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By The Betches on

Dear Fans, Betches, GBFFs, Betches-in-training, and TV producers,

Welcome to our new site. Don't freak out...there have been some changes but that means you'll be doing less work, not more.

Where’s the ‘Site’ in Betches Love This? Who cares? We changed it, fucking deal.

Only a few things are different from the old site. Obviously, the design. We were sick of that polka dotted background shit. We’re not 12, even though polks are totally in these days.

What you’ll find in:

Culture: Find posts about hot scandals, guides on how to be more betchy, and our opinions (aka the only opinions you should care about) on betchy movies.

Betch of the Week: You’ll read weekly posts on famous betches we admire.

The Betch List: Here’s our ongoing list of things that betches love.

Dear Betch: On Wednesdays we wear pink and on Sundays we give advice. It’s like Dear Abby but when Abby isn’t like some lesbian 70 year old, who probably sports a female ‘stache.

Betchography: Here you’ll find Betchography posts and Betches Love This City posts. Betchography is our rundown of how betchy certain places are. Like Boston, it’s just eh. Betches Love This City is our rundown of places betches travel to, or blackout in, like Las Vegas.

So remember to keep reading and talking shit.

Email all questions and suggestions, and of course Dear Betches to:


The Head Betches

P.S. Don't worry we've transferred all your comments from the old site...even the negative ones from the Fuglies.



33 Comments TALK SHIT!
  1. Rachel says:

    I think the new site is Effing hot so props to you betches! XOXO

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  2. Rebetcha says:

    Your new layout looks tacky as shit. Not betchy.

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  3. SrattyBetch says:

    Totes agree with Rebetcha…something is off. Maybe its that pukey pink? Gross. Whoever designed this site for you did NOT do a good job. You should probs find a new web designer.

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  4. true betch says:

    betches- the new layout is cute. but betches don’t waste time making web layouts, and to be honest it just looks like you betches were inconfident with your website before. which was perfectly fine to me. totally risky to do but never the less, the new page is cute.

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  5. Get your shit together Betches says:

    Dear Betches,

    What.The.Fuck. Ok this new layout shit is not ok or even close to being cute. The grey background reminds me of cheap linoleum flooring my maid probably has in her house. AND WHAT IS THAT GOD AWFUL HAND THING WITH THE SUNGLASSES AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE?!?! Gross. Please do something about this layout because it clearly isn’t betchy. The last one was fine, I have no clue why you changed it…so much for “not doing work”. Disappointed betches, disappointed.

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  6. WTF says:

    Betches, the new layout comes out totes different on my phone…not cool.

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  7. um says:

    get an iphone, loser.

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  8. amazing betch says:

    idk what any of you are talking about. the website is fucking sick. get over it.

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  9. Betches Hate This Layout says:


    The new layout is terrible. Hire a graphic designer and fix it before I lose all respect.

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  10. Anonymous says:

    you guys are fucking dumb. they clearly went off wordpress to their own independent website. bold move betches, love ya as always, and the website is GORG.

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  11. Sarah ... Fucking duh says:

    Dear Betches,
    Betcheslovethissite has become one of my favorite websites and has seriously changed my life. I mean, it’s not like I didn’t already know most of the betchy stuff, but reading it everyday just makes my life so much better. But now you’ve changed it ... and no, I won’t fucking deal. It’s bullshit. You’re copying broslikethissite. Yeah, don’t fucking deny it, it’s true. Stick with the old site, it’s fucking better and more creative, k?

    -Don’t fucking love this new site.

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  12. lala says:


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  13. areyoukiddingme says:

    i agree with all the other betches. change this 70’s kitchen tile background asap. it’s revolting… gray?!?! that’s the betchiest color you head betches could come up with?! i think all of us betches can agree that gray is a total not betchy color. i love your site and all but this layout kinda makes me wanna vom. #notcute #bigfuckingproblem #sorryimnotsorry.
    LOVE YA xoxxo

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  14. SB betch says:

    not digging this new look either. and i’m not down for clicking on “read more” for each entry. one fucking extra click for every entry??? no thanks, i like #notdoingwork.

    appreciate the effort but this website seriously needs some betching up right now. so many things wrong with it.

    i still love this site! but please betch it up!

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  15. Really though?!?! says:

    I agree with 75% of the other betches who think this new site is pure vomz. As for the other “betches” who like this new layout, let me start off by saying they’re defs fat greasy nice girls who have really bad acne, or closeted lesbians. Us other betches can tell it to you straight, so please get rid of this new fucking layout, it’s a fucking eye sore.

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  16. bet(c)hany says:

    like they said, haterbetches: fucking deal

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  17. haha says:

    you all are such jokes hating the design. like who gives a shit, im sureee the betches definitely don’t and they know what the fuck is going on. i wouldn’t be surprised if they actually posted a few of the negative comments themselves to make everyone start talking shit. amazing, betches.

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  18. Anonymous says:

    I swear, I had like a miniature fucking heart attack when I saw the new site, like wtf? But then I go over it.

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  19. minkbetch says:

    inconfident isn’t a word

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  20. minkbetch says:

    inconfident isn’t a word

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  21. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, the layout looks really bad. Looks like this site is from 2004, GROSS.

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  22. JLEE says:

    As a fellow blogger I must say I am proud of you, Betches. Way to go, a Betch LLC, too. I hope you are copy-writing “betch” and making some t-shirts. $$$
    You girls are going to be making some money down the road. I’m very impressed. I only wish I was this witty and savy back when I was a cool betch. Now I’m a mom and kind of lame so I live through you Betches. Keep up the good work. It always puts a smile on my face!

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  23. mm says:

    The logo is lame at first glance, until you notice that it’s a cute ring, the Cartier love bracelet, and really cute sunglasses. Then I realized it really reminds me of Erika Bearman’s Twitter picture..(for those of you who live under rocks, she’s Oscar de la Renta’s extremely famous PR girl)

    Anyway, I like that you kept it in that style. The rest of the site is still horrible, like I said last night—change the background. now.

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  24. SB betch says:

    if i wanted to look at something ugly, it’s only cos i want to throw up my sushi lunch. i prefer my favorite site of ALL TIME to be aesthetically pleasing.

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  25. ^^ says:

    ^^ caring too much.

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  26. bs says:

    simmer down.

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  27. Anonymous says:

    Coming from a slightly hungover betch/nonbetch/dont really give a fuck, whichever girl wrote “lmao” is a full on retard. You sound so dumb and pathetic its actually making me cringe. PS: all those who’ve been complaining about the background colors sound almost as pathetic as the later. please try and regain some dignity and just stop posting.

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  28. tom says:

    ok!!! This new layout? betchy? do u like think so? this new layout like is totes not betchy am i right or am i LIKE right?? what is this stupid hand? LIKE the hand with glasses? why are you sending betches like me like the wrong msg? like i just dont no what to do.. cmon? seriously? ahhhhhh im so annoyed?

    im having a mini/ major like heart attack.!!??
    Do i have to do it? im going to eat.

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  29. HRSanders says:

    Thank you owing you attractive, edifying material. I suppose myriad of the views you have mentioned in your article are sound and unique. It’s simple you are a wizard writer.

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  30. BMihaelll says:

    It really is so nice and full of a good time for me personally and my office acquaintances to search your blog at the least 3 times per week to read through the newest issues you have.

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  31. terrible layout says:

    OMG THIS LAYOUT IS HIDEOUS. i can’t even believe how bad it is. Its probably going to ruin my eyesight which is like totally unbetchy!

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