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By The Betches on

All the Super Bowl ads from yesterday. Everyone's talking about the big disgusting Go Daddy kiss commercial but like, we've seen it before here. The only way to explain this is that Bar is boob deep in debt. See all 52 Super Bowl ads here>>


Shaq lip syncing to Halo during the Super Bowl. >>

Check out the cover letter of champions. It even beats an application we read for one of our internship position where the girl wrote "I cannot tell you how grateful I would be to work at [insert company's name here]."

If Mr. Rogers was on TV now I'm fairly sure he'd be in prison. You think you remember watching the show but trust me, you don't. Like, I have never felt so uncomfortable in my life. Here's why.

Actually pretty interesting article about how all the songs that you claim you love because it makes you seem cool and down to earth are actually hated by those who created them. If Zeppelin hates Stairway to Heaven I wonder how Rebecca Black feels. 

This made me ugly laugh. "Yesterday, you watched the Super Bowl. In Japan, they did this." See it.

"We are never ever ever getting together.... because you are a desperate whore," sings Bradley Cooper. >>

And just for fun: Shoot - Fuck - Marry. Jay Z, Scott Disick, Ryan Gosling

And another: Christopher Walken, Steve Buscemi, Chris Christie … OK GO!

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  1. sfm says:

    shoot Jayz fuck Lord Disick Marry Ryan Gosling

    Shoot Chris Christie fuck Steve Buscemi Marry Christopher Walken

    fucking duh.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Shoot Jay Z, fuck Scott Disick, Ryan Gosling. The other one is literally too painful.

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  3. J says:

    Shoot Jay-Z, Fuck Scott Disick, Marry Ryan Gosling

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  4. mrs disick says:

    shoot Jay-Z
    fuck Ryan Gosling

    and so proud of my boy bradley cooper for turning down that slut (hopefully he will still make an exception for me so we can get married)

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  5. Vix says:

    Um, MARRY Jay Z. Hello? His net worth is upwards of 400 million! Fuck Ryan Gosling and shoot Scott. Scott is hilarious, but not funny enough to stay alive in this trio.

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  6. @mrs disick says:

    you are a waste of oxygen

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  7. it's fake says:

    The Bradly Cooper article is fake, everyone keeps bitching about how all 3 of them say it’s false and the source is anon

    but like, whatever…put another guys name on the article and it could easily be almost true

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  8. Your Name says:

    shoot scott
    marry jay-z
    fuck ryan

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  9. Your Name says:

    Idgaf what anyone says, Mr Rodgers was cool. He only seems creepy because society wants everyone who’s nice to be deemed creepy. Like yeah, nicegirls are creepy as fuck and I don’t understand them, but Mr Rodgers was just old and kind and educational. I felt bad for him, he was lonely. Nicegirls deserve to be lonely. But aw, old people can be so sweet.

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  10. stef says:

    Marry Jay-Z (seems like THE best husband)
    shoot Scott Disick (ewwww, worst person ever)
    fuck Ryan Gosling (best fuck of life i assume)

    Shoot Chris Christie
    Fuck Christopher Walken
    Marry Christopher Walken

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