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By The Betches on

So it’s the end of November and fat season is upon us. Yes, gone are the hot nights of summer when all we needed was a high-waisted skirt and a crop top...dressing like a slut never seemed so hard.

But just when you thought this was the perfect excuse to eat that bowl of pasta guilt-free, the fashion show of the year airs and you’re betch slapped back to reality. Fuck Oprah and Susan B. Anthony. Let’s talk about the real inspiration for American betches: the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. The message: eating is never okay.

victoria secretEvery time a betch blacks out, an angel gets her wings

Betches love this fashion show because it gives us something to believe in amidst the ‘everybody is beautiful, beauty is on the inside’ bullshit from Dove commercials. Face it, those women are FUG. If real women have curves, betches are as fake as Hillary Duff's teeth.

Let’s talk about the angels and why they’re fucking amazing. First, they're the perfect image to conjure up during instances like that one time you had a temporary brain aneurysm and considered ordering a calorific vodka cranberry. Not only do they get paid like millions of dollars to #42 dress like a slut, but millions of people tune in to stare at them walk all of 50 feet and become so inspired by their performance that they'd regurgitate a 5-calorie stick of gum. Talk about a dream job, we only hope we can have the same effect.

Also, just when you've finally convinced yourself that these women might just be freaks of nature mutated with Avatars and overtaken by Brazilian witchcraft, Adriana Lima makes you feel like a fat piece of shit again. Even though the betch had a fucking baby six weeks before doing the fashion show, you'll see her walking the runway tonight. See, the VS fash show teaches us tons of valuable lessons like: No excuses, play like a champion betch.

Alessandra Ambrosio will be wearing this year's Fantasy Bra, which only cost $2.5 mil. You and your $250 La Perla bra can go fuck yourselves.

victoria secretIf you weigh more than your wings, you're too fat for the catwalk

This year’s show should be especially great because it features Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars and former betch of the week Rihanna as musical performers. As long as Selena Gomez doesn’t show up to punch Justin in the face for flirting with Barbara Palvin, we’re sure the performances will be amaz.

And if she does, it'll be even more amaz.

But just as you're agreeing that the VS fash show is the best thing ever, like anything that makes the obese fuglies feel bad about themselves, it's obvi not without controversy. Betch haters and fat people have been trying to shut down our fav show of the year down since like forever. In 2002 some ugly "feminists" protested the show calling it a "soft-core porn infomercial". When are lesbians going to learn to leave the hot people alone?

So betches, next time you think that living in the North in the winter gives you a free pass to stuff your face, watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and remember that ‘holiday season' is not a synonym for Fat History Month.


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  1. Amanda says:

    Perrrrfection. Can’t wait!!

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  2. Anonymous says:

    wow. you betches outdid yourselves this time. watching this show with my sorority tonight. the only snacks provided will be celery and water as we watch this show… (and will probs wanna puke it up after.)

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  3. Sara says:

    Thank you for this kind message of inspiration.. you are right.. eating is never ok

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  4. Elle Woods says:

    Can’t agree enough. Some people don’t understand that the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is better than Christmas. I mean, all those rumors about the models having to get surgery to take two ribs out? Hell, sign me up! I wish I could get that surgery. And it’s so much better than any other fashion show. These betches are just having a party on the runway unlike those other “couture models” who have the facial expressions of a constipated nice girl. Get me my wings, Victoria’s Secret. I’ll be there next year.

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  5. anon says:

    this is great fodder for a new post but come on betches, this could have been longer and or funnier. you dropped the hat on this one.

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    • idiot says:

      you clearly lack any sense of humor. go eat a cube of cheese.

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  6. Oops says:

    I love that I can eat anything I want and never gain a pound!
    Thank god for great genes.

    If only I were taller….

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  7. Ellen says:

    This article is pure gold…and diamonds of course. Great post!

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  8. Anonymous says:

    Love this! Someone please give me food poisoning or stomach virus so I have an excuse for my VSFS induced anorexia. K thnks bi

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  9. Anonymous says:

    love the fash show for entertainment qualities, but only high school betches shop at VS. let’s be real.

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  10. Justin says:

    Also another excuse to get blackout

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  11. Anonymous says:

    um this is completely irrelevant.

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  12. SoCALClaws says:

    Great REALITY post. It’s so real life, kids in health class should read it.

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  13. selina says:

    This is for all the bitches out there who believe this shit about if u dont eat u stay skinny.

    Soz bitches it doesnt work that way. EAT: properly.A healthy diet work out. dont sit on your ass all day watching victoria secret shows with people who are skinny and thinking u can look like them.

    I eat what i want and when and I am still a skinny hot betch! Fact.
    True Betches arent told what to do. EAT there is no shame in the game.

    For any bitch ready to tell me to stfu. No u listen to ME: There is nothing funny or betchy about eating disorders. So boo you whores.

    Encourage betches to eat HEALTHY FOOD & WORK out. NOT to starve themselves.

    Being a size 0 becos u starve urself is not sexy. if u are naturally that size gOOd for u. if u are fat then ur fat, get off ur arse put that coke down and get a PT.

    just saying. besides my rant on on this post I adore u betches. u rock my world.

    muchos love from:

    A healthy eating working out betch in London town. God bless our gracious Queen and Kate Middleton(who eats.)

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    • if says:

      if you spelled this correctly I would agree

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    • Um no. says:

      Sorry Selina, but there’s no such thing as a ghetto betch. Learn to spell or go back to Reddit

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      • A Fucking Betch says:

        This makes no fucking sense. Post something funny, or accurately or gtfo this site.

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    • um says:

      shut up fat girl

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  14. a betch says:

    ABSOLUTELY LOOOOVEEEEE !!!!!!!!! sums it up perfectly!

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  15. Anonymous says:

    “remember that ‘holiday season’ is not a synonym for Fat History Month”
    Obsessed with you betches!

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  16. Anonymous says:

    read this in a mag… miranda starts intense workouts twice a day three weeks before the show, then nine days before the show stops eating and only consumes protein shakes, then 12 hours before the show stops eating/drinking entirely.

    so betchy

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  17. Anonymous says:

    this is stupid

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  18. betchin' says:

    Oh, how I love that the VS Show lands right after Thanksgiving break… what a great reminder to not turn into a fat, fugly bitch just because it’s the holidays. My plan is to watch this with a bottle of wine, then casually pass out and hopefully slip into a coma so I don’t eat until Christmas.. but if I do wake up, I am recording it so I force myself to watch it every time I feel hungry.

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  19. stokedbetch says:

    if you miss this, you’re NOT a betch. Cant wait to see the hottest betches in the biggest fashion show in the world.

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  20. ADB311 says:

    stupid bitch, non-betch. probably actually fat and wanting to feel better about yourself. go ahead, take advantage of the internet while you can, there’s no other way you’d be a betch in real life.

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  21. Anonymous says:

    pathetic much?

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  22. Anonymous says:

    Pretty sure the lezzies are the ones taking issue w the VS fash show….just sayin…

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  23. wrong says:

    tots agree about the eating part.  but kate middleton is an ano bitch

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  24. Anonymous says:


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  25. Anonymous says:

    hahahha everyone who replied bitching to this girl probs is fat themselves…. like if you weren’t insecure about your own weight you seriously wouldn’t care

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  26. To clarify says:

    While you are all at home crying because you don’t have bodies like these women, feeling bad for yourself, I am going to be sitting there eating a fat tub of ice cream, chips and REG coke and still weigh 109 lbs at 5’6’’ without puking.
    I don’t idealize anyone. I love who I am, and I appreciate the gorgeous girls who were blessed to be 5’11’‘. I was not that lucky.
    And I don’t need to prove anything to you, because honestly, I’ve seen some of the girls who call themselves “betches” and they are beat.

    Ps. Go ahead and reply. It just makes me feel empowered that you are actually taking the time to call me names and insult me, when you don’t even know me.

    Enjoy the show! Remember, puking up your dinner ruins your teeth, and being anorexic fucks up your osteopathy.

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    • M says:

      Um…I think you meant “idolize,” but good try.

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  27. bobby says:

    why dont you get a life?

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  28. anonymous says:

    couldn’t agree more. thanks for writing this.

    ps, if kate is pregnant with twins, she will definitely have to eat!

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  29. Cool says:

    What a great role model.


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  30. cookiebeezy says:

    “get off ur arse put that coke down and get a PT” holla my bitch- i run 9 miles a day and stay SEXAYYY (also ellipiticalling is fun too) smile

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  31. Heather says:


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  32. Southernbetch says:

    Love it! Did my junior year final web page, photo story project on the VS fashion show last year. Of course it got an A, who doesn’t love looking at hot betches?

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  33. Katelyn says:

    “When are lesbians going to learn to leave the hot people alone?”

    I’m gay and let me just say.. the VS fashion show is the highlight of my fall!

    <3 this site

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  34. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha. Ill be at home doing that same shit and weighing in at 250, 5’2” aka THE GOOD LIFE

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    • Your Name says:

      I like this chicks betchy attitude. betches, this skinny shit is a bit pathetic…and it’s trying way too hard. isn’t it more about being hot and being sorry that everyone loves you?

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  35. rachel says:

    best post in a while! you are amazing, love you betches!

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  36. wtf says:

    usually i fucking love everything you betches say but, calling out lesbians isn’t chill

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    • lezbetch says:

      Thank youu.

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    • agreed says:

      yeah unnecessary

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  37. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha agree their just pissed they can’t eat whatever and keep it a zero.

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  38. Fattiemcgee says:

    You girls are SICK. This show is for FATSO BITCHES THAT WISH THEY WERE SKINNY! also u may be lezbos for watching
    i am eating fried chicken right now and rubbing the grease all over my fat rolls STUFFIN A BREADROLL DOWN MA THROAT

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  39. Anonymous says:

    which you ALSO don’t have!

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  40. True betch says:

    I completely agree. Betches gotta fucking eat to fuel there betchiness. If u aren’t blessed with a fast metabolism get of ur ass and work out. Remember it’s for yourself so it’s still pretty fucking betchy. These girls are paid because they are 5’ 11” anorexic and gorgeous, even tho most of them probably pray they won’t pass out as they walk down the runway. Be healthy so the betches live longer than the lazy depressed people and the anorexic/bulemics of the world.

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  41. Didn't know says:

    Didn’t know you were psychic and could see me.


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  42. Anonymous says:

    Obviously you don’t know anything about the Victoria’s Secret Betches aka Angels. Almost all of them are those other couture models and they’re all gorgeous.

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  43. Anonymous says:

    no excuses,play like a betch.

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  44. seriously? says:

    “When are lesbians going to learn to leave the hot people alone?”

    Are you insinuating that lesbians can’t be hot?

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  45. Laura Liscio says:

    uhhhhhh what fat rock are u living under sweetie kate middleton def doesnt eat.

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    • anonymous says:

      the Duches obvi eats. at least enough to maintain some semblance of health. How else could she be healthy enough to oh, you know, CARRY A CHILD?

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  46. samantha says:

    Im a lezzie and can say for a fact that lesbians everywhere countdown to this fashion show

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  47. lily says:

    ew 250 and 5 foot 2 please tell me you’re being sarcastic here because that’s disgusting ... people that are 100 pounds less than you at the same height look chunk

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  48. HorribleWorld says:

    I don’t understand yeah other then the money, other then being in the spotlight every year or so. Women and men models got to remember once they get old, or wrinkled, or get into a bad accident with some scarring or amputation, they are out of the show. I don’t understand how this betters the world, other then providing some people someone to ogle at without feeling guilty. Yet when it isn’t a model and it is someone you love comes home, tries it on and you ogle at it, it does not give them the same satisfaction, or you the same satisfaction, because either it does not look good, or the work they put into getting it to fit isn’t appreciated or causes stress.

    Now what a way to live life, going against your emotions when you have already done enough, and you want to aspire to something other then what is wanted from you. Now you are stuck in a hole.

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  49. Anonymous says:

    The VS fash show was truly inspiring.i hope it motivated everyone to stick that other finger down their throat and take the longer line of blow. much love!

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  50. Anonymous says:

    my sorority had a cookie social instead.

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  51. <3 says:

    this chick is right. gettttt it

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  52. betch says:

    get your eating disorders straight, betch. you’re talking about bulimia.

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  53. Ashley says:

    this is the WORST article i have ever read. it is completely degrading in every way, shape, or form. it encourages girls to starve themselves and question their image just because they see a pretty model with a personal trainer on stage. you should be encouraging women to see the best in themselves while still being able to appreciate those who are good looking. besides, it is a FASHION show, putting the clothes on display, not the models.  Victoria’s Secret’s intention is to make every woman feel beautiful by providing them with clothes that make them feel sexy, not “fugly”. so “betches”, try a new perspective.

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    • are you stupid? says:

      have you ever been on this website before?

      i’m not telling you its a parody


      ...but its a parody


      now you just look like a dumb cunt. go home, fat girl <3

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  54. Love the Fashion Show. Hate this Article. says:

    This is the most degrading piece of shit article I’ve ever read. Not only does this article fail to understand the English language… but it insults the female race. These women are paid to achieve an above and beyond look; and they should be rewarded for doing a damn good job. This is not a realistic expectation of appearance. I am totally satisfied with my appearance and I am definitely not fat (or lesbian, or a feminist), I weigh 113 lbs, and I respect myself and have standards for the men I attract. I enjoy the fashion show for the fashion and because I love VS products. I don’t know about you ladies but I want to attract men that care about ME not just how easy I am. Starving myself and dressing like a slut will never get me there… good luck with your pathetic lives.

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    • Are you for real says:

      Have you read this site before? A betch is a betch. If you don’t agree with the lifestyle then gtfo.

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  55. Anonymous says:

    I get that the article is satire but these comments are absolute comedic gold.

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  56. Sum Yung Gai Hung Lo says:

    lolz at satire. As the fat chick who wrote this pounds on the keyboard with her can fingers. (lol)

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  57. Anonymous says:

    haha I think she meant because then she wouldn’t be able to eat and anorexia would be natural. I got you Betch!

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  58. Ashley says:

    you’re a fucking asshole. good luck getting anything with eyeballs to bang you.

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  59. Anonymous says:

    I got my ass to the gym promptly at 9:55 to watch the fashion show while doing some intense cardio. Best workout I’ve ever had—I burned wayyyy more calories watching this than I do when I watch Revenge at the gym. Emanda better step up her game.

    VS Fashion Show = Workout Motivation Gold

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  60. wwufemale says:

    I feel like I just came across that underground secret clique of girls (betches) who encourage themselves to binge then barf in jars and then starve themselves I am literally baffled that you exist, after seein you on 60 minutes or some shit. These comments are fucking wonderful. Like, beautifully wonderful.

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  61. mads says:

    please get off your power trip. your making thin girls look like assholes.

    and fyi, eating “a big fat tub of ice cream, chips and a reg soda” will also rot your teeth.

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  62. Anonymous says:

    I would say I was jeal of those models but then I remembered I’m not a fucking nice girl and I’m a betch. This runway show is the reason I stay ano all winter. You go Betches!!!

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  63. selina says:

    Kate Middleton is not ano. she is healthy. that’s the point we are making here.

    She eats the food that you guys apparently think is disgusting! lol.

    Speaking of which I am off to have a good old English breakfast. Yes I eat breakfast. lol

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  64. hahaha says:

    Soz: ?

    EAT: properly.A healthy diet work out: *eat a proper healthy diet and work out.

    watching victoria secret shows with people who are skinny and thinking u can look like them. :you should not watch the annual victoria’s scecret fashion show and believe that you could look like the models

    I eat what i want and when and I am still a skinny hot betch! Fact: lol
    True Betches arent told what to do: lol

    EAT there is no shame in the game: inspirational

    No u listen to ME: *listen to me

    Encourage betches to eat HEALTHY FOOD & WORK out: “I eat what i want and when”.

    Being a size 0 becos u starve urself is not sexy: but if you naturally a size zero then your hot!

    gOOd: *good, spelling it your way is more effort

    arse: British
    muchos: Spanish

    So boo you whores:  Amerrrica!

    god bless Kate Middleton(who eats.) very little

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  65. Anonymous says:

    did you seriously just say that?

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  66. anonymous says:

    your sorority must be the fat girls sorority

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  67. judge me says:

    Duh, those panties are horrifff

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  68. Anonymous says:

    Female is a gender not a race. Also get over it, I can’t believe how seriously some people take this. If you have such a problem with it, don’t condone it in your own life whatever but nobody here cares about you or your body. Shove it up your 113 lb ass and leave betches the fuck alone.

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  69. Anonymous says:

    If you truly had nothing to prove you wouldn’t have wasted you time with this rant. Enjoy your ice cream fattie, you may be skinny now but your metabolism will catch up you soon enough.

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  70. Anonymous says:

    Hahaha I love you for how true this is.

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  71. Anonymous says:

    hahahaha yes. yes yes yes.

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  72. Anonymous says:

    Have you ever stepped foot inside a VS besides the pink section? They have some super hot stuff. Where else do you shop if you refuse to go to VS? Frederick’s of Hollywood? That shit is for hookers

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  73. Anonymous says:

    I would predict your future if I were psychic you dumb bitch! Only a fugly how like you would brag about the ONE advantage she has! Go eat shit and choke on it!

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  74. Anonymous says:

    dayyym that bitch is hot

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  75. Anonymous says:

    guys like skinny betties so we all better do our best to look like those models

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  76. Anonymous says:

    Is this really all you betches care about? TRUE betches are more intelligent than constantly being obsessed with their weight. Don’t be a bum and eat healthy…lets just end it with that. You’re insecurities will end any relationship or drive any guy away faster than a couple pounds will…crazy betches. OH and this just in: real men like real betches whose hip bones aren’t stabbing them in the stomach when their boning. Get it together.

    Posted on Reply
  77. Anonymous says:

    *your insecurities
    *when they’re boning

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  78. Anonymous says:

    um, yes, i’m fully aware of what victoria’s secret sells “besides the pink section”. i’m not retarded - you are, actually, because their merchandise is super cheap, and anyone with an eye for quality could tell you that. and frederick’s of hollywood is disgusting, clearly you’re from the flyovers if you think VS and frederick’s are the only retailers that carry lingerie. personally i buy my bras etc from agent provocatuer and the intimates sections at neimans and nordstrom - la perla, chantelle, cosabella. just like any betch - fucking duh. not that headache of a store that is victoria’s secret.

    Posted on Reply
  79. Anonymous says:

    don’t read it if you have a comment like that….try a different site next time

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  80. Jealous says:

    Jealous much?

    Who uses the word fugly anymore anyway? What are you 12?


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  81. um... relevant says:

    “So betches, next time you think that living in the North in the winter gives you a free pass to stuff your face, watch the Victoria’s Secret fashion show and remember that ‘holiday season’ is not a synonym for Fat History Month.”

    um… that post was relevant.

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  82. Chloé says:

    I can’t wait til this bitch gets diabetes.

    Posted on Reply
  83. Anonymous says:

    there’s a difference between “then” and “than.” i suggest you look it up…

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  84. By the way says:

    What fucks with your metabolism is not eating. The more consistent, and healthy, you eat, the better your metabolism is.
    Not fasting and then eating something here and there like celery.

    Posted on Reply
  85. Wow says:

    I love how your reply focuses on the food she’s planning on eating.
    I believe she’s being facetious.
    Regardless, its called brushing, flossing and dental visits.

    Posted on Reply
  86. Anonymous says:

    ahaha I love this comment, I 100% agree! I eat whatever the fuck I want and still hold a 100lb figure. I obviously don’t feel the need to rip on others to feel good about myself. Start working out ladies! Finger dancing down your throat doesn’t count and is certainly not attractive!  I started going to the gym more recently so I can feel healthier (after all my junk binges lol), look even better, and check out all those hot boys while they work out their hot bods- but that is merely a lifestyle that every person fat or skinny should adapt to. Though what I love most about this whole little betch fight; a real betch, despite how much she think’s she doesn’t give a shit about others and is purely self absorbed… she OF COURSE cares if you are hotter than her and don’t need to puke your brains out or eat celery and water to achieve such. Feel Blessed by those genes girl, because you are. We know better than to try and let the dumb bitch-betches make us feel like there is ANYthing wrong with us blessed ‘angels’. Now grab a chocolate bar and indulge, and love every second of it!

    Posted on Reply
  87. Ally says:

    Great post. These comments are absurd. So sad.

    Posted on Reply
  88. Anonymous says:

    Shut up, being skinny is important and everyone knows it

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  89. ANONYMOUS says:

    wow i came across this page somehow on fb…i feel bad for you it takes a very pathetic person to even take the time to comment on this and trash people they dont know. instead of wasting time on computer GO WORK OUT bc thats the only really healthy way to maintain good weight unless u r a naturally skinnyy betchh. advice:please stop thinking that anyone cares what u have to say.

    Posted on Reply
  90. Anonymous says:

    i’m not fat! i just don’t really see how her post was relevant to anything.  good for us we can stuff our faces and still be thin but that doesn’t really give us the right to preach and rub it in others faces. its a bitchy move. but like whatever. eat what you want and work out.  its all a balance.

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  91. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately your attitude may be at fault for the fact that you are curling up to a pint of ice cream and a can of coke to watch tv instead of a man or some friends.

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  92. Lisa says:

    theres no way in hell i wasted my time reading these unbetchy coms because skimming them on my way down to the comment box i wanted to vom at the unbetchy wannabees leaving retarded comments.

    But anyway, just wanted to say this post is amazing, despite what the fugs and haters say, you guys never cease to amaze me with every post on this site.

    Posted on Reply
    • Your Name says:

      Lisa, big fan, i like your style… you lost me at retarded. that word is totally inaprop for daddy’s political galas, get it together for the sake of fellow betches.

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  93. Disgusted says:

    The simple fact that this fashion show generates so many self-degrading comments from women around the world does not necessarily demonstrate that it should be canceled, but brings up a deeper issue in patriarchal culture. The sheer amount of times I have heard beautiful, strong, HEALTHY women put themselves down disgusts me, not the show itself. Ladies, stop hating on each other and realize that the norm for “sexy” which dictates that every girl be a size triple zero is not only grossly unhealthy to the people you’re trying to attract, but also has developed as a way to keep women WEAK. Yes, obesity is a problem in America, but starving yourself is never the answer. Please, wake up and realize that trying to fit into an impossible norm which is aimed at keeping men in control will never give you true confidence in yourself, which is really what we’re all after, isn’t it?

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  94. It's Mr. Ahole says:

    This year’s fashion show sucked, especially since Klum didn’t narrate it and there was no Marissa Miller or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Also since when did they downgrade the bra to 2 mil and censor the backside of every model?

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  95. Trollface says:

    Wow. Why does the media conjure these bitches up as the ultimate feminine form. These models… are not attractive at all… nor are any of them naturally pretty. Someone has to say it: models have no natural beauty; they fit a predesignated physical “form” that is extremely sharp and angular and then are made-up and air-brushed to the point of them looking like different people. There is such a disconnect between what the media tells you to look like and what men actually want to see. Stop worrying about someone else’s life… stop wishing you had their life and go out there and fucking take it.

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  96. Anonymous says:

    Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

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  97. eliza says:

    Great post! Only thing….high wasted skirts and crop tops? how does that work??

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  98. Matt says:

    God I’ve never read any comments like this page has everyone says the most ridiculous shit and it makes everyone seem really bitchy can’t u guys just chill out. I like a girl who eats normal food doesn’t throw it up but instead exercises to keep in shape and a girl who looks good in her sweat pants with no make-up. That’s the kinda girl I want to wake up next to. And u girls need to stop being so hard on yourselves and eachother. Eat how you want just exercise ya know what I mean. And don’t kill yourself because you don’t look like the Victoria secret girls they work extremely hard to look how they do it’s they’re job. Anyways…. I’m in love with Alesandra Ambrosio (not sure bout the spelling) I wish I could find a girl like her lol

    Posted on Reply
  99. oh says:

    Some of these outlandish comments are wildly entertaining.  Some of you fools are the most catty, unintelligent, plebes I’ve ever encountered.  If you’re skinny like moi, then God bless ya and good for you. If you’re not, then get off your arse and work on your fitness and eat healthy! And if you are advocating an eating disorder then have fun achieving the Gollum look! I hope you choke on that food tube they shove down your throat in your ED clinic and die of heart failure, you ignoramus.

    LYLAS xoxo!

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  100. Anonymous says:

    This is so rediculous you’re the reason girls have eating disorders

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  101. Yes. says:

    Love this. Nothing tastes as good as thin feels. Words to live by.

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  102. anonymous says:

    Hysterical- you feel bad for us? You took the time to comment on this “trash”. Take your own advice, and get a sense of humor..

    Posted on Reply
  103. B says:

    Is it really that difficult for people to eat healthy and work out? LOL seriously, the VS models are gorgeous and fit… and they eat. But not because they’re throwing up all the time (that just ends up making you gain weight in the long run) ... they do this thing called *gasp* GO TO THE GYM and *gasp* DON’T EAT JUNK FOOD ALL THE TIME.

    And really, I find nothing appealing in “sitting around eating a tub of icecream and chips”... that just sounds disgusting.

    Posted on Reply
  104. B says:

    Oh, and loved the article! ahaha. Seriously, people who don’t watch the VS fashion show are missing out!!! But I just hate the comments where people say “only eating celery!” SHUT UP BETCH.

    Posted on Reply
  105. Anonymous says:

    you could at least spell hilary duff’s name correctly.

    Posted on Reply
  106. Sally says:

    I wonder what men would think if they read these comments… probably that we are all dumb airheads that deserve to be in the kitchen.  And if I get another betchhhh plz get ur fat ass off our site I might just have to be bulimic for the moment myself.

    Posted on Reply
  107. Anonymous says:

    That was a borderline painful comment to read. You sounded like a fucking 8th grader with no communication skills. This site blows. Bitches, not betches. Go purge then drop a hundred bucks on some thin piece of cloth that no guy would ever want to see you in because you’re most likely an ugly fucking cow.

    Posted on Reply
  108. Anonymous says:

    You’re so fucking ignorant. The girls who write this site (and comment stupid shit like what’s above mine) have gone from “betches” to dumb bitches, and this post takes the nonexistent cake. I’m not one to ever spare kindness for fat people, but as someone who practically died from an eating disorder, promoting them is just despicable. Learn to go to the fucking gym and eat like a normal person, throwing everything up hurts you, I know from experience what it’s like to not be able to keep anything at all down. And yeah, not eating is fun, it’s like a game, and it’s far easier once you realize you have to stop eating to stop throwing up. But have fun trying to dress like a slut when your legs are blue and your skin is weird from malnutrition. There comes a point when compliments stop because everyone is too weirded out by how thin you’ve gotten. Good luck going out partying when you’re constantly fainting from not eating. It takes a toll, and it fucks you up for YEARS, potentially your whole life. Writing posts like this serves as the catalyst for something that can really, really hurt people. I’m ALL FOR being hot and looking like a fucking Victoria’s Secret model - but do it the healthy way. Don’t convince all of the loser wannabes who read this site that they’ll be “betchy” by starving themselves, it’s so foul. I’m disgusted and I think this stupid ass site (which I used to read religiously) needs to be shut down. It has gone from hysterical to absolutely stupid, in every single post. If being a betch means being a dumb, ignorant bitch, I am so beyond over it.

    Posted on Reply
    • anonymous says:

      the best way to enjoy this is to watch while on a treadmill, elliptical, etc. that’s the way healthy gym-rat betches do it.

      but seriously eating disorders aren’t funny or cool. they do more damage than good both physically and psychologically, and that’s from experience. exercise and a clean diet is the way to go.

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    • Exactly says:

      The betches’ posts are usually hilarious and on point, but their whole starving thing has just gone too far. Betches don’t starve themselves, we eat healthy, hit the gym, and look hot in our nikes next to our pros. All of my guy friends have told me how hot it is that I’m into fitness and having muscle. I can be a size 0 without starving myself.

      I just hope other girls realize this.

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    • Yes says:

      Thiss ^^^

      Posted on Reply
  109. Anonymous says:

    Not sure what you’re talking about; it sounded pretty reasonable to me aside from the lack of capitalization, which in the form of some fucking blog comment shouldn’t really bother you all that much. Sounds like you’re just lurking online randomly attacking people, and TTH, to make yourself feel better.

    Posted on Reply
  110. Anonymous says:

    fuck yes, you’re a genius. you just commented exactly what i wanted to say. couldn’t have said it better. so true. this post went way too far.

    Posted on Reply
  111. Anonymous says:

    your so cheap…you completely stole and pretty much can’t come up with your own material because let’s get real, there are no such things as “betches”. just girls that have some shit in common-no cult. why do you honestly think that you can just get away with this and no one even notice. dumb fuck. at the end of the day, all “betches” are to bros…are let’s get fucking real…slam pieces.

    Posted on Reply
  112. Anonymous says:

    I love that you just own up to it. This site should be about girl power, not tearing other girls down. Love that you can just laugh it off. You go girl!!

    Posted on Reply
  113. Anonymous says:

    this is soooo great! love it! im gonna be a VS model some day (;

    Posted on Reply
  114. js says:

    “as someone who practically died from an eating disorder”—-HAHA—-you were doing it wrong then. too bad you didn’t, bc eating is not okay….lol

    Posted on Reply
  115. Anonymous says:

    That is the most disturbing thing I have ever read. You should really think before you speak, insensitive bitch.

    Posted on Reply
  116. Anonymous says:

    your on the wrong website if you had an eating disorder. this is not a rehab website.

    Posted on Reply
  117. Skinny Bitch says:

    OMG yes! Victoria Secret show doesn’t promote eating disorders it promotes self awareness. If you’re unhappy with your body size, fix it, don’t fucking eat your feelings. disgusting. Fat people make me cringe. When I was younger I legit used to hold my breath when fat ppl got to close to me for fear of catching their disease or at the very least a whiff of their body odor. ew. If you can eat while watching the VS runway show, which is like the Superbowl for betches, you seriously need to diet. and by diet I mean stop fucking eating. Post images of VS models everywhere if you need to, just stop fucking eating.

    Posted on Reply
  118. Dude says:

    Wow, this site is retarded. All associated should b killed, your stupid ignorant fucks who hav managed to learn how a computer works and have learned basic conversation. I hope all in support of this site end up fat as shit, which half probably are anyway, and I wish u would all just stand in a line and get hit by a semi u stupid bitches. You don’t deserve to live lmao your hateful disgusting ppl, and if the stupid guys u dumb bitches hit on actually bite, I pitty them for they are in for a stupid bitch. This site is gay as fuck. And fuck Victoria’s secret.

    Posted on Reply
    • Your Name says:

      yikes. for all of our sake learn to spell and refrain from using offensive slang while hating on someone for being offensive. it’s painful to watch you embarrass yourself on a public forum.

      Posted on Reply
  119. john says:

    They are really very sexy.I wanna fuck them.

    Posted on Reply
  120. Anonymous says:

    I really think this site is meant to be a joke… cracks me up to see so many people get honestly worked up over a stupid comical post like this.

    Posted on Reply
  121. Anonymous says:

    I completely agree with “You’re so fucking ignorant.” I’ve dealt with the consequences of trying to be as skinny as those girls and it was the most ignorant thing I could ever do to my body and my confidence. I nearly died of an eating disorder. And then went through years of therapy and finding myself. Obviously, those that wrote this article have no idea what it’s like to be in the throes of anorexia or bulimia.  This is a despicable post and I can’t believe you’d promote anything like this. Fuck you people.

    Posted on Reply
  122. Mytay B says:

    Obvs everything in this article is accurate, except for the fact that lesbians love the VS Fashion show. My roomie is gay and calls it “Gay Christmas.”
    Just FYI.

    Posted on Reply
  123. lezbetch says:

    Victoria’s Secret fashion show is my holiday thinspiration, not to mention, yeah, angels are fucking hot. It’s a win-win.
    ~ a lesbian betch

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  124. Cam says:

    ugh, recycled posts? trashyyy. Still love it, though

    Posted on Reply
  125. idiots says:

    half these comments are from people who have NEVER BEEN TO THIS SITE and just randomly came across this article on the internet, well heads up fat fucking feminist pricks, this site is for girls who know what the fuck they are doing.  Obviously being skinny is about less calorie intake.  these models dont “starve themselves” they are obviously fucking alive, thriving, and having “babies”.  They just know how to not be a fat fucking pig.  This show is inspiration for BETCHES to put the fucking pizza down while high.  get the fuck out of this website and go back to sewing on saturday nights while watching oprah you fucking faggots

    Posted on Reply
  126. ANOnymous says:

    anyone who wrote anything over two sentences as a comment is seriously not a betch. paragraphs are for your tear stained diaries….BYE

    Posted on Reply
    • Your Name says:

      hahaha YES. thank you.

      Posted on Reply
    • Your Name says:

      bahahahha YES. thank you. they don’t even go here.

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  127. Michelle says:

    you should do a post for talking about sex… my girls & i always talk about our sexual escapades with really really explicit details ... and then discuss how we feel like guys talking about sex is more kind of just like “we fucked, she was good, it was hot” and ours is more like ... then he put his finger near my ass and OMG i kind of think i liked it holy fucking shit… (really loudly too in public places) ..

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  128. Laila says:

    Betches, don’t say feminist like it’s a bad thing. Feminism is betchy. Strong, healthy, fit women can be betchy and lesbians can be too.

    Posted on Reply
  129. Uber chic says:

    Based on the comments, I feel like plebs read this site now too.

    Posted on Reply
  130. Your Name says:

    throwing out big words on here isn’t gonna impress anyone. like. we can all fucking do it, and if you can’t, youre not a real betch (have you noticed the hilarity and writing talent of the betches this site hires?). true betches just opt out of the obnoxious academic jargon for the sake of this site, our salvation from easily offended nice girls and jealous virgin professors.

    Posted on Reply
  131. Your Name says:

    ok. as annoying as these nice girls are… some of them make a point. a true betch doesn’t work so hard to be skinny and hot. we just are. starving yourself is unnecessary work for those born less hot. can someone write a post about this? best of luck fellow betches.

    Posted on Reply
  132. god says:

    all you psychos need to seriously take a fucking xanax and have a glass of wine and chill the fuck out. Like I’m sure we all have better shit to do than argue with some random person on the internet. no one asked if you ate ice cream every night or ran a million miles a day because no one gives a shit.

    Posted on Reply
  133. Anonymous says:

    Great post, one minor error though ... You think lesbians would protest VSFS?
    Let’s think logically here.

    Posted on Reply
  134. Betch Logic says:

    Loling at all the nice girls on here shitting on betches who don’t eat & the VSFS. If you don’t like it the door is over there. That is if you can fit your fat ass through it.


    Posted on Reply
  135. fuckthissite says:

    UGH. This is so fucking vulgar and goes beyond comedic satire.. Its offensive, terribly written, and represents women in the worst terms.

    Posted on Reply
  136. LOL says:

    As I was reading this and laughing hysterically, I thought to myself, “wow, the betches are back.” um too bad this was only a good read because it was written two years ago when this site was the shit. Can you guys please be cool again? Thanks.

    Posted on Reply
  137. voreskomjag says:

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