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All betches know that nutrition is important. And by nutrition we mean looking like we're in dire need of some. But before all the fat girls and self-righteous former anos start bitching that we promote an unhealthy body image, we're just saying that the best diet is to keep your mouth fucking shut. Let a girl starve.

On a more serious note, we've heard that obesity is a huge problem in America. We don't see these people too often so it's hard to know for sure, but if Jared from Subway says so it must be true. That aside, we can't just sit back and let all these fat people exist in the same country as us any longer. Hotel Rwanda and Schindler's List taught us that bystanders to crimes are just as guilty and also never get movies made about them.

Though we've covered some of the betchiest diet methods in our original post, it's clear to us that there are a whole bunch of "scientific" diets crowding our ideas out of the market. It's a testament to how fat this country is getting that we can't even find a single publisher willing to pay us to write The True Ano Diet, ridic right?

So we thought we'd weigh in on some of the mainstream diets that Jennifer Hudson and other former fatties are trying to push down our throats. It'll be clear that the only things that should be going down your throat are vodka shots. And maybe semen if your boyfriend got you an expensive birthday present.

Weight Watchers: This is generally viewed as the healthy, non-extreme way to lose weight. Fuck that. It's way too slow and involves math. If we wanted to spend our afternoon listening to the feelings of old fat women, we would attend English class.

girl with drag tatDoes this dragon tattoo make me look fat?

South Beach: All we know about this diet is that you're not allowed to eat carbs for the first two weeks, but like no one will stay on it long enough to know what happens after. Every betch has claimed to be "on South Beach" because it's the closest thing there is to physician-approved anorexia. Plus it makes us think of Miami.

HCG Solution: This diet is the fad of right now. Recently we've heard people talking about all the weight they are losing taking HCG, I mean who wouldn't want to be on a diet that advises you to NOT work out, in fact one that instructs you to do as little as possible physical activity. All you have to do is ingest ambiguous clear liquid three times a day. Sounds like a dream! But wait, I can only eat 500 calories a day, for like 6 months? And what was that? HCG is a hormone my body produces when I'm pregnant? And I'm taking like a fucking gallon of it daily? That doesn't seem bad at all!!! Sign me up.

Atkins: Hahaha, what a j. What kind of serious diet actually allows you to eat things like sausages and cheese and encourages you to eat full-fat whipped cream while forbidding light cream. Robert Atkins died for a reason.*

The Zone/Nutrisystem: This involves three meals 4 ounces of turd disguised as food being delivered to your house every day. Pause for reflection: isn't it great to see a meal plan that encourages people to stay active and think critically about their food choices? Like you want me to wait around for a delivery man to bring me the magical string beans and salmon that I couldn't possibly make for myself? No you're right, I couldn't make them myself because the ones they send you are carefully cooked with carbon monoxide. Unless you're a sad middle-aged woman trying to fit into your old mom jeans, the only zone you should care about is one around your refrigerator, and like not go fucking near it.

courtney bachelorYeah because we're sure their pre-show diet is Weight Watchers
The Dukkan Diet: We heard Kate Middleton did it but honestly, the royals do too much work.

The Skinny Bitch Diet: Though betches may not read books, we definitely read Skinny Bitch. Skinny Bitch was great because it taught us valuable lessons like never eat again. But more importantly, it exposed all the nasty shit like floor polish and rat livers that are key ingredients in any food that's not organic and expensive. These revelations were really good evidence that rich people do everything better than poor people, even grocery shop.

Being "vegetarian": Since betches don't eat carbs, if you claim that you're a "vegetarian," you might as well just come out and say that you don't eat anything, and then when you feel like you're about to faint you eat a cube of cheese. Everyone knows vegetarian is just another word for anorexic. But as a vegetarian, at least you can reap the benefits of talking about yourself and how much you care about the environment, and aren't carnivores such a fucking menace to society! I mean, I saw African Cats, OK!?

Speaking of vegan hipsters like Jodie Foster, don't be that crunchy annoying bitch who throws her besties dirty looks for eating spicy tuna rolls as if they're biting into the flesh of your first cousin.

Jenny Craig: Kirstie Alley, ever heard of it?

So by now it should be clear that the secret to betchy dieting is inaction over action. Kind of like that book The Tao of Pooh, that the kid who took our SATs told us about. Forget about these modern fad diets, just don't eat. It's a flawless method and like, way easier than counting all the calories and carbs and fat you ate. When it comes to food and eating, make not eating your mantra. Like Nike says to the Costa Rican baby factory workers who cry on the assembly line: Just Don't Do It.

*Supposedly he slipped on ice on his way to work. Or was he just distracted by the deliciousness of the Atkins-approved beef jerky that he was dipping into cream cheese on the go?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    not only is the article not funny, the pictures and captions arent funny either! ugh. no wonder the “most popular posts” are the older ones!

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  2. Your dumb says:

    You can’t even spell “bitch” I highly doubt your educated enough to know anything about nutrition. Good luck starving to death.

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    • Smart says:

      You can’t even spell “you’re”, as in “You’re dumb” and “You’re Educated”. Lighten up Betch.

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  3. 6'02" 135ibs TRUE BETCH says:

    This is the best blog in the world. thus far, this one is the most accurate and funniest of all. Thank you Betches

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  4. Anonymous says:

    vegetarians do eat… a lot of carbs that is. the only true vegetarian that i know eats so many carbs that she is like over 200 lbs. maybe some vegetarians are anorexic but eating a slice of turkey is a much better diet than gorging on pasta - might as well shovel lard into your ass

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    • Lyndsay says:

      Do you think if we’re putting our efforts into being “vegetarian” we would even think about going near carbs? Fuck no. Tell your friend she should consider lettuce and raw fish, obviously the betchier choice

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  5. Prada says:

    “You might as well just come out and say that you don’t eat anything, and then when you feel like you’re about to faint you eat a cube of cheese” LOVE the Devil Wears Prada reference! Great post betches!!

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Omfg! Love this betches. I’m a vegetarian(anorexic)  .

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  7. Actually Skinny Betch says:

    I’m so sick of this starve yourself bullshit.  A real betch wouldn’t have to worry about diets because she, like me, is naturally skinny and our fast ass metabolism and workouts takes care of all of the amazing dinner dates and bomb food a real girl eats AND knows how to make. With that said, good luck with your vodka (ew) and semen diet. Your metabolism is going to SKYROCKET through the earth because you never eat so every drink you have of disgusting vodka and whatever else you eat is going to make you gain 10 lbs every time. I thought betches were smart?

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    • Actually BITCHY Betch says:

      “because she, like me, is naturally skinny and our fast ass metabolism and workouts takes care of” ok let me stop you right there. YOU are naturally skinny and have a fast metabolism, ever occurred to you that you’re fucking lucky and not everyone has such luxury? I had an incredible metabolism till I was 21 or so, ate tons of food, never worked out and was skinny. Then things change. So for us bitches who aren’t blessed by mother nature herself, we gotta do something to prevent our asses to blow out as big as your ego right? So shut the fuck up and go munch some lettuce.

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  8. Jane Doe says:

    You picked out the hysterical nugget of each popular diet. You are dead on balls accurate for each one, and that is the most hysterical part of all.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    I thought the fans of this site were supposed to be betchy…. like DOES ANYONE GET THAT THIS IS A SATIRE? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills…why do you guys take this shit SOOOo seriously, like do you not see the irony in each post? I mean that’s what makes this so funny and actually smart. Honestly saying that their posts are stupid is only making you look like a fucking idiot because you don’t get it. LOSERS. love youuuu betches.

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    • Anon Betch says:

      OMG THANK YOU LMFAO I’m reading these comments and I’m like ??? y r people getting their panties in a bunch???

      ya’ll need to chilllll

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  10. Beetchh says:

    You betches rule . Or a good cutting lines binge . Duh betches

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  11. Anonymous says:

    SERIOUSLY FINALLY SOMEONE WHO GETS IT. except im sure the writers LOVE these comments because they’re completely retarded and 100% validate everything they make fun of so-called “betches” for

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  12. Anonymous says:

    All of you crazies and Proba fat nice girls need to calm the f down. This is satirical and funny, not a guide to life. If you follow this so precisely and take everything so seriously then you’re def not a betch but more of a psychopath.

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  13. Sally says:

    I died. Hilarious. And true.

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  14. Anonymous says:

    I soooo agree. My roommate is a “vegetarian” and by that I mean she eats every grease covered, processed food that doesn’t contain meat.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    obviously these fucking idiot commenters didn’t read the betches interview that they specifically bitched out the commenters “stupid people comment on posts. smart people write posts”

    seriously betches don’t listen to these retards they wish they thought of this idea and got a book deal for writing about fucked up shit they do, too bad theyre idiot state school freaks

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  16. Anonymous says:

    Eat less, work out more.

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  17. Whatevs. says:

    Skyrocket (implies going up) through the Earth (implies going down) makes no sense.  Actually it’s a huge contradiction.  Maybe next time you decide to shit on people who write for general public entertainment, not as certified life therapists or nutritionists, you’ll refine your argument a little.  Nice try though!

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  18. ChelK says:

      Honestly, If you don’t like or agree with what you’re reading then F off. This entire site is devoted to hilariously describing a betchy lifestyle. Which you haters are obv not. Go waste your time on something that you actually agree with, like, feeding Americas not-so-starving children. I meaaaaan, I’m all for fat peoples rights but I’m more for betches rights. Get a hobby and make it something other than scoping the web for something you can disagree with you fattys.

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  19. lilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa says:

    this comment is vomiting jealousy ... ew. are you actually being serious using the word “bomb” what the fuck is wrong with you ... and who doesnt like vodka??youre prob some weird southern girl go eat something deep fried you cow

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  20. Yaaaaa says:

    Meat is for men and fat girls. Ew.

    Posted on Reply
  21. The Skinny Veg Betch says:

    Excuse me! I’m a vegetarian and I know tons of other vegetarians.  We’re all skinny and probably way hotter than you. More than anything I eat fruit and veggies. Smart veggies who want protein eat beans and rice or even better, hummus. It’s a great excuse to be a picky eater, buy organic and eat at trendy Mediterran restaurants so don’t you dare fucking dis vegeatarians for giving a fuck about what goes in our mouths. Carbs are for grounding your stomach before pregame so you don’t puke while raging all weekend.

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  22. Amelia says:

    Too true Vegetarians just eat hella pasta and bread, the true skinny non meat eaters are vegan. Because you literally can’t eat anything besides fruits and vegetables, which is all you should eat anyways.

    Posted on Reply
  23. BetchNotBitch says:

    Betches and bitches are not the same thing. If you took a second to get over yourself, you’d realize that this “misspelling” is one of the things that sets betches above the rest.

    Posted on Reply
  24. Anonymous says:

    mmmm….it’s really awkward that your natural state is clearly chunky with “frizzy” hair (see: hair post) but you put yourselves through all kinds of torture trying to look like normal people aka WASPs. Like wow this is uncomfortable. I’ll just keep being naturally thin with straight hair thanks.

    Posted on Reply
  25. Kat says:

    If you want to criticize someone about being educated, you might want to get your grammar straight.

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  26. Anonymous says:

    True fucking that

    Posted on Reply
  27. Anonymous says:

    Your v. You’re… who is dumb again?

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  28. Zone Betch says:

    Personally i’ve used the zone before, not because I was fat, but because I don’t see anything wrong with a betch getting her meals delivered to her front door..never having to step into that thing called a “kitchen” sounds fine to me. plus its expensive and price is no object for a betch. Anorexia is for the unfortunate wannabe betches that weren’t born with a kickass fast and EFFORTLESS metabolism. zone = no effort = betchy. You actually have to think about being anorexic. Nevertheless the rest of the diets suck, weight watchers is for old moms and atkins is for grandpas, plus southbeach was so 2008. well done ladies

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  29. evie says:

    Ummm you forgot about the blue print cleanse. Betchiest diet ever. Liquids only for like 5 days and it gets delivered straight to your doorman. Boom

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  30. wellllll says:

    should have included the master cleanse. perfect excuse to starve yourself in the name of ‘cleansing’ and drink ridiculous contraptions

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  31. yes! says:

    “then when you feel like you’re about to faint you eat a cube of cheese.”

    classic. great line, I use it all the time

    Posted on Reply
  32. betchsofallbetches says:

    lol not eating anything doesn’t make you skinny….it makes your metabolism slow as fuck and when you do go for that sushi roll, the rice will hit your abs and gut faster than you can fucking take a shot. You need to not eat any carbs, butter, salt, sugar or milk, cut those out and basically snack on celery sticks 5 times a day and drink 8 bottles of water. At least then you can have the occasional drunk munch.

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  33. Love it says:

    Love this article sooo much. Have to say I never jumped on the bandwagon of putting down the betches for their recent posts but the last couple have been kind of bleh. Anyways this one was gold, enjoyed the read.
    ps-get over it “starvation mode” is the same thing as your fat friend telling you to stop talking to so many guys at the bar-jealousy!

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  34. Anonymous says:

    diet pills. every betch has taken these when trying to look super skinny and to suppress her appetite. DUH

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  35. Not eating and taking tons of Adderall too! says:

    Love this post! I keep my mouth shut because I would rather be hungry and hot then full and a fat ass. And who needs to be hungry when there is adderall? After all, betches do love our candy!

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  36. Anonymous says:

    Love The Devil Wears Prada reference, “when you feel like you’re about to faint you eat a cube of cheese.” Although Anne Hathaway is in the movie and she’s like, god awful.

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  37. Anonymous says:

    I’m pretty betchy, and I eat really healthy and workout.  I also enjoy iced coffee like 3 times a day.  I just want to say that I know some girls in my sorority who don’t eat….like you suggest…and they are fugly as hell.  They don’t have boobs and their hair is falling out/stringy and dull.  I think it’s far more betchy to be all healthy and shit.

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  38. BetchyVegan says:

    Totally agree. And hello - it’s 2012 and everyone knows the healthiest way to be is vegan. I look skinny as hell and eat huge amounts of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains while still maintaining a glowing complexion.

    There is nothing betchier than being that healthy betch with the huge salad.

    Posted on Reply
  39. I agree says:

    I agree but…

    Most “vegetarians” I meet (or vegans) could stand to lose twenty pounds or so… however, those are usually bad vegetarians who have not been doing it long enough.

    I have been one for ten years now; so I became one before puberty and before most people gain weight. I stayed the same. I didn’t eat well when I first went veg (ate too many carbs) then I ate too little… now I eat complex carbs like brown rice/whole grains but in moderation. I focus on fruits, veggies, non-meat proteins, and salads. No cheese because of the rennet; which keeps me thin!

    I am 5’1” and barely 88 lbs and I don’t try very hard. So ladies, being a vegetarian keeps you thin ONLY if you don’t replace meat with carbs. Replace meat with non-meat proteins.

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  40. TryLess says:

    Diets and being concerned about weight are for girls who don’t have perfect genes and a perfect metabolism. I eat anything I want. Stop trying so hard.

    Posted on Reply
  41. Anonymous says:

    Are you effing kidding? Your comment was the definition of trying too hard. Gtfo.

    Posted on Reply
  42. Haley says:

    “you don’t eat anything, and then when you feel like you’re about to faint you eat a cube of cheese”

    Nice Devil Wears Prada reference.

    Posted on Reply
  43. Anonymous says:

    Agreed that a lot of vegetarian’s can get it wrong but those are just the lazy ones, I’m a veg a rarely eat pasta and same goes to the other veggies I know.

    Posted on Reply
  44. Anonymous says:

    “And maybe semen if your boyfriend got you an expensive birthday present.” Semen is like 50 calories… ew.

    Posted on Reply
  45. RichBetch says:

    I had Siri check the grammar because YOUR comment annoyed me. The other girl was right. Get off your high horse and back to your minimum wage lifestyle shopping at TJ Maxx.

    Posted on Reply
  46. Anonymous says:

    Dukan is spelled with one “k.”

    Posted on Reply
  47. Anonymous says:

    amen. oh and for the turkey lady(aka fat girl): there’s a thing called tofu and veggies.

    Posted on Reply
  48. Alexis says:

    One of the funniest article ever! Loved it

    Posted on Reply
  49. Erin says:

    Any true betch who reads this article will 100% agree and appreciate it.  As for the negative feedback, it is reassuring to see that nice girls will remain fat and not get in the way of betches continuing to rule the world.  Not that they would anyway, because obvi being nice is social suicide.

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  50. Remmy says:

    I consider myself pescetarian because the only meat I eat is fish and it’s wrong that people who don’t eat meat eat carbs…I focus on eating veggies and fish!

    Posted on Reply
  51. Anonymous says:

    I definitely appreciate the satire in the site, but it bothers me when pathetic wannabes comment saying “omg yessss I’m anorexic and love it blah blah blah” or “food is for fatties. grrrossss” Like seriously they look desperate for acceptance and they’re the ones who shouldn’t take these articles so seriously

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  52. Anonymous says:

    5’1” and 88 lbs?? That is a healthy BMI for like, 14 year olds. I mean obvi you want to be skinny but I kind of enjoy looking post pubescent most of the time. So either you’re nasty ano or 14 years old…maybe you should eat some carbs before you are a dead betch.  Being skinny is betchy, being titless is not.

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  53. Anonymous says:

    Uh, perhaps she’s just a stupid vegetarian? I don’t eat animal foods and somehow I’m skinnier than most of the people I know… sooo…

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  54. Anonymous says:

    It’s not even the posts that are stupid, it’s the fucking comments. I need to just NOT read these.

    Posted on Reply
  55. .... says:

    its you’re. seriously?

    Posted on Reply
  56. Chelsbops says:

    Loving the Devil Wears Prada reference with the “eat a cube of cheese” shout out!

    Posted on Reply
  57. Chelsbops says:

    love the “Devil Wears Prada” reference, eat a cube of cheese!

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  58. LR says:

    annorexia and “below average” weight isn’t even attractive. That’s gross. Countless men out there are looking at these rails for girls and just not paying attention at all, plus they think it’s crazy. So not only are you hurting your chances with top guys, you also look obsessed with an ideal that doesn’t exist.

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  59. Anonymous says:

    i love betches love this, and i know a lot of it is a satire, but i think anorexia shouldn’t be taken so lightly. im not a nice girl thats gonna tell you to stop being so ignorant or anything (cause this websites the shit), but my sister’s anorexic and it’s not really something to joke about. she used to play sports but cant because she could have a heart attack.
    honeslty if you wanna be skinny, just dont eat unhealthy shit, like carbs. it’s pretty simple. anorexia is a disease

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  60. Anonymous says:

    17* get over it.

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  61. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, where on this blog does it mention how betchy it is to eat everything you want? Here’s to the betches who diet, work out, and look better than everyone else.

    Posted on Reply
  62. Sam says:

    “eating a cube of cheese when about to pass out”- someone took a page from DVP!

    Posted on Reply
  63. GlitterBetch says:

    5’1” and 88 lbs is not a big deal. Once I was 5’6” and 92 pounds. The doctor said I was perfectly healthy…in fact i was healthier than 99% of the population. I just have fast metabolism, sooooo don’t call people ano before u don’t know them.

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  64. Anonymous says:


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  65. Anonymous says:

    i literallly just watched hotel rwanda and schindlers list in class! ahaha soo proud of myself for knowing those two moviess

    Posted on Reply
  66. E says:

    I just laughed my ass off. Good show

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  67. Anonymous says:

    LOVE THIS. fuck all these bitches down here, this shit is gollllldddd

    Posted on Reply
  68. my dumb says:

    if you are going to call someone out for spelling, at least correct your own grammatical errors.  “your dumb”  ... what about my dumb??  you’re. your. you’re. your.

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  69. I do what I want says:

    I eat meat and carbs dont work out and I’m still skinny…having a high metabolism is so betchy!

    Posted on Reply
  70. Anonymous says:

    I am healthy, thank you. In my post I was describing how being a vegetarian prevented me from gaining a bunch of weight because I don’t replace meat with carbs. I could be heavier if I ate junk food all the time. I EAT CARBS but in moderation… and I try to stick to healthy carbs. Yes, 5’1” and 88 lbs can look sickly (look at Mary-Kate back in the day) but I don’t look like her. I am naturally small so the weight on me doesn’t make me look sick. I have “curves” but they are small in proportion to the rest of me. I am NOT promoting anorexic bodies or telling girls to be vegetarians so they can be underweight. I am just trying to convey to the people above (who stated that “vegetarians are fat”) that vegetarians can be thin if they eat healthy. Meat eaters can be as well… it is just that many meat eaters consume meat that is high in fat. Being a vegetarian takes that option away. You just have to make sure you don’t over-do carbs… but you still need them!! My doctor has never advised me to gain weight. It is just the way my body is!

    Posted on Reply
  71. hahaha says:

    hahahahahahaha, this was the funniest comment ive ever read. wow. you’re a retard.

    Posted on Reply
  72. Anonymous says:

    As much as I love your humor, this can be very triggering to those who have eating disorders.

    Posted on Reply
  73. Anonymous says:

    Ana forevssssss <3 fuck food

    Posted on Reply
  74. Anonymous says:

    Hahahahhahah wow I love you^

    Posted on Reply
  75. brit bitch says:

    This is hilarious! Some people have got to lighten up. If you don’t like then shooo

    Posted on Reply
  76. Anonymous says:

    hahahah there is no way thats true

    Posted on Reply
  77. Bishop's Betches says:

    I find it highly entertaining that your spending your time arguing about ‘your’ and ‘you’re’..who really gives a shit.. I suppose you fit the profile of the ‘fat bitch’

    Posted on Reply
  78. Caroline says:

    Geniusly funny and true although u forgot the adderalldiet!

    Posted on Reply
  79. Emma says:

    I literally doubled over laughing reading these comments. Some are from anorexics who read this article and commend its stupidity because you yourself are too thick (no pun intended) to realize the irony it hilariously conveys. This article is overemphasizing the same idiotic mentality YOU, yes YOU, anorexics have and subsequently denouncing said attitude through cliche.

    Let’s be clear here. Starving yourself makes you skinny. Congratulations! You cheated your way to being gross looking! You also cheated your way to a terrible metabolism, 0 muscle, fine hair all over your body and, you got it, even your FACE! Sounds awesome right? To top it all off, you look bony when naked as opposed to muscular, sexy, toned, and strong. You will have no energy throughout the day and will eventually turn into a vegetable!

    Also, to my 5’1 88-pound vegetarian and the 5’6 90-whatever pound homegirls- YOU ARE DELUSIONAL. Both are underweight BMIs (the latter being around 15 when the lowest healthy BMI is about 18). Maybe its time for you to come to terms with reality.

    I have nothing against vegetarians. I was a vegetarian for a couple months until I realized I love meat. That said, I eat lean meat ONLY, no red meat. I love me a good turkey burger.

    So sick of anorexics preaching starvation. Good luck with life.

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  80. Anonymous says:

    its funny because you didn’t even spell the you’re in “Your dumb” right. also the “your educated” is wrong.

    Posted on Reply
  81. JB says:

    WOW. what a little bItch (not betch). chill the fuck out, this isn’t english class physco

    Posted on Reply
  82. East says:

    Does anyone have a problem with a guy being a Betch? Just let me know

    Posted on Reply
  83. confused says:

    is this website for real?

    Posted on Reply
  84. Fat Betch says:

    I’m absolutely obsessed with this blog and I understand the point is to be vapid as fuck but this little article made me gag. It’s one thing to condone drugs, sex and every other self destructive activity but when you start hating on the hot girls that enjoy being fit without slowly killing themselves.. I take offense. Kim Kardash, Ms Lopez and the Queen Betch herself (Beyonce obv.) are some of the most gorgeous ladies in Hollywood BECAUSE of those curves. Not to mention feeling like shit about yourself 24/7 because you’re “fat” when you weigh 10 pounds is the least betchy thing a girl can do. So not to sound like Oprah -but embrace your body and enjoy your life like a true betch and fuck this anorexia nonsense.

    Posted on Reply
  85. Anonymous says:


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  86. Lauren says:

    FYI don’t take this stuff serious.

    Posted on Reply
  87. nyu betch says:

    “vodka (ew)” - get off this site.

    Posted on Reply
  88. nyu betch says:

    My bestie was a vegetarian for like 7 years but it was just an excuse to eat nothing and stay ano. A true betch.

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  89. Anna says:

    I think all these haters seriously need to stop hating. Coming from someone who attended Harvard and is highly educated. IF you don’t like what you see, don’t read it. This article and this website is #AMAZ. <3 <3 <3. All you fat betches can suckkk ittttt.

    Posted on Reply
  90. Anonymous says:

    Nutrastystem = taste like dog shit hahaha been there dont that lol bitches

    Posted on Reply
  91. ashley says:

    if you starve urself in moderation it will work ! your body doesnt need so much to be healthy ... when you eat less you feel more neutral and one with your body. stop being fat asses.

    Posted on Reply
  92. VANESSAM says:

    only fat girls say “you’re starving to death”

    Posted on Reply
  93. Kara says:

    TRUTH! This article seriously made me LOL. Good form!

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  94. Your Name says:

    Love betches but it is not fucking cool to promote anorexia and even joke about promoting it. Calling it the “true ano diet” isn’t funny its actually really sick

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