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By The Betches on

This week's Internet Roundup includes pics of RiRi's #4 Bday party, Anne Hathaway looking like a freak, and some other good shit.

  • This story from the Donald's twitter account actually made me LOL. >>
  • Rihanna and Chris Brown get hot and heavy at her Hawaiian bday bash for her big 2-5. Hopefully Chris didn't give her too many birthday punches. >>
  • Here's thirteen really funny awkward situations that will give anyone anxiety courtesy of Buzzfeed. >>
  • Just when you thought Anne Hathaway couldn't possibly be a bigger freak, she walks around with this weird fucking hat. Just stay inside Anne. Stay. Inside. >>
  • This Leonardo DiCaprio Jim Beam commercial in Japan is only funny because it reminds us of Joey's  Ichiban Lipstick for Men commercial from Friends. >>
  • As if you needed more reasons to never, ever enter the real world, BroBible lays it out for you. >>


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  1. no name says:

    why are white feminists like lena dunham and the like so obsessed with rihanna going back to chris brown?  is it because he’s BLACK?  i don’t remember people being this obsessed with charlie sheen…who was also accused of domestic violence multiple times….betches, why so racist?

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    • TXbetch says:

      You are an idiot.  Seriously!?  You can’t EVER criticize a black person because someone ALWAYS makes it about race.  Like they’re fucking perfect or something.  Newsflash: It’s NOT. And sorry, but there are no photographs of anyone’s face beaten in at the hands of Charlie Sheen like there are of what Chris did to RiRi.  They’re what you said they were: accusations.  She’s an idiot and a bad role model for going back to him, as is any woman who goes back to a man who abuses her.  Betch or no, every woman deserves better than that and there are some things that are just plain unforgivable.

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      • ummm says:

        “she’s an idiot and a bad role model” umm…do you really have to victim-blame her like that?  have you not heard of stockholm syndrome?  she’s suffering, and doesn’t need any more abuse.  and chris is a victim in this too.  they both grew up in homes with abuse.  they’re repeating what they grew up with.  they need help..they don’t need to be mocked by this stupid site and the rest of the white media.

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    • you're an idiot says:

      Chris Brown has a tattoo of a beaten Rihanna face on his neck. He clearly is proud of it.
      This has nothing to do with race and everything to do with domestic violence. Go away.

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    • ?? says:

      ^^are you serious?

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    • sorry what? says:

      Literally EVERYBODY hates Charlie Sheen, so… not sure where you’re getting that from?

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  2. ErikaLuxe says:

    The ONLY good thing about the Anne Hathaway photo was that she was holding an Earthbar juice which you can obviously only get at the Equinox.
    Citrus Cleanse is amazing.

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  3. ok says:

    the jokes and comments about Rihanna and Chris Brown are getting old, I mean…. we’re beating a dead horse here

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    • dying says:

      I enjoyed this post more than I should have.

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    • clearly says:

      are you white?

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    • Hey white people says:

      We will not stop “whining” about racism. If only to annoy the hell out you smile

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  4. HA says:

    re: Trump story.
    I heard his PA posted it on his account by accident, thinking it was hers oOoOps :D

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