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Sooooooo did you hear about this? Britt McHenry, a DC-based ESPN correspondent, decided to have some fun at Hunan no. 1, an Arlington, VA restaurant-cum-nightclub that happens to be a 10 minute walk from my apartment. She parked illegally, and she got towed. She went to the towing company to get her car back, and video released by the towing company showed her pulling some serious "do you know who I am, bitch?" bullshit. ESPN suspended her, as they maybe should have. McHenry apologized, as she definitely should have. All is good, right? Wrong. Because McHenry vaguely resembles a Stepford Wife, New York Post Columnist and truffle butter enthusiast Kyle Smith believes ESPN was wrong to suspend McHenry:

It sure is fun to see pretty, successful blondes taken down a notch. And to do so while expressing solidarity with the beleaguered working class? Perfect.

Yes, it is. Your point? Smith goes on to explain how municipally contracted towing works, which, thanks I guess, but eventually gets to the crux of his argument: Because Advanced Towing (the company who towed the car) has a shit rating with the BBB and shitty Yelp reviews, McHenry is clearly being unfairly prosecuted:

Still, let’s look at the Better Business Bureau rating for this outfit: It’s an F. Out of 40 complaints lodged against the company in the last three years, Advanced Towing has simply ignored 37.

Yelper Mary El P. said in January she paid with a credit card, was told it didn’t work, then presented another credit card. When the statement came, she claims she was billed twice. She says she called up an employee, who was rude and insulting and informed her that disputing a charge on a credit card was a felony.

That's pretty bad! Of course, this ignores the fact that no one in the history of ever has had anything good to say about a towing company, and it's reasonable to surmise that plenty of people might make excuses for why their car got towed, and blame it on the company. I mean, do you think the Yelp for meter maids would be glowing, should they exist? Regardless, even though McHenry said some things that would make Regina George blush, we shouldn't be so quick to judge because the towing company edited out the eployee's discourse, so we don't have both sides of the story, ok you guys?

We don’t even know what was said to McHenry, since the Advanced Towing employee’s remarks have been edited out of the video that went viral.

And how do you feel about private companies with which you did not choose to do business making videos of you, then leaking them to the media for the purpose of humiliating you?

McHenry’s private conversation wasn’t actually any of ESPN’s business and should not even have been captured or distributed without her consent — but ESPN was terrified of the online mob and panicked.

Alright, asshole. This is some Donald Sterling shit going on right here. Let's start from the top: Sure, that towing lady could have been saying some vile things herself that maybe, possibly prompted McHenry to go on her holier-than-thou tirade (doubtful). Two: "And how do you feel about private companies with which you did not choose to do business making videos of you..." What in the actual fuck? By parking illegally, you in fact fucking chose to do business with this company. And then, assuming the company had proper signage for its video cameras, that footage belongs to them, not you. If the video humilates you, it's because you humiliated yourself. I feel like I don't even need to adress the third part: The conduct of an employee made public is somehow NOT ESPN's concern? The video which, again, was presumably legally recorded and not her property somehow shouldn't have been captured in the first place?

Let's get one thing straight: If there were some actual legal or civil issue here not only would ESPN be on top of it, but the parties in question would have access to ALL of the audio. Fuck Britt McHenry, and fuck Kyle Smith and anyone who blindly defends her because of her looks and "something something individual liberty!" with a fire poker.

Oh, and per Deadspin: This isn't the only time she's been an asshole.