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Dear Head Pro,

I recently got out of a relationship that lasted a little over a year. I am trying to move on by spending time with friends and family/working out/ staying busy but haven't been interested in dating yet.  A mutual friend has been sending subtle hints that he wants to hook up.  he's a nice guy but can be really cocky and also has a history of being a player. I was told in order to move on you should say yes to anyone who asks you out, but when do you draw that line? Should a player be your rebound?

Well, who told you that to move on, you should say yes to “anyone” who asks you out? Because that’s crazy talk. What if you got asked out by Bill Cosby, or one of Miley Cyrus’ dead petz, or the Weeknd’s hair? That notion aside, I’m not completely sold on the old “to get over someone, you have to get under someone else” mantra. Fucking someone just to fuck them isn’t without merit, but there are pros and cons. Here, I made you a chart:

So, yeah - there are two sides to every coin, and of course everyone’s personal list is going to look a little different. What confuses me about the whole “fuck a rando” thing, though, is that if you just got out of a relationship and are feeling a little lost, it ain’t his dick you’re missing. You can find those, anywhere. You can even buy fake ones. What you can’t find so easily is someone who doesn’t care if you wear the same sweatpants three nights in a row and will not-so-patiently explain to you what’s happening in the movie because you were busy looking at handbag sales on your iPad. When someone becomes a major part of your life, they become a part of you - that’s what makes breakups so tough, and that’s the void you’re searching to fill when you’re newly single. Fucking someone for the sake of fucking them may patch the hole for a night or so, but it’s ultimately a band aid.

If you want to bang this dude (whether he’s a player or not makes no difference) because he’s hot and you’ve had itchy britches since your relationship ended, by all means go for it. Just don’t expect to magically roll out of his bed and have forgotten your relationship ever happened.