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By The Betches on

With her incessant selfie twit pics, locking herself in dressing rooms, requesting Drake to assasinate her vagina, there's no denying Amanda Bynes has been all over the news lately. But we have to ask, is she just simply on crack or is this her secretly genius plan to become more relevant? Let's take a look at some of her amazing twitter/instagram moments and other Mandy shit we found online because what else do you have to do today?

Just your casual stroll through Times Square


Nicki Minaj pulled a Michael Jackson and bleached herself white



Nadia is DEFINITELY not her assistant's name.

Sometimes when I'm in a bad mood I will look at pics of Amanda Bynes walking around New York with a scarf over her head and my day gets better. 

...I can't think of anything that matches a gargantuan gilded Louis Vuitton better than Adidas sandals with socks.

Amanda Bynes, or in some circles, "Scarf Face"


Then there's this:


Something like this Mandy? 


And this: 


One of her realest moments:


So, crazy or crazy smart? Did she really shave her head or does she have that highbrow sense of humor where she's satirizing the whole celeb-goes-crazy-and-the media-follows type of situation? Whatevs, that's for you to decide and for us to re-watch She's the Man.

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  1. stoneybetch says:

    you guys live in NYC, why not invite her over for a smoke sesh and get the inside scoop?

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  2. wtf says:

    is this? you could have done so much more with this post, instead of this subpar crap

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  3. Your Name says:

    She went to La Reina High School.  Catholic schools are known to make girls go crazy.  Full of betches, though.  Neeed to do a post on betchy catholic schools

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    • Anon- says:

      I agree. As someone who went to a Catholic school for middle/high, all the girls I am still friends with on FB are pregnant, do drugs to the max, and drop out of school like it is going out of style. LMAO

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  4. um duh says:

    you realize that amanda bynes doesn’t actually have a twitter, right? and any self-respecting twitter user knows that unless a celebrity has that little blue check mark next to their name then it’s not actually that celeb’s twitter, right? i love you betches but seriously, I can’t believe how many posts you have based on some fake ass twitter. it’s actually sad.

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    • um fucking duh says:

      amanda herself has commented on the validity of said twitter account and how it is in fact her.

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    • Betchy Betch says:

      If the twitter is fake where are all these pictures of her coming from?

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    • drbetch says:

      um you are so dumb, how would anyone but amanda bynes post those insane selfies?

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    • @um duh says:

      Who gave you the jurisdiction to speak? Shut the fuck up. You know nothing.

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      • TXbetch says:

        You & Amanda have something in common, you’re both BSCBs.

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  5. Alex says:

    It’s a publicity stunt. she’s brill

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  6. MeghanBetch says:

    I love a crazy celeb . Maybe she will lock herself in a closet like britbrit and get taken away

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  7. lvb says:

    I’m convinced she is doing this for a secret comedic documentary about it.. I mean she has always been a Comedian (and little psycho, The Amanda Show).. and I would bet money that she is doing all of this for comedic/publicity purposes.

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  8. omg says:

    fucking DYING over the pics of her as a cat and a poodle like what in gods name is going on. someone help her

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  9. e says:

    Um, the huff post article says she got kicked out of planet fitness? I mean I know its been a while since she made a movie but… c’mon PF is disgusting

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