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By The Betches on

Here's stupid Anne Hathaway doing a stupid commercial for a stupid landline in an early acting job. Can you believe someone gave this bitch an Oscar?

Some adorable GIFs from Her Campus about how to be in college told by betchy favorites Easy A, Pitch Perfect and Gossip Girl. >>

Want to know what Bros think of going down on girls but too scared of what our Head Pro will think of you? The douchebags over at BroBible will let you know. >>

The Onion brings us the highlights of Pope Benedict's reign and thank god it includes Prada shoes. >>

Business Insider brings us really unflattering pictures of Oscars pre-parties. Seriously I don't know if it's the lighting or the angle but all these celebs look like shit here. Except Selena Gomez. Touche. >>

In case you needed more clarification, NY Mag outlines why every fucking normal woman in the universe hates Anne Hathaway. They basically say she's a theater nerd who TTH. As if we didn't already build an entire brand on this. >>

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  1. ugh says:

    so tired of hearing betches whine about anne hathaway.  she’s pretty and a good actresses.  quit your jealousy.  it’s pathetic.

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    • Your Name says:

      haah ew are you joking? shes so lame. stpo trying to please veryone and act like a btech for once. ew soo annoying.

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  2. betch4life says:

    @ugh bitch please.  Get your head out of Lea Michelles ass and smellbthe roses.  ANNE HATHAWAY IS THE ANTI BETCH.

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    • ha says:

      you sound like a fat chick who’s jealous of how skinny anne is.

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  3. Yikes says:

    Anne Hathaway annoys the shit out of me. I cannot fathom how any of you like her.  Please never speak.

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