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Tons of betches love the Greek system, but there is no part of being in a sorority that betches love more than sorority rush.

Why? It's an institutionalized opportunity to do our favorite betchy activities! Namely, endless amounts of #1 shit talking, organized judging of people we don’t know, getting dressed up, and pretending to be nice to people for our own social advancement. While in high school it was considered lame to label your group of friends with a #9 nickname (the salacious seven, the hawt hoes, foxy five, etc.), in college you throw a couple of Greek letters into the mix and voila! You’ve social climbed yourself at least another rank on the ladder! Having trouble meeting friends? Just give this national and college-sponsored organization upwards of $1000 a semester and you’ve got “sisters” for life! Not only are you given about a hundred automatic besties but there's now a whole new slew of people to #1 talk shit about all day long.

But how do we select these lovely ladies who, by contract, are obligated to be our sisters? That’s right. Sorority rush. The role of every betch during rush is to look the hottest she can while still pretending to be classy. The only issue is that you’re not allowed to talk about boys or alcohol, so you might as well tell girls that they have to pee standing up, because there’s really nothing else in their conversation repertoire. The only thing I care about less than the #2 news is your fucking major and the fact that you skiied in Aspen over winter break.


SororityDoes blowing my "sister's" boyfriend count as service?


So maybe you and your soroslut sister haven't been speaking for months because you both hooked up with each other's boyfriends. Come sorority rush this is as evident to the incoming freshmen as the fact that we're rating them on a scale of 1-5 as soon as they leave.

Betches, remember, sorority rush is crunch time. So put your ugly sisters in the kitchen, put aside the fact that you hate 80% of the girls around you with a fiery passion, and any sense of morality about deceiving others (Hello Hitler Youth!). This is no time for truth, honesty and virtue, this is sorority fucking rush.

The following is an actual rush dress code from an actual sorority, in case you thought we woke up looking like that.

RUSH DRESS CODE 2011 Below is the dress code for each day. Please make sure to look very nice, put together, clean and professional everyday. Please be prepared to show us your outfits at the beginning of the week so we may approve them. As much as we don’t like to admit it, rush is a very superficial process, and looking good is as important as what we say. The Potential New Members (PNMs) spend a tremendous amount of time picking out their outfits trying to impress us, so it’s only fair that we show the same respect to them.

Not allowed at any time during rush: sneakers, Uggs, watches, sweatshirts/zip-ups, t-shirts, torn jeans, cheap looking patterns (in fact, try to steer clear from patterns in general), no more than three earrings per ear, tight American Apparel dresses, plastic jewelry (i.e., anything purchased at Claire's or The Icing), religious jewelry (we understand some people wear crosses or Star of David regularly, however religion makes some uncomfortable and we want the PNMs to feel as welcome as possible), obviously fake looking designer clothes/jewelry

Leggings: Leggings are only permitted during Round 1 and ONLY ROUND 1. They must be nice, not your shitty, tattered American Apparel leggings that you’ve had for years. Leggings as pants are NOT okay, so make sure if you do decide to wear leggings, your shirt/sweater is long enough to cover your butt.


two girlsI hate you.


Hair/Makeup: We will email you if you can keep your hair curly, otherwise your hair must be straight, and it must be worn down at all times (no ponytails). The reason for this is we want everyone to look put together as one cohesive unit. Also, at no time is colored makeup acceptable; no blue eye shadow and NO red lipstick. Make sure your makeup is pretty, daytime and neutral. We want everyone to accentuate their natural beauty (mascara, eyeliner, bronzer, a pale gloss), and you should look fresh-faced and natural, like a Clinique model.

If you have any type of facial piercing (nose, eyebrow, tongue, etc.) please email us to see if it will be accepted during rush. For the most part, we’d like to steer clear of these.

Preparation: You have roughly 4 weeks at home before rush week. Use this time to prepare physically and mentally for the week. As hard as it is on you, it’s harder on us, and it determines the future fate of the house. Make sure while you’re home you go shopping, get your roots done, hair highlighted, go tanning, get a mani/pedi, get your brows waxed, and work out so we don’t all gain the holiday 15. We highly recommend crest whitening strips so that your smiles are extra bright to welcome the PNMs.

Please carefully read the following pages containing information on what to wear during each day of rush. Please avoid outfits that show too much cleavage or short skirts/ dresses - we want to look classy. It is important to wear outfits that compliment your body type and make you feel comfortable. (you’re going to be wearing it all day!!!)

Round 1: Dress for a "nice birthday dinner out with friends."

Examples: Leggings or jeans with a blazer and nice leather boots; Jeans with a classy satin top and flats; a skirt (NOT MINI) with a classic cardigan and riding boots; a casual cotton dress with flats. Cute scarf. Simple, classy jewelry, such as a pair of pearl earrings or casual necklace. If you look around and everyone is wearing the same outfit as you, please change. This means that everyone should not be wearing leggings, tory burch flats, blazers, etc.

Round 2: “Meeting the boyfriend’s parents at dinner or a family holiday gathering”

Examples: Dark skinny jeans with a ruffled tank top and heels; a tweed skirt with a blouse and flats; a knee length dress with heels. During this round, no leggings are allowed. Footwear must be heels or nice flats, no riding boots (but heeled boots are ok). Also, if you don’t have nice tan legs, you must wear stockings under your skirt or dress. A nice necklace or pair of earrings.

Round 3: “Drinks at Hudson Terrace in NYC on a Friday Night with your co-workers”

Examples: a dressy skirt with a blouse or lace top (not a plain cardigan); a nice dress you would wear to a date night (NOT SLUTTY WE WILL MAKE YOU CHANGE); black pants with a trendy tank top and great heels. The only pants that are acceptable this round are classic black pants but try to avoid it if you can because we’re limiting the numbers of pants. Footwear MUST be heels this round. Wear a little bit nicer jewelry and accessories to dress up your outfit (scarves around the neck, a string of pearls, etc.). Black tights can help dress up a cotton dress and also make it more winter appropriate.

Round 4: "A wedding rehearsal dinner"

Preference Round: This day is serious and what you wear and say can influence who decides to become a member of our house. Everyone must wear a nice black dress with black heels, there will absolutely be no exceptions. Look as nice as possible; you will not be over dressed! Cool neutral colored jewelry is encouraged (a simple gold necklace, a string of pearls, diamond earrings, a long silver chain). A dress that you would wear to formal is perfect, as long as it’s not slutty; you’re not trying to get laid, you’re girl flirting. Make sure your boobs aren’t out and about.



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  1. The Betches says:

    you betches NEED to do a sorority break down.

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  2. The Betches says:

    the rush dress clothes are pretty accurate probably for most schools.. but try coming to the Univ of Alabama and get the dress code. anything than designer dresses and stilettos every day (each day getting nicer and nicer) with demanded spanks on. we know how to get betches i guess.

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  3. The Betches says:

    you definitly need a sorority break down .. and i feel like you’re making fun of sororities a little bit .. true sorority betches dont see it as paying for their friends ..

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    • you're right says:

      its not paying for friends, its renting them.  the second you stop paying they stop being your friends!

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      • Not for 4 years, but for life says:

        That’s sad that you were “renting” friends. I am an alumna and I moved to a new city when I graduated. The best part if being in a national sorority is that you have sisters everywhere. 4 of my sisters from my chapter moved to the same city as me and we hang out on a weekly basis. I also got one of them a job with the company I work with. Plus we have an alumnae chapter in my city and we go to happy hour once a month together.

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  4. The Betches says:

    How do ” true sorority” betches percieve calling their ” sisters” fat and other horrible names in order to be initiated in to their group of unpaid friends? You are what I like to call a ” Betch Twat”

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  5. The Betches says:

    being called fat and……*

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  6. The Betches says:

    …well thats the point. we don’t let the fat ones in. NOW IF THEY GET FAT, theyre cottage cheese asses are sittin heavy on jboard or as we like to call it jogboard. cant go to formal unless you lose those 10lbs, i mean really were just looking out for their health

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  7. The Betches says:

    The description of rush is pretty accurate, but the rush clothes description is barely harsh at alllll…try coming to any southern school and you would be flooooored at what we make you wear…we don’t play games in the south.

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    • Uh, Huh. says:

      You act like that is something to be proud of.
      “Oh my sorority doesn’t play around.. We make all our girls look like we’re running a white-collar brothel.”
      I love how you’re bragging about something that doesn’t matter to anyone. At all. 
      It’s like someone bragging about how high they can jump.  Who cares if you make your pledges dress well?  They’re only doing it so they can get a 5 on your stupid point system.

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      • No, Doll says:

        It really is something to be proud of. No offense darlin, but southern girls either in or not in a sorority pride themselves in looking their absolute best no matter what you’re doing, where you’re going, or who you’re meeting. Honestly, the competitiveness of getting into a Southern sorority is at least 10X the competitiveness of another sorority (other than Uni of Southern California). Take any Southern woman out running errands and compare her to a Yankee and it’s a huuggeee difference. If you’re from the South, you know exactly how well maintained you should keep yourself.

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  8. The Betches says:

    Leggings would NEVER be acceptable in the SEC schools.

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  9. The Betches says:

    I was a true sorority betch – I saw it as paying for friends. The best part about rush is judging girls for being sluts. We cut a girl’s sister for that. (take that verb however you want)

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  10. The Betches says:

    bahahahaha! I loooove it! Sooo true! As we use to say when we did pro’s and cons on betchs, ” Can you see her in our letters!?” if she was chunks or henious the answer was NO! and my ultimate favorite ” Well she was nice…” The older wiser sisters ” Being nice IS NOT A PRO!” CUT HER! bahahahaahaha!

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  11. The Betches says:

    sororities are all about paying for your friends.. do you think people pay $5000 to eat at a house or to do community service? no. it’s the rich girls way to make friends the easy way. plus, you’d never have to walk around campus by yourself the first week of school like all the GDIs.

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  12. The Betches says:

    sororities and all of you are gay…sorry not sorry

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  13. The Betches says:

    Gay is not an acceptable or cool adjective to describe your emotions. Am I the only Betch that stands behind this? Your week old clothes that you’re wearing straight off the rack from Target may anger you becasue they have holes in them, but please remember that the most brilliant fashion icons and trend setters are homosexual. Personally, when a websites writing content makes me uncomfortable or is beneathe me, I do one thing and one thing only x out of it. Writers of Betcehs Love this Site…why can’t you guys write about the activley pathetic betch haters?

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  14. The Betches says:

    i agree paige. “Thats Gay” is as over as paris hiltons career. However i dont really like the whole stereotyping of all gays are fashionable. can you imagine people constantly attributing your successes to your orientation?

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  15. The Betches says:

    This rush dress code is ALL over the place. If any house on the row did that during rush, they’d have the shittiest pledge class. One of the days, we have to wear all white, no cream, no off-white, no exceptions. Sorry bout it.

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  16. The Betches says:

    no betch would make it in a sorority with an eyebrow ring. ever. no exceptions. eyebrow ring girl isn’t even in this sorority.

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  17. The Betches says:

    i thought this article would be way betchier. we are betches. we dont need to pay our way to be in a sorority, those are the poor girls who want to be us, obvi. we dont need to have a dress code, or someone telling us what to do. we are betches, we do what we want and dont give a fuck. i was in a sorority and dropped two weeks later, because it was a bunch of boring regular girls trying so hard to be betchy, while paying to get the tite. sorostitutes do not even deserve to be on this site unless its making fun of how unfortunate their lives must be. we can go to new schools or be a freshman and make our way to the top without help from girls that try to be hot and try to act like they talk shit. we are always hot and always talk shit. like duh.

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  18. The Betches says:

    this is soooo true. as if betches need more friends then they already have. most of those skanks are lame and ugly anyway. no real betch would associate herself with an organization that demands you do stupid shit like service and scholarship. betches do what they want whenever they want. and we definitely dont need someone telling us how to dress and look pretty. we are aways hot. and no one tells us what to do, especially not some ugly ass sorostitute.

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  19. The Betches says:

    you probably dropped because you got the worst house on campus. I’m perfectly fine paying for my friends…even to me they are priceless….are you trying to say that your GDI besties (whom you met circa Freshman year because they lived right next door to you in your shitty dorm..yay! so fun!) are worthless? Get a clue and bow down….no matter how “pretty”, “skinny”, and “betchy” you are…you’re still a pathetic geed and going no where with your life. XOXO.

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  20. The Betches says:

    Actually, Kirby is fucking right. I was in the “top” sorority at my school for like over a year, and the whole thing was soo pathetic. Sororities are for annoying faux-betches who try too hard and waste time doing boring things, like community service (I have more important things to do). I rode it out for a year since I was living in the house, but the girls were nice girls who secretly hated everything and gave too much of a shit about their fucking letters. So. Boring. If you spend most of your time in NYC at the best clubs with the prettiest people, a sorority kinda becomes fucking lame. I’m still friends with the cool girls in my house, I just don’t pay 5,000 to go to fucking chapter. Sororities breed unattractive suburban soccer moms… Ummm no thanks. I now work at Vogue, and in the fashion world, taking your past (buried) sorority life seriously is total fucking social suicide.

    Betches post nailed it on the head. Go with it, rush the top sororities just because you can, and have fun – but never take anything sorority-related seriously it’s all one big fucking joke. And it’s very funny.

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  21. The Betches says:

    I go to Texas and that list is disgusting. I would attack anyone who tried to wear pants, shirts, or leggings on ANY day (besides open house, because we all have to wear the saaaame shirt, khaki shorts and flip flops). Only dresses allowed, ladies….3 piece jewelry (no costume-y shit) and pretty (read: classy/expensive) heels. Whoever published that list needs to be removed from their position immediately because all of their girls probably looked like nasty Forever 21 sluts/cheap hookers…is there a difference?

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  22. The Betches says:

    So accurate. A girl in my sorority actually got kicked out of an big-little event for wearing leggings as pants and it wasn’t even recruitment week. Not only are dresses standard every night, but they generally all have to be in the same color scheme.

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  23. The Betches says:

    SOOOOO TRUE! real betches dont need a sorority. we arent sluts or wannabe party animals and we definitely dont feel the need to be accepted by anyone or any group of people. if you joined a sorority, you probably have low self confidence, could be a lot better looking, had no fun in high school, didnt start learning how to dress or spend your daddys money until college and….are just plain lame.

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  24. um says:

    You cannot tell me you’re at Vogue and condone ruffled sleeveless tops as an acceptable form of attire. The dress code sucks, it screams wannabe betch and puke-ass Ann Taylor. Betches are fucking fashionable. The dress code is the exact reason sororities “breed unattractive suburban soccer moms.” This list is an unoriginal tacky mess with the weak label of ‘classic’ or ‘timeless’ and belongs on Michelle Obama at some hideous ruffle top convention.

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  25. kindabetchy says:

    Clearly this list was written before every girl in the entire Greek system EVERYWHERE was forced to buy identical, hilariously large Michael Kors watches (generally gold, but rose gold for a daring few). They look like something your dad wore in the 70s-80s, ladies. Or something a creepy old dude who also still wears his class ring would wear.

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  26. Yo BETCH says:

    hey Paige, WHO GIVES A FUCK?! you’re gay.

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  27. A. Nonymous Betch says:

    Clearly you do not understand New England. We do not need to pull out the dresses until it is an important function. It is understand from our demeanors that we are betches, not by how convincingly we can look the part of the perfect housewife.

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  28. Tay Tay says:

    Flats??? legging??? Get the fuck out of here!!! That dress code is a khol’s nightmare wrapped in knock off Kate Spade tissue paper. Vom!! Someone didn’t get the ‘fashion not function’ memo. Uglification of America. Please put on your heels or go kill yourself with a wire hanger. K thx byeeee

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  29. Broke Betch says:

    I have a minimum wage job to pay for all my sorority dues so whoever said that it’s a rich girls way to make easy friends isn’t always true. I work my ass off to have the opportunities to meet new girls and share unique amazing experinces with them.  Don’t be a jealous betch because you don’t have enough drive to get off your lazy ass and go for something!

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  30. Normal says:

    you guys are a bunch of fucking retards

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  31. Mumma says:

    Sororities are just a way of girls restricting each other’s intellectual and emotional growth. It is all about being a bimbo, not threatening to men, not serious about intellectual pursuits or politics and maintaining an outlook on life that is severely blinkered. It is part of the American dream which is rapidly going down the plughole. We hope it happens soon because things like sororities and poor standards of American education are becoming tedious. Cheers.

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  32. Anonymous says:

    They’re called sorostitues NOT a sorosluts

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  33. Anonymous says:

    Some of this is inaccurate. But at my school recruitment is not that detailed for hair/ makeup. I want to make my sorority more like this, and tell girls exactly how to do it.

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  34. Anonymous says:

    I COMPLETELY agree with you! I go to school in NY

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  35. KLP says:

    Uh, when did Paris Hilton ever have a career?

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  36. NotSorryImSratty says:

    All you geeds hating on greeks are sad… have fun with your unwashed hair, kids that hate you for going nowhere in life, and your hipster domestic partner because he doesn’t “believe” in marriage… Here’s a clue, stop hating on people who gave enough of a shit to make themselves better than you, and do something with your lives besides giving men antiboners and terrifying children with your hobo clothes and rotten teeth. And sorority women don’t go on to be soccer moms- soccer is for GDI’s… not legacies. Sucks to suck doesn’t it? Think about that when you’re “raging” in a basement with the six friends you have left that haven’t O.D.‘ed on meth yet.

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    • Wow says:

      Just.. wow. You don’t get to post something like that and include the words “stop hating” in it. You have no idea what goes on outside of your inbred whitewashed anti-culture.

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  37. Scott says:

    Pathetic, insecure females.

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  38. Anonymous says:

    is not New England. True New Englanders are offended by this.

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  39. Christine says:

    This isn’t so much a betchy article as it is a copy/paste of our sorority mass-send announcement email before Rush.

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  40. Megan says:

    What a great blog

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  41. hahahaha says:

    Sooo if you aren’t in a sorority you have ugly teeth and unwashed hair? You are absolutely pathetic and judgmental.  I go to a small school and play soccer so I am not in a sorority because the girls who are in them here are the losers and fat chicks. They think they are cool walking around in their sweet lettered sweatshirts. When in fact everyone is making fun of them. Continue to wait around for your “fratdaddys” to text you so you can finally fuck… I would never want to be part of a group of girls who constantly talk shit about each other because they don’t have the guts to say it to their faces. Also, have fun being exact clones of each other, that just sounds so wonderful! Let’s all match and have no fashion sense because that is what we are told to do! yaaay! My very best friend is in a sorority down South and would probably be insulted that you talk about people this way, not only did you make yourself look like a fucking idiot, you proved to all the “geeds” that you aren’t betches, you are just a plain bitch, and no one likes that. No one in the future will care what sorority you were in! Have a nice pathetic life smile

    And I am not hating on all sorority girls, most my friends I graduated with are in sororities and they are wonderful fun girls. Just nasty bitches like you that think they have authority and a right to hate on other people.

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  42. Anonymous says:

    WOW i take this website as a joke, it’s just something funny to read, but it’s crazy how many people take it seriously. I am in a sorority and it is nothing like what everyone is saying. Everyone is living in a fucking Mean Girls movie and it is really depressing. To think that you care so much about what you wear and what you look like for all four years of college, shit you are wasting your time. I joined a sorority because I liked the girls and thought they were down to earth, and not because they have a lot of money and wear expensive heals. Literally all these nasty comments are embodying everything we were taught not to be. This really is sad and every person that supports the notion of being a bitch and being proud of it needs to grow up. Please stop bragging about how mean you can be because it is not hard to be mean to people. Yet, if you want to waste your college years waving your bitchiness and your money in peoples’ faces have at it. You can brag about how “well you were dressed for rush” and how you “never wore leggings once and especially never wore any costume-y shit” down on your job resume and I bet future employers will love you. Also you can gloat to your grandchildren about how all through college you were a huge asshole!
    “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people” -Eleanor Roosevelt

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    • sratstar says:

      I agree with you—anyone who is putting down their sorority and talking about superficial it all is must have chosen to be in a superficial sorority and clearly thrives off of drama. Or they are trying to sound “sewwww betchy, fucking duh” on this website which is so pathetic.
      Sorry not sorry I get the best of everything with my sorority—blackout rage, true sisterhood, and great memories.
      Have fun with your 1.0 GPA and your clearly slutty and materialistic importance in life.


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    • Anonbetch says:

      Thank you for saying that! Finally someone with a brain!!!

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  43. Christina says:

    This is not a true depiction of my school’s rush at all. We try to find girls that portray our rituals values. Any organization that does differently is going against what their founders wanted most. That is not what a sorority is, and I will be damned if my chapter ever turns out like these.

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  44. tulane betch says:

    omg SEC girls chill!
    everyone knows betches don’t go to state schools… ew.

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  45. loves it says:

    This post makes me beam inside.  Call me shallow if you must, but this is what rush should be like.  If your chapter doesn’t put these kind of standards on you… then you’re obvi bottom tier, or will be soon.  Sorry I’m not sorry, but it’s true, and you know it.

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  46. A says:

    This is the stupidest fucking thing I have ever read. You girls are a pitiful example of greek life and sisterhood. You suck.

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  47. rufuckingkidding says:

    This is my second year in a sorority. I am rush chair for the upcoming semester and came across this site while brainstorming/ thinking of ideas. And holy shit, all you “betches” need to get a life! You are the girls that give sororities a bad name! My sorority is nothing like this and that’s why I’m a part of it and why I genuinely care for and appreciate all of my sisters. Appearance has absolutely nothing to do with who we allow to pledge and we sure as hell never “punish” anyone for gaining weight. Our potential future sisters are chosen based on who they are as a person and how well they embody our ideals (which are no where near as superficial as you “betches” ideals seem to be). And these dress codes? Are you joking? We are required to dress nicely, becoming increasingly more formal as the week goes on. Jeans are allowed only the first night (maybe the second if they’re a dark wash) and sisters aren’t allowed to look slutty but other then that we dress how we like and feel comfortable. We are SISTERS, not CLONES. Each girl has her own style and is her own person and that is not something we have an interest in stifling. Our sorority is far from boring because we’re not all the same person, nor are we trying to be. Furthermore, we enjoy and take pride in our community service activities, most of our sisters work hard for the money to pay their dues, and we would never judge someone for not being in a Greek (I refuse to use your bullshit, condescending terms). And how dare you talk about how you’ll “go so much further in life” then non-Greeks! No employer will ever care about your superficial sorority or how big of a “betch” you are. If be some miracle you do end up doing anything with your life it’s only because you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Those who work hard for what they want, I guarantee will go further, regardless of their “daddies money” or Greek affiliation. So all you “betches”: pull yourselves out of the gutter you think is a pedestal because you are the problem and you discredit not only sororities but women in general and you should all be ashamed of yourselves!

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  48. :) says:

    These comments are funny.

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  49. Wow says:

    I seriously thought that once you graduated high school you were supposed to grow up a little bit. Guess I was wrong! wink

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