you forgot the Ryans (Gosling and Reynolds.. YUM)

      anyways though.. huge fail because Canada’s living standards are way higher than the US’ and they are consistantly ranked as the best country to live in in the world..

      ... the US has way better shopping though, sucks for us.

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    • Except... says:

      You forgot Ryan-effing-Gosling.

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    • candycayne says:

      Anddd poutine. So. Fucking. Good.

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    • Canadian Betch says:

      Umm the queen betch herself? Regina George aka Rachel McAdams. Duh. Also, you should probably take your head out of your ass and realize how moronic American girls look when they brag about their country while the rest of the world laughs. (Seriously though)

      When it comes to the best quality of life USA isn’t even on the map, so if you’re calling other countries out on being delusional then I suggest you check the statistics or leave your little American bubble and get cultured, betches.

      PS. If you’ve ever been to Milan you’d know that some of the classiest betches come from Italy.  Perhaps you should take a page out of their book when it comes to hang drying designer clothing, because America’s lack of sustainability is fucking with the rest of our high quality air and divine living standards. Ta ta

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      • Your Name says:

        Your comment was written perfectly. It’s completely true what you said about the rest of the world laughing at Americans. It’s like we’re all in on a secret and giggling about it and Americans just don’t get it and keep saying stupid shit like this to give is material to make fun of.

        That’s the thing with you Americans. You think that everybody is in love with you, wen really everybody hates you.

        But seriously, I don’t hate you guys. That’s too strong of a word and too big of a generalization. I just haven’t met many nice people from there sadly!

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  10. The Betches says:

    Pam Anderson: Canada’s ultimate betch

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  11. The Betches says:

    Great little post… Enjoy the holiday! Love to get drunk, eat bbq and light shit on fire… Only in America!

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  12. The Betches says:

    If it ain’t America, you don’t need to find it on a map, because they’re all trying to come to America anyway. We rock, betches.

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    • omg says:

      ew how ignorant. you’re trying wayyyy too hard. and anyone who doesnt travel is super unbetchy.

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  13. The Betches says:

    “she doesn’t give a shit about poor people or minorities”

    really betches? im not going to write a entire rant complaining, because as much as your stupidity disappoints me, it’s somewhat amusing… but as a betch who is a minority i’m extremely disappointed at your ignorance. i really do love this site, but there is a difference between sarcastic humor and flat-out racism.
    as you’ve stated numerous times.. being a betch is a way of life, an attitude.
    it has nothing to do with color.

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  14. The Betches says:

    @beautifulblackbetch: Minorities can also include the LGBT community. Not everything has to do with color. Also, if you were a true betch, you would acknowledge the importance of satirizing life; clearly you’re a mini-betch.

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  15. The Betches says:

    There’s no such thing as mini-betches. You’re either a bitch, or you’re not. come on now

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  16. The Betches says:

    haha i 1000% agree…i love my job because everyone respects you more if you’re a huge betch, you make great money, you can get away with everything cause you’re a hot betch, and oh btw you work with tons of hot guys. #secretbestjobever

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  17. canada loving says:

    Ummm America is cool, but super ignorant. Everyone else in the world hates you guys.
    Huge trait a betch must have is CULTURE.. and unless Im going into the back of a kitchen to see all the Mexicans, thats about as far as it goes in America. 

    I may be from the cold but Canada is not only open and liked by everyone in the world but America, but they are home of the BEST POT IN THE WORLD! and really lenient laws (here we don’t get charged for having a gram of weed, were just told be careful.. therefore if your gonna be a pot growing gangster betch.. it wont be happening in America). Your drinking age is a little old.. So what your saying is -even though i would have a fake id- that I couldn’t go out until im 21!! fuckkkk that. Canada is 18-19.

    Our universities are all better and our WHOLE country is educated and they dont sound like weird hicks that came out of deliverance. EW. since unless you can afford private school (obv a betch can) the school system in the states is some of the worst in the world. Ive notcied the lack of education with the numerous americans I have spoken too.. Seems like the only city you can go to meet some one educated in a major city… sad.

    In canada we are incestuous.

    I love being a betch from a country that has nice people to betch around, that can drink when shes not old as fuck, that can smoke the best kush and oh when going to another country having to explain I am not a dumb american.. and seeing the relief in the europeans face when I tell them

    ciao losers.

    great site btw ha.

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    • Your Name says:

      harvard, princeton, yale, stanford. best universities in the world are in FUCKING AMERICA.

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    • eyy says:

      Everyone here in asia practically worships the US. Most here (china) dream of moving there, I guess it’s only the western and middle east countries that are hating on the US.

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    • LOL says:

      you’re cute when you’re mad. just kidding. you’ve just made about 300 generalized statement about America, probably based on like the 3 people you know from here.

      1. Even if you WERE smarter, Canada doesn’t do anything soooo your education is essentially pointless. Keep spending your whole life bragging about how educated you are when your country isn’t known for anything other than hockey.
      2. Wow so you can legally drink like 3 years before we can? SICKKK BROOO. And I love how you say its 18-19…it is probably one or the other since you’re only one age at a time. know your own country’s laws.
      3. Half your country is literally a wasteland, or “territories” so when you say that you can only meet someone educated in a major city here, I’m pretty sure the same applies to Canada since there are more people and therefore the probability of you meeting someone relatively educated is higher than in the middle of nowhere.
      4. And I bet you’ve been to Europe once and you’re acting like you know what the rest of the world thinks of us? HAHA please betch, you can go shove your face with the crepes you ate in France on your stupid Fashion Marketing study abroad trip and tell yourself you’re BFFS with Europe.
      5. You can go shave your back now.

      Thanks for playing though. Enjoy waiting on a list for 4 months to get meds for your strep throat.

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  18. MILF Betch says:

    Canada is America’s hat. Period. And every Canadian I’ve ever met is fat, white, and has a funny accent.

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    • Seriously? says:

      All I have to do is cross the border from Canada in the states and the obesity epidemic is oh so apparent. All Canadians are fat? I don’t think you have ever been here.
      Also your whole country is owned by the Chinese. Like owned. If it wasn’t for them you’d all be living in mud huts like the Sudanese.

      Not saying that I don’t love the US. You guys have some of my favourite cities but clearly you guys need to get over yourselves….

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  19. Courtney says:

    You can ALSO dress like a slut, predrink wherever (seriously wherever) and whenever you want. Alcohol and gas are cheap as fuck (so everyone ALSO has a car). Restaurants are ALSO open 24/7 and the food is AMAZING. Actual caribbean beaches everywhere, hot bros and betches galore, and most importantly.. they really do not care that they are the most kickass country in the world.
    So yeah, you have found your nemesis.
    PD: who the fuck mails shit?

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  20. Canadian Betch says:

    funny.. because if I recall correctly i think its YOUR country that’s known for being fat, and with funny accents?

    (i dont really know what white has to do with anything)?

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  21. CanadianBetchEH says:

    Don’t have a problem with Americans in general, except for when I gave the guy at MacDonalds in Florida a Canadian quarter and he yelled at me. Sorry pretty sure our money was worth more than yours at the time. It was a mistake an American quarter looks the same to me as a Canadian quarter, sorry I didn’t look closer at my quarters, I’ll be more observant next time I go to American MacDonalds.

    A betch does not have time to be that observant…too busy doing betchy things.

    P.S. I was getting a diet coke at MacDonalds while people who I was with inhaled Big Macs cause betches don’t eat that shit unless they are puking it up 5 minutes after. Plus the portions at American MacDonlads are double that of a Canadian MacDonlads so I would have to puke twice. Gross.

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    • Ew says:

      Why would you ever even admit to eating at McDonalds.

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  22. canadian betches rule says:


    best weed! and were all so much skinner than Americans… Betchy!

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  23. isabella grant says:

    venezuela is nice… but Betches dont come from third world countries.. sorry courtney

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  24. Anonymous says:

    its more ignorant to stereotype….americas pretty betchy because people from all over the world immigrate here. more international influences=more culture, unlike canada which no one goes to unless they want to underage drink

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  25. Anonymous says:

    you can go shave your back now

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  26. canamericano says:

    “In Canada we are incestuous” ... are you sure you meant to say that?

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  27. american girl says:

    @ canadian betch. Why are you even going through a drive thru line? Canadians arent Americans no matter which thwarted angle you want to see it through. American’s dont look at you funny when you walk into a restaurant just to use the bathroom. Americans are too prideful for that shit and last time i checked, every fucking country wets their pants over anything American. Fashion, movies, celebrity, entertainment, living standards…When Canada becomes the country that everyone else models after, call me.

    p.s. there are plenty of countries whose monetary value is worth more than ours yet everyone still holds their major assets in American dollars. Figure that.

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  28. american girl says:

    Oh, and i have no idea why you and your non-inflated Canadian quarters were even in a Mcdonalds* line…..who gives a shit about the portions of a disgusting fast food restaurant anyways…

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  29. Cultured Betch says:

    There isn’t one fucking problem with Europe, we can drink in public, don’t have curfews and our police doesn’t give a shit. We also have the best skiing and most great fashion designers are from Europe. plus all the skinny betties here are fantastic incentive to remain SKINNY. Everybody needs to back off Europe, go ahead, love America it’s great but for batch life it doesn’t always compare to Europe. All my friends and I have lived in both, and we are American - we vouch for the batch life in Paris.

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  30. .. says:

    That may be so, but at least we’re not fat.
    Also, America is the poor girl that wants to hang with all the rich girls, so she buys expensive things to try and fit in with the real betches. It thinks that people listen to her because she commands attention, but actually everyone is talking shit about her behind her back because she’s so loud and no one likes her. We go to America because it’s cheap and easy, not sophisticated and glamorous.
    So you can try and make yourself awesome, but the rest of the world knows you try way to hard.

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  31. americaisfuckingawesome says:

    fuck all of you. america is better than everyone else. your all just jealous. betches only like america if your not american you cant be a betch.

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    • Reality Check says:

      Calm down. If America was so much better than everyone else, they wouldn’t be billions of dollars in debt and having to resort to extreme measures just to avoid total bankruptcy. You sound like you’re twelve, wouldn’t expect you to know that anyway. Enjoy living under a rock smile

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    • Wow says:

      Way to make America look smart. It’s “you’re” not “your”. Go back to school, please.

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  32. european betch says:

    europeans are the biggest betches of all time

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  33. American bitch says:

    so why are all you canadian girls wetting yourselves over an AMERICAN WEBSITE? sounds like your the ugly nice girls just trying to get some words in with the American bitches.. you can go shave your back now. Why would you even come onto a website (run by americans) to bitch about how much better Canada is? who gives a fuck about Canada really?? .... i meannn….. gross.

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  34. Ugh no. says:

    There is no entirely betchy country. Unless its tiny as fuck like greece or haiti (literally the opposite of betchy) there are too many shitty states/provinces/whatever. Fucking corn fields and cows are NOT betchy. Cities can be betchy. That’s it.

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  35. Wow says:

    Way to make America look so smart. It’s “you’re” not “your”

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  36. hmmm.. says:

    Betches, what is the malfunction? I loved this piece but it was posted in the future and its #163, not #63.  Still love you though.

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  37. C says:

    America is no longer rich or beautiful, its extremely bankrupt.

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  38. oops says:

    pamela anderson is canadian, hate to kill your buzz though. I guess ignorance is one of the things you’re notoriously superior on too?

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  39. confused betch says:

    look you’re country is awesome, but why insult italy when so many of you go to italy all the time?

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  40. Real Talk says:

    America is definitely the hotter sister that throws better parties. Canada is the richer sister with better weed, stronger booze,  and fewer pov ridden ghettos. Also, a shout-out to ‘Merica for better shopping.

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  41. Annoyed betch says:

    “At least when we discriminate against handicapped people, we give them a fucking ramp to get to the bouncer before they’re rejected at the door.” You lost me here. Whatever betch wrote this needs to be replaced…& overuse of the word fuck does not hide the fact you’re not funny

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  42. keep fight bitches but.... says:

    Australia is pretty damn awesome too. If youve never been ’ try and say its not a great place either…

    and fyi we seriously don’t say stupid things like “g’day mate”. unless were using it in jest.

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